The Body Shop Indonesia: Fight Animal Cruelty With Your Pet

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Yellow, everybody!! Happy Friday! I hope things are looking up for everybody since weekend is just hours away :)

So, I have mentioned before that any other facial wash other than Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash breaks my skin. But then it hit me: I HAVEN'T REVIEWED THIS ITEM PROPERLY. 

So today's the day! Behold, my all time fave facial wash:
Photo courtesy of 

This is the only facial wash (by far - and believe me I've tried plenty) that has successfully cleans my face without breaking it. Which is quite an achievement because normally whenever I jump to bottle #2, whichever product I use will start causing problems. I am almost down with bottle #2 now and will soon purchase #3.

So if your facial skin condition is anything like mine: combination skin (oily only on the T area (forehead and nose)), easily breaks (especially during PMS), and can only tolerate gel-based products; then you should definitely try this product.

And what's more important about The Body Shop is the fact that they never test their products on animals. They strive to be green. As a dog person myself, this definitely makes my purchase decisions easier, knowing that no animal was harmed during the creation of whatever it is I put on my face. I don't know about you, but for me, this is a big deal. 

I mean come on. If The Body Shop can do it, I'm sure other cosmetic companies should be able to do it too! The question is whether they want to spend extra on this very important issue or not... Right? So when I heard from #Pink that The Body Shop is working to get lots of signature to petition against animal testing, I am obviously right on board. 

1/ Go to The Body Shop Indonesia fan page and LIKE it:
2/ And then click this link: which will direct you to this page with Jerome's silly face and my name (Pauline ya, not #Undecided hahaha) on it:
Don't forget to click PILIH (which simply means VOTE in English) because it only counts when you do.
3/ Once you clicked on VOTE / PILIH, you will be directed to a page where you'll need to enter your full name and email address and then you'll need to click on the checkboxes which shows your agreement to sign the petition.This also makes you eligible to win an IDR100k worth of voucher from The Body Shop.

By voting you'll help:
1/ Petition against animal testing.
2/ Help Jerome win this Pet Photo Competition. And I mean, look at that silly face, don't you think he deserves to win just by being that cute? Hahahaha...
3/ Help ME win an IDR 1.000.000 worth of voucher from The Body Shop!!!
Such good causes, don't you think *wink*

So please, VOTE VOTE VOTE (one Facebook account gets to only vote once, but please spread the news)! 

Oh before I forget, a shout out to my fellow blogger May ( Thank you so much for voting, babe!!! 

Thank you so much my dear readers, I know you'll vote because you love me, right?

RIGHT?! *stare*



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  1. say no for testing on animal..!i love animal too..
    thx for the nice comment on my blog say, saling menggoda boleh kan?hehe...blanja bareng yookk!=D

    1. Thank you :) please do vote for Jerome!!
      And this is #Undecided, btw. Your comment was passed on to #Pink :)