Review : Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage Shower Gel

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Hi, my dearies...

How y'all been doing? I am still stunned after a fellow beauty blogger, that i do not know personally but been in the same circle as i am (IBB and i visit her blog from time to time), just revealed that she's suffering from breast cancer. And she's like, a year younger than me! She just found out about her cancer recently and apparently it's already in stadium 3 :(. Even though i don't know her in real life, i can't help but feel affected and sympathized with her. I wish her all the best luck in the world and i am praying that she can get through this and beat the cancer. Read her touching story here (it is written in Bahasa though) and don't forget to leave an encouraging comment for this brave and beautiful lady.

Okay, moving on to a much more superficial story, i am going to review, like the title already suggested, Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage Shower Gel. Gosh, it sure is a mouthful!
Yeah, i know i usually post a pretty, professional looking pictures i stole took from Google, but sadly i couldn't find one! Actually i found the same variant's picture but in a different size, because i am OCD-i cannot post a different sized product's photo on my review. Yup, deal with it, if you're a hater (LOL, i cannot get over the fact that i actually have a hater, what am i famous or something?).

Okay, so before i began writing this review, i didn't really know the history of Palmolive and stuff. All i know was that this brand had been around forever (ever since i was little) because my mum used their stuffs from long ago. And also that Palmolive used to be hard to find in Indonesia, plus they are quite pricey here (yes, can you believe that?). I used to buy them whenever i was in Singapore or any other country because it's so much cheaper there (yes, i buy my shower gels and all overseas, i know i am mental WTH), i don't really buy them here unless it's on a big sale. And while writing this, i did my homework (pats self on the back) and did a bit of snooping, apparently this brand in not just old it's quite ancient really :p.

I know that Palmolive's supposed to be a drugstore, mass market kind of brand, but like i said earlier, it is quite pricey here in Indonesia (it's getting so much better now though, it's so much cheaper now but still cannot be considered cheap for Indonesian standard). Not only they are so expensive here, but also the variant that are available here aren't the ones that i liked (that i used to buy overseas all the time), you know the fruity, yummy smelling kind of variants.

Nope, sadly the only ones available here in Indonesia now are the... well, the ones that i am not into, the Aroma Therapy variants. Not my cup of tea, by a mile. So, apart from the ridiculous price, i also don't really buy them here because i am not interested in the variants. Until one day we (as in #Undecided and i) spotted this grainy blue one on sale in Guardian (you know, their usual +1000 get 2 promo). It was probably... IDr 120.000 (+1000) for two? (please don't expect me to remember prices exactly, i am horrible with numbers as bad as i am with describing scents...)
Look at all those Thai writings, i guess it's pricey because it's imported?
I have never seen that variant before, and it was cheap (it was no more than IDR 65.000 per bottle during that promotion-or was it 45.000? Suddenly i think it was IDr 90.000+1000 get two now. HAHAHA you should be used to me debating to myself like a crazy person, huh?) for such a huge bottle (750ml), so we were SOLD (and the color's pretty inviting as well)! We got one each (not sure if #Undecided still remember this, it was a very long time ago hahaha) to try.

Let's have a closer look at the texture :
Do you see the white grains? Doesn't it look gritty to you? I was expecting it to feel a little gritty to the touch, but it wasn't! At all. It's not rough in the slightest, just gel-ish and soft.

I am not a fan of the smell though! I do google other people's reviews on products that i'm about to review sometimes, and i did for this one too. People seems to like the scent, they described it as "pleasant", "resfreshing" and the likes. Well, not for me. It smelt weird for me, most probably because i much prefer fruity (or at least floral or powdery) smells. I can't even describe this showel gel's smell, it was almost... musky for me? Maybe that's how mineral supposed to smell? Or was it the white clay in it? It does smell earthy to me. Just a little too... manly. Yep, i found the scent to be masculine somehow, maybe i am just weird. What's new?

It performed really well though, as expected from Palmolive (as Indonesian i tend to associate Palmolive as an expensive but very good brand). It was moisturizing, soft and gentle. My fussy hunny's skin was pleased with this shower gel. No crazy dry spells when we were using this. 

I used about one and a half pump to create that crazy lather i cannot live without, but for normal people one pump should be sufficient. This huge bottle lasted us for quite a long time, almost three months i think! (yes, i know i shower once a day mostly, but my hunny showers twice a day always okay).

So yes, it's a great shower gel, highly recommended if they are on sale (or not, if you don't mind paying the full price) for people looking for a nice, fuss free, great performing shower gel (works really well on very dry skin!). Not really recommended for people who are expecting their shower gels to smell fruity, or floral, or sweet in general lah. Someone like me, i mean haha.

Would i repurchase? Well... I'm not keen on the scent, but it is a great product, so if it's on a huge sale then i definitely would. But most probably only hunny would use this, i prefer to try our all of those thousands other variants and brands of shower gels out there. So many option, so little time :p.

PS : this entry's been written weeks ago *until i do not remember when*. Today i do not feel like writing since i've just had another sh**ty day, i will blog about it tomorrow. Hopefully i'd be in a better mood tomorrow. In case you're wondering, i just lost my Blackberry phone WTF. Just after i posted this entry. Like the universe's making fun of me or something. FTS.  

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