#Pink's Birthday Giveaway :D! (CLOSED)

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Helloooo everybody!

So you probably know/don't know that my birthday's coming up soon. And to be quite honest, when we started this blog i planned to keep my real age (and anything personal like how i'm married and all *LOL*) in the dark, but then of course #Undecided went and ruin it for me by announcing her own age (therefore, mine as well, clearly) FML. But i think my original plan wouldn't last very long anyway because, well... I'm actually quite an open book. I don't really keep (lots of) secrets and i am very real. So, it'll come out eventually anyway hahaha.

So yeah, i am turning the *GASPPP* *FAINT* *DIE* big 30 in two weeks. Although i am sad to have to say goodbye to my youth, i must say i had an awesome 20s. My life in my early 20s was a big roller coaster ride. I got pregnant unexpectedly, got married to the only guy i've ever been in love with my whole life (in what order, you say? LOL), going through a rocky start financially in our marriage life (which lasted less than a year, thank God, everything went up up and UP every since. I can never be grateful enough for my Lord who had never abandoned us in our darkest days), got into a lot of arguments with family members who couldn't really accept the fact that i am a mature and married woman (and kept on insisting that i am childish, well i will stay childish as long as you force me to act like it), that i BELONG with my hunny. I also made one horrible mistake that will haunt me for the rest of my life and one day i might be ready to share it with you. I hope.

My mid 20s was calm, it was going to the right direction. I stumbled and fall, but i picked myself up, surrounded by people that i love-and love me without asking for anything in return. My late 20s was steady and joyous. My marriage is stronger than ever, hunny and i are more in love with each other with each passing day, and Baby Boy grew to be a strong, cute and loveable boy. My life is complete. I'd say, my 20s rocks! And now i cannot wait to see what 30s has in store for me. After all, people say life begins at 30 (yes, Arman? Hehe). Plus, people told me i can still pass as someone in my early 20s (or worse, a teenager...) so, i'd like to try to look forever 21 for as long as i possibly could. LOL.

So, in order to celebrate the new stage of my (fabulous life), i am having a (first proper) giveaway!
Image courtesy of Google
Sadly, i am not ready for an international one yet, maybe next time i will hehe. So this giveaway is open for Indonesian readers only (boohoo). Let's see what we've got for the winner!
All 21 items in total :D
As you can see, it's a compilation of fashion and beauty things. I'd like to throw in more beauty stuffs but i kept on postponing (thinking, oh my birthday's not for another four, three, two months, until it's literally just two weeks away and i freaked because i do not have anything ready!) and now i have no time to hunt for more things zzzz. There are a LOT of stuffs thrown in there though so the winner (yes, only ONE) hopefully would be pretty happy! 

Let's dissect the prizes one by one first, shall we? (ohhh, the fun part!)

Beauty :
Hello Kitty Face Sheet Mask
I bought it in Taiwan, you'll see more of them making appearance in future haul post :p
Beauty Buffet Pineapple Whitening Mask
Also bought this one in Taiwan
Boronia Lavender Bath Oil (from Taiwan)
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask
Various mini soap bars (one in Seaweed Therapy, one in Aloe Vera and two in Water Lily Fragrance-these two were from Italy)
Fruttini Shower Nectar in Ginger Passionfruit (travel size)
Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion (travel size)
Rubi Nail Enamel (they are available in Cotton On, Singapore/Malaysia-that i know of)
The shade : I Like Pina Coladas
They will come in this pouch (except the Kitty mask because it's too large for the pouch!)
Backside of the pouch
Accessories :
Statement ring
I think this ring is unisex, so you can give it to your boyfriend/hubby if you want to!
Angel Bear Ear Studs (personally it's my FAVE, i have a pair myself :) super kawaii!)
Victorian Inspired Necklace
Quirky Black Glasses Necklace
And fashion. Oh yeah, all of the clothes (actually, everything in this giveaway-otherwise i'd put on a disclaimer, don't worry) are brand new with tags. You might need to wash them (because it's been kept for a while, they were all from my late boutique hehe) though.
Harajuku Checked Dress with ruffles
Kawaii bows in each pocket

Two pieces Hello Kitty crop top+stripe tanktop (sorry, they were in need to be ironed but i was too lazy :p)

Knitted Colorful Long Top
Colorful stripy comfy minidress
Long sleeved striped top with woolie flower detail

And now it's time for the rules. First of all, i'd like to let you know that this giveaway is open for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. But the rules for bloggers and non-bloggers are different, last time when we had a little giveaway, the bloggers didn't really play by the rule (except for Dhini :) hello!) because they didn't make a blog post about the mini giveaway but we let it slip. But since this is a bigger giveaway, i'm gonna check and if a blogger win but doesn't follow every rule, i'm gonna re-pick. Capiche?

Here are the rules for bloggers :
1. If you haven't, follow my twitter @MGirl83 and #Undecided's : @paulinenugraha (because we're BFFs and she's the co-owner of this blog, that's why!).
2. Follow this blog via Bloglovin and/or G+/blogger reader. Do not unfollow (that includes our Twitters!) after this giveaway or you won't be able to join our future giveaway :).
3. Tweet about this giveaway, mention my Twitter and a link to this giveaway, leave the link to your tweet on the comment box below.
4. Make a blog post about this giveaway (or simply re-blog it), remember if you're a blogger and you win but didn't make a blog post about this, you will be disqualified :). Leave the link to your blog post on the comment box below.
5. You must be willing to make a blog post about the prizes if you win this giveaway (not a review, just a simple blog post that you won this giveaway, display the loot and link it back to this blog).

For non-bloggers, the rules are pretty much the same. Rule 1 to 3 are exactly the same, here are no 4 and 5 instead :
4. Promote this giveaway in at least three social media (Facebook, Instragram, etc) outlets with links to this giveaway. Once you're done, leave the links on the comment box below.
5. You must be willing to promote the prizes (and this blog) in those social media outlets if you win this giveaway.

Super easy right? So HURRY and join this giveaway and win, one more time, all of THESE :
C'mon, what more convincing you need?
If you're wondering why unlike most bloggers nowadays that asks for the readers to give constructive criticisms (what you like/dislike about their blogs), i only give rules to spread our blog's fame *LOL*? Because i'm not as sweet as those bloggers *LOL*.

I read some of their giveaway's "feedback" and most of them (not all okay) were quite... errrr... undoable. I mean... They asked for constructive criticism, but lots of people gave... Just mean ones. Like how they shouldn't show off that they are rich (well hello, how can beauty bloggers not show off their beauty stuffs and keeps on blogging, i ask you?), or complains that the blogger use English (i'm sure it'll come up if i were to ask for a feedback here LOL. And my answer is, no. I can't blog in Indonesian. Maybe if i have to for a sponsor or something. But for now, i am content and comfortable using English), or complains about the blogger's make up ability (now THAT i found to be plain stupid and frankly, very very rude), and worse-the blog's name! What the.....

And i am a very very touchy, loud and hot tempered person. So i'm not gonna risk exploding all over the internet, because it ain't gonna be pretty hahaha. But if there's one topic (like reviews, or something) you'd like to see more often in this space, you're more than welcome to share, okay? Just don't tell me my writing is annoying *ahem, stupid anonymous commenter* or i am annoying or you hate my gut (coz if you do, what are you doing joining my giveaway???)

Anyway! The giveaway will be open until my birthday, 3rd of October! It'll be closed at the stroke of midnight, when my birthday is officially over!

Okay, that's all i guess. And good luck!
Soon to be thirty...

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  1. IKUTT (lagi) >.< Ngga boleh lewat yang iniii.. ada mask sheet *screaming* lavender pula :D

    1. AYOOO ikut Sabsab! Mana ada mask sheet lavender Sab? itu bath oil *keplak* LOL, mask sheet e pineapple sm Hello Kitty gt loh!

    2. Ce, ikutan :p
      Twitter : @sabrinate
      Tweet : https://twitter.com/SabrinaTe/status/379504693459689473
      Post : http://sabrinatedjo.blogspot.com/2013/09/pink-and-undecided-pinks-birthday.html
      G+ : Sabrina Tedjokusuma

    3. First contestant, hello! Hahahaha... Good luck Sabsab XOXO!

    4. mbacae aku sambil mabok T_T Wkwkwkwkwkwk..... gak apa ce yang penting mask sheet.. kitty XD oh my..... :D POUCH! >_<

    5. https://twitter.com/SabrinaTe/status/382541461167681536

    6. *nyanyi* Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear ce mindy.... Happy birthday to you :*

  2. G+ termsk social media ora??????? Wkwkwkwkwk

  3. This is #Undecided and I have one question: CAN I JOIN TOO!??!?! Hahahahaha..


    But seriously, what are you guys waiting for, really?! Go join, and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

    1. Indak boleh Ce indak boleh.. sudah diincer aku :3 Wkwkwk.... *kabur*

  4. Facebook : Yenni Triany Dewi
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  5. Yayy,,akhirnya bisa join jg nih >_<

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    wish me luck!! Awet muda banget kamu ciii <3 enggak nyangka uda mau 30 T_T

    1. Good luck, dear :D! Hahaha thank you, maunya sih kelihatan forever 21 aja hahaha

  6. join ya ci ...
    beneran gak nyangka kamu udha mau 30
    ya ampun apa rahasia awet muda nya ?? :)

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    1. Good luck yaaa! Rahasianya apa yah? Nanti kalo aq sudah tau rahasianya apa kita botolkan dan di jual aja yah huahahaha :D

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    semoga beruntung <3

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    8. https://twitter.com/wind1403/status/385628317866409984
      AND happy birthday Mindy ^_~

  8. Hi Mindy!
    I won't be able to join the giveaway since you don't want to ship internationally. T.T
    But I would like to give you a proper birthday wishes. =)
    I wish you a great thirties, as great or even greater than your twenties, I wish you wisdom, happiness and infinite laighters from your sweet baby boy and everlasting love from your hunny. =)
    Have a great birthday, Mindy!

    1. Hi May, it's not for another 2 weeks (please let me enjoy my last moments as a 29-year-old LOL, j/k), but thank you very much for all of your wonderful wishes!
      And.... don't you have a local address? #Undecided *who's your loyal reader* told me you go back to Indonesia daily? Hehehe... Fret not, i think i will try my best to hold an international giveaway next!

    2. Hahaha! Daily sounds so exaggerating!
      I go back to other cities in Indo, not my hometown. :( So I usually stay at hotel.
      That's okay, I'm letting other people to win. Next time, it's minnnee! Mwahahaha *evil laughter*

  9. Hi ce join yaak :3
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    1. Yaay wish me luck :3

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    good luck for all :)

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  12. Hi Ce Mindy, ikut join juga yah... Aku pengen bnget yg dress harajuku nya... lucuu... omgg.. >.< hehe...

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    Thank you. And keep blogging ya baut Ce Mindy & Ce Pauline. :)


  13. Hi hii >< Ikutan join yaa :D

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  14. fb: Ivana Jankovic
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    1. Thank you dear, but are you Indonesian resident? Sadly, this giveaway's not open for international reader, maybe next time :)

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  16. Hi ce.. udah lama jd silent reader dan akhirnya ninggalin jejak pertama di giveaway ini xD Wish me luck~

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    1. Haiii :D thx for being our reader and good luck, sweetie :D

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    Happy Birthday!
    Wish you all the best in your 30s and forever ;D
    Btw, I am an October girl too ;)
    Hope I can win this to be my birthday present, hehe

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  19. Hai, aku join ya. This is my first giveaway too :D
    So, here are the link:
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    Wish you a fun and joyful birthday. Yeay!


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