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Hi y'all!

August had passed, that means this is the time for me to list the movies i've watched on that month :)! Not as crazy as July, we only watched seven movies in total but it's okay because most of them turned out to be really good!

Another kid-friendly movie that we took Baby Boy to watch :). I honestly didn't really like the first movie much (despite the fact that i've always been a huge fan of smurfs since i was little, i really really smurf them!) , i didn't think it was that funny and it was certainly not memorable because i can't even remember the plot of that first movie! So i didn't have any expectation on this movie and i was pleasantly surprised because even though it was nothing spectacular or whatever, it was twice as good as the first one!

The movie started by re-telling the story of how Smurfette came to be, she was actually Gargamel's (the evil wizard turns famous magician) creation, but Papa Smurf saw the good in her so he turned her blue and made her a real smurf and been with them in Smurf Village ever since. Gargamel then created two new creatures called Naughties that he ordered to kidnap Smurfette on her birthday, just when she thought no body remembered and he tried to make Smurfette (who always felt different from the other Smurfs) believes she belongs with them and asked her for the secret formula Papa Smurf used to turn her True Blue. Papa Smurf with the misfits Smurf team had to rescue her with the help of Patrick (the always hilarious Neil Patrick Harris) and family.

Of course, it's a family, feel good kind of movie so don't ask for a too complicated storyline or unpredictable ending! Everything was pretty straight forward, but i really enjoyed this movie, it made me laugh and also teared up quite a bit (a good indication of a good animation for me=it makes me cry haha) because there were quite a few touching scenes thrown in *none in the first movie i think*. Plus we're huge fans of Azriel, Baby Boy and i!

A movie that i didn't hear much before, i just randomly saw the poster and read the synopsis saying it's a good thriller so we just went to watch it one day because we were bored and i really wanted to watch a movie. Good call, because i like this movie quite a lot!

A veteran 911 operator (Jordan) who had been in the field for a pretty long time made an unfortunate judgement and the caller (a young teenage girl) was found dead latter. It really shook her to the core, to a point that she can no longer do her job properly, asking herself if she really should continue when her heart's no longer in it until one day, another girl was abducted and called 911 and Jordan must use her expertise, hindsight and quick thinking to help the girls escape and also bring the culprit to justice.

The movie was very fast paced, nail-bitingly nerve wrecking, and you can't help but root for both Jordan and Casey (the abducted teen). You'd also be pulling your hair out with frustration whenever the cops got so close only to let them slip away by a hair line. It also had great drama scenes where the professional acting performed both by Miss Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin made you actually cared for them and yeah, you guessed it, it made me cry *yes i cry a lot in movies, whatever*. You won't have a chance to get bored and you'd be (hopefully) surprised by the ending. It's a good watch!

The year : 2154. The world is divided by two, the very wealthy who lives in Elysium, a man made space station that looked more like a paradise, and the rest who lived in ruined, dying, over populated earth. The people of earth kept on trying to break through to Elysium, risking their lives (Secretary Rhodes-played coldly and very convincingly by Miss Jodie Foster-would stop at nothing to enforce the anti-immigration law and preserve the luxurious lives exclusive to the people of Elysium) while doing so (especially for people with terminal illness/physical cripples since every house in Elysium has a healing machine that can make everything that can possibly be wrong in a human body right). Ex convict Max, had no choice but to take on an impossible mission that is his only chance to safe himself, and if successful can also bring equality to the two extremely opposite worlds.

See the movie poster? No need to guess who picked this movie *LOL*, not that i mind since i really like Matt Damon. Not physically since he's not really handsome (but quite cute and endearing) for me, but i really like him as an actor. I think he has this charm that makes him always so loveable. And he performed well in this movie too. 

I did think the quarter half went a little slow, i watched this in the afternoon (because CL and KC dragged me to, i would not normally watch any earlier show than the 4/5 PM because my sleepiness would be on its peak during the afternoon) and i was a little bored at first, but it gets better after a while. Still a pretty good movie to watch, much more exciting and fast paced after the first half. I also love the idea behind it, love the Elysium thingy and especially the magic healing machine *that we cannot stop joking about, and we kept on wondering if it can cure fatness because then we'd kill to get our hands on one of those ahahahaha*. It's good, just not spectacular for me. Still worth your time to watch if you're an action slash a little sci-fi fan.

I remember the first movie and also remember liking it, and we've been wondering if they're ever going to make the second installment since it's been so long after the first one (i just checked, the time gap was three years! That's pretty long!) so i was quite delighted when this second movie came up. I don't actually remember the first movie in detail *but i remembered enough, bits and pieces, it'd be good to re-watch the first movie though* but i think i like the second movie better, more exciting, funnier and with more epic scenes!

Camp Halfblood was attacked by an angry demigod, Luke (i don't even remember him from the first movie) and its protective barrier was breached. Percy and his best friends (i remember his Satyr friend vividly! I like this kind of stuffs, yes i'm a total geek) went on a journey to find the only thing that can help make Camp Halfblood a safe haven again. 

I won't talk too much about this movie since it's still playing in cinemas right now, but if you like fantasy movies (you know, Harry Potter and stuffs), this one's a must watch! It's not in Harry Potter calibre in any way in my opinion, but it's still a very entertaining movie that fantasy movie lovers would appreciate.

This is actually an Italian (according to IMDb) animation movie, but when it came to USA it's dubbed by American actors, i didn't even know it but there's one quite famous name in the (voice over) casts, Julianne Hough. It being an Italian movie explains why it's so different than your usual typical Hollywood animation movie, both in style of the animation and jokes. It's not necessarily a bad thing though, it was different and somewhat cheesy, but again, i enjoyed this movie more than i thought i would. It did made me laugh quite a lot.

Timo is a silly, lazy and uninspired young man, he was adopted by a Rome General when he was little and lived in the most prestigious gladiator academy (LOL) in  Rome. When his childhood sweetheart (that also happens to be the general's daughter) returned home, he decided to turn his life around and win her heart (and the general's because he already decided to marry his daughter with Caesar's nephew haha), he needed a miracle though (because he needs to grow strong FAST) so he seek help through a witch doctor, which only led to destruction. Kicked from the Academy and with nowhere to go, he was found by a "personal trainer" and trained with her to get in shape and get ready to enter the big tournament that was held to mark the opening of Colosseum.

We brought Baby Boy to watch this to make up for not bringing him to watch Percy Jackson (because Baby Boy has no staying power when watching anything but animation), i didn't expect anything but it turned out to be quite okay. I am not used to the slapstick kind of comedy, but Timo's stupidity did make me laugh a lot. Also i'm never a fan of a dubbed movies, even if it's animation because there's always a disconnection between what's going on in the screen with what's being said, made it less funny than if it's carried on in its original language with English subs (but that would make it harder for Baby Boy to understand because he still can't read very fast yet). 

It's not a must watch, but if you're bored and could use a little laugh with brainless, silly movie, you can watch this (it's an old movie, from 2012, so just download/hunt the DVD).

Okay, fangirl alert, i am absolutely obsessed with this movie!!! Honestly, i was not into it when i watched the trailer (over and over again in the cinemas), but that's how usually my obsession begun (wasn't interested in watching Twilight at all at first) hahaha. I didn't read the book before watching the movie, which is always the right move because then i can't be disappointed if the movie's nowhere near as good as the book *which always is the case with cult books based movies!*.

Clary was seemingly an ordinary teenager living with her mother (and her mother's boyfriend) until one day her mum disappeared at the same time when she met Jace, a shadowhunter, and her world as she knew it ceased to exist and she's thrown to a strange, dark world as a descent of shadowhunters (half angels) that must fight the demons to keep the world as it is. She then joined forces with Jace and other shadowhunters in order to save her mum and also the world. Clary must face strange creatures seemingly coming from bad fairy tales, werewolves, vampires, demons, warlocks, etc.

This movie is AWESOMEEEE hohohohohoho. A must must must watch for fantasy movie lovers! I liked Percy Jackson, but personally this one's 10x better for me! It's darker, stranger and less cartoonish. It's also more serious but has good humor and witty dialogs slipped in. I am totally hooked and have purchase the first book since (too bad because it's not new-5 books of the series out of 6 already published-only the 5th and the newly covered first one due to the release of the movie was available. I'm not worried, it's going to appear back soon just like Twilight books were). I am prone to be swept away by dark, mythical, dangerous alternate universe and of course, throw in a sexy, brooding male lead and i am sold!
Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland
This is another example of how a good role can change my perspective on someone's looks LOL! I've never given any thought on Jamie Campbell Bower in Twilight, i just thought he looked annoying *LOL* as Caius but never in my mind it once thought he was attractive. Until Jace Wayland happens. 

Again, i found out he's British, and i think i am very easily attracted to British actors (Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, the list goes on). Polar opposite of #Undecided who prefers her actors very American (you know, Channing Tatum, Armie Hammer, etc). Jamie is the first blond actor i found to be super sexy though hahaha and yes, he's super young but (barely) passed the limit we set up, #Undecided (born in the 80s, not 90s) so no, i am not a paedophile. 

Jamie is not someone i would imagine to be one of my celebrity crushes though, in real life he seems to be very alternative, goofy and a bit too emo for my liking haha. Oh, and wayyy to skinny. I think he's half my size. But he was just oh-so-sexy as Jace. And i love how crazy the chemistry between him and Lily Collins (yes, i am aware that they used to date) was. Rooting for them to get back together coz i LOVE Lily, unlike Kristen Stewart whom i have a love-hate feeling for. Do i sound like a crazy person? Sorry then, hehe. I can get carried away talking about celebrities, should i start calling myself Pink Hilton then?
Jamie Campbell Bower
In short, i'm 100% recommending this movie! It's exciting, mysterious, compelling, fast paced, romantic and sexy (even for a teenage movie). Be warned that i am currently obsessed so i'm going to yap about this movie/book a lot more in the future.

Been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time, it's sadly not as funny as i hoped it's going to be. Or maybe because i just watched Mortal Instruments and am too obsessed with it to judge other movies fairly *LOL*. Don't get me wrong, it's still quite a nice, funny, and entertaining movie, it's just not as good as i thought it was going to be. 

A recently murdered cop was forced asked to join the Rest in Peace Department (like so many other good but dead law inforcements), he had to juggle accepting the reality that he is dead, fights and capture deados (dead souls that escapes the system hehe) and trying to find justice to the man that killed him, at the same time still trying to protect and reach out to his beloved wife. 

It's a little bit (or a lot) like Men In Black in my opinion, except they are dealing with deados instead of aliens and the officers are dead people too. I found the funniest scenes to be when their (Ryan Reynold's character and his on-screen police partner, Jeff Bridges') avatars appeared. Of course it's hard to accept for super hot Nick that to the living, he looks like a small, old Chinese man! James Hong's H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

Ryan Reynolds' my fave handsome funny guy with a killer bod, so whenever i saw his name in a movie i always make sure i'd go and watch him!
Ryan Reynolds
Look at that face! And it came with a drool worthy body, Blake Lively's a lucky B! As always, i think Ryan's acting didn't disappoint, Jeff Bridges was super funny too. Kevin Bacon was super believable as the villain (as usual), i do think they have very solid casts. It's a popcorn movie, so don't ask for a too deep storyline or whatever, i just wished they were able to make it funnier. 

It was just okay for me, not a must watch, but do it if you're a Ryan Reynold's fan since he was super handsome as usual! 

That's all the movies i watched throughout the month, super easy to see which one's my fave, right? Haha... Please look forward to September's movies next month!

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  1. I think City of Bones is the most interesting above all. But thinking if I'd watch Smurfs too! I love cartoons hehe!!

    1. Yes, it was my favorite! And i love cartoons too haha :D