Family Trip 2013 : Lego Land (Day 2)

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 Hi everybody!

Let's continue on the second day of my family trip, shall we? Day 2 is where all the fun started, especially for the little ones! We're going to Lego Land!
The first day ended in a bit of a low note (with too much complaining from my mum zzzz zzzz), woke up in a pretty high spirit (i just realize this, but whenever we go on a trip and we're sharing rooms with other people i'd be quite stressed out because my hunny snores like crazy whenever he's tired or sleep deprived, and he's obvi ALWAYS tired during trips and i'd be worrying about those poor people sleeping with us if they can actually sleep at all amidst the super LOUD noises and that, in turn, made ME unable to sleep FML) considering i didn't have enough sleep (plus, i always need sometime to get used to hotel rooms, sometimes when it's less than clean i'd never get used to it...).

Maybe the fact that my 'rents were leaving to Singapore also eased my stress a little bit (yes!!! Less complains! HAHAHAHA!). Seriously, i would always need to prepare myself for like, weeks before going on a trip with my parents. I hope i don't sound too unfilial or something, because i am the least unfilial person on earth okay, that's just the fact. I KNEW my mum would always find things to complain about and that's driving me stark insane. Not that i wouldn't go on a trip with them of course, it's just that i really need to steel myself before going. In case you dunno yet, i am a pretty sensitive person so nasty remarks-i tend to take to heart. 

Anyhoo! Let's continue! Went down for breakfast early and in time, i was busy feeding Baby Boy and myself i didn't snap pictures of the small but cosy dining area (you'll see it on the fourth day post though) or the food, but like i already mentioned, they served very nice Nasi Lemak and that's what we all had every day on top of other things *LOL*.

We were planning to leave the hotel very early, like at 8.45? But of course, whenever there are too many people involved (and it's not a tour group so no tour leader was in charge), it'd be very hard to stick to schedule *sigh*. Started with how KC and CL overslept *LOL*, continued with how CW's family forgot to set their watches *JB's an hour earlier than Surabaya* so they actually only arrived in the dining room like 15 minutes before our original departure time, followed with CJ's family's absence until way passed the appointed time. Their defense was that D (my nephew) kept on saying nobody's ready yet so there's no reason for them to rush, when in fact EVERYBODY was ready and had their breakfasts already. *Sigh*. A very stressful start, yes?
With my nieces and Baby Boy in KC's room, which is the roomiest (by far) and therefore, the ideal meeting place hahaha
Anyway, after much procrastination (because we set that departure time so we'd arrive on time to catch a certain bus to Lego Land and we missed that time frame anyway so we'd have to catch the next bus so there were no reason to hurry too much), we were set to go.
The little ones were waiting patiently for the others outside the hotel :)
Oh, i forgot to tell you, that we've been planning to dress matchy2 for this very special occasion (it's only lately that our big family began going on a vacation together, usually only one or two of the sub-families go together...)-color wise. And CL asked for white color because she probably thought it'd be easy, only to realize belatedly that no one in her family brought white clothes from Banjarmasin and we had to go and hunt for them a few days before our departure to JB hehehe. Of course, a few (ahem, CV and J) managed to disobey the dress code, pffffttt.. Party pooper!
This is the street just outside our hotel (yes, the one where errrr the night ladies stood to over their service the night before), we had to go straight and walked about 10 minutes to reach Plaza Pelangi, where we're hoping to catch a bus to JB Sentral
This is in front of Plaza Pelangi, where we waited in vain for the bus (it was a shuttle bus or something) until some of us went as asked to some people (thankfully there were people there because it was pretty early and the neighbouring plaza wasn't even open yet!)
They told us to walk to some other place and look for the bus stop to catch the bus faster (i forgot if it'd be too long to wait for the shuttle or it we got the wrong place entirely)
Can you see how hazy it looked in the photos? Seriously, whenever we're indoor or inside a vehicle we'd gaze outside and be able to fool ourselves thinking that it's super cold outside that it's foggy, when in fact it was super hot and smokey instead LOL, mind over matters baby, you'd feel better if you fool yourselves like that :p.
We had to walk really far and we got lost quite a few times *LOLOLOL*, i guess we're all pretty sucky with direction so it's to be expected :p. Thankfully the little ones were still in high spirits and didn't start complaining yet hahaha. After walking for the longest time (it was probably about half an hour? Could be longer, i totally blocked it out of my brain already hahaha) we finally reached the bus stop.
Seriously, why was my hat so low on my head? LOL. Told ya my forehead's pretty narrow, any hat tends to slid down my face and cover my eyes entirely zzzz
And off we were to JB Sentral!
Everybody were parched from all the walking in the sweltering heat that cold refreshment was a total must!
It's so strange but i think this random girl sitting in front of me looked a lot like LL from her side profile hahaha, i just realized it now. Btw, she's Indonesian too, i know coz her mum struck a convo with us asking this and that. Met LOTS of Indonesian in Lego Land that day, like... 80% of Lego Land visitors was Indonesian hahaha
Because we missed the earlier bus (there were about an hour interval from one bus to another), we had to wait pretty long at JB Sentral. Due to the getting lost parts, we ended up at the 11.15 bus hahaha. There was nothing to do but..
Take pictures haha. Hmph, my face was so puffy that day
Smiley Bus. Hey, J was yawning super widely in this pic haha
Lining up to board the bus
CW scolded us for not lining up like them *they were lining up outside the closed bus for 15 minutes or something while the driver changed shifts*, and she made a good point because the bus ended up being super full.
So full that hunny and KC didn't even get a seat hahahaha they had to sit on the steps
All the way to Lego Land, which is quite effing far! Like 40 minutes ride!
By the way, one of my nephews found a BlackBerry on the bus. We scrambled around for days trying to unlock the phone so that we could find the owner's contact. In the end KC just put on the memory card to one of our BB i guess coz we found the owner's office number and he turned out to be Indonesian too! 

He's from Jakarta and he's lucky we're stopping by to Jakarta for a week before going back to Surabaya so could return the phone safely! He even sent us a huge box of donuts and all hahaha. What goes around comes around baby, we just hope if in the future something like this ever happened to us *knock wood* people would be kind enough to track us down and return our belonging back to us.

Finally! We arrived at Lego Land!
Snap one in front of the appropriate bus first, that's our next destination for the next day, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Club!
We're here!
We already purchased our tickets online and if you're planning to go there don't forget to do the same because they offer (20% if i'm not mistaken) discounts if you book online! And don't throw away (or delete the e-mail) your tickets because it can be used to score more discounts if you plan to go to Hello Kitty Town too!
What are the queuing up for? LOL
I find this to be incredibly cute... Baby Boy, stay pint sized forever! Don't grow up too fast hikhikhik *mushy mommy moment, please understand*
There were a LOT of this kind of amazing Lego statues! Painstakingly glued one by one! Amazing details really. Lots of them to cam-whore with hahaha
I'd say Lego Land is a total dream land for little kids, especially if you have a little boy! It's more suitable for kids under the age of 10 though. We only had two under 10 kids in this trip and they were having the time of their lives hehe. As for the rest of us? It was good, nothing too spectacular though *would definitely rather go to Universal Studio Singapore again, but then again the entrance ticket's also only half of USS'*. But we still had lots of fun because we went there as a family, and being able to share the experiences with your closest and dearest was definitely the most important one. Those were the makers of the fondest memories for us.

CL compared it to Disney Land Hong Kong (which i've never been to, the last time i went to HK was YEARS before they probably even planned on building Disney Land hehe), a place for "babies"-those were her words. Pretty place for cam-whoring though.

I'd say Lego Land's more suitable for little boys and Disney Land seems to be more for little girls? I plan to take Baby Boy to Disney Land HK sometime soon though (next year probably) before he gets too old for it and totally refused to go there. I am somewhat affected by how the older boys totally refused to join us to Hello Kitty Land the next day, they were on their late teens though so i probably shouldn't be thinking too much. Baby Boy's only 6 after all, not 16... I still got some time...
Baby Boy, who's a HUGE lego fan was in paradise haha
Before we even did anything, not even finding the first ride yet, we were welcomed by two (there were many more but the biggest ones were those two) huge stores, and we were lured in right away hahaha...
Hunny, also a huge lego fan, agonized about which key chain to get, he settled for *of course* the glow in the dark one hahaha
Build your own lego :D
Snap snap!
Cool Lego cam haha
Managed to tore ourselves from the first store enough for taking lotsa pic at the first spot :
That's his daughter's hat he was wearing hahahaha, CL kept on saying he looked like John Pantau (only Indonesian would understand this, John Pantau is a silly TV show host who always wear this kind of hat)
Let me tell you something, this dude really was snoring very loudly! So cute, props for Lego Land for their cute little details!
My kinda-broken camera always took super long (processing... processing...) to snap a pic, i got scolded by them because it was really painful to lay on the lego dude's sharp lap/shoulder hahahaha
After just one spot, again we got lured... by another (much bigger and fully air conditioned!!! So we also lingered to cool off for a bit hahaha) store!
Baby Boy kept on wanting to shop right away, i had to dragged him out and promised him to buy him a lego later before we go back to the hotel zzzz
Daddy and son with their swords haha
Pirate CL hahaha
I told hunny after CL's thuggish pose, i want to go to the polar opposite hence this act-cute and demure pic
KC had the same idea! Hahahaha
Finally ready to really explore the place, off we go!
Crazy person's pose
But these crazy people were even worse hahahaha
First ride : Driving lesson hahaha...
This one's for kids 5 and below
MT trying to convince me that he's short enough to enter hahaha
Baby Boy's not officially 6 yet (a month and a half before his birthday) so he technically still eligible to ride this right?
He excitedly pointed to the wall behind because the mock driving lesson bore his name! Now you know what Baby Boy's real name is (if you haven't) hahaha
While waiting for Baby Boy and G...
I didn't waste any time
Full tank, sir?
The bigger kids already went to the other "driving school", this one's for 6-13 years old kids
Cute, innit?
I sometimes forget that BB is only 13, she acts so grown up and she looks mature so hahaha... She was quite embarrassed riding this hahaha... And she was like the biggest kid there LOLOLOL (i forgot if my 15 year old niece Au smuggled in too?). MT and J are actually the same age with her (younger by months), something you'd never believe because physically she looks years older than them
Spot my nephews?
This one's much more difficult to ride in than the baby version of course, plus they were supposed to follow the signs and traffic lights too in order to "pass" the lesson. Baby Boy also qualified to ride this coz he's 6 in another month right? Hehehe... He's horrible though because he didn't listen to instructions at all!
Kept on trying to start right away before they gave him the sign to hahahaha
Causing panics to the attendants LOLOLOL
When they told him to go back to the starting point (when the time ran out) he deliberately made a turn to the other way until the attendant had to chase him and bring him back LOLOLOL, anything to prolong the ride i guess :p
Massively overpriced "driving licence" but it's so cute i just couldn't resist, why they didn't ask him to remove the glasses i can never understand though zzzz
Next ride : Boating School, they named the earlier rides schools as you might already guessed by now...
The "canal" looked pretty nice, yes?
Spot hunny wiping his brow, hahaha a gesture you'd see him do like more than 100x whenever we're outside AC-ed rooms
Then we found a little playground and the little ones ran there. As for the bigger kids (i'm counting myself, hunny, KC and CL in this category. The real proper aunties were CW and CJ, who kept on hiding and trying to shade themselves-umbrellas and all-to prevent getting dark. As for us, we couldn't care less... The sun was nowhere near Taiwanese harsh sun though, this is South East Asia after all, the sun's pretty much the same capacity throughout the year, so i myself didn't really tan) the sun got in our brains that we started doing (even) silly (er) stuffs.
Like this hahaha

Oh yeah, hunny forgot to charge my camera's battery the night before @#%#^%@%$ i was super annoyed. That's why i have lots of pictures, but i'd have twice as much if only my camera's battery wasn't already dying grrrrr. I had to rely on my BlackBerry camera a lot, thankfully it performs pretty well under the strong sun!

Anyway, it was midday already so we decided to have lunch first and also hoping that the sun would be less bright by the time we're done eating!
Restaurant was decorated by (of course) legos
You know how usually theme parks restaurants would serves (mostly) yucky food (but i personally liked Universal Studio Singapore's food especially the giant pizza yum!) that are crazily overpriced, however i think the food in this Lego Restaurant was pretty decent and the prices not so scary at all. It was not cheap (by Malaysian or Indonesian standard, food in Malaysia's very cheap) or anything, but it was not outrageously expensive either.
Hunny's gigantic roasted chicken, quite nice!
I had a pretty big breakfast and as usual, i was still very full (not enough walking yet at that stage hahaha) so i refused to order anything. I got fed lots of hunny's chicken though!
As long as there's mushroom soup (and add rice, yes he's weird, i know) Baby Boy's appeased
Pretty nice too, he finished it up to the last drop!
This ride was unfortunately closed (due to the haze) because it was too physical, riders would need to pump and  that would make them inhale more than they normally would, and inhaling too much hazy air at one go was not a good idea!
Try explaining that to a 6-years-old who's quite obsessed with this kind of rides though zzz
Had to settle just by posing outside, poor baby!
Fret not! We're taking the choo choo train next!
They took the train seriously and treated it like a real train! At one point KC stood up to take pictures and the attendant yelled at him to sit down *LOLOLOL*. Not with the most polite tone either, no offence to Malaysian reading this, but i think it's public knowledge that Malaysian in general (not all of them of course) are not very friendly. Before you start to attack me, go check out Audrey's (who's a Malaysian blogger) entry talking about this issue. For someone who came from such a friendly (overly sometimes) country like Indonesia (especially to tourists), we got quite some shock teraphies.
Taken by hunny's Samsung phone
View we passed, the have a section of miniature landmarks, unfortunately we didn't go any closer in this trip, we were more busy playing at the rides...
On second thought, i really wonder why we didn't come closer and take pictures there? It looked pretty amazing!
Look at his cheeky wink! Except i don't think he was actually winking, the sun made it hard for him to open it properly hahaha... Again, little details like the lego pigeon scattered randomly really intrigued me
We got back from the train ride just in time to see the live show. We thought it'd be something to do with lego (maybe people in lego costumes or something?), LOL, couldn't be more wrong! It was a magic show hahaha. The kids loved it but me, i saw the strings and all from my angle *LOLOLOL*, maybe more practice's needed?
I do like how the stage was built to look like a toy house though! Very cute!
Baby Boy's fave ride, shooting at mummies haha

Another baby ride next, we're mostly stuck with CJ and G because of G and Baby Boy's similar age (so they could ride the most rides, together) while the rest already forge ahead hahaha.
This picture was so hard to capture because of the constant photo-bombing!
I posted their pictures on my BB profile and got people asking if Baby Boy was with his girlfriend hahahaha no lahhh that's his cousin!
This flew quite fast and G was a bit scared. You know Baby Boy's quite a scaredy cat (we're working to better this right now) but i guess he felt grown up because he had to "take care" of his little cousin and he was the one who kept on assuring her that it'd be okay hahaha so cute. Of course, a few rides later he was the one who needed assurance hahaha but still...
Now it's turn for the bigger kids (counting out CW and CJ of course, those two were no fun at all)! Splashy good fun! It was nothing special but we've been presented by babyish rides only so far so at the first sight of a proper ride, we jumped! Left Baby Boy (whose training is not at that level yet, he'd go on a panic if we forced him to ride this!!!) with CW and off we go!

Didn't expect to be so effing soaked though zzzz zzzz, seriously, on the second boat (where i rode with BB, KC, J and MT and some random people) BB and i were the most soaked! It didn't help because tiny J and MT sat in front of us so no real barrier from the tide! Yeah, i was wet down to my paper undies *TMI, i know* LOLOLOL. Equally as hilarious was how the front boat tilted dangerously to the right because both CL and hunny sat at the right sight while only little kids sat on the left so the weight division was severely wrong! LOLOLOL! Nothing they could do because they already were securely strapped in!

Then we saw this :
Body drier! Should house like 4-6 people at once? We were kiasu (hey, it was RM 10 or something! A total rip off!) so we all just forced ourselves in! And because we're not very normal, we pretend we were in a club and started dancing crazily that it attract LOTS of tourists who started taking pictures of us! Finally one was kind enough to offer to snap a pic using our camera, thank you stranger!
Ah-MAYYY-zingh Lego statue!
The details were seriously cray cray
Watching 4D cinema afterward
You can count on us to always do silly things
Increasingly crazier
It was a Lego movie, Baby Boy was delighted but most of us almost fell asleep... It was horribly boring and cheesy (the worst 4D movie ever) and the seat didn't even rock! I kept on waiting for it to start shaking at any point, until the movie ended! 4D my ass....
Girin! Running Man fans would understand hehe

Rode the rotating tower next... Pretty nice to be able to see the whole Lego Land from eagle's eyes perception..
It was the haziest day we experienced throughout out JB/SG trip...
I looked so pale here *where did my blush go?? Shouldn't be too lazy to put on lip colors on trips zzzz* but hunny looked cute so this has to be put up!
Baby Boy was fussing wanting to play at the festival styled booths zzzz, we all know that it's either a big fat rip off or it requires someone REALLY good at festival games, we certainly aren't those people. It's SUPER expensive too in Lego Land, to appease him we let him played one at the booth that promised you a gift no matter what
Look at the colorful doughnut pillows! SOOO cute, eh? Of course Baby Boy got the smallest plush dragon toy *LOL*, well better than throwing RM 15 down the drain i guess
Hahaha Little Knight. The ride was really annoying though, the recorded voices saying the same annoying things over and over again with a mock British accent. Pffffffttt i can't remember the words but the annoying tone still rings in my ears even now
Took him to this ride which is surprisingly fast! LOL, i didn't see that coming
This is the rollercoaster
The rollercoaster was really short and not scary at all (i do not like being upside down of thrown from great heights, this one contained nothing of the scary things), the castle itself must be the prettiest decorated ride in this whole amusement park, lots of moving lego statues telling a story, felt like a bit of a doll (lego) house. 

The kids, KC and CL already rode the rollercoaster while we're playing with Baby Boy, they even dragged scaredy cat CW along, kicking and screaming hahahaha. I dragged CL to accompany us to ride it again with BB, J and MT later joining in. It was not scary at all we refused to get down until like, five rides or so hahaha. And we decided to try out singing in the rollercoaster (like one of the challenge in earlier RM episodes) hahahaha.

Other than the attendant in the train, the other attendants in this theme park were quite friendly, until this ride. It was COMPLETELY deserted, and when i asked them to wait for my nephews and niece before boarding (they were running as fast as they could, had to climb some stairs and all to get to the starting point you know!), and they kept on yelling "FASTER FASTER FASTER!!!". WTF???? Faster my a**, there's nobody there and it's not like you're running a timed ride anyway! Eff you, Lego Land rollercoaster attendants!
Another amazing piece, real sized lego wolves!
There was also a mini version of the roller coaster for babies. I was bribing Baby Boy (who's afraid of almost anything but animals, he wouldn't hesitate to touch a snake zzz. But he's as scared as me of bugs LOLOLOL) to ride it *with me*, i told him i'd buy him two (instead of the promised one) toys if he just ride it once. It was nowhere near scary, so we all were encouraging him (i want my boy to grow up strong and all...) but whenever he is pressured to do something he doesn't want to do... Well yeah, he started to cry. Super annoying.

But he redeemed himself the next day at The Little Big Club, i am proud to say! He rode a much scarier ride than that roller coaster hahaha (and i kept my promise and get him another toy), he's not scared of such things anymore now!
Lego Einstein!
And his lego bots

Look at the blue colored pool, i felt like hurling myself in there really coz it was such a HOT day and the blue water looked really cooling and inviting. This picture was the last picture i took before my camera completely died, so the rest of the pictures (and a lot of pictures up there too) were taken with my BB
Wrapped Baby Boy in a raincoat so he won't get soaked. Look at hunny's expression, i find it hilarious how his mouth will make a weird shape whenever he's doing something like this (in a high speed) hahahahahahahahahahaha
Baby boy stayed in this area forever because they provided water guns and water bombs for the visitors to attack people who were riding the ride above. LOL. He's super mischievous lah, that kid! Kept on bombing and drenching people, he knew how to aim too LOLOLOL.

While he was busy attacking people with water, we got to ride this :
Another thrilling ride, but the real thrill was only the one huge drop lah, but it was still the scariest ride in the whole park hahaha. CL and the older kids rode it probably 10 times hahaha, since i am not such a big fan of being dropped from great heights like i said, once was enough for me. It was getting late anyway... 

Oh, one incident while i was waiting around for the rest with Au or BB (can't remember which one) and KC, out of nowhere a dude came up bringing magic props (just a ball and a wand i think), asking me to pick a hand or whatever. Shocked the hell outta us. You know, Indonesian... always very paranoid when being approached by a stranger out of nowhere hahaha. We're super suspicious lah *mainly because there are a LOT of pickpockets in Indonesia, and i heard in Malaysia's no better*. 

Turned out the guy really worked for Lego Land and hunny said they did employ some "magicians" to randomly entertain visitors. I thought they should at least warned us about it, we almost rudely ignored him and run away or something hahaha.

This was the last ride of the day
Silly KC was scolding the lego kid while CJ was taking a pic with them LOL
Getting more refreshment before leaving Lego Land, they were getting ready to close already. I know it looked bright still, but it was already almost 6
I absolutely LOVE this pic of Dino taking a nip on Baby Boy's head hahahaha
Smelly toilet hahaha
With his new toy :p
That ends the fun day we had in Lego Land! The rest of the night didn't go so well because it took forever for the bus the arrive until we decided to ride the bus that goes on to the opposite direction and just wait inside the bus (with the driver's permit of course) for more than 30 minutes for the shift change. The bus manager or something even went in to talk to us, he was the friendliest Malaysian me met throughout the journey!

Baby Boy fell asleep, and then the long journey back (with a different driver) to the central was very bumpy and scary (the driver drove like a crazy person) that almost everybody got really dizzy and nauseated. Baby Boy got sick after the bus ride, combination of an empty stomach, crazy driver and too much excitement in one day (and not enough sleep, we struggled to make him sleep the night before) got to him and he threw up all over himself. I had to dress him in my baby pink wing embellished jacket ahahaha, he got a lot of stares because of the pink, very oversized jacket! But better than him getting a cold or something right!

Things got worse when he realized his beloved grandma left him to Singapore *LOL*. It's tricky when you're dealing with a 6 year old you know. We went out of town without his grandma (like to Solo for both G and #Undecided's weddings) and it never once became an issue, but i guess this time he was feeling poorly and totally sorry for himself (because of the multiple throwing up sessions) that he wanted someone who'd go all dramatic on him (i'm not a dramatic mother by a mile), we got a bit impatient with him for a bit (GRRR).

We needed this bonding time though (and that's why i am so adamant of going to Bali just the three of us, my mum always insisted on coming with us to any trip with Baby Boy or ban him from going altogether), and now i can look back at that scolding and crying as a growing process, both for him and for us as  parents. Don't judge, it's really hard to be parents when you actually have to co-parent with your own parents, but Baby Boy turns out okay so we just gotta do what we gotta do. I believe every parents experiences this kind of moments at some points or another, when you have to be strict to your kid even though it breaks your heart. 

I'm not expecting everybody to understand *LOL*, but i'd really appreciate it if nobody would leave an annoying comment about this, okay (must warn because we got a hater already even though he/she/it was referring to my writing style more than anything else). A good parent is not someone who knows what to do right away, but someone who's willing to learn and try to get to know their kid a little better every day. 

That's all for today, didn't take any picture after Lego Land, we were super tired so we just go back to the hotel and take care of the vomit-machine a.k.a Baby Boy haha. 

Please look forward to the next day, it was even more exciting for me because we're going to Hello Kitty Land!


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    1. Hahahaha jgn di rante donkkk, ntar aq jalan2 k tmpt km ya hihihii XOXO

  2. ulang tahunku sama kyk baby boy :D cuman beda taun.. wkwkwk

  3. They said that the haze is a gift from indonesia lol, can't wait for Sanrio Town post!!!! (*^﹏^*)