Unboxing : September Lola Box (Beauty Essentials)

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I feel like it's been forever since i last got a beauty box T.T, that's because i only got one box last month (i know i know, i'm so spoilt, whatever :p)... So excited when hunny told me (belatedly, after he's been home for hours at home) "OH!!! There's a Lola Box in my car!". He only said that after he saw me re-arranging my beauty boxes (yes, it's piling sky high but good news is a am using a lot of the samples already so it cannot be considered hoarding :p) and spotted one of the older Lola Boxes. ZZZ.

Here's a peek inside Lola's September box :

I can safely say i am quite happy with this month's Lola Box at the first glance! Let's unbox them slowly, shall we?

The box was double wrapped, they are probably taking more precaution since last month there were a lot of complaints about the smashed Maybelline compacts

I squealed a little when i opened the outer box
Metallic violet box! SOOO PWETTY!!!! Lola Box' upping their boxes outer appeal for sure after last month's gorgeous bold red box! It's only the last two boxes that got me excited for the color, usually i would go "meh" hehe
Props for Lola Box for attention to detail, the beautiful violet box opened to an equally beautifully designed violet welcoming card
Their theme this month is Beauty Essentials, with stuffs to get your ready to get back to business

List of products features in September box
And the products :

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate.
I don't think i need to explain that this is a very welcomed item? Hehe... As a facial sheet mask addict, i can never get enough masks from my beauty boxes. This will definitely get used.
Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Toner and Emulsion
Yeah, inside that paper bag, there were those two meager tiny sachets *LOL*. So sad. I am aware that their Grape Cell line is expensive, but that doesn't justify chucking two tiny sachets into a beauty box and call it "one sample". I think they'd need to chuck in around 10 to be qualified. LOL. My least favorite product in this box.
Make Over Lip Balm Nutrition.
A full sized lip balm that being a border-line insane lip balm addict-this could almost be my favorite item except...
That i got it in the exact flavor that i've purchased a while back @$%#*(@^&$!!!!! 
ZZZZZ. I knew i should stop buying stuffs from brands that are heavily featured in beauty boxes like Make Over! On my defense, the only item i purchased from Make Over was the lip balm! Make Over was just launching back then and i was eager to try out something, anything. 

Now that i think about it, i was trying to buy Wardah's lip balm but then i got distracted by Make Over's BA. PFFFFTTTT. And i thought, this seems to be more exclusive from Wardah, yet the price's actually the same. And i got it. PFFFTTTT. Why couldn't i purchase the other flavor (melon?) instead??? Just my luck. I dunno what i'm gonna do with two exactly same lip balms, probably gonna add it into a birthday pressie parcel or something.
Skin 79 Super BB Triple Functions with SOF 50+ PA+++
Another thing that i love from this box. It's a decent deluxe sample size (in my experience, this will lasts you two weeks for daily usage). I've also haven't try this variant and i love Skin 79 so, yay for this! I do have one question though
Who are these girls? LOL. Sorry lah, you know i don't like K-Pop, the only girl bands i know is SNSD because they frequented Running Man, oh and 2in1 (which i still have difficulties saying the group's name. Why make it so hard for people to read their name anyway?)
This is quite possibly my fave item from this month's box
Sleek Eye Dust in 682 Jet Set
Thing is... i remember i got an eye dust, from Sleek as well, just two months ago, also from Lola Box! While i don't mind getting a full sized eye dusts all the time, i could probably collect them as long as they do not give me the exact same color, some people could be pretty annoyed with this! I am easy to please, full sized make up products will make me happy all the time, but i'm not sure this trend of giving out the exact kind of thing every two months would be acceptable at the beauty community! I'm pretty sure it's some kind of a sin they are committing!

Anyway, they plastered the Luxola sticker on top because i think they have a partnership with Luxola instead of with Sleek (which isn't available in Indonesia) directly.
I do love the sparkly blue eye dust that i got, a lot more than the dark metallic grey i got previously so i am actually very happy with this
Then, like always, Lola Box also featured their beauty expert's pick, which is usually a make up tool. This time the extra is not one but two!
Zebra patterened make up pouch

And a cute tweezer, look at the heart shaped stopper!
Out of all of the beauty boxes that i've subscribed to, i think Lola Box features the best and most useful beauty tools. I absolutely love the pretty pouch (it's not cheap looking and made from a pretty decent material) and i always can do with an extra tweezer. They are much better than another puff or sponge (that i've got a LOT from beauty boxes) haha.

Oh, they also gave out two vouchers that aren't too shabby either.
IDR 50.000 worth of Skin Food voucher (with minimum purchase of IDR 300.000, i think i'm gonna use this voucher if i don't forget all about it like most of the other usable voucher hahaha) and 15% off at Luxola (i think y'all can use that code above even if you're not subscribed to Lola so, do it if you want to, psssstttt)
I am quite satisfied with this month's Lola Box, they featured two nice full sized items, one decent sized BB cream sample and only one sad looking pair of sacheted samples among all. Not bad at all. I definitely like this 100% better than last month's box :). If you're interested to sign up to Lola Box, please use my referral below :

This month i would be getting three beauty boxes in total (speaking which, where's my Beauty Treats? They are still alive, aren't they?) because i've subscribed to First Blush, i think their first (exclusive, not open for public) box was pretty good so i hope the September box would be pretty decent too. I totally missed out on Vanity Trove, twice in a row! GRRRR. Whenever i remember about them and try to pick my own samples, all of the good ones would be long gone. PFFFFTTT. Considering the number of beauty boxes i'm subscribed to, i'm not sure that's a bad thing though hahaha.

Okay, before i go, of course i need to remind you to join my Birthday Giveaway! Don't forget, okay?? The prizes are much more fantastic than any beauty boxes (at least in number) hahaha. All of these :
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  1. The girl group called brown eyed girl ce.. and it's 2ne1 not 2 in 1 lol.. anyway the skin79 orange vital bb cream is my fave ♥ u should try it snd share ur opinion *waiting for the review*

    1. Ow. LOLOLOL. My knowlegde of K-Pop revolves around Big Bang and.... that's it. I only like Running Man ahahahah... I will Sha, thx for dropping by *.^!

    2. big bang! <3 <3 hahaha *my bias*

    3. Hehehe.. i like Big Bang too (well actually i only know two of their songs, but i like them hahahaha)... i think Daesung, T.O.P and G-Dragon are adorbs

    4. Wkwkwk.. Ce, bacanya to-any-one. LOL :p

  2. isinya banyaak ci >_<
    sayang aku enggak begitu tertarik beauty box lol
    bnr tuh kata shasa skin79 orange vital salah satu bbc fav q jg hihi

    1. Banyak? Kurang, Wie! Hahahaha...
      iya, beauty box itu... either you love it or you hate it, ga ada tengah2 deh hahahaha
      Aq belom pernah nyobai itu BB cream yg orange, i will soon hehe

  3. omg the box is so cute! mind to follow each other? :)
    join the giveaway! http://febiola-febby.blogspot.com/2013/08/firmoo-international-giveaway-2013.html#more