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Heeloooowwww everybodehhh!!!

How's your weekend? I had a great, but super tiring (i'm not complaining) weekend! If i said i didn't socialize enough in September in yesterday's post, i must take that back at least for this weekend because we did nothing but socialize hehe. 

So, i've been complaining about September non-stop lately, i kept on saying it sucked and brought nothing but bad lucks. Well, i think i've been a little bit unfair at September because only a part of it really sucked (the mid to latter part, but towards the end it got a lot better! See how happy i am right now!).

I was piling on a few pictures i took to write this entry (because i remember having quite a few pictures with my family that i didn't want to go to waste so i was already thinking of compiling it into one blog post to remember them by)-i totally thought most of them were taken in August *even though time flies unbelievably fast this year, September was one of the draggy one because it was pretty tough, therefore it felt like forever since i snapped those pictures when apparently it was only weeks away!* but no, all of them were taken in September. That's when i told myself, hey... September maybe the toughest month of 2013 yet, but it has its moments! So, before September ends for good, i decided to faster blog about this!

Coincidentally, all of those fun moments i captured were taken with my family-that's why i'm naming this entry Family Time!

First batch of photos were taken after we (with KC's family and BB) watched R.I.P.D some Saturday night (Oh wait! I don't even remember if this is right! Because we watched R.I.P.D on the last day of August! Hmph.... What's this.... never mind lah, maybe it was late August instead, only one day difference can be forgiven right? LOL) and after we did some shopping we went to FoodFest for some fried duck dinner, CW's family caught up with us and we decided to get some dessert *gluttonous family...*

Can you see from the picture that the long table were not long enough for us that KC and i decided to seat at a table behind them but CW insisted on connecting the tables so in the end it became an L shape table? LOL.

Taken from my seat
And from CL's seat
Baby Boy's nanny captured this and completely eliminated me FML, you can see my hand making a peace sign there but that's all that's visible of me zzzz

This is where we had our dessert, at Simply dessert!
BB with her cute colored ice, pink and yellow! So cheerful!

Showing off our chubby fingers manicures

BB stored her make up (well, she's 13 so her make up consisted of... lip balms... lip balms... and more lip balms! LOL) in a ziplock plastic LOL, i tried to snap picture of the ziplock but she adamantly refused! Dunno why she's so embarrassed LOL. Accompanied her getting a pouch for me stuffs-that monster doll face pouch was brand new. CW kept on complaining about how fugly and unelegant the pouch was and i kept on reminding her that her daughter's 13, she SHOULD wear cutesy stuffs and doesn't bother herself with elegant thingies for at least a few years to come! Afterward, if you can't do cutesy thingy at 13, when can you??? I am 30, oh i mean 29 (for another 4 days LOLOLOL), and i still want to use cute things! Zzzzz...

I do not eat durian much anymore *used to love them when i was little* but i have a weakness of the iced forms!

Split this with hunny and it was so good!
If you've been a reader of this blog since the beginning and read my Bali trip entries earlier this year *i cannot believe it's nearing the year's end again already! Sometimes it scares me how time flies so scarily fast, i am so not ready for this year to be over yet T.T it feels like it only began to start yesterday! And suddenly my last year in my 20s is no more. OMG how suffocating!* you'd already know that CW is dead scared of durians! Even the smell alone can make her puke. And of course, being her lovely little siblings, we love nothing but torture her with her nemesis LOLOLOL! KC and CL happened to be quite a durian lovers (as well as her own husband really!)-so of course the ordered a durian ice to split as well and kept on passing the bowl in front of CW's nose HAHAHAHAHA FHL!
CW-matrix style!
Okay, that set of pictures ended abruptly because i never meant to blog about that time haha. I didn't have plan to blog about any of these pictures in this entry lah!

Oh, i have one more picture :
Taken earlier in GM because i always find it funny how these three are the same age (months difference only) but BB look so much older than the two boys! Even strangers would point at them as her "little brothers" or "little cousins", much to her annoyance hahaha
Moving on to second batch of pictures! This one's taken, AGAIN, in FoodFest! Like i mentioned a few times already, my niece Au is having a hard time adjusting to her new life as a high school student in Surabaya. She found it hard to find friends (because most of them went to the same junior high school so they already formed gangs and cliques. You know lah, high school kids...) and she's been having horrible homesickness. 

I can't really relate because... i was 15 when i went to high school in Singapore and i enjoyed being away from my parents (and even got annoyed whenever they decided to come and stay with me from time to time LOL, less freedom you know!) so much. I grew super confident, i began knowing myself, i found friends and enemies (or friends that turned into enemies. Most of them were *LOL*), i began dating (LOTS LOL), i went out everyday. In short, i enjoyed my freedom so much *i can go places without having to be able to drive!*, only a huge personal problem (haih, i went into a huge fight with all of my so-called-friends there lah, so i was practically friend-less by the end of my stay there. Something that i would give no s**t about now but as an unstable 17 year old, i gave way too much s**t of LOL) forced me to agree to go back to Surabaya *and my mum's pleas plus her promises to increase my pocket money dramatically if i agreed to hahahaha*.

So, i couldn't understand her griefs, but i don't have to understand to sympathized right? So when CW asked me to help her get busy and go out more (then she won't think about her homesickness too much), i did try but sometimes it's hard to help someone that doesn't want to be helped. You know what i mean? Au often refused to come whenever i asked her to go out with me. And, well... I am not used to a teenager *my son in 6 for goodness sake!!*, but i don't think it's healthy that i have to drag her off against her will all the time. She should go out when she wants to, i shouldn't have to force her to. Sometimes it pissed me off even, coz i'm just trying to help but like i said, i do not like having to force people to do stuffs! They won't take it as a help, instead they'd feel like it's a burden/task, and why would i want to cause that???

Anyway. Back to topic, i didn't mean to rant i'm sorry *LOL*. Since Au's a huge dog lover *she's an animal magnet, remember...*, i remembered how #Undecided and her hubby *who obviously are dog lovers as well* always asked us to join them to hang out at FoodFest while they are walking their dogs, so i asked #Undecided if i can tag along and bring Au the next time they are going there again. Well, my BFF would never even dream of refusing, obvi... haha...

Au looked happy, yes?

That's Au, J and errr...errrr... a guy that #Undecided's husband know *LOL*

Look at #Undecided's fringe *or lack of it!!!* LOL, they are trimmed already lah now. Btw, i included this in family time because #Undecided and her hubby are our family too okay :D

Me with Snowy, #Undecided's little sister's doggy
Contrary to popular believe, i am NOT scared of all dogs. LOL. I love cute little dogs, especially the calm and homey ones you can carry, hold and caress for hours! Snowy is exactly my kind of dog! She hates getting her feet dirty, she loves being held *she stayed in my lap for almost an hour, without so much as a stir!!!!* and she's snow white, of course! *I can't ask for a baby pink-furred doggy right? So white's the closest lah*
Baby Boy and Snowy who refused to look at the camera

I think they had the same expressions in this pic! LOL

Finally asked hunny to carry Snowy up so i can snap this pic!
Oh, next picture is snapped as a result of a make over i did on Au one particular night haha!

I forgot to snap the before picture but you can see her bare face on the pictures above *oh wait, i think i applied blush on and lip gloss on her that night LOL but it was gone already by the time i snapped those pics i think*. Anyway, i always thought that i can never do anyone else's face but my own, and Au's eyes are quite challenging to do (her eyes are very small, with monolids and her eyelids are very fatty!) but judging from the result... I did pretty good!!! On a first try as well! I think i am pretty awesome *LOLOLOL, kidding lah :p*. But i did manage to make her look Ulzzang, yes? She should be happy *even though she kept on complaining zzz* because she's super crazy about K-Pop and those stuffs..

Last set of pictures were taken at my eldest brother, KD's birthday.

The birthday...errr...boy Hihihihii
Only missing KC!

You can't see it in the pictures, but the writing on the birthday cake *which was a birthday pressie from hunny and i* were all wrong, and that's after 3x being redone! Arrrrghhhhh....

Birthday dinner at De Sushi

Whenever i'm with BB...of course we wanted to take pictures! CW was like "look at those two, they start again..." LOL.

Then she shoved a sushi plate and forced us to pose with it -___-

CV doing a magic trick of making a huge piece of cake disappear within 5 seconds

This was a second helping, look at him go with two spoons *he really ate using those two spoons!!*
I was curious and asked him, if i were to give him one more slice, would he be able to finish it? He said he can actually finish the whole cake *LOL*. Where did he get those sweet tooth from, eh? I mean, i can hardly finish half a slice without feeling nauseated! (and his parents are not particularly fond of sweets, i don't think!)

Anyway, with that silly last note, i'm ending tonight's post! I cannot wait but also hope that October will never come *always been my fave month, but not since i'm turning 30 now... LOL*, but it's coming wheter i like it or not so i hope it's going to be wonderful and magical like it always was for me! Now i only need to survive one last day of September and hope it would be kind to me!


PS : Counting down begin! 4 more days to join my giveaway!

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