Review : The Skin Food Pine Nut Cuticle Oil

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Helloww everybody!!!

How's everybody doing? I just realized looking from my previous posts from previous months that i write less this month (compared to previous months), but i can assure you that i'm not getting bored or lazy to write on my blog already haha, i'm not the kind that get over something so fast. There are just so many stuffs happening this April, one problem after another that sometimes i don't have enough time to write (actually  i have a lot of drafted posts, yes i hoard even blog entries, but i'm preparing those entries as fillers while i'm away on my trip :p) or i got sick for days, or like the case yesterday, i lost all will to do anything because i was stressed up. The fact that #Undecided still cannot get out of her writer's block doesn't help *sigh*.

Why i was so stressed up yesterday? Because we suspected that we lost our most important documents! That included my birth certificate, Baby Boy's birth certificate, and our marriage certificate! WTF! Hunny and i are some of the people with worst memories when it comes to storing things (i know, how ironic, i have a semi photographic memory but when it comes to such things, my memory's worse than a hamster's), actually it can be said for most of my family members lah.

So, since we do not have a safe deposit box in our room, we usually keep our documents in my mum's cupboard (it's specifically used to store such documents) and we were pretty sure we didn't move them to our own yet. Hunny's usually the ones handling such documents-while i'm more of the treasurer in our relationship-and he was sure it was still with my mum. Problem is... yes, my mum has the same HORRIBLE memory when it comes to this kind of stuffs! She was adamant that hunny took them away already. We ransacked our room and my parents', and found none, so we were very very stressed out and freaked out!!!

Thankfully hunny insisted us to check my mum's safe deposit box in the bank-just in case. My mum insisted that there's no way those documents could be there! I do have a vague memory of holding those documents not too long ago somehow, but of course i cannot be sure :(... And this morning we went to the bank, and sure enough... There they were!!! Safely tucked in the bottom of the safe deposit box (that can only be accessed by my mum and i LOL) *HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF*. OMG, you cannot imagine the huge burden that just been lifted off of our shoulders!!! Now you know why i didn't even think of writing yesterday zzz.

Anyway, now you also know, how horrible we are. Even super important documents like birth certificates can be misplaced or forgotten by us *sigh*... Now that brings me to my lost ring again WTF zzzz.... 

Oh yeah, this is a review post, sorry hahaha. You must already be used to me rambling on and on before starting on the actual review, right? Okay okay, i'm gonna review The Skin Food Pine Cuticle Oil.
Writing this makes me realize that i do use quite a lot of The Skin Food products yah??? I've been reviewing some by now! if i didn't write these reviews i wouldn't even realize it, i'd still be thinking that The Skin Shop is one of the Korean brands that i do not use much (because their packaging's not so cute) LOL. This item is also the first cuticle/nail care product i've ever purchased consciously *LOL*. I do tend to ignore my cuticles and hair (and a lot of other things haha, i'm way too focused on my clothing and face to be honest LOLOL). Bought this from Inten's Corner (from this haul) because my cousin's employee at Me-Nail commented on my dry cuticles/nails. 

Packaging wise, i think it looks quite nice. Comes in a frosted glass bottle that was shaped like a regular nail polish. The lid and brush also looked like a regular nail polish. It was sealed by a little think sticker with TSF's logo (the little cupid/angel) but i forgot to that a picture of the sticker.
Now, i always think that my nails are super strong (they are! They can be a weapon, i'm super serious) and therefore doesn't need any more care. But nowadays since i'm paying more attention to my cuticles and nails (while caring for them), i do realize that my cuticles and skin under my nails are super dry and flaky! The worst part was always the beds under my nails, whenever my nails got too long (every two weeks) i'd cut them real short and discovered the scary, flaky skin underneath.
OMG so scary
Those dry skin were super duper triple itchy, i'd be pulling and scratching them like crazy, making them looked worse. I wonder how come i never felt any itchiness while the nail was still long and the flaky parts still concealed? So weird! 

The oil (do i need to explain the consistency? It's oil lah hahaha so the consistency is... oily! Quite light and not too thick) smells really good, i was scared it would smell bad since i hate pine smells (so sharp and choking!!!) so i was pleasantly surprised when i realize that this oil smells so good. Not too nutty too, but then again i don't actually know how a pine nut smells like haha. I suck at describing smells so... it kinda reminds me of dermatological clinic's creams and masks in the bottle, lighter and nicer on the nails. In short, i find it nice smelling and doesn't bother my nose when i had them on, i actually kinda enjoyed the smell.
It's very easy to apply too, just like painting your nails but instead you paints the cuticles and skin around and under your nails. Just make a "square" outside your nails.
I didn't know how long i should leave the oil on, so i googled and one of the reviewers (it was a review for cuticle oils in general not specifically for this variant) said i should put it on for an hour. I also asked Rosemary because she's really into nails and nail arts so i thought she should know. She was like "Leave it for as long as you feel necessary lah, no need to time them!". When i told her about the one hour recommendation she thought that's too crazy long! I understand what she means, it'd be so boring to not be able to use your fingers properly for an hour right!!!

But i usually have a lot of time (or i make that time) whenever i'm about to cut and care for my nails (the dreaded chore), so i usually leave this for as long as i could, one hour almost every time. I just amuse myself with TV or YourTube or read blogs to pass the time. And for me this cuticle oil really works! Like, instantly!

This is how my cuticles/skin looked right after i wash my hand after leaving the oil on for about an hour.
Much better and healthier, don't you think?? Go see the before picture again! Sorry i am so helpless in photoshop etc i do not know how to put the pictures side by side so you can see the comparison easily zzzz. I know there are bit of dry skin still, but this is after ONE application leh! I'm sure it'd be super soft and not dry if i put this on more regularly! Problem is... Yeah, you should see it already, i'm too lazy lah, so much hassle haha. So yeah, i'm most probably only gonna put this on twice a month LOL. My skin instantly felt soft and nourished and they no longer itches! Yay!!!
It was really cheap as well, got it from Inten's Corner for IDR 25.000 (around USD 2.50) only! But it was on sale though, i do not know the real price, shouldn't be too expensive too. Very recommended lah! And yeah i'd repurchase it (if it's not discontinued) but there's so much oil in the bottle and i'm too lazy to use it more often so i wouldn't need to repurchase for a very long time lah haha.
Oh, we went on our usual movie date yesterday and watched Identity Thief.
I saw the rating and they were pretty bad (the rating), me myself enjoyed the movie very much. Yes, it's not super great or whatever, but i do find it to be funny and ended in a touching, sweet way. I always liked Jason Bateman (although he always seemed like he's playing the same character over and over again) and i love Melissa McCarthy, i think she's super hilarious! It's a little bit slapstick in parts (Melissa McCarthy, not Jason Bateman) but it's not as bad as, let say, Adam Sandler's movies. LOL.

It's about Sandy Patterson (a guy, yes with a girl's name, although he kept on insisting that it's a unisex name), whose identity was stolen by this crazy woman, who maxed out his credit card for crazy and stupid things (super unimportant ones like buying the whole bar a drink, shopping like crazy for fugly things, etc), and then he went to Florida to literally bring the perp to justice because he was about to lose his job (that's in finance, and his boss was about to fire him fro having such a bad credit history and having criminal charges against him-all the case of the stolen identity) and he couldn't afford to with his growing family (wife and two daughters, a third baby on the way) and the police couldn't really help him much.
So the movie was about him trying to get the crazy woman back to Colorado with all craziness happenings along the way. I read a review saying all the funny things were in the trailer, i beg to differ though. I do find this movie to be quite funny from start to finish, maybe not always LOL funny but enough to keep me entertained and didn't get bored halfway through.
I guess it's not a super great movie or whatever, but if you're bored and want to watch something to amuse you, this movie could be a choice. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy does seem to have a pretty good chemistry and worked well together.

Oh, one more thing before i stop all my ramblings, we finally made the final payment for the Europe trip, it'd finally really be happening next week *muffled scream!!!*. Asked the tour and travel and they said the visa's also looking very good, hope there won't be any sudden problem or whatever! Fingers crossed tightly! I really cannot waiiiitttt!!!



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