Sh*t Happens in.... Threes?

5:28:00 PM

Hi y'all *gloomy*.

Remember i told you yesterday i lost my phone? Yep. That and Arman's comment here inspired most of the theme ini today's blog post LOL. He's so right, shit happens. It's just... stunning for me when it happened again RIGHT after i posted that entry about learning to let go. It's... so weird. It's like the world conspired against me and decided to make a clown after me. You know, "SO, you think you can deal with losing your stuffs? Let's do it again then!" *crazed laugh*. WTF.

So again...
If you've already read the long winded-full of complains entry that i already linked above, you know i've been counting my bad lucks this year. Of course losing my Blackberry counts, so i'm updating you with the list here ROFL. Lemme tell you the story lah okay? I bet i will read this like, next year and laugh my ass off over my own stupidity.

It was weird (yes, i know i'm repeating myself)... Call it an intuition, but i didn't feel like going out that day (yesterday lah), when normally i'd always love to go out with L no matter what, but since i already promised L-i can't back down lah. It started when i woke up, i almost couldn't get up because i kinda pulled my muscle by sleeping in a bad position (which is weird-again-coz i always sleep like a log, facing up and don't really change position much throughout the night), i kept on whimpering and whining until hunny rubbed some Vicks Vaporub to ease the pain. 

Then i dragged myself off bed and get ready. I couldn't really turn my head right fully, so getting ready was quite a challenge (complete with me whimpering and howling every time i pull my arms or neck too far right). Then i look at my current hand bag and decided there's no way i can tote that heavy Toscano bag on my right hand. I remember throwing this tiny Guess sling back (that's co-incidentally was given by L as my birthday gift some, two years ago?) around my cupboard and since it's the easiest sling back i have around to reach *without having to rummage through my massive closets and pulled more muscles along the way*, i decided to wear it.

Another problem arise, the bag was so small that i can't even bring my wallet, so i brought my card holder, some money and my small make up pouch *yes, make up pouch is actually more important than wallet for me...*. Then i realized my BlackBerry battery's running low so i had to bring a power bank as well. No more room for even my BlackBerry inside the tiny sling bag, i had a fleeting *strange* feeling "WTF, where do i put my phone then?" then i was like, oh i'll just hold it then-most of the time i do hold my phone when i'm out anyway. I remember thinking *very fleetingly*, what if i forgot where i put my phone? I might lose my phone. Yes, i should've follow my instinc. Ditch the powerbank or just stick it on and start charging rightaway. But yes, i didn't. I foolishly brush it aside "Haih, i always carry my phone like this, why change now?". Stupid me.

Anyway, out of topic okay, but lemme show you my OOTD to illustrate ya *excuse to show cam-whoring pics max*. So you can see how small the bag also lah!
This was taken after i lost my phone hahaha, did i look glum? Not any more glum than usual i guess :p
Anyway! L picked me up and we were gossiping as usual on her car. Then she saw my phone and was attracted to the super cute kitty pluggy i had on (FML, i haven't even showed it to you in my Taiwanese haul hahahahaha, story of my life. I lose two pluggies already before i even do any haul post. I still got the pictures though hahahaha. I will show you anyway okay qiqiqiqi, remind myself not to buy stupid little thingy i'm sure to lose in no time), she even went and took my phone and plucked the kitty off, put it on her own phone *sh*t, i always lose pluggies whenever someone's showed their interest in my pluggy! Seriously! Previously my niece Au did, then i promptly lost the pluggy. Now even worse, i lost the pluggy together with the phone itself hahaha*. After a while she returned them to me and i kinda put them on my lap or something, then totally forgot about it.

I remember taking a look at the phone and saw G BBM-ed me, but since we were engaged in a heated convo, i decided to reply G later. Soon, we arrived at TP. I get off the car without remembering my phone AT ALL. If it fell down on the street when i get off, i should've heard something right? I drop that phone so many times (LOL) in the past and i ALWAYS heard it fell. And i didn't even got into TP right away, i was looking around and waited for L who took her time getting off. If it's on the pavement, i should've realized at some point. And there's a security guard in front of me, he would've reacted if i dropped it there.

Then L commented she'd really like my skirt (that i wore) and wanted one for herself. She asked me where i got my skirt from, i told her from Matahari on a huge sale and it's dirt cheap, so she demanded to go to Matahari and search for something similar then. When we were riding the elevator, i kinda thought to myself "my hands are so free, like it's lacking something", but again-stupidly-i brushed it off.

Went to Matahari and browsed around casually without finding anything nice enough to buy, then when we were about to leave Matahari, i hit me. Where the hell is my phone??? LOLOLOL. I freaked a bit but since i was so sure that i wasn't holding it the whole time we were in TP, i kinda thought "It should be in L's car". Unfortunately, L's driver went to a garage right after dropping us off, so we couldn't go and check ourselves. We went round and round at Matahari like a pair of crazies, retracing our steps, all the while L was trying to call my phone. It went through, she said 5 times. Nobody picked up.

Then L called her driver and asked him to go look for my phone, i got a sinking feeling when he told her that he couldn't find it. WHERE ELSE COULD THAT EFFING PHONE BE??? Then L called again, immediately, the phone was off *dafug*. Huhuhuhuhuhu. 

I think we kinda lost all will to shop immediately, L looked as flustered and me, she even kept on rummaging through her own bag-in case somehow the phone miraculously hid there hahahahaha. She kept on trying to call my phone, and also called her driver like 10x times demanding him to look in every nooks and crannies of her car, because we both were SURE it was in her car. But it's never found lah hahaha.

We also went to bother Matahari security guards (who were very helpful and professional) who ran around checking the spots we went to, even taking our contacts and promised to try to help in whatever way they could. Thing is.... i'm pretty sure i didn't even bring it in. Haiyah, right now i'd kill to know where the hell i left/drop that stupid thing! No, being stolen (as in pick-pocketed) wasn't an option. That's why i'm so pissed at myself, it's completely my own fault!

Sorry to ruin the day lah L, let's go out again soon, i promise i will glue my (new) phone to my hand and nothing like this should happen again. But L did bought two items so at least the day was not entirely wasted, right? Hehe. I didn't buy anything obvi, i was too gutted and still in shock. I also didn't know if i must laugh or cry *i kept on thinking, just after i posted that letting go entry, how unbelievably ridiculous!!!*.

Now, the justifying part (i need this to be able to get over this sooner okay, please do supply more justifying reasons if you can think of any so the process will be over even faster hahaha). The phone was... it's quite old for a Blackberry *1.5 years*. It's been problematic since the beginning *so much until they eventually had to replace the phone after being submitted for a few weeks or almost a month because it re-started itself non-stop hahaha*, like i said i made it worse by dropping it more times than i can count. It's been demanding to be restarted (memory low, please restart to improve the performance of you phone) every day lately. It kinda froze and dies whenever i tried to open a website. And the battery dies whenever i open Twitter. LOL.

In short, that phone sucks. I don't even use it for anything else other than BBM since it's sucks so bad. My hunny been telling me to replace that stupid phone for MONTHS. He said i complained too much about the thing, and it's so fugly and ancient anyway (really, the lifespan of a Blackberry, so sad). But i always refused because... well, i'm not a gadget person lah! As long as i can still BBM, then i didn't see why i need a new one. 

So... after i gleefully *still in disbelieve* called and said "Hunny, i lost my phone", he came as soon as he could, bringing the box *that hurts my heart whenever i saw it, FTS* because he wanted to lock the device at the Blackberry centre so that it'd be useless and totally worthless if anyone found it-but the centre said they can't do it WTF-but that's okay, if you're ever in my situation, i believe most of you already knew what to do? If you're as clueless as me, then go on as long as you have your BB pin, you can lock, wipe and even track you device through that website.

Problem is, my phone was never on since yesterday. We've been meaning to send a message to whoever found it to please return the phone and we'll give a reward. It cannot be used without the password anyway so it'll be more beneficial for whoever found it if they return it to us. I am still pining over my notes *huhuhuhu, all of my blogging materials and review summaries WTF* now zzzz. Yes, i am more panic over the contents *notes, reminder, etc* than the device because.. haven't you been paying attention??? It's falling apart already. Probably going to crash sometime soon at this rate. And it'd worth very low if i sell it anyway.

I am not as gutted as i was when i lost my ring, obvi-since it's just a phone la. Not a very nice one and not even that expensive for a smart phone *it's a lower type of BB, my employees all have much better BB than me LOL* and it's more than a year old. I've hated it more than i liked it (because it's so problematic), but i still hate losing it!!!!! And yes, i cannot get over the fact that i lost it promptly after i post that one fateful entry lah, haihhhh. #Undecided said it's a test so i can practice what i wrote. I know lah, but i have no problem letting the phone go okay, but i don't think anyone would be happy if they lose their phone, no matter how crappy it is *defensive-because lots of people commented on how sucky my phone was*. 

Oh yeah, hunny dragged me to get a new one right away, i guess he's sparing himself me whining *and even worse, crying?* about my phone and all. He got me an early birthday pressie. The BlackBerry he'd been forcing me to get forever which i always turned down.
My new Blackberry. Thinking of gluing it to my hand now
Most expensive case i've ever own. But it's in baby pink and this new-much prettier and high teched phone seems quite fragile and i'm such a rough handler, they said this will help preventing the phone from cracking if i drop it-or more like when because it's just a matter of time before i do...-so i was immediately sold
I just talked ot #Undecided, and we were talking about how it's so much better to forget things easily *like she does* sometimes. I knew if she was me, she'd forget that she lost her phone just hours prior and be all happy and smiley over the awesome new phone. LOL. I always envy her ability to get over (mundane) things so easily. My tendencies to obsess and repeating the whole thing in my brain is driving me stark insane. GYAAAAA. Please let me get over it already!!!

Hunny also asked me if i'm happy with the new phone (i am! I really am), and why i was still pulling a long face. Haih. That's just me lah, i cannot change just like that, yes? I told ya i'm working on it, i really am lah!

About the title... I always heard (and tell people who's been suffering from continuous bad lucks) that misfortune (yeah, sh*t la) comes in threes? This is the third misfortune already this year (losing ring (s?), discoloring passport and this)... sooo... I think this should be enough no? (LL, one of my cheerleader told me it's a sacrifice to prevent bad lucks since it's nearing my birthday hahaha, i think justifying myself makes me feel so much better so... keep on doing it people!) I really hope so! Whenever i told people "oh, things would only go up from here! Just believe!", i really meant it. So, i hope it'll happen to me too. Enough with losing things (or next i might lose my mind) already lah. 

And i am chanting this :
Arman told me to count the things i got too, and of course, i got a lot more (and better too) than i ever lost. I just needed to remind myself time and time again. I'd really like to go to a therapy to reduce my OCD you know, serious. I really do want to stop being so obsessive! I think i need to cut myself some slack and learn slowly how to actually be less obsessive. Can't happen overnight, right? 

Anyway, anyone ever lost their phone here? Let's swap war stories (i lost one phone before but it was pick-pocketed. I felt less stupid then because... well, it wasn't my fault then! But this one... haih, completely my fault loh, i even felt so guilty i almost refused to get any new phone because in my mind i don't deserve any-so stupid!). And remember, if you have any more justifying reasons that could potentially help me feel better, please elaborate hahahaha. 

Right now we're still stalking the blackberry protect thingy coz once the device's turned on, we can actually know where it is. How can it not be found by anyone yet??? Where the hell is it??? Yep, obsessing continues FML.
Cam-whoring with my new phone


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  1. jiaahh ikut sedih ya ci :( kn uda gantinya ya.. ^_^ tp aneh lah klu msh on gitu T_T

    1. Hehehehe, cm penasaran aja Wie, koq aneh mendadak raib gt loh -___-... On? gak on koq, justru off trs jd ga bs d track sm sekali zzzz

  2. tuh bener kan.. you got more than you lost kan... :)
    losing something sucked, but life must go on kan... :)

    september will end soon, hopefully october will be better! :)

    1. Yes, of course you're right hihihi, i'm just the type who clings on and whine non-stop for a while, then i'll move on-so please bear with me hehehe

      October's always been my fave month-until i get too old to be excited about my birthday hahaha

  3. Great post!
    Becky Ann xo