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Hello everybody!

I just had a stressing day spent scolding my Baby Boy because his pre-tests results were horrible and he didn't want to focus long enough to study! I understand he's only 6 (primary school official age's 7, but since he studies in National Plus instead of the regular school, age was not an issue) and he probably is still not used to the concept of tests (i asked why his Mandarin pre-test score was so horrible and he said "Because i couldn't peek into the book and copy" -____-), but since he IS already in Primary school, he needs to keep up, doesn't he???

Anyway, i lost my temper after countless times trying to be as patient as possible, urghhh this is so frustrating! I so do not have what it takes to be a teacher. Props to Primary students (and younger classes) teachers! They really are the unsung hero! I de-stressed by make-overing my niece Au and i must say i did a pretty decent job (if i may say so myself hahaha), too bad i didn't take a step by step pictures or i might be able to do a tutorial hahaha. I will do so soon though :p. 

Okay, enough ramblings! Let's get on with the review, shall we?

So, most of you surely are very familiar with textured nail polishes that are on the rage right now already. Liquid sands, caviars, velvet, etc. I am not a huge fan of textured polishes to be completely honest, heck-i don't even like matte nail polishes! I dunno, i guess i am just a bit conventional when it comes to nail polishes, for me they have to be as glossy as they possibly could to be considered pretty haha. 

But when i saw the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand nail polishes from O.P.I, i was intrigued! I was not sure i would like it enough to commit to a full sized one, so i was extremely attracted to the mini set!
However, i wasn't about to pay IDR 160.000 (that's the price of the set at the online shop where i bought it) for four tiny bottles of nail polishes that i might or might not like, so when G (the OS owner's her cousin) told me that we can actually buy one or two bottles as long as there were other customers that were interested to split the set, i jumped at the chance!

I didn't even remember if i specifically chose the two shades i ended up getting (the reddish hot pink-The Impossible and the purple-Can't Let Go) or i just said "Give me whatever the other customer didn't want" anymore because, well... i simply couldn't care less which colors i get! It's the texture i was curious about, not the colors (read the haul post when i feature these nail polishes here).

So, the first color that i tried *months ago, i just never gotten round to write the review yet) was The Impossible :
Of course, that picture i got from Google was the full sized bottle, while mine was a lot smaller :
The consistency of this nail polish was, well... Sandy *LOL*. Not like, rough sandy, more like sands trapped in a thick liquid, if i made any sense to you. When i swipe it on my nails, i notice it was thicker than normal nail polish, and i saw huge chunks of glitters (fine ones and bigger ones). I wasn't paying attention to the bottle and i thought when i put them on my nails that all of the glitters were the same color as the polish itself (red), but i was wrong. It WAS the same color as the polish when you first used it, but give it a day and the real color of the big glitters would reveal itself.

Let's see how it looks on my nails. Please be informed that my application was really messy, but as usual, any excess nail polish on my cuticles peeled off by itself once i showered.
1 Coat of Revlon Top Speed + 1 Coat of O.P.I The Impossible
I was quite surprised when the polish started to dry off because unlike how it seems in the bottle (RED!), it translated to a more hot pinkish (with frosty finish because the real color of some of the glitters were silver!) color!

I didn't think it was opaque enough so i added a second coat :
Like i said, the chunky glitters looked red at first
I didn't realize when i capture these pictures, but they were not dried off completely and it's apparent in the picture-you can see patches where it looked brighter red. That's not uneven color consistency, but that indicated that those spots were not completely dry yet while the frosty, lighter colored parts were fully dried. 
So messy, sorry! 1 coat of Revlon Top Speed+2 coats of O.P.I The Impossible
I would say that application was really easy (like almost every O.P.I polishes) and it's good for messy nail polish applicant amateurs (like me) because it's impossible (hey!) to mess! Once it dried off completely, you won't be able to see any mess even if you applied it less than neatly!

Like i said, color finished off differently than how it looked in the bottle. And the bigger glitters that looked red/hot pink when you first applied it will turn silver in one day or so. I was shocked when that first happened, i thought it was already ruined/chipped off! LOL. Little that i know that it WAS their original color, they were just concealed by the liquid!

It dried off really fast, but looking back it's probably wise to wait a bit longer after you thought they were dry (because i just realized that they were not evenly dried when i saw the pictures above!)  to do stuffs with your fingers. 
The end result after i showered and the mess naturally fell off from my cuticles
On me (because the nailist in Me-Nail said otherwise, but i'm writing this based on my own experience) they didn't last very long. Most probably due to the fact that you couldn't use a top coat without defeating its purpose (for it to look matte but glittery at the same time, and to get the sandy feeling), but it chipped off as fast as 2 to 3 days (with normal O.P.I my nails could stay chip-free for 5-7 days, with top coats of course). 

Fixing the chips, however, was a piece of cake. You just need to fill in the chips and once it dried off, they would look as good as new. But they will chip off again as fast as one day hahaha, but that's still good if you needed to go somewhere (as long as it's not longer than a day) and for your nails to look pretty without having to take them off and re-do your entire manicure.

I am curious to see their staying power WITH a top coat (because they are still bulkier than regular polish so i think they'd still be more prone to chipping), i saw beauty/nail bloggers applied top coats on them and they looked pretty (even though it's totally defeating its purpose, i am OCD, it's hard for me to do stuffs like this on the opposite way it supposed to be done, ZZZ) so i will try it out (and let you know once i do).

All and all, i think they looked quite pretty (even though CW said they looked like the nail polish that i used turned bad and lumpy already when i used them LOLOLOL, pay no attention to her, she's just like that) and for someone that claims to hate matte nail polishes, i like how they look *and feels* quite a lot too. #Undecided almost had this exact same color used on her nails at our last mani/pedi session at Me-Nail but changed track and used the black based one, Stay The Night and she was IN LOVE with it (that reminds me, we should totally blog about our last sessions at Me-Nail).

I would recommend liquid sand polishes to people who wants to try textured polishes but not going too far from their comfort zone (Caviar manicures are as far as it gets to my comfort zone), likes matte but glittery finishes (if you're like me, hates matte polish but love glitters, this still works), couldn't be bothered to put their nail polish neatly/spend too long to put on their polish and wants an easily fixable manicure, also don't mind if their manicures doesn't stay perfect very long.

Not recommended for people who hates non-glossy/slippery feeling to their nails (i somehow kept on stroking my nails when i had this on because they felt weird but nice hahaha), hates lumpy (it can be quite lumpy) looking finishes, and cannot stand their manicures to chip off fast.

Would i buy any more liquid sands type of polishes? Yes, in darker and lighter colors. I saw a madly cute liquid sand polish in baby pink at Me-Nail and am dying to get my hands on them! (errr, this entry was clearly written a few days/weeks ago because i might already placed my order by now...)

I also used the Can't Let Go one already but will be writing about it in another entry.

Have you tried liquid sands types of nail polishes? Do you love them or hate them?
Ghost-like #Pink in our last hotel room in Taiwan :p

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  1. hwaaaaa ga nyangka baby nya uda mau sekolah T_T tuh kan ci, masih 21thn kan #ditabok
    kukunya lucuu haha
    warna kuteknya jg kece.. OPI emg pinter klu bikin warna2 hihi

    1. Baby ku sdh skul lama sayyy, skrg udah SD hahahaha but he will always be my babyyy hohohohoh
      kukunya buntet2 soalnya kalo di panjangin suka nyakar2 diri sendiri hahahaha