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Hello dears!! How are we doing today?

Honestly today feels like Monday, doesn't it (note: Surabaya people - or maybe East Java's? - had a day off yesterday due to regional public election)! But this day is the best kind of day because every single time I remind myself that tomorrow is another holiday (weekend, well duh, #Undecided!) I suddenly feel elated. Yay!! Hahaha :D (This entry is written last Thursday hehe)

Anyway, we told you last time that we had a mani-pedi sessh (read the stories here and here) because we were going to attend A's sister's wedding. And today is the day we're gonna tell you all about that. As per usual, this is a joint entry and this is #Undecided.

I was quite excited to go because A told me that our long-lost-BFF W promised that she would come - like seriously, it's ABOUT TIME that we get together again, it's been too long! But I was also quite panicky because I could no longer fit into the dress that I was gonna wear thanks to all the deliciousness we had in Taiwan!! LOL. Mentioned this one day in the office and my manager was kind enough to actually bring several of her never-before-used-dresses and made me pick one to borrow. 

I immediatelly was drawn to this one simple LBD. Tried it on. Sold!! 

Sorry for not sticking to the dress code this time, #Pink, but desperate time called for desperate measures (yes, that included borrowing a dress) hahahaha...

#Pink's here! And yeah, i never counted on you to stick with the original plan anyway BB LOLOLOL! I mean... I know you well enough to know you'd change outfit plans like, probably every five minutes anyway hahahaha. As for myself, of course i've planned my outfit (just the dress though) long ago! I actually wrote an OOTD and FOTD post about my whole look in (painfully long) detail, will post it soon so i'm not gonna talk much about my look for now!

I honestly didn't even know that W's coming until i literally outside the wedding reception's place and G told me she's already inside with W (and their spouses) so it was a very very nice surprise for me, we all missed her so much!
That's the invitation! It clearly stated 6 PM but as Indonesian (probably not Jakarta's though, i think they stick to the time they put in the invitation-mostly because wedding reception halls in Jakarta charges by the hour?) we already knew it wouldn't start at 7 at the latest. So we promised each other to leave our houses by 6. I dunno why i listened to her, but #Undecided confidently said that her place's closer to the wedding hall than my place, when in fact my place is A LOT closer to it!!! Seriously, this is the 3rd time she did that to me so i really dunno why i trusted her, she has no sense of distant measurement whatsoever really! ZZZZ.

Anyway, G actually told me a few days ago that she copy-pasted my lines whenever #Undecided's late *i know, like... always, right???* and Skype it to her, this is your opportunity to do that again G! Because #Undecided said she'll leave her apartment (which is already further than my house to the hall, i repeat!!!) 5 minutes after i left. I lied to her and told her i was on my way like, 10 minutes before i even leave my house. But guess what? I had to wait for almost 15 minutes inside my car on the parking lot (because preggo A keeps on forgetting things-like giving me my invitation, so i never even touched the invite before the wedding reception itself! #Undecided had my invite that's why i was waiting for her to get in because in most weddings now you can't really enter without the small card provided in the invite, to prevent wedding crashers!) for her and her hubby to arrive #$$%%#@#$$!!!

Hahahahaahaha I'm so sorry bb (or am I?!?!), but I'm a Gemini and my blood type is O. I remember tweeting something about they always conspire against me whenever I try to be punctual (can't remember the reason though). So there you go :D

Anyway, aside from this small, pretty standard, and to be expected "incident", we had a blast that night. And actually, WE WEREN'T LATE!! *smug* (and the actual invitation wasn't really needed, so #Pink waited for me for nothing hahahaha...) 

When we got to the venue there were still a lot of people lining up to enter the hall, even the photo corner section was jam-packed! Saw Preggo and her hubby, chatted up a bit and A asked me to save em two seats on our table - which I did - but they never showed!! Sorry yah people trying to sit with us but we kept rejecting, I was being instructed by my very preggo BFF, wouldn't want to risk her wrath hahahaha...

Finally decided to just take our pic on the photo corner later. And there we were, lining up to go in and there was Preggo's Mom. Long time no see, Ai... I was quite excited and started waving away at her and when I was finally in front of her she pulled me and kissed me on both cheeks!! Hahahaha... 

Yeah, i saw that and i already braced myself, so there was no need to pull so hard Ai!!! You scared me!!
The entrance - those chairs were for the parents of the bride and groom (or whomever responsible to greet the guests). This photo was taken DURING the party, so it was deserted.
The isle. That white "carpet" was actually a faux flower carpet. Yes, they sewn in some flower shaped fabric onto the carpet and voila. Beats using real flowers, bet it would be SUPER EXPENSIVE, right...  
The painted glass window. #Pink must have found this pretty so she snapped this pic hehehe.
And finally, you'll get to see how W looks!! Wait, we must have posted her photos before, but for dramatic effect, behold!! 
That's W - the one on far left. We somehow all wore black that night! What a nice coincidence!
As always, G complained about the first pic, saying her arm looked massive (haih!) so we snapped the 2nd photo. (where were you looking at though, W?)

And here's how the wedding hall looked like. I dunno about #Undecided but this is the first time hunny and 1 attended a wedding reception in this particular place and i found it to be quite nice. Also quite like the decor, very classy and pretty-unlike weddings with totally crazy and downright tacky decor...
Yeah, we don't have a picture of the bride and groom *LOL*, so here's a blurry, faraway shoot for the toasts with the bride and groom and their families
Pretty floral gazebo for their first kiss probably, we kinda missed it because we were busy taking pictures at the photo booth hahahaha, knowing the bride-the wedding kiss was probably on the cheek or forehead hahahahaha
I found the decor around the wedding cake to be exceptionally pretty!
More pictures of us around the table.. Btw i kept on losing my napkin that night dunno why LOLOLOL..
Super cute cupcakes to welcome us to the table
For some reason we felt the need to snap pictures individually with our cupcakes hahaha.
It was okay, but the cute color and decor made it sweeter than it really was hahaha
Oh, when hunny first snapped my picture with my cupcake, #Undecided photo bombed me!
And in this picture you can clearly see we wore exactly the same headbands!!! We definitely didn't plan on it! (sorry about the lighting, it kept on changing during the reception for effects so it also affected how our pictures turned out)
Har and W prayed while #Undecided told G to pose near them, and here she is pretending to pray!
The food was good that night, very very good for a wedding banquet! Usually we'd stop eating a few dishes before the dessert, but not tonight! We pretty much finished everything down to the last crumbs *LOL*. The fact that everybody in that table was BFFs and their spouses made us even more comfortable and felt at home, so we didn't hold back!
The appetizer
Closer look to my plate
The soup - super savory and yummy!
The delicious fried prawn (or shrimp?!)
Beef and veggie
Fried chicken with crackers (or kerupuk in Indonesian)
Fried fish with lemon sauce
Fried noodle for good luck!
The dessert - custard pudding - yum!
OMG the food! Now I'm hungry hahaha... My personal fave was the appetizer, the soup (which I'm pretty sure I had never had before in the previous weddings I've been to), and the fried fish with lemon dressing. Hubby even went cray cray and finished (along with G's hubby, not by himself, okay) the other 2 servings plated originally for Preggo and her hubby hahahaha... Yes, it was that good because if it wasn't, he wouldn't even think of finishing them!

And finally, it wouldn't be #Pink and #Undecided's night if we didn't make someone do a crazy pose. It was W's time that night. Saw #Pink's hunny and W's hubs chatted animatedly and decided to make W pose jealously, giving him the stink eye hahaha :D
She looks pretty mean, doesn't she! Good job, W! LOL.
And of course we wanted to show you our identical headbands... (excuse my creepy eyes...)
Oh wow, I didn't notice #Pink took this pic - as prop: my red clutch tee hee!
Finally, these are the photos taken around the photo booth area. The ones with the blue frame are courtesy of Exodus Photography.  
Our personal fave! Love how I look super skinny here LOL.
Argh my bang!!
And one mo with #Pink's camera - LOVE the blue nuance to it
This is the wedding souvenir. I love how they gave away mugs. They're cute and useful.
Up close to the prints.
And finally we cam-whored take pics around the venue to show you how pretty it is.

Us on one of the corners - the decoration is so pretty!
Us in the bathroom - selca - showing you (once again) our identical headbands
Told ya #Pink had a thing for the painted glass window! 
One more before G's hubby started fussing about going home *pfttt!!*
And of course, hubby would NOT miss the opportunity to embarrass #Pink's hunny. LOL.
Waiting for the valet to fetch our car.
There you go, kids! Leave it to us to blog about an entire wedding without the photo of the bride and groom! Hahahaha... The bride even asked A why we didn't attend her party. We did!!! 

Dear Ririn and Richard, we wish you a lifelong happy marriage full with love, and blessings, and kid (or kids, your pick!), and laughters. More importantly we wish you the will to stay in love and the strength to endure during the sad days (let's be realistic, marriage is not all rainbows and cotton candy and everything pink). Thanks for having us, we had a blast. 

With that beautiful wishes #Undecided had written (i couldn't write it any better myself since i kinda sucked at saying/writing wishes so i'm not gonna ruin it by trying to add anything more haha), we're signing off for now!
#Pink and #Undecided - boy we look matchy-matchy (look at our shoes!!) even without planning it, well done, bb! :D

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  1. wow iya kalian berdua bener2 matching from head to toe... kalo emang udah soulmate bisa gitu ya padahal gak janjian. hahaha

    1. Iya, pdhal sm sekali ngga janjian loh *aslinya janjian mau pake floral tp malah bukan floral nya yg jd samaan*, and sering banget kejadian kayak gini hihihii

  2. Hi sis.. Thanks for coming to the party.. =)
    Actually I didn't eat anything at all at that time. At the end of the reception, all my foods on the table were gone (screw you, waiter). So, looking at your photos makes me want to lick my laptop. hahaha

    1. How come i didn't see this comment before???
      You're most welcome Rin *hugs*
      Hahahahaha poor Ririn, the food were really yummy!