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I'm such a proud mama (wonder if this is how it feels when your baby/toddler/kid wins some awards... hey, it feels pretty darn good!!) and today my big boy turns 1!!! Join me to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Okay, will post birthday photos later as I have not seen him yet today, but I have a story about how he did on his first dog show ever.
(To those of you who have never read my previous entries: yes, Jerome is a dog).
This is him - yes, his nose is big

So as I told you last time, the Perkin Jatim's Dog Show was held at 7 - 8 Sep 2013. Okay it actually started on the 6th, but that day was specified for the Obedience Test and since Kalista was not 12 months old by then, we (well hubby, yours truly was working her boring 8-5 office job as per the usual) spent that Friday grooming and playing with Jerome (to keep him in good spirit).

Hubby - however - was terribly ill (fever + diarrhea), I was quite worried that he wouldn't be able to wake up the next day... But hubby being hubby, just ignored his *ahem* loving and worried wife and got healthy the next day. So as annoyed as I was by his ignorance, I can't complain.

But I digress.

So Saturday morning we picked Jerome up around 7.30am. He looked pretty darn handsome with his coat all brushed and shiny. And I thought to myself, "gee, I can't believe my baby Jerome is all big and we're about to go win his first medal..." (yes, my glass is always half full). My excitement however was tainted because I felt so bad for leaving Kalista and Ellis behind (they were pleading with their eyes when they saw us leaving without them - we NEVER went out without them before) *sigh*. But hubby meant business when he said no they couldn't tag along. Huh!!

Anyway, we arrived at Supermall's loading dock around 8.30am, exactly when Om Buntong and his Trawas Kennel's team just finished loading their 3 other dogs (Tango, Emil, and Messi), so around 8.45 we were all set. The show started at 10am, and long story short, Jerome won his first 8 titles on day 1!! 

Okay, I'll have to bore you with the details of the show because #Pink just BBMed me and said "I don't really understand what goes down in a dog show". Well fret not, #Pink. Here's how (please address your annoyance to her for it's her fault I'm writing this hahahaha):
1/ According to Perkin, there are 10 Groups of dogs (maybe more - but I only know 10). Like for instance, Group 1 is for German Shepherds, Collie, and Welsh Corgie (don't ask me why this small breed is categorized along with the two big ones, I didn't make the rule!).
2/ Each breed has several age groups: baby, puppy A, puppy B, etc etc. 
3/ Say there are 6 dogs competing in baby group, so all 6 dogs will take the ring at once. And here's what happens:
      a. All 6 dogs line up according to their numbers.
      b. The judge scrutinizes each dog: to check their anatomy (you know, the teeth, bone                          structure etc. etc.) and will ask each handler to run with the dog to check their                                    movements.
      c. All 6 dogs run together so the judge can get a final look at them.
      d. The judge announces which is #1, #2, and #3 amongst 6 dogs.
A view from outside of the ring. That's Om Buntong's and Emil's backsides hahahaha... She was checking out her competition!

There are still more rules, but I don't want to risk you snoozing off, so let me get back to Jerome winning his 8 titles!!!

We were so happy and decided to celebrate. Beer coffee on the house for everybody!!! Being the one with BCA Credit Card, I went ahead to Starbucks and dragged a friend with me. Hey, no, I'm not the type of girl that cannot go run errands alone, I just needed the help because I had to carry back 10 glasses. How can my frail arms withstand such weight and responsibility hahahaha... 

Hubby didn't go with me because he was being lazy. Kidding. He had to help out with the show because it wasn't over yet hehehe...

So I came back with 10 drinks + 12 packs of Roti Boy (our handler's fave snack) to a not so pleasant news: a boxer handled by a moronic man (why moronic? Because he didn't hold his boxer on a short leash and he was distractedly chatting with someone!! Idiotic beyond believe!!!) nipped my Jerome. 
For those of you who don't know, this is a boxer dog - photo courtesy of Google.
Need to state that I have nothing against this breed, I said: moronic man (the handler - not the dog).
All Jerome did was standing there minding his own business!! Now can you understand my wrath? I was about to smack the stupid man in the face but hubby said that Koh Adi (our friend whom came all the way from Solo to see the show) pulled Jerome by the nick of time so the boxer only nipped his coat. Our vet also gave him a thorough check up and gave me a thumb up. Whew! So glad no harm was done... In all seriousness, I would so murder the handler if his boxer had so much of scratched Jerome's skin. Ugh!! I hate ignorant people. But the handler didn't go unpunished. Just read on, okay...

Now if you almost think that "wow #Undecided wrote 2 short entries in a row", you know by now that you cannot be more WRONG! Muahahahaha *evil laugh* because I have LOADS to complain tell you about what went down on day 2.

I - however - have to state that whatever I'm writing here after is based on the stories I got from hubby and our friends that were present during Jerome's show. Why? Well because I was being a good sister and attended my lil bro's engagement party. I arrived at the show hall just minutes after Jerome did his run!! Huhuhuhuhuhu *sobbing hysterically* I cannot believe I missed it. After all the speeding and running (in my dress and heels!!!) I did, I still missed his show huhuhuhuhu *sobbing some more - still as hysterical*

I asked hubby (after he's done being interviewed by Dog Fan Magazine; and after I was being "assaulted" by Jerome jumping at me and licking my face) if he won and he said, "yes, but only best puppy". My heart sunk (I know I'm being ungrateful, don't rub it in!). And in my head I was busy blaming my brother for getting engaged at the same day.


I asked him which dog beat Jerome at the Best of Breed title and he said, "Agnew's dog - the female one from yesterday".

I was enraged because I saw Agnew standing INSIDE the Ring A while other German Shepherds were still running and speaking to the judge. I mean what the fuck, right?! Sure he happens to be The Head of Jatim's IGSC (Indonesian German Shepherds Club) but who cares?! How is that okay for someone whose dog is competing to be standing next to the judge, talking to him DURING THE SHOW!? What if I stand next to him as well, do you think I'm going to be allowed?! Shitty shitty rule!!! (Yes, I don't care if he reads this - I hope he does!!)
Proof: follow the yellow circles:
Circle 1: a dog and its handler - doing their run
Circle 2: yes, the one in white is the judge, the one in black is Agnew!!!

Later I even heard from hubby that Agnew spoke to the judge while Jerome did his run so he wasn't even paying attention to my dog. While judging!!! Good God!!! I was enraged MOSTLY BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE. If I was I would have called that judge out and demanded that he pays attention (people who know me IRL know that I would so do this) so even though Jerome didn't win, I'd know that it was something fair!!!

So I'm back to blaming my lil bro for getting engaged at the same day...

Still KIDDING!!!

So okay, Jerome didn't win the Best of Breed title on the 2nd day, and you all might think that I'm a sore loser (which I don't care if you do - must state this), but the best payback happened when Emil Von Haus Herman won Best In Show title!!!
Miss Emil with her Best in Show trophy.

Ha Ha Ha!!! Where's your winning dog now, Agnew?! Ha!! 

No, Emil is not my dog. But she is one of the dogs from Trawas Kennel (all hail Om Buntong!!) so she's part of the team!! And I literally jumped up and down when the judge barked roared "GERMAN SHEPHERD" when he announced the winner. (Note: Best In Show title is given to the best dog of all dogs (yes, regardless the breed) competing on each day). 

And the cherry on top of the cake that is my happiness: 
the boxer and the moronic handle was dismissed from the Best In Show parade because... wait for it... THE DOG TRIED TO NIP AT THE JUDGE! Hahahahahaha... 

So all was well by the end of day 2 because all evil was punished... *content*

Snapped a photo with the judge and the winning dog
then had a mini celebratory dinner with Kevin (the one on far left), Om Buntong (the one holding Emil's leash), and Koh Adi (the one on the far right).

2 days well spent if I should say myself.

What do you think?

Oh I almost forgot.

A birthday picture courtesy of Avelea
Hahahahahahah :D
Happy Birthday Jerome!!!!! We're so proud of you :D


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  1. Congrats Jerome!!! Yaiiyyy!!!

  2. Hey, I couldn’t find an email on your page, but really want to ask you a question about your dog. Can you email me?

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