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Heyylooow everybody :)..

This entry was written sometime ago obviously haha. Before we begin, how's your weekend so far? We've been having quite a great one! Been out the whole day with #Undecided (and eventually, G and A too), it's been forever since the last time we're out for a WHOLE day (not counting Taiwan of course), i forgot how much fun those kind of days were! We always, always laugh so much whenever we're together :), i guess that's what having a true best friend like! Anyway, i will eventually blog about today, but i am super tired now, i just wanna shower and crash but before i do that-my day wouldn't be complete without a post (despite it being a drafted one!)! And what's the perfect read for a Saturday night (or maybe lazy Sunday if you read this tomorrow) but somebody's crazy haul yes? Enjoy!

Lately my entries seems to evolve around travel posts, haul and reviews *LOL*. That's because September's been kinda slow (in the social circle) for me, nothing much happened. I mostly been on total mummy mode, scolding, teaching, screaming, hugging and kissing Baby Boy. It's tougher for the mums now when your kids starts schooling (i mean the real school, start from Elementary. Kindergarten and play groups doesn't count haha), their schedule and tests are no joke! 

Sometimes i really do feel really bad for kids these days. My life evolves around playing with my hundreds of Barbie Dolls when i was Baby Boy's age while his is cut out a lot with longer school hours, extra lessons and even extra curricular classes. But we have to keep up with the world, yes?

Anyway, it's time for my weekly haul post, yes... It's from May haha, slowly getting closer to the current time frame (well, not really, but at least i am not still writing about March's hauls!). I do not have a collective picture of the haul in May because i bought them all separately (mostly were online buys and they came trickling in haha) so i'm just gonna tease you with one pic that contains the most item :

Cutest nail polish bottles i own yet :D
Now, let's start with the dissection hahaha... (i like the word, but won't apply it in Biology classes okay, yuckk. That's why-my first dream job when i was really little, to be a dentist-was destined for doom right from the start) :
Online haul no 1
What's that inside?
Etude House stuffs!

I feel happy just looking at them hahaha
I was getting desperate after joining more than 5x PO for these Secret Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polishes (the glitter ones) and never even got one, so when i saw this ready stock in Miglioree even though it's more expensive than those PO ones (what's the point having a low price if the stuffs are always out of stocks anyway???) IDR 45.000, i couldn't resist it anymore and click buy ASAP!
Wasn't interested in the lippies at first but then i saw the reviews and realized that the texture's jelly like so, GOTTA HAVE IT!
Yes, clearly IT turned into THEM
Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK001
Yes, the cute tiny "jelly beans" circling the lippie was another push in the right direction
Look how cute the jelly like bullet looks!!!
Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK004
Got this shade because i just realize i don't really own an orange-y lippie
Next online haul :
I guess this is an anime card box? Hehe, no i didn't buy any cards/figurines! The seller seems to like those stuffs (or maybe her bf) coz she uses this kind of boxes a lot to place my orders haha
She wrapped everything individually to protect them from any accident. The reason why the box was not sealed because she sent my order personally (actually passed them to G because the seller is G's cousin!)
Yes, the complete collection of the new colors from Secret Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish, this non-glitter shades were cheaper than the glitter ones. I think i got them for IDR 38.000/each (or 28.000 LOL i forgot la)
The box' not even full yet, a sign for me to keep on buying? LOL. I do have all of the glitter ones by now, but it'll make an appearance in next haul post because i got them latter
Next items are SilkyGirl stuffs. I think i went to Plaza Surabaya with hunny to check out SilkyGirl's counter because they were having this annual "flat price (IDR 25.000) for everything" (well, selected items, but the choices were pretty vast). Unfortunately, everything that attracted me were "out of stock" (i suspect they only provided very selected numbers of each items, or even worse... hide them? That happens a lot in Indonesia's "sale" sadly :(...) and the only stuffs available were no interest of mine (like, lipsticks and eyeliners. Snoozeville). Then i got attracted to their fragrances since i do own a few from SilkyGirl already (they smell nice even though the staying power's not that great, what do you expect from such a low price anyway?) and i kinda liked them.
Yes, i was also quite attracted to the Dolly (Harajuku Girls perfumes seems to inspire a lot of brands to come up with their own versions of Dolly bottled perfumes) bottles as well. Even though it was nowhere near Harajuku Girls' bottles' calibre of course (you can get more than 10 of these little dolls for one of Harajuku Girls'). Btw, speaking of fragrances-is it just me or Agnes Monica's perfume smells like toilet refresher? LOL... Don't attack me please, Agnes fans!

SilkyGirl Sweet Temptation Eau de Toilette in Charming

They claim to lasts for 6 hours, that's ambitious! I spritzes a LOT of them on myself and it lasts for 3 hours max haha, but they are only IDR 50.000 each
SilkyGirl Sweet Temptation Eau de Toilette in Innocent, i used this a lot during the Collection event days and took it to Jakarta as well. Donna complimented on the smell as well, i do like it a lot.

They are very petite, if i wear it everyday (and use it as much as i always do) it's probably gonna be empty in one or two months max :p
Then after i paid for my purchases and went back to the SPG to get my stuffs (it was not at their Matahari counter though, they were having an exhibition in the hall downstairs) she handed me this lippie :
She said i can have it for free if i just give her my contact number hehe so i did! Other brands should follow suit, i'll give them all my phone numbers 10x or more hahahaha

SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstik in 01 Naked. She was like "don't worry, it's a neutral shade, you'll like it", SHE shouldn't worry because i am always happy to get any freebie i wouldn't care about the shade! I do find the use of any shade anyway hahaha
Last item for this entry is finally, something non-beauty related hahaha :

What's that?

It's a pair of flat booties. LOL. To be honest with y'all, i PO-ed these boots more than a month before my European trip (got it from A's little sister's OS) but... they arrived AFTER i got back from Europe. So.. it's been lying around in its box. Probably gonna be used only next year, i hope they won't fall apart when i finally do!!!

Errr... Actually i still got plenty of accessories haul on May (but that's it!) but i'm afraid that someone (#Undecided) would really start tying me up and hypnotize me to never to shop again, so... I'll show you on the next haul post, okay?

Those crazy bangs are no more, got them trimmed today yay!

PS : 5 more days before my birthday-therefore 5 more days for you to join my giveaway! Don't miss it!

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  1. omg cuteee <3 itu lipstick jellynya racunn cee..aku udah lama pingin beli tapi menahan diri *ingat dompet* hahaha.. and the ice cream nail polish is uberrr cutee ^^

    1. Huahahaha i know how you feel Sha... duh repot dehhh semua pgn d beliii wakakakakak, aq kalo liat yg lucu2 gitu.... Untung yg plg baru dr Etude lbh keliatan otona jd aq ga sbrp naksir hahaha