Perkin Jatim's Dog Show

1:44:00 PM


Remember last time I told you that Jerome will compete in his first ever dog show?! Well tomorrow is the day!!! And I'm so excited you have no idea!!

Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am!!! I cannot wait until today is over with so we can get on with tomorrow! *jumping up and down on the inside*

Now I'm mumbling nonsense. Let me carry on.

So tomorrow morning at 7am (IKR, so early!! I - however - am too excited to complain about it), we will go to Supermall Pakuwon Indah with Jerome. Our plan is to test the carpeted show area (to make sure Jerome is familiar with it because it can be quite slippery) first and then wait for show time and in the meantime checking out the competition hahaha... 

German Shepherd is in Group 1, so the show shall start around 10-11am, however I'm not so sure (because I haven't seen the schedule yet - and hubby is pretty unreliable himself, kept saying "we have to be there at 8am". Okay hubby, but when is the SHOW TIME, really!??!), so if you're interested to go see him (Jerome, not hubby), better follow me on Twitter (it's @paulinenugraha) because I will tweet all about the deets once I know more, okay!

What I know now for sure is this: 
1/ The event will be held at Supermall's Ballroom (yes the one at the far end of Supermall)
2/ It's FREE!! No admission fee.

Alrighty... how is this for a short entry? Hahahaha... 

As a reminder of what you'll miss if you don't show up tomorrow,
Jerome giving you a dirty look HAHAHAHAHA

Isn't he adorable!!!



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