Unboxing of Althea Pink Parcel

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Hey guysss...

How's everybody doin'? Better than me, i hope. I'm having a MAJOR case of flu as i type this, last night was hell, i had a high fever and my whole body hurts, my nose blocked and my throat was super sore T.T #sosad . I'm feeling a tad better now, hence the blog post hehe.

Now, have you heard of Althea Korea? It's a Korean e-commerce that sells various Korean brands cosmetics-directly from Korea! If you're always on Instagram, you might already heard about all of the fuss from their influencers regarding their arrival to Indonesia? Yessss, let's give a big, warm welcome to Althea Indonesia!

I was one of the uber lucky b****es who got picked as their Indonesian website's beta testers (the site is currently still closed for public, but if you sign up now you can get IDR 100.000 credit without minimum purchase! Sign up NAOOOO!!!), Althea Korea's team very generously topped our credit up so we can experience shopping at their site before anyone else, woohooo!!!

This is my very first time being a beta tester for an e-commerce so i was super excited, however i am aware of how most e-commerce jacked up their prices when they arrive in Indonesia-therefore even though the credit they have given us were very generous, i really thought i could only get two to three items (have you seen the prices on Korean cosmetics at local mall? Etude House's BB Cream's 3x as expensive as it is in Korea, that's insane!), but boy was i wrong. Look at how many items i got instead!!!
Tadahhhhh. Yep, mostly makeups. Coz when you tell me i can get whatever i want in a cosmetic store, i would grab makeups ASAP
Btw sorry if the images in this post is not as sharp as usual, all of the pictures were taken with my Iphone :D, it's just so convenient to do it i can't stop >.<.

Now, let's talk a bit about the prices. They really keep their prices super affordable (and reflective to the actual Korean price!) for us, i saw lip tints for as low as IDR 35.000 #faints that's even lower than local online shops, no??? Then another plus thing is, they stock up on a lot of different brands that i have never heard of before! You know how excited i am for new (for me) brands!!! Oh oh oh, and did i tell you the parcel arrives SIX days after i placed the order? Directly from Korea, my friend! And so far, i was not bugged by the custom whatsoever (they are using a courrier called Ecargo instead of the regular post).

FYI, they didn't ask me to write this post (i was just asked to share via Instagram), but when a brand treats me right, i would gladly spread the love without being asked. I do heart youuu Altheaaa (although being an excited beta tester means i had to face a lot of bugs and errors and website crashing *LOL*, took me two days for me to complete the order but no matter, that's what beta testers are for! To make sure all the bugs can be detected and fight off before it's open for y'all!) <<333 !!!

First of all let me show you the pretty pink box the parcel comes with :
Even the plastic bag covering the parcel was pink ^^ sooo my kind of store! Let me attach my unboxing video below, i did not remember to take pictures of the parcel before i tore it open because... Errr. Too excited
Now let's talk about the products that i chose one by one :D!
CP-1 Volumexpress
So this is a brand that i've never heard of before, and it's actually the first item that i picked into my cart! It's for your hair btw, to give it more volume. I definitely need this!
CP-1 Volumexpress is IDR 140.000
3 out of 5 products i chose are from Witch's Pouch!
Witch's Pouch is yet another Korean brand that i've never heard of before (i also didn't see them when i went to Korea on December 2014 for holiday!), but even the name already calling to me! How cute does Witch's Pouch sounds??? I find the black and white design to be very interesting too, despite being totally different than the type of design i'm usually drawn to (you know, the cutesy, frilly style like Etude House's). I'm so OCD i decided to get products for my whole face *LOL*.
Witch's Pouch Shadow for Eyes (IDR 140.000)
I picked the shade SD-2 because it looks like the kind of color that i wear a lot haha
Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher (IDR 140.000)
In shade Berry Pink. The blush is quite big!
I also got Witch's Pouch POPO Lipstick (IDR 100.000)
In shade S10 Punky Purple. They also have the color-changing lip tint which i also am dying to tryyyy >.<
The last but not least :
Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick (IDR 80.000)
In shade BG401 Baby Beige. Not the kind of color i usually pick, but i'm a bit obsessed with nude lips nowadays (yes, i'm all about the whole Kylie Jenner hype. I've always liked her since she's a scrawny little girl!)
I've been wanting Heartful Moisture Lipstick forever because of the shape (of course), but i figured i really didn't need any more lipstick... But when i can get it for free... I grabbed it FTL hahahaha.

Honestly i almost filled my cart with lippies only -___-, you know the depth of my obession with lippies, but i stopped myself *with an iron will* grrrrr.

Oh, and even though we're just beta testers and not actual customers, Althea kindly gave us a bonus too!
Etude House's Tea Tree mask
I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience shopping at Althea Korea! I am still amazed at their prices and speedy shipping... I am not only saying this because i got to shop for free okay, i would never do that, it's genuinely how i feel! And yes yes yes, i would definitely shop at Althea again with my own money, in a heartbeat!

Btw, you don't even have to worry about high cost of shipping (main concern for us Indonesian when it comes to shopping overseas), for the opening they will give free shipping with minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 only, woohoo!

I am totally planning to review all the products i got, any request on which one i should review first?

Welcome to Indonesia, Althea! And thank you for this amazing opportunity!
Feeling cool as ice

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  1. wah borong brand Witch yaa. Aku kebanyakan pilih skincare haha.

  2. Witch Pouch pekejing lucu banget dahh x)