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Hi my lovelies!

So i delusionally was convinced that i do not have too many hauls after April, until i went through the photo folders -___-. Damn wrong. Still many to cover *sigh*. So i won't be retiring my Weekly Haul Posts in the near future *double sigh*. You guys seems to really enjoy seeing me lost control though judging by the number of hits my haul posts got *dirty stares*. Hmph! Anyway! Retail therapy really makes me feel great anyway *LOL*.

This week's haul post is still covering my shopping in April >.<...

First package was an online buy :
Black Velvet and faux leather strips with metal squares from Rosemary Online
Maybe some of you remember that i ordered it when i got my first paycheck? I don't remember how much this was, it wasn't expensive though, IDR 200.000? Around that lah (oh, i was right! I just checked at their FB hahaha)
Next stuffs are some Garnier products i asked my mum to buy for me when she went to Singapore (well, it was like a month and a half before we went to Singapore but, i just couldn't wait). Please note that in April Garnier BB cream hadn't arrive in Indonesia yet! I've been wanting Garnier's BB cream since it first came out (probably like a year ago or so) but never gotten around to get it, but my craving worsened because around that time period, lots of Singaporean bloggers raved (well, it was probably an advert, but whenever Xia Xue post beauty stuffs, i would instantly want it desperately, yes in case you dunno yet, i ADORE Xia Xue)  about this BB cream so i just had to had it!

But of course, like always. Whenever i want something so badly until i asked people to help me buy them overseas, they became readily available in Indonesia like, within a month or so *glum*. So MADDENING! Andd what's worse is Garnier BB cream's like, dirt cheap here GRRRRRR. Weirdly enough, lots of Indonesian bloggers' reviews rates this BB cream badly, while Singaporean and Malaysian bloggers seems to have nothing but praises for this BB cream. Seriously weird. It's not unheard of that the same products that's manufactured in different countries could differ in performance though, so i probably gonna get myself one locally and compare their performances.

I also asked my mum to buy a few more Garnier products that i don't think is available yet (so far) in Indonesia.
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (i just googled the Indonesian version, and it seems to be slightly different than this one that i got. I wonder (and hope) if they really are different? Sometimes  brands release different variants of the same thing in other countries afterall)
Garnier PureActive 2in1 Tinted Spot Roll-On, my DHC treatment concealer's almost run out so i was frantically searching for a replacement. I do not want a regular concealer that won't help cure the spot (they'd worsened the spot because they'd clog the pore even more, that's what i believe anyway), it must be one that specifically help to treat the spot. I think QiuQiu introduced this product in her blog (if i remember correctly). While i can always repurchase the (hideously expensive) DHC concealer, i always want to try new products now and this one's a lot lighter on the price department so i thought i'd give it a try
Garnier BB Eye Roll-on (a back up for my under eye concealer hehe)
I was also still gathering stuffs for my Europe trip back then and i was scrambling to find a solid perfume that i can bring into the airplane's cabin (because we're going on a four days worth of journey, back and forth! I cannot survive without any sort of fragrance please!). I then remembered seeing Tony Moly's super cute solid perfume so i visited their booth in Matahari (no time to join PO and i don't think perfumes and bath and body products are necessarily cheaper online than at the counter, different than the make up) and got this :
Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in #3 Dodo Rose
It was a toss between this one or the Green Tea one (surprising because i hate green teas) but L said the green on smelt of wet wipes -_____- (but then again she hated all of the smells, she just hate perfumes in general lah, she prefers sour armpit smells i guess LOLOLOL FHL) and i forever love rose scents so i got this one lah. I am not a fan of solid perfumes though, but i won't talk too much about it now because i am going to make a review of it seperately
I also needed feminine wipes for the plane rides, and we went to one of the supermarkets we frequent (either Carrefour or Hypermart), then i saw some new variants of Citra Body Lotion, i love Citra (even though my mum would get a heart attack if she knows i'm using them because according to her, only mbak2 would use them, or we can use them but for massages only) and i cannot resist any new variants!
I also bought some travel sized skin cares, BB cream and facial wash so i won't have to tote full sized items :
Got them all from Chic-Princessa, my go-to online shop for cheap and complete ready stock items
Skin79 BB Miniature Set. I only brought two of them to Europe, the hot pink and golden one but ended up only finishing the hot pink one! One travel sized BB cream is enough for two weeks of everyday usage! So far i've finished the hot pink, golden (on the SG/JB/Jakarta/Bandung trip) and halfway through the peach colored one (used them on our Taiwan trip). Will be doing a review on them too, but i can tell you one thing : they are pretty awesome!
Etude House Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit that i didn't even made a dent on most of them even though i've used it on every trip i went on except the (AWESOME) eye cream that's long finished. I intended to use them on hunny as well, but you know, trips are always so tiring and i ended up forgetting to 90% of the time *LOL*
I would probably write a review on them as well
Samples and It's Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Wash in Banana
Yes, i was madly attracted to its super duper cute packaging!
It's GREAT! And it smelled so yummyyyyy *bananaholic*, will also review this lah hehe
If i remember correctly, i was in Hypermart (or was it Carrefour..) and saw SariAyu on sale, and since i've been loving SariAyu a lot lately but haven't had my hands on any of their lip products (because i definitely don't need them, of course that doesn't mean i don't want them! Beauty junkies must be able to relate to this misery!) so i caved...
SAriAyu Liquid Lip Color Double Action in Merak Kasmaran 02
There's nothing new here, i don't remember the price *LOL*. But i think it was originally around IDR 35.000 and i paid less than IDR 30.000 because it was on a 20% off
I'm done with beauty stuffs! Moving on to fashion items :

Black Scarf from Payless
If you've read my Europe trip diary series you'd see me wearing this almost everyday. Dun remember the price either, it was less than IDR 139.000 (the numbers 89.000, 99.000, 119.000 popped into my head, you know i can go on saying random numbers whenever i am trying to remember the exact price of an item...)

I love Colorbox to death but i almost never buy anything from them on a normal price. This purple cropped glittery top was on a 50% off so it was buy-worthy :p, must be a lot less than IDR 100.000 for me to purchase any top from them, This one was IDR 85.000 after discount
The last but not least item :
Electric Blue Body Con Tube Dress with details on the hips
This was the original price
And it was reduced to this! The dress was pretty enough to wear to parties and it fits like a glove (okay i lied, it was really loose on the chest area like always pffffftttt, i can always wear a heavily padded bra though!) so i didn't think twice and snatched it! Super cheap for a Zara dress, yes?
L tried on the same dress, but since we have a polar opposite body shape and style (even though we're roughly the same size, we just gather fats on very different parts of our bodies ZZZ), anything that looks good on me, she can never pull off (we've tried on the same clothes countless of times and most of the time the fancier ones turns out this way. Not basic and simple ones that would look good on anybody, clearly) and vice versa (like she can wear any sleeveless top and not look scary because her arms are much smaller than mine, but she cannot wear tummy hugging stuffs because her tummy is less than flat, you know what i mean) so she didn't get the dress.

Annddddd, that's all for today, folk! Did i tempt you to shop some more? Please do, so i won't feel too guilty for continue on spending!

#Pink (who's in dire need of a fringe trim)

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  1. arrrghhh mauk garnierrrnyaaa ><

    1. Hihihihi *kibas2 depan Katherin biar makin ngiler :p*

  2. Garnier BB eye roll on-nya menggoda sekaliii >'<

    1. Wahh ada Arum hiihihiihi... Garnier nya byk yg naksir nih hahaha

  3. review yg garniernya dong ceee :D
    kalo ga salah yang eye roll on udah ada di sini sama pure active buat jerawat tapi bukan yang concealer gitu.

    1. sabar yah, byk sih yg mau d review, antriannya panjang hahahaha...
      oh iya kalo yg roll on sm pure active tau jg cuma yg concealer nya kayaknya belom ada dsini hehe maybe soon :)

  4. Hahahaha.....ngakak abis baca komenmu #only mbak2 yg pake citra# XD u've made my day, darlenggggg ♥♥

    1. LOL, that's what my mum says about local made brands :p