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What's that?

Yep, whenever you see weird titles on my posts, be alert that i am posting another narcissistic OOTD, FOTD type of posts. And i can feel a lot more of this kind of posts coming hahaha. Oh well, i don't think people blog if they are not narcissistic. I just hope my narcissism won't go to my head *LOL*. 

In case you are not detecting any hostility from my words, lemme inform you that i just had an unbelievable *not exactly direct though, you know, these days and age, via social medias lah what else* encounter with one particular b*****r that's known for her ability to make herself look like someone completely different with the magic of make up. I actually used to admire her, but now... Oh well, i don't think she deserves an ounce of any positivity from me. 

Yes, i am extremely opinionated, but when people twists and turn my words to make it sounds so bad *when i never even thought that way for a second*, that's when the claws comes out. I dunno, i just can never respect people like that. Period. Why am i saying this? I just think that she got so used to people's praises and adoration that whenever someone says something unflattering, that never even meant for her, she can see the insults and accusation that's not even there. Let me tell you something about me, dear girl. If i meant to accuse you of anything, i would never beat around the bush, i would give it straight to you. Mark my words.

Anyway, by the time i am posting this the whole issue would be a few days (or worse, weeks) old *LOL*. But you can't expect me to not yap about whatever's not bothering me at the moment i am writing any entry, yes? If you did, i suggest you to faster get on the train lah coz you're severely behind *as in knowing me* hahaha.

Okay okay! Getting to the point now! This is the whole ensemble that i wore when i attended NailBar2013's Special Blogger Event :
Hmmmm... You're seriously not expecting me to upload ONE narcissistic pic, do ya???
Pastel Lavender Chiffon Top : Online, Pale Baby Pink Pleated Skirt : It's super old i can never remember (i had it since my university days hahahahahaha, that's like... 10 years ago WTF), i think it's bought in some random boutique in ITC Mangga Dua
Seriously one of my oldest and badly overworked skirt, it's just so comfy and easy to match
I'd normally crop my feet but Me-Nail's pedicure looked pretty enough to show here hahaha
Baby Pink Bag :
Moving on to FOTD now! I didn't go crazy on my face because it was a week day and i didn't want the other bloggers to think i was a weirdo hahaha...
My lippies always long gone (or hadn't even be applied on the earlier pictures) when i take my FOTD photos FML, you can see from the event's report that i was wearing a pretty bright reddish pink lippie
Showing off my NOTD (well, they're still there while i'm typing this, 9 days after application. Only one finger's polish looks like it's gonna peel off any second already haha)

Well, that's all for the narcissistic selfie portion, but the entry doesn't end here, hohoho not a chance my friend! I wanna show you my haul that i purchased at the same day!
No, no beauty stuffs that day. I was happy i got the goodie bag from NailBar already that appeased me enough to not feel like i needed more hahaha
I don't think i posted my book hauls except once i always keep my new books in my special cupboard right away so i would forget to feature them in my haul posts

Yes, you can see i bought the first book of my current craze, The Mortal Instruments (my nieces just went to watch the movie today and as usual, BB's taste's same with mine, she thinks Jamie Campbell Bower's scorching H.O.T too). 

Also The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide because i am a geek like that hahaha, it looks silly enough for me to buy it even though it's quite effing expensive *IDR 159.000*, most of the novels i usually bought were IDR 105.000 and below, and yes i read English book like 95% of the time. Good thing is, i finally bought enough to qualify for the membership after countless times of trying, but only because they brought down the minimum spending as low as IDR 500.000 *LOL*, i guess not many people met their old quota (IDR 1.5mill?).

From Magnolia :
White painted floral skirt
Unique shaped off white sleeveless top (on a 50% off)
Bat wing chiffon triple colored throw (also 50 or 30% off)
Yes, you must notice by now that i am a huge fan or Magnolia, especially their sale section (only recently lah because their stuffs used to be super cheap anyway. Now, not so much. And they update their sale section so often to a point that i got afraid to purchase new arrivals with sky high prices because they might chuck it to the sale section in a few weeks/months. If the item's not a MUST MUST have usually i can wait haha). So much that i have two of their branch's BBM contacts hahahaha. That proved to be helpful when i realized i lost my Bling shopping (read the report entry to know the full story if you haven't) and BBM-ed them asking about it!

Oh yeah, i am a sucker for that kind of skirts (the only item that i bought full priced because i've been eyeing it forever, only in a different color) i just couldn't resist. I do realize i should stop buying clothes for another 10 years to make sure i will wear every single item in my bursting walk in closet, but i'm sure i didn't have the water color painting style floral skirt on my stash yet. Pretty sure. I paid IDR 288.000 for all three items.

From Cache Cache :
Greenish blue tierred skirt
Creme mini dress with crochet detailing
Another fave place for a bargain hunt whenever they're having a huge sale hehe. I got both items on a 70% off. Paid around IDR 82.500 for the skirt (that i've been eyein forever but would never purchase at almost IDR 300.000), i can never outgrown tierred skirts, i'm afraid. Maybe when i'm 40. Scratch that, probably when i'm 50.

The dress was IDR 105.000 after 70% off, with beautiful materials and interesting design, i couldn't resist it even though i am not a fan of creme colors (because i am pale enough already).

The last but not least, the Bling items i almost lost (but thankfully got back) :
Another promotional buy, IDR 59.000 for two. I was attracted to the black one (because i lost my big black ring's stone once-on #Undecided's wedding-and i am still overcompesating, yes 11 months and probably 5 black rings later), and just randomly selected whatever caught my fancy next, so the butterflies ring was not like a must have or anything...
And that's it! Not like, super a lot right... I once went to TP and bought like, 40 items at one go? LOL. I hope i'm over that kind of craziness for good. But i can never promise that...


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  1. Yurei Attack! I wanted to buy that book when I saw it, but forgot, lol.. Is it good?

    Btw, I have a gut feeling that I know who blogger is. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. You got me at the 'adoration and praises, 'it' used to get from other people'. LOL

  2. I haven't read it because i have too many new books on my stash >.<, will let u know once i have.

    Honestly there could two people that could belong to that category, but this particular one that crossed paths with me, she's kinda new. Are u thinking of who i am thinking? *trying hard to read your mind* hahahaha...

    Thank you for dropping by Phanie, i'm your loyal follower! XOXO

    1. Awh, I love yours and #undecided's writings~ I wish I could LINE you to gossip about it~ >.<

    2. Gossiping done! And, you love our writings? I think i can die happily now hahahaha

  3. I also think Jamie is a hot dude, hehehe...
    We have same taste then, hohoho