Wardah Pure Olive Oil: the review

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Helloooo everybody. #Undecided here.

#Pink reminded me that some times ago I made a promise to y'all that I would review Wardah Pure Olive Oil.
Prof pic of Wardah Pure Olive Oil courtesy or Mr Google
Now 2 bottles away (yes, it's THAT good - or else why repeat, right LOL), here I am writing the review. And yes, I actually waited until I almost finish my 2nd bottle to see whether or not this oil has an unexpected side effect(s) on my skin and if it did I would be able to share those with you as well... (what a perfect excuse for the lazy me. HA!)

Anyway, I first purchased it because according to #Pink, my cleansing regime was all wrong, and by regime I meant soap. LOL. Hey on my defense, I'm not a girly girl. I do not enjoy putting stuff on my face, (to me) it's time consuming and it's boring! And what's worse: every cleanser (other than my Bodyshop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash) seems to break my skin!! And taking care of breaking skin is... yes, time consuming, boring, and annoying! *sigh*

Obviously after I confessed this to #Pink, she scolded me (with some serious disappointed expression on her face LOL) but then she said: MAYBE YOUR SKIN CAN ONLY TOLERATE GEL STUFF. So then we began the search for GEL-based cleansing solution - to no avail *LOL* because whatever brand #Pink had in mind wasn't available in Surabaya yet. 

But then we stumbled onto Wardah section in Guardian and then she told me to just try the PURE OLIVE OIL because according to some beauty blogs she's been following, olive oil also works as cleanser. I originally was super attracted to the super cute green bottle. And when I checked out the price, I was like: SOLD!!! It was dirt cheap LOL LOL (Wardah people, if you're reading this, THIS IS NOT A CUE TO START INCREASING YOUR PRICE, OKAY!).
My real bottle of the oil
Anyway, this is how I use it:
1/ I use my headband because I don't want olive oil all over my fringe (well duh! LOL).
2/ I pour some oil on my palm - it is quite runny so make sure you cup your hand.
3/ Rub my face with it using my index, middle, and ring fingers (I honestly don't know why I'm telling you guys which fingers I use LOL).
4/ Leave it on for around 5 minutes or so.
5/ Wipe my face with (dry) facial tissue.
6/ Use my Bodyshop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash to clean the excess oil off my face.

The result: instead of the usual tight feeling I get if I just use facial wash, my face feels light and the skin - if I touch it (which I did a lot during the first few usages LOL) - feels so supple and light! I love it!! 

It's easy. It's not messy. And it's cheap. What more do we want from a cleansing solution, right?!

And what's more amazing about this product is that it works on hubby too! No, I do not make him clean his face with it of course. A little background story: what I first started seeing him, hubby was this typical man who used bath soap to wash his face. I was the one who introduced him to several facial cleansers, and he's now loyal to his Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser, but that was such an achievement, I'm not going to push my luck LOL.

I use it on hubby on...... his legs!! LOL. Hubby's legs are... well, for lack of a better word: parched. LOL. I forgot why I decided to put this oil on his legs (but I have been trying to familiarizing him to moisturizer/cream/lotion/etc. because let's face it, his skin is so dry, it does need some moisturizing!!), but I was blown away by how fast his skin absorbed the oil!! I remember #Pink telling me the same thing about how her hunny's skin reacted to beauty product and thought to myself "pfftt that can't be" BUT looking at how hubby's left leg was completely dried with no trace of grease right after I put some on (and started on the other leg) was mindblowing LOL. 
I applied this on #Pink's arm for photo taking purpose. It's pretty greasy, right. Well NOT on hubby's legs LOL.
The result after several application (almost 1 bottle away) is: hubby's legs are much better looking and they itch less. Before they were so dry and tight they itched and then hubby would scratch and scratch during his sleep and in the morning you'd see traces of blood from his legs on our bedsheets *FML*, but I'm pretty sure with constant application (IF the wifey was NOT as lazy as yours truly hahahaha) this Wardah Pure Olive Oil will do its magic on hubby's legs.

And oh another magic: it seemed to help cure (not so severe) cuts. So when hubby was sick, we didn't get to go see our dogs for 2 straight weeks. Apparently Kalista was missing us so badly she went nuts the moment she saw hubby and I, she jumped and jumped happily at both of us (and hey I missed her too so I didn't make her stop), and the result:
Do not. I repeat, DO NOT ditch your dogs for 2 weeks LOL.
Closer look at the cuts.
The scratches were quite bad and I don't know why I just reached to my Wardah Pure Olive Oil and started rubbing them with it. I could barely see them the next morning. Another magic. LOLS.

I will purchase my 3rd bottle soon for our Taiwan trip and I hope if you guys are intrigued by my rave review and decided to give this product a try, you'll find it as good as I did.

#Undecided and hubby

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