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Hi y'all!

Ready for another massive haul post? Hehehe... This time still from April OMG, but it's the last in April lah, don't worry :p. But this haul's more special because some of the stuffs featured in this entry were not paid for by me, they were gifts from my BFFs. I dunno if anyone still remember that they went to Singapore on a company outing last April. Yeah, won't blame you if you don't, it's been ages after all..

Some of the haul that i managed to snap together (coz as always, a few days later i'd shop again and they won't be in the collective pic i already snapped!) :
Oh yeah, lots of the stuffs in this haul you'd already seen me wear on older posts (because this is such an old haul zzz), this is during the time i was doing lots of last minute shopping for my Europe trip! This is one of them :
Sneakers Booties from Planet Surf that i wore everyday on my Europe trip
Hunny insisted for me to take pictures of his new boots too hahahaha
This picture serves to preserves the memory of how the boots once looked before it's been worn to death hahaha
Hunny's boots, bought at Bata. Affordable and nice looking, too bad can't say the same about the quality. I used to love buying shoes and sandals from Bata but lately their shoes seems to crack and fall apart very fast zzz. Maybe it's better to invest on other, more expensive brands if you want to have a good shoes life. However, Bata's still my go to brand for cheap, sturdy and comfy flats though
Shoes haul done, i did quite a few cosmetics/beauty related haul as well that month... Clearly it was before the beauty box madness started to hit me..
Haul from Oriflame. I do not have a "personal Oriflame lady" (hahaha inspired by the term Avon lady, of course) anymore and that's good because otherwise if they send me their catalog every month, i would definitely purchase some sale items without a fail zzzz. But i hate it when G BBM-ed me (because she HAS her personal Oriflame lady, her colleague hahaha) and telling me about the latest offers zzzzz i would definitely fall for that trap, damn you G, you know i can't ever resist a good offer!!
Orfilame Nature Secrets Shower Gel (Aloe Vera & Watermelon)
Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Cream (Jojoba & Mango). Don't remember the price but it was definitely on sale. Oriflame shower gels/creams were not the cheapest (not as cheap as those brands you can find in supermarket, at least) but they perform pretty good for me and they often came with super nice scents. I personally cannot resist yummy fruity scents, so...
The main reason i purchased anything at all from Oriflame, this errr... blush brush? Was at that stage of trying to improve my super sad brush collection (but i'm over it now, i accept my lack of interest in brushes hahaha) and it was also on sale...
Then i also joined my BFF A's PO for some Etude House's Sweet Recipe collections...
Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

I'm not a fan of brown eye shadows, but the packaging's so cute and the shape of the eyeshadow itself was enough to make me purchase this. Don't ask me when i would use this (if ever) or why did i buy this if i'm not even (too) interested to use it, you can't question someone's hobby you know, i just love to surround myself with super cute and lovely things, don't judge me!
Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact
Free samples
Also went to The Face Shop because i was looking for facial wipes to use on the plane. They had 30% off discount if you use Mandiri credit card. Wonder if the offer's still available? Coz hunny turned out to love the hair gel we picked up with the wipes and thinking of re-stocking...
This! TFS Stylist Hair Gel, a very good hair gel if anyone's thinking of finding one. I don't use them though, hunny did. This hair gel's holding power's superb!
TFS Herb Day Cleansing Wipes and Lip & Eye Make Up Remover. They were pretty good, i just am not a fan of wipes... But they are very handy for traveling
As usual, i also stalked supermarkets and drugstores for deals, these i got either because it was on a huge sale in supermarket or on a +1000 get 2 from Guardian :
I can never have enough oil control films, always running out of them (well, not really, but i get through them at the speed of lightning so i always feel the need to stock up)
Same case with eye make up remover (don't really care about lip remover, i sheldom use something so powerful it needs to be removed with a remover anyway), basic needs, whenever they're on sale : STOCK UP!
Hm... While i was going through February pictures folder to make sure i didn't miss anything... Well, i did *LOL*. My's 6th (and so far the last, but i am scouting their website right now coz they are having another free international shipping promotion and i am looking for stuffs to add to my up and coming birthday giveaway pressie!) haul so i'm just gonna throw them all in here as well :
Color Combos Wild Cherry Shower Gel (450 ml) USD 4.10
I saw that kind of shower gels everytime i go to Sasa and they're always so cheap, but i'm quite cautious with Sasa's cute packaged shower gels with no well-known brands (i guess they were house brand or something?) because i've used a few that i was mainly attracted to their super cute packaging and none of them worked really well, they were all super drying even though usually my skin's quite bull-like and can take most shower gels. But this was only USD 4.10 and it's quite huge so, i just took a leap of faith. Let's see if it's as bad as the other shower gels from Sasa i've used before.
Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss (07-Flash Dance) USD 5.90. This was also (obvi) on sale, i couldn't miss out on a less than USD 6 lippies from brand as prestigious as Estee Lauder so i quickly added it to my basket!

SK-II (Mini) Stempower Cream Compact Foundation (#420) USD 9.90. I cannot miss out on anything from SK-II with prices less than USD 15, even though it's still actually very expensive for a mini (heck, i can get full sized compacts with this size, even two!) but i cannot resist it, i really wanted to try this out!
Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser (250 ml) USD 11.40. I never owned a proper brush cleanser before (i used my oil make up remover to clean my brushes) and really wanted one so i snapped this up even though it's not super cheap (but it's pretty big too). Sadly i think oil make up remover works better to clean my brushes! I will do a review on this brush cleanser.
Okay, finally done with beauty hauls, let's move to something that rarely missing from my haul posts, accessories!

Feminine floral hair bands

Got this from one of those cheap accessories shops, i think those two were less than IDR 10.000 each hehe
One of my fave shop for unique and luxurious looking accessories
Always so jealous seeing all those bloggers with their beautiful flower crowns, i don't really know how to use flower crowns (coz my hair's really slippery, flower crowns tends to pops out of my head once i plop in on! I really dunno how to wear them lah zzzz) so the next best thing : big and dense looking floral head band
Will be using it on my birthday next month! Yes, i've been saving it for months haha looking for a special enough occasion
New Look haul, i can never leave New Look without getting a few bits and bobs *sigh*. Pretty sure they were having their regular promo, Buy 2 Get 3
Big Bow rings in ivory and leopard, can't remember the prices but it was definitely IDR 59.000 or below (or else i wouldn't purchase them...)
Clay Roses Hairclips set. I also don't remember the price hehe
I also shopped (just a liiiiittle bit) in Payless and Magnolia
You also must've seen this minty blue mirrored sunnies on my European trip entries :)
I love my mirrored sunnies but people keeps on using them to check their own reflections pffffttt
This was only IDR 79.000 or something, Payless and New Look are the best places to hunt for pretty but super affordable sunnies haha
Insoles for my way too big shoes (problem you often face when you buy your shoes online *sigh*), but this one i used to soften up my hard-soled sneaker booties, but it was sadly not thick enough so it didn't make much of a difference zzzz
IDR 49.000
Magnolia Skorts, my fave type of pants (coz i don't wear hot pants-at least not on its own-because of my thunder thighs), loose and comfortable. On a 50% off, i paid IDR 64.000 for two, total steal!!!
Okay, those are my hauls, and below are the items i got from my BFFs from their Singapore company trip :

Giordano red couple's tees from #Undecided, I Love Singapore tees from #Undecided and A for Baby Boy, necklaces from #Undecided, A and G (i forgot to put the one from #Undecided in this picture, apologies!!!)
Hello Kitty Necklace from G, what was it a skunk? A fox? From #Undecided and an unidentified super cute blue animal head from A
I LOVE them all!
That's all of my hauls for now! Trust me, i shopped less since May, really! Hehe. But i went crazy whenever i'm overseas :p... I hope you have fun having a peak on one of my (many many) madness! Toodles for now!


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  1. I want to get my hands on Etude House's Chocolate Eyes! It's cute!

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    1. Etude House's stuffs are my biggest weakness >.<!

      Thanks for dropping by in return hihihi :)