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Hey ho everybody!

I just went on our usual Tuesday (when i actually wrote this entry, last week) movie date (with my hunny, not with any other guy don't worry hahaha) and watched Mortal Instrument. Have you guys watched it? I really REALLY like it!!!! Totally didn't see that coming! It's been a while that a movie could make me feel this way! It's not Twilight by any means, but i feel half as smitten for this movie which is HUGE already! Currently obsessing over Jamie Campbell Bower because of that and am planning to get my hands on the books like ASAP. ASAP i said!!! (actually, i might already do by now...) Will be gushing over the movie in more details when i write my monthly movie reviews :D!

Anyway, if you're wondering what that title means.. Well, i'm trying to be more creative in giving my posts titles names instead of being horribly cryptic all the time *LOL*. Was about to name it "Ririn's Wedding Look" or "My OOTDs for A's Little Sister's Wedding", you know... The usual horrible titles i'd use hahahaha. But then i remembered how #Undecided complained about us having to come up with better titles and also how creative fashion bloggers are when they titled their outfit entries!

So yeah, this is my narcissistic post about the outfit, make up and the whole nine yards when i attended Ririn (A's little sister, obvi) wedding last Sunday :p.
Geddit? I got roses in my dress (and accessories) and well, i was wearing my vintage Dior clutch hahahaha... So... Vintage N' Roses! (No, i'm not a fan of Guns N' Roses) Oh ya, sorry for the super soft focus. I swear all of my gadgets are female. My camera clearly is because it's got massive mood swings. One day it'll be all sharp and sassy, the next it'd be super gloomy and dreamy, and i never even change the setting or whatever! I know it's kinda broken and all, but it also produces such beautiful photos (especially for a simple pocket camera)-even #Undecided begged me never to ditch it!

But i don't really mind actually because it sets the right tone to the overall look. I was aiming for a super feminine, demure and princessy look, so the (overly) soft focus is not so disturbing (for me).

Yeah, it's going to be FULL with my narcissistic pictures, so if you're not into it.... TOO BAD! Hahahaha...
Yes, there are still plenty more to go, folks :p
Black Lace Inner : GXtreme, Hot Pink and Black Tulle with Roses Applique Tube Mini dress : Online
Hot Pink Thin Belt : Stroberi (it was like IDr 22.000 or something :p)
Can you believe my dress costed me less than IDR 80.000 (USD 8)? It was either IDR 80.000 or 70.000, and i'm more convinced that it's IR 70.000. LOLOLOL yes, effing cheap alrite :P. It's from one of those Indonesian made Korean brand replica online shops! I was very doubtful that it'd turn out good (they posts the original brand's pictures but they rarely turn out to be exactly like the catalog picture!) because it's dirt cheap and all, so i was super surprised when it finally came and it's quite beautiful! The only catch is, it's quite sheer so i had to layer it with a black mini skirt underneath or everybody would be able to see my knickers!

I wore a lacey black top under it because of two reasons : one, i wasn't about to go sleeveless and show the world my thighs, i mean arms (yes, they are massive, shut up). And two, i already told ya! It's see through! At least with the lacey inner it's not so bad! Hahaha...

I already knew i wanted to wear this dress to Ririn's wedding (yes, as A's BFFs we've been "booked" for the wedding months and months prior) but i didn't style them properly until a few days before. I knew instantly that i wanted to wear it with a black lacey inner but it took me too long to try to find it because the craze/trend over lacey tops seems to be going away already, story of my life!

I remembered surely that Magnolia stocked lots of lacey tops like the one i was searching for (i initially pictured a long sleeved, turtleneck top. I even had one in white from Forever 21 and never even thought about getting the black one, stupid #Pink!!!), they were even down graded to the sale section for months already! But of course, when i went to GM, they only had the most disgusting colors *like the scary yellow or green ones* left! FML!

I went to every store that could possibly stock this kind of tops (hunny, KC and CL were my witnesses *LOL*) in GM to no avail. Oh, i found one in Colorbox but it's a new arrival and it's IDR 199.000. I wasn't about to purchase an IDR 199.000 inner, let alone from Colorbox that will definitely put it on sale within a few weeks!!! 

So i was ready to give up and wear my cotton turtleneck top instead! But then i felt the urge to stop by GC and i found that sabrina cut black lace top from Grand Palace's sale section, on a 50% off sale! It's still IDR 99.000, which is more expensive than my dress *LOL*, but it's very nice and comfortable, with pretty good material and it can be worn as a normal top *over a tanktop*, and it's very nice on (if i may say so myself) that i am tempted to go back and purchase the white one too...

The accessories :
Rose, Diamentes and Pearl Headband : Online
Yeah, i know the photo's blurry, no matter how many times i snapped it (or hunny did), it turned out like that (told ya my cam was being a total B that day). So here's a clear picture :
One incident, as we already mentioned on Ririn's wedding post, when we arrived at the wedding reception #Undecided gasped and gestured madly. Apparently we wore the exact same headband LOLOLOL! And we didn't tell each other what we're planning to wear (except vague descriptions about our dresses)! None of us remembered where we bought this, but we knew it was purchased online and i think we actually bought it from Ririn's online shop! (Yes, Ririn's the owner of the online shop where i frequently bought my cute bags lots of you were asking about).
Vintage Looking Rose Gold Necklace and Ring Set : Cache Cache
I LOVE this so much!
And of course this too! Please ignore my over grown gel polishes, the one on the index finger completely fell off and i experimented with a nail wrap that belonged to my niece BB and it think it came out nice, like i colored them like that on purpose hahaha
Flowers Cuff : Centro
Yeah, the cuff was more expensive than my dress or my inner LOL! The tag was still on before i wore it, that's why i know how much that was! IDR 158.000 hehehe. I'm pretty sure i bought it with a voucher though, i always buy stuffs with vouchers in Centro haha. 
Faux Diamond Studs : Minicci (Payless)
The earrings were on a huge sale and costed me IDR 20.000, and they sparkled like the real thing *LOL*. It's not so sparkly in the picture but IRL it's super duper sparkly! Yeah, i'm off wearing the real things for a while, still traumatized after losing that diamond ring..

Decided to wear brown/creme on my shoes and bag, i thought that would be refreshing other than wearing the usual black..
Creme and Grey Strapped Heels : Charles & Keith, pedicures by Me-Nail
Vintage Dior Clutch (hand me down from my mum. It's super old, i wouldn't be surprised if it's older than me, knowing my mum. She's a hoarder of expensive things *LOL*)
I was about to do a step by step party make up tutorial but... I was running out of time even though i got ready two hours before because i spent so much time doing my hair! I am so horrible when it comes to hair styling that i struggled so much-just curling them! And i was covered with products (because i had to use mousse before and sprayed them with hairspray like crazy to make sure it'll hold! If i didn't put on enough products it'll straightened up within minutes or less!) so i was sticky, hot and bothered!

I did my face in like 30 minutes including sticking on falsies so i'd say i'm getting better on the putting on falsies department (unlike curling my hair..)! I wore my fave D'Eyeko falsies again that i've worn to my cousin's wedding and it's fabulous and comfie as before, bad news is... I totally ruined it when i was attempting to clean the glue from the band HUHUHUHU. I heard that good falsies should be able to be used up to five times but mine died after only two usage huhuhuhu all thanks to my crappy cleaning method zzzz.

Okay, my FOTD :
These two pictures were taken before the party, i haven't put on my necklace on because it was all tangled up in its plastic and hunny was sorting it out
Yeah, well... If you think i've posted a LOT of snap of my OOTD, the FOTD's even worse, coz i love how the make up turned out hahahaha...
Annoying duck face
Yeah, my bangs are getting too long zzz
All of the pictures where i was already wearing the necklace were taken AFTER the wedding, about four hours after i put them on, you can see that everything was still in place (i didn't blot my face at all that night because for once i remembered to highlight my nose and i was afraid to mess it up hahahaha)!
Close ups on the eye make ups
Products used :

Face :
- Anna Sui Foundation Primer
- The Skin Shop Lemon Foundation
- Clinique All About Eyes Concealer set with Sariayu Bedak Jerawat
- DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer for a spot on my chin
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder (in Light)
- Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Smoldering Plum
- Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder (just a dab to highlight my nose)

Eyes :
- e.l.f Eyelid Primer
- M S B pale blue eye shadow
- Miki Shimmer Dust (baby pink)
- Unbranded eye shadow palette (used the greenish dark blue on the crease)
- Estell Lilac Eye Liner
- Oriflame Duo Eyeliner (Black&White)
- D'Eyeko Olga Lydia Part Queen False Lashes

Lips : 
- Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
- Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in 116 (Candy)
- L'Cheap Lip Oil

Hahaha sorry, this might be an entry with the most cam-whoring pictures on this blog yet... Can't help it :p. Anyway, i do think i looked a bit more appropriate for a prom than a wedding party, but that's just my style hahaha..
That's all for today folks, have a peek into the actual wedding entry if you haven't done so!
BFFs for 16 years and still going strong :). I can't believe the little sisters were getting married already. Soon it'll be newphew and nieces, we're ancient!!!!

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