Oriflame Perfumes+TBS+Accessories Haul (New Look, etc)

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Heyyy guys :D

How's your weekend? Mine's super fun, and super tiring too..  Went out until midnight yesterday with #Undecided and hubby (yes, with Baby Boy too, his grand parents freaked out when their precious grand son didn't return until so late *LOL*), and then having difficulties sleeping despite already taking Sweet Dreams (because i took it too late, medicines tend to take quite a while for them to work on me, but then the effect would stay with me longer than usual as well zzzz, meaning : i'd be a total zombie the next day), couldn't sleep until 3 AM or so *sigh* and then had to wake up (super) early (for me), at 9 (usually i wouldn't leave my bed before 11 on Sundays LOLOL) because my niece Bb's celebrating her 13th birthday (which was on the 5th but the celebration's only today) at 12 AM *sulk*. I'd blog about her birthday party on another post! Would write about yesterday too :).

Now, what's a better way to close your weekend but with checking out my weekly haul post? You can see from the photos that the haul's done pretty long ago (around January), you'll see my old gel manicures LOLOL. It's a pretty big collective haul :D. Ready?
Sogo, TBS, New Look, O.P.I and accessories haul
 What's inside that Sogo sale plastic bag? 
This gorgeous bag :D! I'm not sure of its brand, it's definitely Japanese, in the tags (still attached :p) all of the writing's in Japanese but one line "Natural Beauty Basic" or was it "Basic Natural Beauty"???? LOL. Is that a brand? I'm not sure. It was originally 1million rupiah something! Cray cray. It was on a 70% off discount, i paid IDR 315.000 only for it. I didn't plan to buy any bag, i already purchased a New Look clutch (that you'll see below) that day and i already own more bags than one could ever need for one lifetime (or more), but look at it! It's Vintage, distressed looking, and oh so kewl!!! And the discount's pretty MAD. #Undecided gave me grief (went shopping with G that day, and then #Undecided joined later-much later what do you expect?) but i just couldn't let it pass... I kept on coming back to where it was displayed and finally gave up and snatch it. No regrets!!!

Moving on to that The Body Shop bag! Remember i got a lot of TBS vouchers from December's promos, and they expires on January so we had to use it right.. I offered hunny to buy the stick deodorant because he always said he prefer stick ones (he used Paris Hilton's from our wedding fragrance set and was hooked immediately), he always refused to get them because they are pretty pricey (IDR 99.000) but considering they lasts a very long time (compared to Rexona or something like that) i think it's totally worth investing in. And since we're using vouchers there's no reason for him to refuse anymore right? I don't remember how much we paid using vouchers (i had IDR 300.000 worth of vouchers but used them on several occasions, not on one go), but i also ended up getting this, i'm guessing we used IDR 200.000 or 150.000 worth of voucher this time?
TBS Seaweed Clarifying Toner, IDR 109.000. I'm pretty sure we used IDR 150.000 worth of voucher and paid the rest with debit card. Pretty sure. LOL. No picture of the deodorant because he already snatched it right away, before i had time to take any :p.
Next! New Look :D
Like i said before, New Look's fast becoming my favorite place for affordable and chic bags and accessories! They always have the 3 For 2 (Pay 2 and get 3 items) for the accessories on top of very often discounts and their bags are very affordable too!
I've worn this red roses clutch on Chinese New Year (you can see the rest of my outfits here) i don't remember the price exactly, but it was really cheap, if i'm not mistaken it was 109.000 or IDR 99.000, before extra 10% off by using BCA credit card. Will keep an eye on future sales in New Look for sure! 

I got 6 pieces of costume jewelry too, and paid for only 4 of them.
Flower and faux pearl long necklace, IDR 29.900 only
Tassle long necklace, also IDR 29.900
Most of the accessories i got was IDR 29.900, so one of them's free.
Spiky heart necklace, definitely got it for free because it was IDR 19.900 only, the cheapest item i got. Crystal heart necklace IDR 39.900, this one's the most expensive one.
Shambala bracelets,IDR 29.900 each
Not bad, eh? Totally love New Look! Next is the little box.
I saw one of Lulu's entry and she was wearing this Crown Me Already O.P.I nail polish (Miss Universe series) and i'm very into glittery nail polish lately (i used to not be interested in them, dunno what prompted this change of heart??), i was like "GOTTA HAVE THIS!", so i contacted my cousin L who owns a nail spa and asked if she had this in stock, and she did! Yay! Can't tell you how much i paid for this since it's a wholesale price *it pays to know people LOLOL*.

Next's these accessories i got while going shopping with my 'rents, sis and niece one day at Pasar Atum (i don't go there often, i hate going to this type of shopping centers, i'm a mall person, see. But we were looking for stuffs in preparation for CNY then).
The three bangles i got at this shop that sells everything in one price, IDR 27.500 or something (yes, they sells clothing mainly, at that price!) but the wooden ones were on a sale, they were IDR 10.000 each!
Tried to catch the tassles but they kept on moving furiously LOL, it's very cool i think, and IDR 10.000 only hahaha
Wooden bangle with studs. IDR 10.000 also
This one i think i paid full price (IDR 27.500), i don't really remember. It's very expensive looking, love it!

The last one's a floral necklace i've been eyeing for the longest time but never bought because it was very expensive (IDR 125.000?) until finally it's on 50% sale! My sister bought it for me :D.
super prettyyy, i wuvvv it!
Those are all what's inside the bags in the first picture, but i still got some more stuffs to show you :D. Oriflame perfumes!
I already got one in Peach or something, and i loved it so much (the bottle itself is very small, the doll case outside the bottle is what makes it looks big, but the perfume itself is not that much, i finished half bottle on the last Malaysia-Singapore-Jakarta trip, it was about three weeks only) but i wouldn't buy them if they weren't on sale because they are not that cheap (original price IDR 229.000 or something), but because they were on a huge sale (IDR 99.000 each or less, i got more discount from the seller, she's G (and A and #Undecided's) office mate) so i lost control and ordered every variant that i didn't already have. 

Other than the yummy, fruity scents what attracted them to me was definitely their super cute dolly cases, and not only that, it's a little bit like a toy since they came in plain white color with stickers you can paste on their faces and bodies. Reminds me so much of my favorite toys when i was little *that little girl inside of me lives on!!!*.
You can decorate them in any style you want
I got three variants:
Passion Berry
Spicy Mango
Crazy Kiwi
I haven't even opened them *LOL, i'll let you know which one's the nicest when i do.

The last item i want to show you is... very boring. They are Vitamin C LOL. Do you guys take Vitamin C regularly? I do. Despite being plump and all, i do not have a very good immune system (should i blame my mum who never took me for any vaccination when i was a baby? Like, at all haha) and catch flu constantly (like, every month FML), and taking Vitamin C regularly helps me to catch less flu LOL, and they also helps with my bowel movements hahaha, TMI? 

I just want to show you guys who lives in Indonesia the best way to hoard (i mean stock!) Vitamin C! Guardian always have this +1000 get 2 (you add IDR 1000, or equal to about USD 0.10 and you'll get two of the same items) promos, like ALWAYS. And Vitamin C from different brands are some of the most frequent on promotion items (they change the items every week but i notice that mostly the rotate the same kind of items), so i buy them in bulk every time! One of the most often brand's Vitalong C (Hey, i just met the owner's daughter today! She's my niece's BFF apparently LOL), and this time's even better because they already have a Buy 1 (big bottle) Get 1 (small bottle) banded promotion on top of the +1000 get 2 promo!
See the photos above? I actually only paid for two bottles! And add IDR 2000! In the end i got four big bottles (30 capsules) and four small ones (15 capsules). They were like IDR 28.000 or something each, so we paid like... IDR 60.000 for all eight bottles? Cray cray. Oh, you have to buy something else at least IDR 5000 worth beforehand, just get candies or something haha.

Do you like shopping at Guardian too? I actually love Watson's more, too bad we do not have Watson's in Surabaya yet :(. Whenever i'm Singapore or Malaysia (or Macau) i'd spend hours and hours (and dollars and dollars...) in Watson's, buying nonsense... LOL. When are you coming to Surabaya, Watson's?

How about you guys, what did you buy lately?


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  1. wiiii.... ditunggu reviewnya XD
    Terutama yg trio parfume itu... hehe

  2. Amazing pieces!!! That rose clutch is absolutely adorable!!!

    Style Without Limits

    1. It is, isn't it? And super cheap too hihi... thx for reading :D

  3. naksir tasnya juga aksesoriesnyaaa...iya yuk kapan main2 ke sini, kita drugstoring...lol..thanks for a comment dear, xx

    1. wah, mau bgt ksana... we should! tp bisa makin kaco ngga ya? hihihi