#Pink and #Undecided Go To Malang (and Taman Safari Prigen :p)

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Hi guyssss :D

How's your weekend so far? Having lots of fun, we hope? We're at my room right now, just got back from GM. No plan to blog today, but Baby Boy dragged #Undecided's hubby back to our place to play with him and would take no for an answer. And the doting uncle and aunty didn't have the heart to say no either *LOL*, so we decided to finish our Gunung Kawi-Malang trip report :D. (read the first part here)

So, Sunday morning (2 weeks ago), we dragged our lazy asses off the comfortable beds to have the complimentary breakfast. Did we tell you we love hotels' breakfasts? Yeah, we really do *LOL*. Like i said before, i always have the same kind of stuffs every time, toasts with scrambled eggs (LOTS of it, #Undecided's hubby was really taken aback when he saw the amount of scrambled eggs i consumed LOL) and sausage and the likes. #Undecided loves the same kind of things. Here, let us show you some of the yummies we had that morning!
A must : a cup of coffee and some toasts
Just woke up faces *LOL*, not even properly awake since they had not showered yet :p
Omm nomm nommm
The dining area's pretty nice, eh?
One thing you should know if you're not Asian, most of us (especially Chinese, i must say) are super duper kiasu. Like, we'd pile on the food until we almost pass out from food orgams *LOLOL*, and even worse (some of us, would try to swipe whatever the hell we could swipe from the free buffet to bring back. Really. It's got nothing to do with money okay, some of the richest people i know (that i included my mum and and sis) are the worst. The WORST i tell you!!! My mum was nutz enough to call us during breakfast (she and my daddy had breakfast much earlier, morning people *snicker*) specifically to order us to swipe some Indonesian cake. Pffffftttt.

I decided to go crazy and swipe more than she asked for, and i piled on the butter and jams too, i pulled them out of my bag one by one like a magician :p.
I remember whenever we're overseas (or even in Bali), Caucasian tourists would stare at us in amazement, seeing the amount of stuffs we piled on our plates *FOL*, and we keep making another round to the buffet tables. LOLOL. Seriously *hangs head in shame*.

We got back to our rooms after breakfast to shower and pack up. And being true to our kiasu-selves, we waited until exactly 12.00pm (yes, to the very dot) to check out. Tee hee *grin*. 

At one point Baby Boy was standing on the stair case and when i didn't react he protested "why didn't you take my picture, mum??" OMG. He really is mini me LOLOL. He made his grand parents took pictures with him on the stair case -___-.
One with grandma
and one with grandpa
After checking out, we snapped some photos to show you guys the pool area (yeah, right, any excuse to cam-ho LOL). Enjoy the photos below :)
Baby Boy waiting for Uncle and Auntie at the lobby
His reaction when we teased him about skipping Taman Safari and go straight home, whatta drama queen :p
Gay couple and their son -___-
The orange flash's obviously Baby Boy dashing here and there
Right away we drove to Taman Safari. Okay, originally the plan was only to go to Gunung Kawi and Malang. But #Pink's mum announced - out of the blue - that she wanted to take Baby Boy to Taman Safari. Got him excited. And get this: bailed on us at the last minute!!! Yes, she bailed! Shoved Baby Boy and his nanny to our car and left us for a short shopping trip in Malang. Goodness gracious. Now we know why #Pink is the way she is. LOL.

#Pink's hunny decided to take a nap in the car. Yes, this photo is posted because he has been abusing me for years and years. Payback is indeed, sweet. LOL.
Anyway, I'm such an animal person so obviously I had tons of fun. Baby Boy did too. Not sure about #Pink though. Here are some photos to show you how The Taman Safari looks like.

(Note : actually, a LOT of animal pictures coming your way. If you're not interested you can scroll down pass the animals :P)
Yummy turkey?
O yeah, you can feed them carrots and peanuts, they even sell it inside, but it's cheaper to get them outside, obvi
We tried to feed this little baby but it kept on being shoved by the mean big deers, zzzzz. It was so small the carrot's too big for its mouth!!! So cute! (it's not in the picture, too tiny)
This dude was blocking our way, like "where's my food, humans???"
Komodo dragon
Baby zebras!! So cute!!
Baby elephants were rushing towards us because we threw peanuts at them, and they got shooed by their keepers, sorry babies!!
That dude on the right was smiling, right??
Haha, i'm okay looking at animals too, a bit bored maybe but mostly because we've been there million times *exaggeration alert LOL*. But it's okay lah, ever since i became a mum i learned to endure lots of things i do not exactly enjoy that much :p. Anyway, after we finished the track (in Taman Safari Prigen we go through all the animal tracks using our own cars, then there's another location with lots of attractions (animal shows, amusement parks, restaurants, etc) we can go to. 

Whenever i went there with my parents we mostly skipped the second park and go back straightaway after the animal tracks *LOL*, but since this time all of us who went were young (ish. LOL) and fun we obviously went down to play.It was pouring by that time, i told #Undecided how silly it is that somehow we always choose to go to such places during rainy season *and got soaked* but stayed away during summer *stupid*.
I can't get over how cute he is in a raincoat!!!
And holding the map seriously like he understood LOL
The sign says "max 20 persons", i will tell you about this later
#Undecided was starving and it was time to feed Baby Boy, so we went to this cafe (where white tigers are staring at you eating through the glass windows around the cafe LOLOL) called Tiger Cave (literally) cafe for lunch (???), more like heavy snacking i guess :p.
Other than tigers we also got...a hungry hungry hippo?
We shared this teeny tiny salad, very yummy though
And we were there at the right time too because we got to see them on feeding time, one lion even managed to climb a coconut tree, like it was showing off to the awestruck humans watching *LOL*, whatta performance, dear tiger!
After lunch we went off to see a show (You forgot to mention the souvenir shop, #Undecided. Baby Boy shopped *LOL*, told ya he's mini me). I don't think I know the name of the show, but it was Indiana Jones inspired. I said inspired because the show is in Indonesian. It was quite okay. We weren't allowed to take photos during the show, therefore we did before it started.
#Pink and #Undecided at Taman Safari Prigen
Waiting for the gate to open, Baby Boy showing off his brand new snake bracelet from the souvenir shop. What's with all these snake obsession???
It was quite boring at first, right before a really funny guy showed up. I won't spoil it for you - in case you might want to see it in the future, but just a tip: sit at the right hand side of the stage... or should you?! *smirk* LOL. All I'm saying is, there were water and explosive involved. If you pay a close attention to the stage before the show starts, you will (probably) be able to tell. Good luck. And bring an umbrella!! LOL.

After the show it was quite late - and since we still had a long ride home, we needed to head back. BUT not before we took some more photos and this time it was Baby Boy's turn to pose with some baby animals.
This one not babies lah, just birds LOL
Isn't he cute?? *biased mummy, please indulge*. He wanted to ride some train but it was really getting late and he had school the next day (and #Undecided had to work really early), thank God for those baby zoo photo session because it totally distracted him and made him forget about the ride *distraction people, distraction!*. 

Baby Boy kept on saying he wanted to take a picture with a python but given his history (he's scared of the dark and loud noises, even water, and used to be scared of some animals too) we didn't take him seriously, so imagine our surprise when we offered him to take pictures with a snake (baby or no baby, i don't care, still a snake WTF) and he rushed in the hut and attempt to touch the snake's head!!! My heart dropped to my feet, naturally zzzz. Needless to say, immensely proud of him! Even hunny said he'd never touch a snake voluntarily *LOLOL*.
My brave baby!!!
Then we finally on our way home, not before we went through a suspension bridge (unnecessarily too, since there are other, and shorter, routes LOL). #Undecided and i are definitely not known for our balance (and grace. No, i'm not calling you, G! LOLOL), and our hubbies (being their true selves) instead of holding us gently (watched too much movies, i know) through the scarily swaying bridge was having fun jumping around to make it sway very hard and watched us shrieking in horror with total delight -___-.
last view before the bridge
But we managed to suppressed our shrieking for a cam-whoring session LOLOL. Anyway, no joke lah, it was pretty scary. There was even a warning "No more than 20 persons at a time". Haih, our hubbies should be counted as three persons already right? #Undecided and her hubby took Baby Boy to go through that bridge already earlier when we just arrived, but there was this huge group of people i dunno whether stupid of illiterate because there were like more than 20 persons there and they were surging through the bridge like a herd of... i dunno what lah, some bull-headed, not so smart animal. zzz. 

Very scary lah, what if the stupid bridge snapped off *touch wood!!!* WTF??? One of my biggest pet peeve about Indonesian, how most of us (me and #Undecided are NOT included!!!) blatantly refuse to follow any rules, even though it's for our own good. If that's not stupid i dunno what is.  Okay, end of ranting, here's the picture of us on the bridge.
I was standing like that because i was really scared and trying to balance myself okay!!!
The rest of the evening went in low key, we just chit chat and joked  all the way back to Surabaya. Apparently it was Cap Go Meh (it's the 15th day/end of Lunar New Year, we recently found out that it's also a Chinese version of Valentine's day LOL) and somehow we had to eat Lontong Cap Go Meh (if you read this link, i must say the wiki got it wrong on the strictly for Javanese peranakan, coz i'm originally from Borneo and my whole family's strict with this whole lontong cap go meh thingy) somehow (i also dunno why) so that was our dinner!

And that's the cue to end this entry! We had so much fun, cannot wait for another trip soon! Hope you enjoyed reading our trip as much as we enjoyed ourselves, and please look forward to more such entries!!


#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. gua suka ama taman safari, walaupun belum pernah ke yang di prigen.

    sekarang di batu ada zoo nya jatim park, bagusan mana dibanding ama taman safari prigen?

    1. Well.. they're different... Semua balik lagi ke personal preference sih. For me personally, I like interacting with the animals, so I enjoy Taman Safari very much. But for animal collection, Secret Zoo wins - hands down. And konsepnya uda kaya zoo di luar negeri. Worth a visit - if you should ever go back to Indo hehehe...

  2. wak..jadi pengen ke taman safari...hehhe....iya aku juga suka salah ketik itu kalo pake galaxy tab or ipad thingy...lol..thanks anyway for a comment babe...kisses!