Looxchallenge : 7 Deadly Sins (Pride) (plus a lot of more ramblings ;p)

12:30:00 AM

Hi y'all!!!

So, originally i wasn't going to post anything today, #Undecided told me yesterday she wanted to write today. However, i checked and she didn't finish her latest piece yet, i bet she was having a rough day at work (i didn't asked, some days you just feel tired and cranky and the last thing you want is someone asking you constantly how you're doing and you ended up having to have a small talk with that person when all you wanted was to be be left alone) and since i actually managed to do all 7 looks (yay?) somehow and only posted two i decided to blog about my next look : Pride (Purple).

From the very beginning i felt that Pride is one of the easiest look to do, and one of the most wearable (for me, because i tend to use purple and violets a lot for my make up anyway). Here's my Pride look :
Do you think my posing's getting better? Nah, i guess my normal expression's pretty proud and stand-offish when i'm not smiling *LOL*

I don't need to explain my make up routine again, yes? *if you're a new reader please just read my previous posts, my base make up's always the same *LOL*. I will update you if i change my routine :p*. Here's the step by step for the eye make up :

Use pearly light lilac cream eye shadow as a base all over your lid.
Prepare three different purple (powder) eye shadow, here are two of my purple shades (forgot to take picture of the burgundy one LOL) :
I only used the lilac color from the Maybelline trio and the glittery purple from my round Mika palette
Then apply light shimmery lilac powder eye shadow on top. My lilac eye shadow (from Maybelline trio eye shadow palette) is actually very soft and not obvious but since i've used cream eyeshadow beforehand the color popped our nicely.
Wah, scary dark under eye, i was very tired and unwell that's why my face's all puffy zzzz
Yes, i extended the eye shadow on purpose *LOL*
Next apply a darker purple eye shadow (mine contains glitter) on the outer corner of your lid, extending outside to create more drama.
Then use a light burgundy eye shadow on the outer corner of your lid to create a more 3D effect.
Apply very pale lilac (or white) on your brow bone area, then line your eyelids with black liquid eye liner.
You're almost done! Apply mascara generously then apply lilac shimmery eye shadow under your eyes (told ya i'm very into light smokey look *LOL).
Apply pink blusher on the apple of your cheek.
Final touches : line your waterline (halfway in from the outer corner) with a black pencil eye liner. The use a burgundy lipstick on your lips. I used this :
I used the far right color for this look
Don't forget to prepare your lips for lip colors by putting on a lip balm or Vaseline on your lips, preferably when you did your base (i always apply Vaseline after my foundation/BB cream and concealer). I don't like matte lips so i always top my lipstick off with lots of gloss for a super glossy pout.
Ta dahhh... You're done!
I did this look last Saturday night before i went out with hunny and Baby Boy to GM. Here's my OOTD :
The beautiful tye dye baby doll dress was a gift from #Undecided when she went to Bali for her honeymoon, i love it to bits. However it is at least three sizes too big *LOL*, i had to wear something underneath or everybody can see my (non-existent) boobies if i move even a little bit. I put on one of my favorite layering top, it's a white brocade top, very pretty and comfortable. 

I wanted to purchase another one in black but the stupid seller didn't respond when i tell her i wanted to buy one more. *Note to any online shop owner out there : NEVER ignore you customer. I encounter more and more rude and unprofessional seller nowadays, i don't understand it. If you don't think you need any customers then why did you start an online shop in the first place? Strange*

Sorry for the rant, i just hate to be ignored (especially by someone who's actually going to be getting a profit from me!).
Paired it with my hot pink unique bag (purchased at A's little sister's online shop, very recommended!) and finally got to wear my bling wedges again *LOL*
As for the sin itself, am i guilty of this one? Sometimes! I do have a huge ego and all, i have a great self-confidence as well (too much self confidence can turn into pride, right!), but fortunately i also have a huge empathy and sincerity (true leh, not exaggerating :p). And a lot of things humbles me, therefore most of the time i have my feet firmly grounded on earth (losing self control once in a while can be forgiven right...) :D. And i don't think a little pride is so bad anyway, if you have no pride whatsoever you're most probably would be walked all over by people. 

Anyway, i had to take pictures on cosmetics displays for my project that night, but i also ended up shopping *really, what's new?* -___-. And we went to try Electrostatic therapy, we were always curious about it and then CL and KC raved about it being really good for your health (and ahem, helps you tone up. That's what really sold it for me honestly), hunny bought a book full of voucher LOL. It was really weird, i was very light-headed and had hard time breathing (the shop keeper warned us of the side effects, it's very normal), will try it again next week, let's see if the same effect still occur.

Oh, last time my mum gave us a Bakerzin voucher and we used it with my niece Bb but then we got another voucher!!! Being a total kiasu of course i had to use the voucher again lah *LOL*, so Bakerzin's where we had dinner *again*. I was starving after the therapy, i was like "how come i'm starving? Isn't it supposed to help me lose weight???" zzz.
Bakerzin GM, pretty cozy ambience
Baby Boy's mushroom soup. I had it before, it's super yummeh!
My creamy mushroom pasta
Me with my pasta *LOL*
Hunny's pizza, forgot what kind :p it was good too
Hunny also ordered this croquettes
I think that's melty cheese inside but i hardly tasted any cheese *LOL*
I have a love-hate relationship with pastas, i quite like them but usually i'd feel a bit nauseated after having them *LOL*, oh but only for the cream based ones (the tomato based one's not a problem). No such effect after having Bakerzin's, i guess because the portion's quite small and the creamy sauce's quite light. I really love it, probably my fave pasta i've ever tastes in Surabaya :D (i've had a heavenly one in Bugis Junction's food court in Singapore).

And with the voucher we got a free Rainbow something (forgot the name LOL):
One pic of me with the pretty colored dessert, i insist.
LOL. It's very pretty and colorful but honestly me and hunny are not sorbet persons :p. The raspberry (red) one's very sour, i'm okay with sourness (especially after such a filling dinner) so i finished it. Hunny cannot stand sour stuffs so he refused to touch it after one tiny bite *LOL*. The mango (yellow) is the nicest out of three, not too sour and very refreshing. It's the only one hunny would touch so i forced him to eat most of it. They are quite sour but apparently taking them with the cookie bits on the small bowl made them nicer!

The green one (although super pretty) is super disgusting lah, please!!! I almost gagged when i tasted it ew ew ew... It's super weird!!! I hate perfume-y smell on my food and drink and this one's totally got a perfume-y smell and taste! YUCKKKKK!!! We asked the waitress, what the eff is this green one's flavor??? She said it's lime-basil. Major EW EW EW!!!!! I hate basil in my food, whatever the hell is it doing in my sorbet????? HUEKSSSSS. I'm very kiasu and have a thing about not finishing any food no matter how bad they tasted, but this one i couldn't lah... I didn't even force hunny to finish it (yeah, i'm usually that mean *ROFL*)

As for the macarons, they were okay lah. I dunno if they are so so or if our taste buds was numbed by all the sourness already *LOL*, they were not too sweet *which is good*, the best one's the blue one unfortunately it's somehow the smallest out of the three *LOL*, isn't macarons supposed to be uniform in size? I know Gordon Ramsay wouldn't be pleased *LOLOL*.

All in all, i quite love Bakerzin, it was the second time we dined there and would be returning, but preferably if they have credit card promotions lah *kiasu max*.

That's all for today, i'd tell you about my day but i was doing my "Lust" look and i thought i'd tell you when i do the "Lust" entry instead. 

One more cam whoring picture? Last one, i promise.


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  1. purple is a flattering colors that gives one an awesomeh look! I love purple~~

    1. Love purple too! Thx for dropping by :d

  2. ungunya cantik say...=) cocok buat kulitmu yang putih..=D
    thanks for the comment on my blog! kiss kiss

  3. nama ol shop nya apa nih?yg jual tasnya?thx

    1. Dia jualan pake fb pribadi koq, cari aja d friend list ku namanya Bernadette Maureen

  4. We can't believe you do all the sins. That's awesome :D

    1. Yes, i did!!! That's how much i love Looxperiments! Hehe! i had tons of fun doing them :D