Multinational Brands Haul (Etude House, Tony Moly, e.l.f, Sari Ayu)

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Hey guys!!!

All good things must come to an end, and so is the long weekend! It's almost over, hope y'all not too blue! We're spending the last day being a total couch potato (again) haha. Oh, i (and CL, we do it together but separately, LOL. Me in my room in Surabaya, her in her own-in Banjarmasin) booked the hotel rooms for our June Johor Bahru trip already, everything's starting to shape up nicely... 

Now only Singapore's hotel (which i hate booking because hotels in Singapore are super expensive, compared to other countries it's quite ridiculous! And i am not very used to stay in hotels in Singapore since we own a Condo there, but it's currently being rented grrrrr) and Taiwan's (this one due to my traveling partner being #Undecided, she keeps on procrastinating, she is definitely the queen of procrastination! Oh, she's back from Singapore already last night, she said she's super tired and felt like she'd been hit by a truck LOL) are left (and the paying part too LOL).

We're not going anywhere today because none of us are feeling very well (me and Baby Boy are having runny noses while hunny's having a sore throat) plus i don't feel like going to any mall -___-... Malls are so boring lately. You know i got my first salary and it's quite a nice number, and i really felt like having a shopping sprees, unfortunately there's nothing to buy at the malls WTF. This always happens, when you wish to save up there'd be plenty of pretty things teasing you to buy them but once you have the fund, there's absolutely nothing to buy WTF. So annoying.I'm so BORED!!!! 

So, i'm cheering myself up by looking at my precious previous buys haha, and it's time to show them to you! Another huge cosmetics haul coming your way! Told ya the craziness is nowhere near finished :p... This time cosmetics are from various countries, hence the title of this post!

Let's see what we got here :
One more :p :
First up, Indonesian brand!
Package from Martha Tilaar online shop

The real reason behind this purchase was because i was running out of one of my favorite acne treatment : SariAyu Intensive Acne Care coz i use it whenever i see a potential zit coming up LOL and i use them liberally (warning : they dries up your skin so you want to be careful using this, my skin's super oily so it's not so bad), i was still too shy to go to the store (i hate going into quiet stores because i hate the BAs to flock around me and ask me repeatedly if i need her/his help)-but i've been to the store after this (for my job, had to swallow my shyness, i think i developed a thicker skin lately because of this LOL) so i decided to purchase via the online store again. This is my third time purchasing stuffs from their online store.

Because their minimum purchase is IDR 100.000 (and the Acne Care's only 13.000 LOL WTF) and i've been reading some awesome (Indonesian) beauty blogs and many of them featured SariAyu's latest series, Trend Warna 2013 (or Color Trend 2013) i was drooling over the eye shadows, gloss gel, etc, so i decided to treat myself (okay okay, i made hunny paid...) with two of their most appealing (to me) products :
SariAyu Trend Warna 2013 Natural Glow Powder Lasem
They have another version of this two way cake in Karimunjawa (if you're wondering, both Lasem and Karimunjawa are places in Indonesia. Sari Ayu always use locations as their inspirations), Karimunjawa is for yellow and brown skin tone (i wonder why they lump the two skin tones together since yellow and brown are very different tones LOL) while Lasem is for fair skin with pinkish tone so i believe it's safer for me haha. It's IDR 47.300 (roughly around USD 4.50?).

One of the most attractive product Sari Ayu has is their eye shadows. Always comes with the most beautiful, vibrant and colorful shades, i am tempted to purchase every trends they had before, but i got this for this ocassion :
SariAyu Tren Warna 2013 Eyeshadow in Karimunjawa
You might already guessed, they have two lines for this color trend 2013, one in Lasem and one in Karimunjawa. If for the powder i chose Lasem, on the contrary for the eye shadow i bought the Karimunjawa. The vibrant dark green, yellow and purple's super pretty! I didn't buy the Lasem one because i do not wear pink-ish eye shadow much (Lasem one consisted of maroon, hot pink and soft pink colors). It's IDR 45.200.

They are having quite a big sale (30% off? something like that) in Hypermart right now zzzz, but i like the convenience of online shopping, plus the BA wouldn't stare at me weirdly (which happens a lot at groceries when i try to shop for local brands, but it didn't happen at the flagship store (or Guardian)! I guess it's rarer to see some Chinese woman buying local made products in groceries WTF).

I am very satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to add more stuffs from this collections, the lipstick and gloss gel's really tempting as well, i love Indonesian products! 

Oh, i need to mention this, i hate the service of the online shop though. They are having a promotion on which if you purchase a shimmering powder (not from this line) and duo lip function then you'd get a free liquid lip color. I e-mail, tweeted and commented in their website asking on the term and condition, whether i should just add the products in the cart and they'd automatically send the free product with it? None of which i got any answer from. Plus after making payments and confirming it my status remained "pending" as if i haven't made any payment, e-mails asking about this problem also remained unanswered until suddenly the parcel already arrived. WTF Martha Tilaar online customer service??? Step up your game, will ya???

Okay okay, so much ramblings... Moving on!
Second package from my current favorite online shop (excellent service!) : Intens Coner. Second time shopping here (and third time also already happened but that's for another post ;p).. You can read my first haul there here. What's inside?
There seems to be a lot of stuffs there, but i actually only purchased two items!!! The rest are bonuses from the owner! Isn't she damn generous??? The stuffs that i really paid for :
American product LOL, e.l.f Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder in Light Beige
I bought this because i like e.l.f products and she's selling it at an okay price (it's slightly cheaper than other online shop), IDR 38.000 (before discount). I know it's only USD 1 originally but i have no immediate plan to go to USA yet (maybe next year? If i'm not pregnant) so this will have to do. I miss that online shop that sells e.l.f basic products for IDR 19.000 if you purchase a lot :(. Anyway, this is actually just an accompanying product (because i hate paying for shipping and i'd feel really cheated paying shipping fee for one product only so i grab this one because it's cheap and because i use powder a lot haha), this is the real reason i shopped (everything else in the rest of this entry's Korean) :
Tony Moly Cats Wink Shiny BB Cream SPF 25
AAAA so cuteee, right???? (i can hear #Undecided screaming "WTF??? Another BB cream????). I  saw this in Phanie's blog and kept on thinking about it ever since. Yeah yeah, i only bought it because of the packaging :p.
It's IDR 94.000, but i bought this while Inten's Corner were having Chinese New Year sale, there was a... 15% off discount? I paid a total of  IDR 119.200 (USD 11?) only (including shipping).

And look at this picture below, it's all the freebies she sent my way!
Waaa! Amazingness! 15 sachet of samples, and not only that, she also gave me this :
A travel size hand cream, not even in sachet! Wogh... Do you know that online shops sells sachet products for IDR 3.500-8.500 each? And she gave me 15+1 travel sized hand cream for purchasing only IDR 119.200 worth of products! Now you should wonder no more why it's my favorite online shop! Go take a peek and see if there's anything they stocked that interest you :D, highly recommended!

The next two are bought for the Etude House Princess Etoinette line, other stuffs are just "accompanying" stuffs haha.
First one's purchase from Chic-Princessa (remember the online shop i also shopped from on my last haul post) :
Wahh so pinky and pretty!!!
You know i really want the powder, blusher and lipstick from this line, right? So dreamy and princessy, of course i gotta have them!!! I placed a Pre-Order (because there were no ready stocks available yet back then) TWICE, but i only got the lipstick (you'll see it below) WTF, by this time the ready stocks already sprouting everywhere and then sold out! Triple WTF!!! Zzzzzz. The blusher's not available anymore anywhere and those who stocks them asked for a ridiculous price so i gave up. Chic-Princessa still stocked their powder so as soon as the seller from the Pre-Order shop refunded my down payment i purchase it there.
Princess Etoinette Crystal Loose Powder
So pretty right?
I know a lot of people are disappointed because the container seemed to be made of porcelain or some sort in the advert but it's made of plastic lah. I think it's unreasonable to expect it to be made of porcelain lah haha, not to mention highly dangerous and prone to breaking! I'm super clumsy so i'm pretty happy with plastic! Still super pretty for me haha. Chic-Princessa have one of the lowest price for ready stocks items for this line, the powder was IDR 228.000 (some shops sells them almost IDR 300.000!)

Since i cannot just purchase one item (:p), i also got myself this :
Milk Plus Strawberry Shower 100ml
Another weakness of mine (yes yes, i have lots of weaknesses, whatever), bath and body care products! It's only IDR 49.000 and it's baby pink and it's strawberry scented, gotta have it!!!

This is the freebie they gave me, they were keeping the pink tone with my purchases haha, so thoughtful!
And the last item i got was the Princess Etoinette lipstick i mentioned earlier. Now, i won't mention the shop's name because i was severely disappointed by their service. No, i wasn't just pissed because i placed a Pre-Order twice and only got the freaking lipstick (LL also placed the same order and she got NOTHING! Not even a measly lipstick! LOL), but when i asked her (after months of waiting) if the second PO's arrived, she said "I got informed that all of your order's out of stock, i will send your lipstick (that arrived with the first PO) soon". Of course i was disappointed but i understand it's not their fault, if it's out of stock there's nothing they can do about it, right??

What pissed me off was when i asked the owner when she's gonna return the rest of my down payment, she said "Oh you have to wait. I have to wait until the second PO arrived. They are not here yet." Huh? WTF? You already know my stuffs are not available why the eff would you hold my money for? Where's the logic here?

I asked her "But you said my orders are all oos, why can't you refund my money now?" and they said "I have to double check the invoice first once the package arrive". Huh again, and WTF again? Totally ridiculous. I had to constantly BBm-ed them asking for my money back, WTF like i owed them money or something. Really3 WTF. LL said it was the same when she asked for her down payment back, LL had to wait almost a week or something, and terrorizing them everyday until they finally refunded the money. HAYAH, WTF???? Strongly NOT recommended! And even worse's when i saw the condition of the lipstick when it arrived.
Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in 01
HUHUHUHUHU! I was shocked when i see the tip dented like this, and when i tried twisting it to the top the lippie leaned dangerously to the side, i immediately stopped and twist it back in. The freaking lipstick's almost completely detached from its bullet. WTF. It was quite safely wrapped by the seller so i believe it melted and became disfigured like this while it was on shipping from Korea, that means the owner didn't check the condition of the lipstick before sending it to me. WTF. I was super angry but couldn't be bothered to contact the stupid owner again after all the refunding debacle!

The price in this particular online shop (for Etude House Pre-Order) is very low for Princess Etoinette line, the lipstick i bought was IDR 120.000 or something (even Chic-Princessa's selling it for IDR 132.000), but what's the point of super low prices if none of the items you want is available and the ones that did came disfigured like this??? I'd pay more for perfect conditioned stuffs and better services! My BFF A stocks the blusher and she asked me whether i still want it, but i'm still sore from this lippie incident i didn't feel like getting the blusher (oh, and also because i want the Sweet Recipe more, some of which i already PO-ed at A's shop, her PO almost never OOT for Sweet Recipe, weird) anymore.

Needless to say i will never ever purchase anything ever again from this online shop! I will not disclose the shop's name or url because that's unethical but if you're worried you might accidentally buy something from this shop in the future you can personally e-mail me (our e-mail address' available in our profile, you guys are welcome to e-mail us anytime but no spamming please!) and i will tell you in private :).

Oh yeah, LL (who finally got this line from some other online shop) told me the quality's not so good, the powder is a bit hard to blend and the lippies' hard to put on. I can't tell you the same because i haven't try any of them yet, but i am very tempted to buy one more lipstick (ready stocks in Chic-princessa) because they are so pretty (the bullet and tube) and i hate the fact that the only one i got is disfigured!!! Anyway, i have one other Etude House lipstick (from My Dear Blooming line) and it was really good and easy to wear (i will review it soon), so i'm hoping this Princess Etoinette lippie would have similar consistencies as that one?

Those are all the hauls i got this time round (repetition on every haul post : there are plenty still waiting to be paraded here haha), plenty of pretty pinky stuffs! I am super happy with most of them (except for the lippies)!!! Hope y'all tempted to shop after reading this MUAHAHAHAHAHA
At Macau airport, 2011. I was plumper back then zzz

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  1. Asik tuh haul nya :D
    penasaran banget sm Princess Etoinette.
    Btw, Sabar yah :D That's why I don't like shopping online :)

    visit my blog yaah :D

    1. thank you babe :D
      iya, tp kalo sama yg udah langganan engga pernah ada mslh untungnya, mst lbh ati2 milih OS nya kayaknya hehe
      i will visit your blog ASAP :D

  2. wow! such a haul *^*

    have you tried ibis on bencoolen street for singapore? quite cheap. well, not cheap but the price is reasonable.

    which online shop did you purchase that lipstick from? takut belanja di situ >< I usually shop from twenty seven collection, sugar pop shop, rie butik or my lovely sister

    1. thx for the recommendation babe :D, it's just that my mnum (who originally was from Singapore) is very very fussy about locations etc -___-.. she freaked out last time when we stayed at Grand Park Orchard because it's directly opposide Mount E's backside LOLOL! we most probably would stay at RELC again like last time because they have a triple beds room that's HUGE, it's quite expensive but we'd only need one roome then :D.

      Online shop nya di FB, K****** E**** hehe, don't worry it's not any of those shops you frequented :D

  3. nice haul, i'm just blogwalking ^^

  4. ihhh sayang banget liptiknya jd gt >_<

    visit my blog ^^

  5. nice haul cc ! ternyata ettoinettenya ada yang baru ya ? wah jadi penasaran ><
    waiting for your review cc !

    btw , follback blogku ya
    thankyou :D

    btw mana tombol follownya ya @@

    1. than you :D! Etoinette engga ada yg baru say, cm 1 line itu aja kok hehe :).

      Km pake apa nih? Blogspot kan ya? di add di reading list ajah, selain itu bisa follow via bloglovin juga, kialo GFC ngga ada krn sdh ga ada waktu aq mulai blogging (maksudnya udah ga bisa apply utk blogger baru :))

      Let me know ya i'll follow back :)

    2. aku udah follow cc via bloglovin , follback aku di via GFC aja ya ^^

    3. Udah aq follow pake reader yah, soalnya aq ga pake GFC nih :), btw denger2 GFC mau retire loh..

  6. Much love,
    "I really enjoyed the post!