Review : Guardian House Brand Moisture Lip Balm in Strawberry

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Hey guyss :D

OMG, i apparently typed it's Monday again even though it's Tuesday, #Undecided just informed my brain fart LOLOL. Anyway, i noticed that one of the most well received posts in this blog other than parties/celebrations reports with full outfit and make up details and haul posts (FML, you guys are encouraging me to shop more, huh?) is beauty reviews. So far the most hit we got was from my Maybelline mascara review, so okay... i guess i will do more reviews since y'all like it so much hehe. I will write at least one review per week (like my haul posts) :D. Starting from today!

Like the post's suggest, today's review is for Guardian (House Brand) Moisture Lip Balm in Stawberry (With SPF 6). I love house brands, sometimes people overlook them because they are cheap (something cheap would be suspected of being lousy for people like my mum LOL) and not very attractive packaging-wise, or simply dismissed because they do not have any specific, well known brand. But i happen to be a curious george, and love to try any kind of brands, and once i tried on house brands (Watson's, Guardian's etc), i realized they are mostly of  a very good quality and continued trying new items since.

Now, i realize that probably different Guardians for every country has different house brands items (i'm speaking from experience, i love drug stores so much i'd visit drug stores in every countries i go to, and it's really true, most stuffs sold in every country's Guardian-or other drugstores-varies), but at least by reading my reviews you can get a general view of the brand's quality, and maybe you'd be interested on trying house brand items you can find on your favorite drugstores at your place :).

I bought this lip balm quite a while back, i cannot be 100% sure but i think i bought it locally, at Surabaya's Guardian, they were having clearance sales then and i bought quite a few varieties (i have another one in grape, might do a separate review on it). I think this is the old package, the new ones might look different (i should check next time i go to Guardians) but hopefully the formulations and shades are still close enough :). I just began using it in February and am loving it very much that i've used lot of them *LOL*. Yes, i use lip balms a lot that #Undecided asked them once if i ate them *ROFL*.
Guardian House Brand Moisture Lip Balm with SPF 6 in Strawberry
As seen on the picture above, it looks like your regular (boring) lip balm/chap stick (i just googled because i was curious on how beauty bloggers would sometime refer to their lip balms as chapsticks, apparently Chapstick is actually a BRAND *LOL*, it's just like how we call nail polishes Cutex) in a twistie plastic container, not aestathically pleasing at all, so i definitely wasn't attracted to the packaging, more to the price i guess LOL. Unfortunately i no longer remember the price of this lip balm, i'm sure it was very cheap especially because it was on a clearance sale, i'm sure it was less than IDR 20.000. I also do not find the orange cap to be attractive (i don't like orange much LOL).

The label's just a sticker (and not particularly cute too) slapped on the tube with (not cute) strawberries on it :p.
Backside :p
The lip balm color's a bright red with a hint of fuschia, somehow i think it's more of a Cherry red color rather than Strawberry red. The texture is super light, glossy and not sticky at all (for me, i don't have problems with sticky lip balms/glosses, i used to be bothered but not anymore, i guess i got over it LOL), apply it lightly and you won't even feel you wear anything much on your lips. Due to the light texture and the hot and humid weather in Indonesia, the stick might melts a little bit when you apply them and smeared on the neck of the tube.
Oh, do you like my nails? I call them my Galaxy nails hihihi, i will tell you about it in the next post!
It's no biggie for me, it's not very melty and the stick looks perfect still, it's easy to clean anyway :). It has a light and sweet Strawberry candy smell, i personally love my lip products to have a yummy smell (i don't mind fragrance free ones too, but they are less fun for me :P), but don't worry if you don't like strong smells for your lippies, this one's light enough and won't overwhelm you (i have a very sensitive nose, trust me).

Unlike most lip balms with super sheer colors (sometimes they look vibrant in the tube but once applied it'd be colorless), this one's have a stronger color in them, so it's definitely a tinted lip balm. Even one light coat will give you a sweet, reddish (not very strong also with one layer, don't worry) color on your lips.
My bare lips, they are pinker and less pale in real life LOL
Instantly brighter with one thin layer
I usually wear lots of layers of lip products, beginning with lip balms, sometimes followed by lip stick, and topped with lip gloss (coz i love glossy lips), but this lip balm already have a glossy (even though not as glossy as liquid lip glosses, but it's quite glossy already) effect and quite pigmented, i totally skip on other layers once i put this on. It's super pretty on its own (i usually applies lip gloss on top after a few hours has passed to glossify it-i know, i just invented that word whatever), i love to pile on it to bring out the color and gloss effect.
A few layers applied
Somehow it didn't look that vibrant in this picture, weird... It's actually quite vibrant in real life, i wore it almost every time i go out especially during weekdays when i don't put on too much make ups (BB cream+powder, blush on and this lip balm is enough). You can see how vibrant it is actually here.

I love how convenient this lip balm is, it moisturizes, protects (contains SPF although not too high), colors (with such a pretty shade too!), and gloss your lips, all in one go! Perfect for lazy gals who still wants to look pretty haha. 

It does moisturizes my lips well, it's not the best lip care i own though, but totally exceeded my expectations (especially with such a low price). It doesn't feel waxy and thick, i do feel my lips to be softer and prettier wearing it LOL, but i don't think it's suitable for people with super dry lips (you probably should stick with medicated ones then) because it's moisturizing power is just so so. It dries off after a few hours but the color stays put, that's why i usually brings it back to life by applying clear gloss on top of it (it'd be too red if i put this on again).

There are more pros than cons (fugly packaging, tendency to smear on the tube-but not on your lips don't worry, not super moisturizing) for me, and i'd highly recommended this for people who seek a low budget, pretty, three in one lippies :D. Would i buy it again? Definitely, in other flavors! I'm a lip balm queen, you know!

Review ended there, but i still have one more thing to tell you... What else but a movie we recently (yesterday) caught? It's Olympus Has fallen.
We've seen the trailer a lot when we watched other movies and we knew this is a must watch already haha. For hunny because it's totally his cup of tea lah, for me also because it looks exciting (and not boring like other action movies lately...), plus there's Gerard Butler, one of my fave Hollywood actors. Handsome, big and strong, of course i love him LOL.
Gerard Butler
It's about a former Presidential guard who was the only option to save the world LOL, the president's being held hostage by Korean terrorist, inside the White House! Despite the usual, America saves the world (from terrorists, from aliens, from anything lah haha), a hero so mighty he can take down numerous hostiles in one go and can never be defeated story line, it was still very interesting and exciting. 
The story line's probably a bit exaggerated (hunny commented on how they'd bomb the unknown fight planes as soon as they showed up in radars LOL) and stretching your imagination, but it's exciting and entertaining enough for you to overlook the flaws. 

I was a bit dissapointed on the Korean casts though, i mean... with all the Hallyu waves (don't worry #Undecided, i had no idea what the eff Hallyu means either, i just googled it because it's been thrown all over the place, and no, i'm not riding it *LOL*, i only like Running Man and Kim Jong Kook *broken record* LOLOL), there are plenty of good looking Korean girls (and guys), right? I dunno why Hollywood always casts the fugliest Asian girls, maybe because the pretty ones cannot speak English? LOLOL.

Fret not, even though i don't think the Korean casts were good looking, other than Gerard Butler there's one more eye candy (oh, the President's very handsome too, just not my cup of tea), Dylan McDermot.
Dylan McDermot
Seriously, he plays secret agents (and that sorts) so well, i guess it's his looks lah, he simply looks like how a secret agents should look (come to think of it, who knows how real secret agents looks like anyway? They could be super fat and fugly LOLOL), those piercing blue eyes...

In short, hunny loved it (i asked him, "So, what do you think of the movie?" and he said "It's good, super good!") and i also enjoyed it very much *not a single boring moment in the theatre, so it's all good* and think it's one of the most exciting action movie we've watched the last couple of months.

If your guy asked you accompany him watch this, you shouldn't worry it'd bore you :).



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  1. Ah, i love the film too ce :) Great movie. Yah meski yang orang-orang koreanya begitu T_T
    hidup KJK!

    1. SPARTA!!! Hihihihi... wahhh seneng banget loh nemu sesama KJK lover, suwer dehhh :D... why is the commander so awesome??? Iyah, nice movie yah, knp ga KJK aja sih d suruh main jd musuhnya? hihihihi

    2. Salam sparta :D lol....
      Wwwiiiihhh... Klo kjk yg main tmbh sempurnalahhhhhhh film ini :-)
      Kjk is a truly gentleman ceee... Thats whyyyy i looooovvee him :p *tossss*

    3. Stujuhhh!!! Perfect gentleman, megang cewe aja takut hihihi... Sbnrnya liat dy pertama2 di Running Man trs mikir, wah macho abizz wahahaha, trs begitu nyadar dy penyanyi, cari lagu2nya... Eh suaranya bagus... Kalo nyany live persis ama recording, awww awww awwww... Lsg deh kacau balau :ppp. Ini knp kita jd bahas KJK yak?? Hihihi