My Niece's 13th Birthday Celebration

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Hi guys!

How's everybody today? I've had a bad start on my day, being treated like a nobody and a nuisance by someone who's supposed to be a professional, i was super pissed. I guess he mistaken me for someone stupid or desperate. Seriously, if you're working on any kind of human resources field where good manners and basic courtesy is needed and you don't have them, screw you. Pfffffft. You shouldn't be working in that field. 

Really loved the expression on his face when he realized what kind of persons (sorry, this is not a stupid, naive and un-educated person who needs a job you're dealing with here!) we were (my hunny accompanied me), totally priceless. Of course then he changed track 180 degrees and became super nice and serving. Pathetic. Sorry, i cannot tell y'all more specifically (unless you really want to know you can e-mail me hahahahaah kaypohs :p), not ethical lah haha.

But really, that shocked expression made my day. I really am a vindictive person sometimes MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*. No lah, it's just that if you treat me with enough respect (like any human being deserves) and good manner i'd return the favour 100x more, but you cross me like that once i am not hesitant to make your life miserable lah. Or try to make you lose your job. MUAHAHAHAHAHHA again. Kidding. Or am i? *diabolical*. After waiting for 1 hour from an appointed time (for someone not at all important!) i think i deserve that victory. Pffffttt.

Okay, moving onnn... Like i mentioned before, we celebrated my niece Bb's 13th birthday last Sunday. Happy (belated) birthday again Bb, you're officially in your tweens! Enjoy! Live your life to the fullest and be crazy! Before you know it you'd be as old as your ancient aunt here and would forever be wondering, where did my youth go? It feels like it was just yesterday i celebrated my own 13th birthday LOL.

Anyway, the celebration's held at 12 AM at CW's favourite celebratory spot, Jamoo restaurant in Shangri-La hotel, Surabaya. CW originally wanted to hire a photog (i strongly suggested Candy, obvi) but waited until the very last minute to try to book her, of course Candy's already fully booked by then! WTF. Seriously, my sister's definitely not the best when it comes to planning. LOL. 

Here's my OOTD :
Wore this beautiful Valentino inspired dress my mum got me
Of course i wanted to be comfortable and confident and i wouldn't if i wore a sleeveless dress, i'd be too self-conscious about my arms zzzz (there was a lot of other guests, about 42 in total) so i had to put on something to cover my arms. Rummaged through my massive wardrobe and found this pretty blazer that i thought goes perfectly with the dress. 
Dress : Valentino inspired, random boutique in Jakarta, blazer : random online shop, bag : Fossil
As usual, i already prepared the whole look a few days before, i like to call this look "Ethereal Princess" LOLOL. Eh, don't laugh at me, i asked my hubby "Guess what's the look today" and he said "Goddess something something", pretty close lah! 

I already told ya many times, i'm not exactly what you'd call normal. Every occasion calls for new sets of make up to be opened, here's the new set :p :
I decided to keep the make up soft and feminine, keeping with the theme "Ethereal Princess" hihihi, totally inspired by the beautiful dress lah.
Red Earth trio eye shadow, the top color's a golden cream eye shadow, bottom left an orange powder eye shadow, right shimmery nude powder eye shadow
I applied the shimmery nude eye shadow on my lid, then applied the orange tone on outer V of my eyes and crease, blending them until there's no harsh lines. Then applied te golden cream eye shadow on my brow bone.
The rest's always the same lah, use black liquid eye liner to line my eyes thickly, extending the line dramatically. Three coats of mascara.
Look at my right double eye lid, it was huge for more than a week but now it's normal again. I love huge double eyelid but when it's only one eye then i don't want it lah!!!
I applied the shimmery nude color on my waterline for the bling effect hehe, then lined the waterline again halfway in with black pencil liner. Used light bronzer on my cheeks and applied these on my lips :
Mini Chap Ice in Kiwi Lime
It's really tiny okay, about 3 centimetres haha. I have three, bought them all at Sasa in Singapore just because they are super cute :p. I'll do a full review later.
Revlon Super Lustrous Frost Lip Stick in Ice Cherry 19 (please excuse my chipping nail polish, i've removed them now haha)
It actually came up nude on my lips, i notice this kind of lipstick to be called "my lips but better" by most beauty bloggers haha. This really is very similar to my natural lip color, even slightly paler. It's very pretty for a natural, feminine and soft look i believe.
Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss on top
I didn't have time for a proper #FOTD photos, i was rushing because CW said 12 AM right, i think i was ready at 12.45 hahaha, i was taking my time because i'd rush once my mum left, but she never left until 12.45! We're just so used to CW's time-concept, usually we'd be the first to arrive and would have to wait for her for a long time hahaha, but this time she was actually punctual wahahaha, she was busy calling and asking us where we were :p. I only managed to snap this :
Hadn't applied liner on water line and lip stick by this stage haha
I was more busy taking pictures of my beautiful dress lah ahahaha. This by far is the prettiest dress my mum ever got me without consulting me. My mum always buys me dresses (lots of them, every time) whenever she went to Jakarta or overseas, but her taste's not always reflects mine haha so i was very pleasantly surprised when she gave me this, i was in love at the very first sight!!! And it's very rare she'd buy me something white to wear (Chinese traditions lah, she hates black and or white for clothing haha), of course it's mixed with creme but at least the skirt's completely white haha. 

Not only the dresses she got me mostly not my style (coz i'd wear them anyway, i'll style them to suit my style haha), but the size's almost always off. If it's not super small that not even #Undecided can squeeze in them (which means i'd have to alter them *sigh*) then it'd be super huge than it can fit both me and #Undecided together ahahahaha. Anyway, this one's really perfect, both in style and size. Fits me like a glove. A proof that i wear size M:
LOLOLOL!!!! Sometimes people would doubt me whenever i tell them i wear M for high end/imported clothing (but not local or imported Chinese dresses okay, probably need an XL for that FML) and give me a "WTF, you're delusional" looks hahaha. Eff'em *grumble grumble*.

More #UOOTDs :p.
The fabric and pose made me look pregnant in this picture but i still upload it because i was trying to show my Payless ballerina inspired shoes :p
Everything except the blazer was brand new hahaha
We rushed to Shangri-La, which is located on the other end of the town zzz. I was also wearing that blazer because it's usually very cold in Jamoo, who knew it would be super super packed and HOT that day. I've really never seen Jamoo that packed before and we go there all the time!!! It was super weird. I guess i shouldn't be so surprised since CW's guests' already so much lah haha. 
With the birthday girl (who was wearing eye liners that day! Cheeky girl!), wearing a Dorothy Perkins dress (CW said she bought three dresses there for her birthday and chose to wear this one LOL)
I personally don't really like Jamoo's menus, but i guess it's already one of the best buffet style restaurant in Surabaya (not that many options). We go there too often and it's mostly similar kind of menus so i'm highly unenthusiastic lah hahaha. Also because i don't like buffet, i cannot eat all that much in one go (would be stuffed and nauseated in no time) -except when you present me with rice FML-so i always feel it's a waste of money to treat me to a buffet style meals haha. 
If i eat too much i'd hate myself afterward hahaha, if i eat too little i'd feel cheated LOLOL *kiasu mah...*. But this time i was wearing a body suit (because this dress has a side zipper and i was really scared for my life, hunny's super rough when he had to zip me, you know how men are! He once zipped my flesh!!! HUHUHUHU! Super scared lahhh!!! So i chose to wear my bodysuit to protect my flesh, it's better if he zipped the bodysuit rather than me right??)

I took some pictures to show you guys how Jamoo looks like, if you ever visit Surabaya or if you're here and want to have a party there haha. Most of the pictures of the surroundings and foods were taken with my Blackberry because i was too shy to whip out my camera lah! So many people, they might think i'm crazy or something (or CW would accuse me of embarrassing her in front of her husband's relatives FML).
Seriously super packed and HOT that day, people were sweating and grumbling, we kept on complaining to the waiter/waitresses LOL, i think they got some kind of trouble with the AC
Salad bar
Bread selections
White rice and Briyani rice haha
Noodle and the new pasta station
Sushi bar but they didn't have any tobiko WTF, so i didn't touch any sushi that day
Japanese soup and onigiri
There were other stations lah but i already attracted some stares so i stopped taking pictures -___-. 

What i had that day :
Baked potato was divine, veggies was nice, fish and calamary was yummy, sausage was bitter and over cooked -___-
Nasi Briyani and some rendang hahahaha, kerupuk and more fish. Loved the mashed potato so much i had a bit more
The body suit prevented me from getting more food (other than dessert), also the weather (it was hot and sticky, and later it rained like mad. In tropical countries mostly it'd be very hot and humid just before thunderstorm hits..) was making eating too much a no no. Here's the favorite station of that day (especially for the young girls, Bb and friends haha).
Traditional cakes and puddings
Birthday girl going crazy over dessert haha
It's Baby Boy's fave station too! Posing with Cv, my eldest nephew (whose age difference with me's the same with my age diff with my eldest brother, so we can be siblings age-wise hahaha)
Hmmm... chocolate fountain
Kept on insisting on making his own chocolate covered marshmallow haha
100% made by Baby Boy :D
His grandma always wrap him like this whenever he's eating -____-
Here's my dessert :
Chocolate pudding that's way too sweet, strawberry shaped Kue ku and my favorite : Vanilla Mousse, simply divine! No wonder it was finished first, this was actually the last slice
Cute Angku Kueh , too bad it was not as nice as it looked LOL
The chocolate pudding was super sweet and cloying, it totally killed my appetite hahaha. It's good though, so i stopped eating and not over eat! Haha. 

Oh, i was wearing white and CW was wearing red coincidentally (if you pay attention you'd know she's wearing her CNY dress haha, definitely must be fined as a fashion repeater by Fashion Police! LOL) and i quickly said we should take pictures as Bawang Merah (Shallots) and Bawang Putih (Garlic), if you're not Indonesian you can read the story on wiki , basically it's an Indonesian folklore that's a lot like Snow White and Red Rose haha.

In reality we're both very fierce and sassy persons lah, it's really hard to choose which one of us is the good one (Bawang Putih) hahahaha. CW was annoyed because "Huh?? So i'm Bawang Merah??? Damn!" LOLOL. Haiyah cece, you also too fierce and scary to be Bawang Putih what :p. 
Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah!
She belatedly realized "Oh, i shouldn't smile ya, Bawang Merah right" hahahaha. Look at this pic, i looked pissed, Bawang Putih looked meaner in this picture than Bawang Merah WTF.
Reversed role LOL
Look at the kokohs (been watching too much Running Man, i almost typed Hyungs haha, for non Chinese : i meant older brothers/males haha) chit chatting.
Only KC's missing :(
Later on as usual the Jamoo waiter and waitresses bring out complimentary cake for the birthday girl and sing and clap for her haha.
Bb and her clique haha, the one on the right is super duper tall and skinny OMG, she looked like she's in her 20s LOL
Our family with KW's relatives
With my nephews
I guess Baby Boy ate a LOT that day (oh, i just realized why i couldn't eat that much that day, it was too early lah ahahaha, you know i'm not a morning person right. I'd be starved the most in the evening, no wonder i'm so round BOING BOING FML) that he needed to GO right after the luncheon OMG ZZZZ. You know lah, go p**p ahhahahaa. Was bored waiting for him while everybody left already i cam-whored a little hihiihi.

In this angle the dress made me look thick around the middle, i am NOT!!! Haha
I asked hunny to take my picture in front of Jamoo, somehow his photography skill got worse lately and made his objects looks dwarfed and round (because somehow we'd be flattened so we appear wider) WTF. 
Unflattering picture of me but i was too hot and annoyed to take another one zzzz
Went to CW afterward because i wanted to buy a little pressie for LL's daughter (her birthday was last month but i only met LL yesterday), #Undecided and hubby was supposed to catch up with us there but as usual, she was running out of time and all so they didn't come. No surprise there. My shoes were pretty and all but pretty shoes are meant to be seen not worn in my opinion LOL, it was killing me. So we didn't walk round all that much. I was also tired and sleepy (couldn't sleep until 3 zzzz)... So i was relieved when we finally got home haha. 

That's the full story behind my niece's 13th birthday celebration! Hope you enjoyed reading it! Toodles!


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  1. Cute dress! :) I almost thought the lunch was taking place in Satoo Shangrila Jakarta, it's too similar ^^ anyway thank you for dropping by my blog, I've just followed yours :)

    1. Thank you, sweetie :).. ohh, i guess all of Shangrila's buffet restaurants have similar designs? Hehe.. i will follow u back as soon as the stupid wifi's back to normal, it's been down the whole day huhuhuhu

  2. bajunya cantik, pudingnya bikin post dear...def should try the toothpaste, it works great for a coffee lover..=)

    p.s Clinique nyaaa..dulu aku pake itu juga, saking uda mau habis aku tinggal di indo, mau beli di sini, tergoda kosmetik lainnya lupa


  3. Dress nya cute :' merk apaa ?
    Suka deh sama make up natural model gini. Harusnya pas foto bawang merah sama bawang putih di banyakin :p

    1. Dress nya replica Valentino, dear :), kalo ga salah di beliin di butik2 di mangga dua gitu hehe. Wah thank you yah, sering2 mampir ksini yah hihihhi. Bawang merahnya sibuk ngelayanin tamu ngobrol tuh hihihihi

  4. iyaaa, pas beli itu juga paketan gitu, aku kebagian lippie nyaa...bagus kok say, suka banget!=)

    thanks for a comment on my bloggg


  5. Replies
    1. Awwww, thank youuu, you're always gorgeous!