Galaxy Nails (+Review : TSF Nail Vita GR 901)

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Hey y'all!

How's everybody doing today? I am kinda stressed with my job today (wah, but i do feel kinda important saying this LOLOL, finally i have a job to be stressed of, right :p?). Seriously, i'm kinda pissed at Indonesian custom. They still wouldn't release my parcel, stating that i should pay quite a fortune to get it (for tax) even though it clearly stated that it's a sample and of no commercial value. WTF OMG. Seriously. I hope this issue would be resolved soon *fingers crossed*. Do you know that even entering the custom's office you'd need to pay for the pass? Again, WTF. My cousin L (who studies taxes and custom in relation to her parents' job in export-import) said i shouldn't have to pay but *sigh* *rolls eyes* you know lah. Haish. 

And while i was stressing out the whole day, #Undecided (and A and G) had flew to Singapore, i bet she's been having fun, relaxing and stuffs. LOL. The role has been once again reversed hahaha.

Anyway, maybe you've noticed my nails in the photos of my recent posts? This :
It's not a nail art lah, just layering two nail colors cannot be called nail art right LOL. I didn't create this color on purpose, it happened accidentally *LOL*, and turned out i totally LOVE the result. I think it looked like a color from an expensive nail polish brand (OPI?) even though i used dirt cheap nail polishes to create it haha. The pretty glitters again metallic navy blue also made this look like the in trend Galaxy Nails to me, no? Of course not as pretty and artistic, but a simple, dumb down version lah okay, thank you :p.

So, let me show you the step by step on how this color was created lah okay? Anyone interested? No? Whatever *sulk*.

The polishes i used :
Revlon Top Speed Base/Top Coat, The Skin Food Nail Vita in GR 91, Free dark blue glitter nail polish
Before i begin with the "tutorial", i want to tell you a little bit about the far right bottle of nail polish on the picture. I got it for free. Veet (yes, the hair removal cream) was having a promotion, with every purchase of Veet you'd get a free nail polish as a bonus. I love Veet (although i do not use them very much, just once a month or something) and i love freebies even more (epitome of Kiasuness) so i snatched a LOT of them to hoard. Since the small tube of Veet will get one nail polish (smaller size) and the bigger tube (which is the size i need to use on both of my feet) also only got one, i more in the smaller tubes (which i guess people use for underarms? Because it's seriously small it's only enough for one feet! Or is that because my feet's too big? FML) so i'd get more free nail polishes, MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously, i got like ten or something :p. And it being a freebies and without any brand, i suspected it to be very bad lah hahaha. I tried another one in light neonish green (all of the nail polishes contains glitter) and it was completely transparent, only the fine glitters are apparent. So i thought this one would be the same lah, apparently not! It is blue with glitters when applied on its own (no picture of it because i only tried it on my pinky toe to see the color :p), but very see through and er... muddy? Very streaky. What can you expect from a free nail polish, right? Don't expect it to be anywhere near the same color on the bottle okay, 100 miles away lah hahaha.

So, i originally used this color expecting only the glitter to came out, and i was pleasantly surprised because it changed the nail colors completely (used on top of dark nail polish made them looks slightly close to the bottled colors! Much darker of course).

So, as usual i started off with my Revlon Top Speed Base/Top Coat (Nail Art Overdose suggested i try Seche Vite and it'd make me want to chuck my Revlon's but since i still have stocks of this Top Speed i'm just gonna use them all first. Besides, i only do normal nails so it might not be that important? Check out her blog for super awesome nail arts!) and continued with The Skin Food Nail Vita in GR 901).
1 coat of top coat+1 layer of GR 901
Like the post's title suggested, i'm also gonna review this nail polish at one go okay :D. This nail polish' not new (surprise surprise, LOL. You know i almost always wear new stuffs :p), i've been using it a few times, that's how much i LOVE it! By love i meant the color (and application) lah okay, nothing else (i will get to it). I think i worn this 3-4 times already which is a lot, most of my used  nail polishes are almost full still, this one's significantly used okay! 1 centimetres off from the top :p (yes, this is important ahahahaha). It is a dark metallic grey (i'm nutz about metallic nail colors!). I believe this is dirt cheap (about IDR 20.000 or so? Under IDR 30.000 for sure), i got it quite a while back so i cannot remember anymore.
Looking at the bottle (boring bottle, i want ice cream shaped bottles like Etude's Sweet Recipe! HUHUHUHUHU, i haven't got any of them yet :( ) you won't find the name easily. I was super confused when i looked for the name for this entry. Then i just googled "TSF nail vita metallic grey" and it's actually Grey Rum 901. The first time i myself realize it has a name LOL. Upon closer inspection there is a tiny GR 901 numbers at the back, together with all the Hangul characters) but there is no writing (in English) stating that GR stands for Grey Rum so i just trust Google lah hor :p.
Application is very easy, it's super smooth and not very streaky. One layer's already quite pretty as you can see from the pictures above. I wanted a darker look so as almost always, i put on a second coat. This polish dries off quickly.
Sorry for the mess aroundd my cuticles, they all fell off after i showered :D
1 coat of Base coat+2 coats of GR 901
See, the color's very pretty already huh??? I was tempted to stop and call it done by this stage (this is why i wasn't into glitters before, i don't feel like "ruining" the color underneath, it's an OCD thing sorry. I felt like i'm not being fair to the first color FML). 

Now, like i said i used this a few times before so i know the staying power of this polish. It sucks -____-. LOL. Unlike other Korean brands (like Etude House or Elianto or The Face Shop) polishes that stays for about a week, TSF's Nail Vita lasts for three to four days and begin chipping afterward. I actually own quite a few Nail Vitas and in my experience, they have the same staying power.

I still love it like i said, it's dirt cheap, very easy to apply, dries quickly and the color's very pretty. So yeah, i'd recommended this for those who wants a pretty, easy to use, affordable polish but doesn't expect it to lasts long. Perfect for those who loves to change their nail colors every few days (as for me, i only change them once they are completely crumbling and fugly hahaha).

Moving o, after the second layer completely dry, i put on a coat of the freebie dark blue glitter nail polish.
Base coat+2 coats GR 901+1 coat blue glitter nail polish
Base coat+2 coats GR 901+1 coat blue glitter+top coat
The final look (after i showered and cleaned the cuticled haha)
By the way, i found the freebie nail polish' bottle to be very cute!
Cute flower-shaped lid
I was wondering how on earth i was going to use all of those useless freebie nail polishes (i know, i was like in a trance when i got them all, and woke up confused by the mad amount i got LOLOL) since their consistency's quite bad, apparently layering it with a better quality nail polishes helps! Yay!

Oh yeah, my nail polishes always prone to cracking (especially on the thumbs and index finger wonder if that's because i use them the most? You know, to type on my Blackberry, etc), does that happen to you too? The more layer of nail polishes i got the faster they'd crack.

Having one extra layer of nail polish (the glitter one) also didn't help the staying power LOL, it began to lightly cracks in less than three days but because the color's dark it's not noticeable at all. Then on the fifth (yesterday) day, it began to chip like crazy haha.

The length of nails that you see on the pictures was a week old after being cut super short, i think that is the best length for me, i love that length! Now's five days old and it has grow a LOT. Haish. Would need to cut my nails again soon, whatta chore zzz.

Well, since i am wishing i am in Singapore with #Undecided and the rest (my parents and sis and her kids are there too), let me leave you with a picture of me and Bb taken in Singapore on July 2012. Singapore, i will be back on June!

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