IBB March 2013 Make Up Challenge : Dazzling Like Marilyn

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Hey guyss :D

IBB's March Make Up Challenge theme's : Dazzling Like Marilyn

Yes, of course THAT Marylin lah, Marilyn Monroe, who else? LOL. Initially i didn't want to join it because.. well.. i've never used Caucasian celebrities style as my guide before, i think it's really hard lah because my face very Asian and i think make up techniques for Caucasian and Asian face's different, and also because Marilyn's image is nothing like mine *LOL*. But when i saw some of the other entries... i cannot help myself lah, i want to do also HAHAHA. So here's my Marilyn look :p
Wahahaha... what do you think? I always burst out laughing whenever i see my own pictures trying to look sexy or sultry *ROFL*, i cannot lah :p. Anyway, i think my Marilyn Monroe look kinda turned into a very gyaru look, so Gyaru Marilyn? HAHAHAH... Nothing i could do about my hair either, my hair's so long and straight i cannot style it look like Marilyn's sorry haha.

I actually followed the instructions on this site as close as i possibly can and still felt comfortable with, which means : there were a few adjustments lah haha. I actually loved the way it turned out *i'm really loving red lips nowadays! I think it compliments my pale skin perfectly, can't believe the first time ever i wore a bright red lipstick is just a few months ago haha, also for IBB's make up challenge!* and for me it's really wearable to go out on weekends :p. Here's the step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look!
1. Base.
I just had my monthly facial two days before so i have some marks that i don't usually have. And i only use acne-treating/preventing products on my face at least a week after my facials, so this time i used my Etude House AC Clinic Sun BB, set with Sariayu Bedak Jerawat (Acne powder. I LOVE this powder, will do a review in the future), oh also concealers for under eye and facial marks. I know Marilyn's look's supposed to be dewy and glowing, but my skin's too oily already, i cannot afford to apply anything dewy haha, i always make sure my skin's super matte because it'll turn dewy (oily... but it looks dewy okay!) within the first hour anyway.

2. Eyes.
Marilyn's famous eye make up's always using pearly (dazzling? hehe) white eye shadow with strong eye liners. I used pearly white cream eye shadow as a base to make sure the white eye shadow will be very obvious. Topped it with a white shimmery (i used Maybelline's) powder eye shadow on top. I used the pearly white cream eye shadow on my brow bone as well.
Fill the gap between the white shadows (also on lower corner of the brow bone) with very light brown eye shadow for contouring, i used a light tan colored eye shadow. Blend them well.
Apply liquid eye liner (Marilyn used brown eye liner bur since i don't own one i used my usual black Dior eye liner hehe. Plus her hair's platinum blonde and mine's much darker so i think black liner's okay :p) thickly, drag them longer than your actual eyes. 
Then apply mascara generously, you can wear falsies if you want to, i was going out and i had not mastered the art of applying falsies nicely so i didn't put on any haha. As usual, i used my Maybelline mascaras. Don't forget to curl them tightly before, Marilyn's look also famous for her flirty eye lashes.
Wore vaseline on my lips to prep my lips for lippie, it looked milky because it got mixed with bb cream on my fingers :p
Finish your eye make up with the same colored eye liner (but i prefer pencil liners for waterline) on your waterline, halfway from the middle of your eyes outward, drag them longer. This step is a secret of Marilyn's sultry eyes, it's mimicking eye lash shadows that falls on her eyes! Since i think it'd be weird if i wear black eye liner on my upper eyes and brown eye liner under i wore a black pencil liner and ended up looking Egytian inspired instead hahahaha. Line the other half of your waterline with shimmery white/silver eye liner, also don't forget to color your inner corner of your eyes. I have no picture of this step since i always do the finishing touch last, you can see it in the final pictures.

3. Cheeks.

Marilyn's face always looked bronzed and sexy, so i used bronzer as a blusher, also along my cheek bones.
Yes, i'm chubby, but i have cheek bones too!
4. Lips.

Of course, red lipstick is a must for this look! I (as usual, the only red lippie i have haha) used my Oriflame red lipstick generously. My lips are already quite full (this is why i didn't dare to wear bright lip colors before, i'm afraid my lips will look even bigger. Once, years ago i wear fuchsia colored lip gloss my my sis in law CJ commented that my lips looked huge and fish-like, even though it was a lip gloss and not very pigmented! I never touched bright colored lips afterward, but nowadays i don't give an eff lah hahaha) so i didn't do anything to exaggerate them.
Fish or duck lip?
Ta dahh, you're done! 

I liked my look so i cam-whored non stop hahahaha, lemme show you a few (okay okay, a LOT) :p
Oh, you can tell i kept on showing off my nails too *LOL*. I was (still am, this was taken last Saturday) wearing O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sand in The Impossible. Review can be expected!
I was going out so i didn't wear a sexy Marilyn Monroe white halter dress lah (because this is Surabaya LOL, and i don't do sexy :p), instead i wore a very innocent looking floral baby doll chiffon dress (brand : Cavalier, it was on a huge sale :p. My mum said it's a very nice dress. She seems to be loving my dresses lately i wonder why, she used to have negative comments on all of my clothes haha). Actually i remember seeing a picture of Marilyn wearing a similar cut dress as a sleeping gown (but it's plain white i think) hahaha, too bad i couldn't find the picture.
Had to wear a slip dress underneath because the inner layer of this dress' super short!
Always feel very feminine and princessy in chiffon dresses hahaha
Oh, i don't show off my accessories too often, yes? Lemme start doing that too haha! This is what i wore our that night (yes... brand new... the dress was also brand new :p)
Very thin and very pretty, i love love love this!
Kitty head blinged necklace
Classic looking rose earrings
Three stacked violet rings, a fairy with her flowers! Isn't it pretty?
All of those accessories was purchased online, you know from those local online shops that sells Korean inspired accessories (they are made in China lah please, why else they are so cheap haha), except for my rings, i bought it in Centro, obvi not as cheap as the ones bought online haha.

Anyway, we went to GM (with Baby Boy, obvi) that day, we were meeting up with #Undecided and hubby but as usual, they were running very very very late haha (so late that they only had time for dinner and later we went for elektromagnetic theraphy together, when we're done all of the shops in the mall closed already LOLOL) so we had dinner first. Needed coffee (zzz) so we headed to The Coffee Bean, and then hunny saw their new menus and i was craving their caesar salad so we had dinner there.
Hunny's beef something something hehe
My fave caesar salad
Want some? hehe
#Undecided and i both wore grey clothings accidentally so of course we had to take a picture right? Haha.
I love how the angle made my face super small hahahaha, and i was towering over #Undecided that day because i was wearing high heels while she was on flats haha
Okay, that's all for today! Hope you like my Gyaru Marylin look haha!

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  1. I like it! it's creative ^^
    and btw cute ring too!

    1. Thanks, babe :), huge compliment for an amateur like me hehe :D

  2. Good luck, dear!
    Keep up the good work! I love your outfit and makeup :D


    1. Thank you so much dear, you're too kind :D