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Hey guys!

I know i'm not even half way done blogging about my 7 Deadly Sins make up looks, but i've stumbled upon another interesting make up thingy (colab) from the wonderful group, GIG initiated by Rica
The theme's (i assume, she just said to use one of the photo she uploaded as inspirations :p) rainbow! *high pitched scream!!!! I love rainbow colors!!! So i just gotta do it!! Here's the picture i used for MY inspiration!
I'm only recreating the look on her eyes :p
However, me being me, i just gotta do it my way *LOL*. As i love pastel colors to death, i decided to use colors that i love more than regular rainbows, pastel rainbows! LOL! Here's my look :
Look at my fingers! I even painted them with rainbow colors!!! Okay, i lied. I've been testing nail polish colors at the newly opened Elianto (Korean brand cosmetic) in Galaxy Mall, somehow i managed to use 10 different colors (actually i only did five fingers on my left hand but after i informed my sis that they are having a promotion Buy 2 Get 1 Free for nail products, she dragged me back there so i did my other hands *LOLOL*, why do it half way, right???)

You know how much i hate putting on full make up on weekdays, right? I wanted to do it this weekend but then i got thinking, i can getaway roaming around with green, purple, yellow and pale blue (colors i've used for my 7 Deadly Sins looks) in my eyes, but rainbows? That'd be pushing it, even for me! LOL. So, since we went for another date movie this evening (tell ya more on the next post) and i already put on my powders and blusher, i decided to do this look when we got home (so i won't have to do it from scratch *lazy*).
Not sure if anyone's interested in a pastel rainbow look tutorial, but who knows? Maybe for a themed-party? Or Halloween? If you decided to dress up as a... err... Unicorn *sorry, i couldn't come up with a better choice :p*. So here's how i did it :
Apply white cream eyeshadow topped with white powder eye shadow as a base
Then choose the pastel colors you want to use, i chose mint green+baby pink+baby blue+yellow for the lid. Just apply one by one, like below :
You might need to build your colors since soft pastel colors are usually not very pigmented, or it's probably my cheap eye shadows *LOL*. Anyway, afterward i applied pale lilac eye shadow on my brow bone and green (another green color, not the mint one) under my eyes :
My eyes felt naked without eye liners, so i applied sky blue eye liners on my lid and black eye liner on my waterline (halfway in as usual). I used Visions (from Oriflame) eye liner for the sky blue one, i don't know if the eyeliner has a lower quality or it's harder to apply pencil liner if you used cream eye shadow as a base, but i really struggled and had to drag the eye liner with a lot of effort -__-.
I was already wearing a coral blush on when i went out, so i just finished the look with a pale baby pink lip color (from Shu Uemura).
Put on this trio pastel rabbit hair clip because it suits the theme :p
I didn't bother to put on mascara since this look's only for photo purposes, instead i decided to practice applying fake lashes again. This is the third attempt to put on falsies and i am super crappy at it zzzz. Also the free (super tiny) glue that came with the eye lashes set's a total rubbish! Not only nothing came out when i squeezed until almost the front, but the teeny tiny part that came out's a total crap as well zzzzzz. Don't think it's even appropriate to call it glue, LOL. No matter how much i applied it won't stick zzzz. 

I've finally purchased another falsies' glue (from Daiso! LOLOL. It's only for practice anyway, i'll buy a better quality one when i'm half decent at sticking it on), hope it'd work better than this utter rubbish of a glue.
I asked hunny to take my pictures because i had to hold a piece of paper so i cannot take my own pic (well, i can, but it'd be fugly).
Yes, i was (am, still wearing it :p) in my pajamas, but at least the color's appropriate as well right? LOL. Pastel themed!!! And yes, that's my Teddy Bear. I'm a grown woman who still love her teddies, sue me :p. 

Anyway, i hope you guys like it, it's nothing compared to the other super talented and creative (told ya a million timed already i am not creative, except in writing department, of course :p) ladies' entries, but hey, i tried!
Sorry for bombing you guys with make up entries non stop lately, i'm probably going to a phase (which will be a very long phase, given my history. I am easily obsessed and it takes a very long time to get over an obsession) but i promise there are a lot of other things i will write about in the future, at least you can count on my travel posts. LOL.

Toodle doo!




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  1. awe! ^)^ This is cute dear! Thanx for joining! ^_^

    1. Thank you! I had tons of fun doing it :D!