7 Deadly Sins : Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony

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Hey guys!

How’s everybody doing today? Me, feeling very tired and sleep deprived. Been going out everyday for almost a whole week, I’m getting so old, going out tires me *LOL* (NOTE : This entry was written last week :p). Went for regular facial today with my mum, do you guys go for facials routinely too? I’ve been going for facial since I was in high school. Until today I do not understand how people describe having a facial as a pampering session. More like a torture!!! But it’s a torture I willingly endure (almost) every month (sometimes I got too lazy, I think once I went without a facial for months and months, probably for almost a year) because I’d feel my skin’s super clogged and dirty if I don’t. I have a very oily skin, totally prone to black and white heads (the most disgusting part’s the nose area lah, every other day if I squeeze there’ll be lots and lots of oily black heads emerging, yuckkkkk) that needs to be unclogged routinely *sigh*.

*Slaps self* Okay, focus now. I know I said I was gonna write one entry for every look in my 7 Deadly Sins installments, that was when I thought I was going to do maximum of… four looks? And I thought I was only going to do the wearable ones, so I’d blog it with my tutorial. Apparently that didn’t happen. I did all 7 looks, including the down right crazy, only-appropriate-for-Halloween ones. So I decided to chuck three looks (one quite wearable one-if you’re confident wearing colors on your face, and two not so wearable ones LOL) into one entry. So this entry is dedicated for : Sloth, Wrath and Gluttony.


Sloth is represented by Light blue. I often wear blue eye shadows, I went through  severe case of OCD moments, one of them when I was a teenager I used to let myself only wear one cosmetic items (one eye shadow/palette, one lipstick, one lip gloss, and so on) at a time. I had to finish the whole product before I allowed myself to open another one. I know right, ding dong alert. So I once only wear pale blue eye shadow, for year. LOLOL. Yes, I feel bad for my younger self.

Anywayyy, here’s a a half way done look that I think looks totally embodies the word “sloth” LOL.
This is the end result :
Convincing, eh?

Actually when I emerged with my Sloth look completely done and I plopped myself beside hunny (he’s fast becoming my test bunny, a guy’s not very observative right, so if he laughs at me or saying I look crazy then attempting to go out of my house with the said look is suicidal :p. And I like to hear his comments too, wondering If he gets the theme right-practically never happened LOL) and looked at him expectantly, to which he responded “What’s the theme today? Mermaid?” Huh??? Mermaid??? Apparently beside being prone of looking like a Geisha I’m also prone to look like a mermaid (yes, this is not the first time I got such response, my niece said the same for my No Pink Valentine look). I love mermaids so I don’t mind lah hahaha.

Anyway, I know most of you are not as crazy as me lah, so you probably won’t wear this look to go out (I did, I went to TP with hunny, shopping and almost getting into a fight with stupid sales people), but this can be an inspiration if you want to do… say… Smurfette look? Or water fairy? Yes, water fairy sounds pretty :p *satisfied*.

Do your base as usual then use a blue (not light blue, darker blue) cream eye shadow on your lid as a base.

Then use pale blue powder eye shadow on top. To create a tired and sleepy eyes I also applied the same pale blue eye shadow under my eyes. Don’t worry, you can always “wake” your eyes up with black eye liners later :p.

Then apply white (opaque, I prefer non shimmery ones for this look) eye shadow in the middle of the lid. Be generous, make it obvious.

You’re pretty much done with the dramatics! Apply liquid black eye liner (thickly) on your lid, pile on your favorite mascara and line your waterline (always half way in in you have small-ish eyes like me, fully lining my waterline with black eye shadow makes my eyes appear smaller and very cat-like.I do like that effect sometimes, but most of the time I prefer styles that open up my eyes, Gyaru style) and the look is instantly wearable!
Had not applied black liner on the waterline yet, i always do that step last, after i change into my going out outfit

I put on a light pink blush on and use a very pale, frosty pink lipstick (Vision’s from Oriflame, I do own quite a lot of Oriflame products since they are so cheap *LOL*) on my lips, then topped it with a lot of gloss. We’re done! Here are more pics of the final look :

On sloth : yes, I am definitely guilty of this!!! I love lazing around doing nothing! In fact after a few days of going out and be social I’d want nothing else but to be a total sloth, scooped up in my room. Leave me in my room with a (good) book and I can safely say you can lock me in the whole day, as long as you provide refreshments of course. LOLOL. Yes, 24 hours’ fine :p.

As I said earlier, that day we purposefully went to TP because we wanted to purchase a nice, director style chair because hunny broke my current chair (OMG, he’s just too heavy zzzz). We’ve been eyeing this chair from Informa for awhile and now they are having a promotion, you can pay it by 6 or 12 months installment. The chair’s quite expensive lah, 2.5 million rupiah (around USD 250), seriously I know I’m ignorant when it comes to this kind of stuffs, but chairs are apparently very expensive, yeah??? WTF. Anyway, here’s my OOTD :
Wearing my old and loved Body & Soul jumper
Third appearance of my beloved tulle Joop skirt LOL

#Undecided doesn’t understand my obsession with installments, because I clearly have more than enough money to buy 100 of those stupid chairs in one go, with cash *LOL*, but I just don’t want to. My motto is “why should we pay cash if we can do installments?” ROFL. I try to take installments for all kind of payments that includes millions of rupiahs, and chair for me is super not important (I wouldn’t even consider buying the super expensive, sturdy ones if hunny didn’t break my current chair, I was happy enough with it already!) so it’s installment or no go.

We spent some time trying on the chairs and finally deciding on the one we wanted, and hunny asked the salesman “can we do 12 months installments for this?”, the salesman said no, the price had to be IDR 8 million for 12 months installments. Hunny said “Oh, okay, but we can do 6 months right?” and the salesman very confidently said “Yes, sir, totally. You sure can!”. So we proceed to order the stupid chair and all, he handed us the receipt and we went to the cashier. 

The cashier’s already didn’t look like a normal cashier, it was more like a customer service area. And payment took a LONG time to settle, so we had to wait a LONG time like an effing idiot. Like, almost 15 minutes. And once we finally served, guess what the cashier said “No, you can’t do installments. Not at all. Installment’s only for minimum payment of IDR 3 million!”. WTF??? Say it again??? How come your stupid salesman kept on assuring us that it’s doable then??? 

In case you don’t already know, I have a very short temper. This kind of things sets me off very easily. I was ENRAGED. I told hunny to cancel the payment and stormed out of the place, never to return again (I do not mean all Informas, because sales people and cashiers at Informa ECC are very friendly and helpful, not stupid like TP’s Informa. Plus the cashier was snooty and annoying). That leads to my next look : Wrath. (Actually I exploded easily but then I cool down just as fast. Went shopping and I finally got a Christian Siriano for Payless bag and I was over the moon instantly *easy* LOL).


Wrath’s represented with Red and I’ve never tried playing with red eye shadows before, so I figured this is the time! I used the brick red from this palette mainly.
Used the brick red, 2nd row right side for Wrath and used the upper two for Gluttony
 Final Look :
Fierce enough?
It was really easy, I just put on a lot of red eye shadow on my lid, extending it dramatically to my temple. I put on red blush on my cheek bones, under my eyes, for a dramatic look. I noticed the eye shadow’s not red enough so I proceed to put on the same blush on top of my eye shadow to make it redder. I went out with my sister and parents earlier that day (so I was actually already wearing light foundie+concealer+powder+blush on, but the blush on was already almost gone when I did this look, it was like 8 hours after I applied it) and my sis made me try on a gold glittery liquid eye liner at Elianto counter (I actually love it, but it’s a bit flaky. I’m interested to get myself a gold glittery eye liner from other brands that aren’t too flaky :p) and it was still there when I did this so you can see hints of gold flecks on my eyes probably (a lot fell off when I applied my eye shadow).

I suddenly remember this lower false eye lashes I accidentally purchase from Sasa.com (you’ll see it in details on the next haul post :p) and wanted to try it out. Putting on lower lashes’ a lot easier than upper ones *LOL*, and it made my eyes very striking. Also put on my (usual) Orfilame red lippies, put on a lot!

Hunny was taken aback when he saw me with all the reds, and he told me I looked like a Chinese opera singer. LOLOL. It goes without saying that I am guilty (ding ding ding!!!!) for this sin as well. I go into rage almost daily, just ask my hunny and #Undecided! LOL. They know me best.

I wanted to do the next look : Gluttony straight away so I only removed my eye make up quickly, i didn’t even remove my lower falsies :p. Gluttony’s represented by Orange, somehow when I think of gluttony an image of a greedy little kid shoving on cakes and candies into his/her mouth comes to mind *LOL*, I also don’t know why! So I incorporated that image into my look :p.
WAHAHAHAHAH so gluttony!
LOL. I only change the eye make up from my Wrath look, I used this Orange cream eye shadow mini from Red Earth :
I put them on my eye lid, and then top it off with the same palette I used from my Wrath look, I used the orange (top right color) one obviously. I also pat on the orange-y light brown in the middle of my eye lids (it’s shimmery) for a more 3D look. Then I lined my eyes heavily with pencil eye liners, top and bottom, connecting them. 
Lips : Applied the same Red Earth cream eye shadow as a lip color (I think I’m officially turning this into my lippie, I should mix them with Vaseline and create a new pot of lip gloss! I’ve been making my own lip gloss since more than 10 years ago, way before I found out lots of beauty gurus are doing the same *proud*), since it’s a cream eye shadow (not shimmery) it was very matte (and dry) on my lips, so I topped it up with a glittery lip gloss.
Since it’s Gluttony, I put on a lollipop shaped hair clip. I put on my baby doll dress in lieu with the image I had (of a greedy little kid), and ransacked one of my closets of shame (the toiletries section. Yes, my section’s will make a drug store stand embarrassed because I have more in my stocks than them) to look for cup cakes shaped shower and bath gel I bought at KL (or was it Macau? Hm…). I don’t really fancy the idea of being covered in real foods in the middle of the night so the fake ones should do :p.
Nom nom
Huh?? You caught me!
When I asked hunny to take my picture he commented “You looked like Mu Lan”. Hmph. Okay. I apparently look more Chinese than usual (really, most people points me out to be Japanese or Korean) when I wear red or bright orange eye shadows. Interesting.
As for Gluttony itself? Well, when I told #Undecided I’m doing a 7 Deadly Sins look she went “Do gluttony, bb!!!” because… well.. we embodies gluttony to the bone! (Yes, #Undecided too, I know she’s very very skinny and all, but she is a total glutton too!). I’m a total foodie and I cannot resist yummy foods, why else do you think I’m not skinny? LOL.
So, that’s my Sloth, Wrath and Gluttony looks! Hope you had fun reading it, or at least had a good laugh looking at my pictures!
It’s currently 1 AM plus right now, my mum (who’d been informed by our family’s resident spiritual guru, my sister CW LOLOL) ordered us to buy 400 sparrows to release at this precise moment. It’s 100 sparrows per person, all of us whose Chinese Zodiac’s pig (in this house that’d be me, hunny, Baby Boy and my eldest brother KD. Yes, KD’s age difference from me *and hunny, who’s the same age as me* is 12 years so my mum calls us pig’s head and pig’s tail -___- since I’m the youngest) should do that to prevent any bad luck or misfortune to befall upon us (because pigs are not in their best position, horoscope-wise LOL, this year).
It was a struggle to bring them home (they smelled like nobody’s joke, I kept on gagging and had to stuff my nose completely with tissues and stuck my head out the window the whole journey home, thank God the bird’s market nearby our home!), and if you don’t already know, I don’t like animals all that much. I HATE bugs and birds. They are so yucky. I really was shaking when I had to open the effing bird cage to release them, 400 leh!!! WTF!!! I know they are tiny, but they still have wings and beaks! EWH!!! HUHUHUHUHU. Yes, yes, I’m a scaredy cat, tell me something I don’t already know pfffftttt.
And if you think releasing 400 birds’ easy, in the middle of the night… Think again!!!! They probably were confused and couldn’t see in the dark, but it was a real struggle*not that I had anything to do with them, I ran away as soon as the cage’s door’s successfully opened. KD and hunny handled one cage each* to get them to fly out of the cage! Some even use their claws to hold on to the wire, refusing to be released!!! It took almost 15 minutes to get them all out *LOL*. This is new for me, in the past I’ve been told to release eels and frogs *EW EW EW, each time I almost died WTF* but never birds. I would take pictures if I weren’t so scared and stressed out already. It didn’t help that my dad kept on telling KD to catch one and throw it to me -____-. Perfect.


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