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Hi y’all…

So, I was thinking while I was looking at my past trips photos (as in last year and the year before’s) that I should write about those journeys. Apparently I love writing about my trips (proven by my super duper long reports of my Bali vacay). I loved those trips and I think some of my happiest moments on earth happened during those times (which means a lot because I generally a very happy and grateful person, I am almost always happy LOL. So choosing my happiest moments are not that easy except for when Baby Boy’s born, but that’s on a different league all on its own anyway) and I don’t want to forget them so I think I should write them before I actually start forgetting them. Okay! I will then! *managed to convince self* LOLOL. But not today ya :p. Today I just wanna (brag) show y’all my hauls (yes, again, plenty in stocks).

So, I’m actually still not done with my December hauls (can you believe it?) but I am convinced this is going to be the last! Finally! The hauls are not from one or two place, but some more. First ones are from my sis-in-law’s online shop Manekineko, Bath and Bodyworks products.

Pink Sugar Plum body mist. Actually it’s kinda crazy how most of us Indonesian purchase Bath and Body Works products blindly *I read it in some local beaty blogs* since mostly we do not know the scent of each products (and their variety of scents are STRAGGERING, it’s really hard to choose LOL) but somehow we just keep on buying them anyway. I guess they are also quite affordable and most of their stuffs smells great so, let’s keep on doing it lah LOL :p. Yeah… I know I don’t need another body mist, but who cares lah… :p… I love body mists!!! (not as much as I love perfumes though) This one’s get to be in my collection because of its pretty pinky bottle, and for its cute name as well. I sniffed it and I quite like it, so yay! But I have not use it yet :p.

Pink Diamond anti bacterial gel. Actually I ordered all three variants of this line (gold dust or something, the other one was black something, all came with a glittery gel) but CL forgot and in the end I only got this one because it was the only one left zzzz. CL (and Rosemary) said how crazy is a anti bacterial gel with glitters? It’ll be all over your hands (or on Rosemary’s case, her little boy’s face LOL), but I don’t care lah. I’m a little bit like a cat (no wonder I’m a cat person), highly attracted to shiny (glittery) things. But more glamour less dangdut (that would be G’s territory hahahaha) please.

Oh! I got this Carrefour vouchers from hunny (he does all of his hostel’s monthly shopping there and spent millions and millions of rupiah there)! Yay!

I actually wanted to use the voucher to buy Pond’s BB Cream because I am very curious to try it but when I went to Carrefour the BB Cream’s out of stock (dammit), so I bought these instead (but in case you’re wondering, I purchased the BB Cream already now :P).

Megumi wedges. It’s very light since its base’s made of foam-rubber. I saw this brand in Sogo and they sell them for over IDR 100.000, I bought this for IDR 79.000 only! I was looking for this kind of wedges because my mum asked me what I’m gonna wear for our more formal dinners in Bali, I was like “my flats” and she was like “flats?? Really?? You should bring something with heels!”, my mum hates flats BTW (but she cannot wear high heels because my dad’s not very tall LOL, she’d be towering over him if she does, so she wears like one two centimeters heeled sandals/shoes. I don’t want to bring my regular high heels because, well it’d look way too OTT and unsuitable for such a laid back place like Bali, so when I saw this I was like “perfection!!!”, its got height and still casual and beachy enough, and its got blings!
It's much prettier in real life
It’s quite comfortable as well since it’s so light. I’ve only worn this once actually, haven’t been wearing anything that matches this ever since :p.
Ohh i miss my gel manicures

Maybelline’s Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral. I’ve been eyeing this cute blusher for quite some time now (ever since its making an appearance in stores) but I was like “no need another blush, #Pink!” and I don’t, but I want to use the voucher before it expires obvi, so it was like a perfect excuse to grab this! It was… OMG, I forgot the price, it was definitely under IDR 50.000, I googled it and most people said it’s around IDR 39.000, I think that’s correct! I only had to add less than IDR 20.000 with my IDR 100.000 voucher, so it should be around that price. Have not use this either obvi :p.

Next : Ranch Market (a high end supermarket) and Next :D.     
I think we bought snacks and coffees to smuggle into the cinema that day (oh c’mon, I’m sure you do that too LOL, sometimes we just want to drink and munch on something that the cinema’s snack bar's not serving) and I was attracted to Ranch Market’s imported bath and body cares section (which is not very old, not super new either but quite new actually) and was attracted to this HUGE (750 ml) shower gel bottle, and when I checked the price it was only IDR 65.000!  So cheap! And it’s not even local. It’s made in Germany (wonder why all these made in Germany drugstore brands are so cheap here? Usually they’d jack up the price so bad I wouldn’t even dream of buying them locally).

Dulgon Rich Care Cream Bath in Milk & Honey. I was attracted because it’s Milk & Honey (love milk, love honey, and they are super good for your skin too, both digested and applied on skin, LOL. I mean the real milk and honey not this shower gel obvi! Don’t eat it, I beg you!) and it’s for extra dry skin. Whenever I spot the words “for super dry skin” there’s this loud alarm sounding in my ears, get it! Get it! The woes of being a wife to a guy with a very sadly parched and dry skin. I am always on the lookout to find stuffs to make his skin healthier :p. Was originally going to buy this one only but I wanted to use credit card to pay (remember, I hate using my cash, OCD thingy) so we had to round up the amount, so we got one more shower gel.

Dulgon Shower & Fruits, this one for all skin type. Super attracted to the smell, I’d buy the huge size as well but for this variant only the 300ml ones are available. It’s very cheap too, only IDR 35.000 but the bigger one’s definitely’s better in value for money, but I really wanted this one (smells so good!) so we grabbed that one. Btw, the name of the brand cracks me up, I told hunny “I wonder if you’d go gundul (bald) and gogon (stupid) if you use this since it’s called DulGon”. LOL.

Last haul for the day’s from Next. Like Marcs & Spencer, I don’t really shop at Next because I’m not attracted to their not so trendy (in my opinion), huge sized, matronly wears. But I like their accessories and bags sections, and when they are having a sale the accessories and bags can be very affordable (bought Next bags for as low as IDR 100.000 something before). I got these :

I am recently obsessed with this kind of bracelet, I think the original ones (I know its got its own name, but I really can’t recall it…. Oh I just googled it, it’s called Shamballa!) are usually made with diamante balls (I got the diamante ones from New Look but that’s from another haul, I will show you in the future obvi) but this one’s quite special because it’s made of (faux) pearls, very pretty and feminine! Not sure about the original price (must be quite expensive, probably more than IDR 200.000 or even 300.000 because that’s the normal priced accessories in Next’s price range) because they tore off the tags with its original price, but I got it for IDR 47.200, I think we got some more discount using HSBC credit card but I don’t really remember (I think so though, 10% more discount).

Stack of our diamante, (faux) pearl and stone rings. Very pretty, yes? I love ring sets (but I don’t like wearing them stacked, I wear them separately LOL), totally value for money as well since you get to a lot of rings for the price of one! Also don’t know the original price, the discounted price’s IDR 79.200, for four!!! (yes, must repeat).

That's all for today's haul post :p! Oh, me and hunny went to watch Jack The Giant Slayer today.
I honestly have never heard of this movie before, but hunny did and he was the one who picked the movie. I was skeptical at first, i mean... Giant Slayer??? LOL. But then i read the review and realized that the leading guy in this movie's Nicholas Hoult, i really liked his performance in Warm Bodies (which we watched  few days ago! Whatta coincidence! Watching his movies one after another, within one week! LOL), he was funny and vulnerable and endearing (as a Zombie, nontheless!!!), not to mention easy on the eyes.
Nicholas Hoult
And i actually loved the movie! It's very funny and entertaining. Loved Ewan McGregor in it too! It's actually a new spin on Jack and The Beanstalk, and while i don't usually like such genres (Snow White and The Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, etc. They kinda sucked -___-) this one was superb (for me!). And younger girls would definitely fall for Jack (Nicholas Hoult), i know i would if i'm 10 years younger (no, he's not 10 years younger than me-but pretty close FML, i mean he'd be my type 10 years ago :p).

Have you guys seen the movie? I recommend both of his movies! Very entertaining! 

Have a nice weekend, you guys!

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