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Hi guys...

It's weekend again! And for the first time in such a long long time i finally feel the way working people do, FREEDOM! LOL. I've not been working for far too long (and when you don't work you don't exactly keept track of time right, so weekend's not such a big deal) haha, it's been a busy few weeks for me *sigh*.

Anyway, i know #Undecided and i haven't really been doing our joint entries much lately (or any entry for her part zzz), that's 1000% her fault! She said she lost all will to write lately, blaming it mostly to her new puppies, even went as far as asking me "So this is how new mums feels? I'm so tired" LOLOLOL... I dunno how she'd be once she really have a  real, screaming, new baby? Haha...About babies! Exciting news ahead! Can't reveal it right now (but noh, no baby news from me or #Undecided yet, don't get too excited), should be able to announce it in a few weeks!

We do have a material for out joint account, i tried to make her agree to do it today but she was... Well, being #Undecided. She said she's sleepy blah blah blah, but i managed to make her promise we'll do a live-chatting blogging on Monday. I'd kick her ass if she bails again zzzz. I actually just got home, we went to CW this evening. Yes, it'd be a part of our joint entry, please do look forward to it :D.

Since our joint entry's not ready *not even started* yet, i supposed i should do my weekly haul post haha. Yes yes, i'm still going strong with my beauty stuffs shopping. All of the stuffs in this week's haul's purchased online.

First stop : Chic-Princessa
Chic-Princessa is one of the online shops that Rosemary introduced to me. It is now one of my favorite because they stock a LOT of ready stock items and their price's pretty low compared to other online shops. But if you ask me whether i enjoy shopping here or at Inten's Corner more i'd say Inten's because i like the owner LOL. She's very friendly and helpful, i do like that extra touch (oh, and she gave me crazy mad amount of samples whenever i shop there!). On the other side Chic-Princessa is very professional and efficient. And their low prices is a very welcoming plus, obviously.

Let's take a closer look on the stuffs i got at Chic-Princessa.
Milk Talk Body Wash Gift Set
Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash Gift Set, IDR 48.000. You know i have a weak spot for bath products, especially the ones with yummy smells (actually, any products with yummy smell will get me weak on the knees lah), i was always interested to try Etude's Milk Talk Body Wash, but their price's quite crazy for me. The full sized (teeny tiny bottles) costs IDR 100.000 or something, definitely not the kind of price i'd pay for body washes!!! (I mean, TBS' shower gel's twice as big and nowhere near that expensive! Etude House's supposed to be cheaper than TBS right??) So when i saw the tiny, travel versions, i gotta have it! And i got three for IDR 48.000, i think it's very worth it! I haven't used them but i sniffed them all, smells heavenly!! MY fave would probably be the banana ones, yums!!
NYX's S128 Spring Fling Palette IDR 205.000. I've been eyeing this palette for months and months, browsing to countless online shops to stalk their prices, Chic-Princessa's definitely one of the OS selling with the lowest price (i did find other OS with lower price but this palette's sold out there, so what's the point?)-all the while trying to convince myself i do not need another palette. Obviously the convincing part failed miserably. I just couldn't resist this array of beautiful pastel colored beauties! I just GOTTA have it! And i must say i do not regret getting this in the least hehe.
Tony Moly's Mini Tint Cherry IDR 17.000. I've always wanted to try liquid lip tint that's been a craze around Korean cosmetic lovers for a while but i'm not sure i'd love it. I'm much more of a gloss person, i do not like anything matte (unless it's my complexion, having an oily skin making me obsessed over facial mattifying products) so i just want to have one liquid lip tint for the sake of having it lah hahaha. I also am not willing to pay a lot for it, so when i saw this tiny version for only IDR 17.000 (roughly USD 1.7 hahaha) i naturally didn't think twice to add it into my cart. The other item in the picture's a free sample.

Second group of stuffs is another *sigh* haul. 
Like i said in my last haul , after the third haul i only waited for a few days (i just checked my Sasa history, it was three days later LOLOL) to get more items (remember, to avoid being taxed by Indonesian custom), just before the free shipping promo ended. This is the fourth haul (by now i've been purchasing stuffs there 7 times, so you should expect three more haul so far).  Like before, most of the stuffs i got here's from their Clearance section.
See the glitter on the blade's guard? Love! Haha
Kai's Hello Kitty Rosy Body Razor (2 Piece), USD 3.90. I know i know, i'm not very normal right. Why should anyone order razors online right.. But it's Hello Kitty leh, i'm sure other die hard Hello Kitty lovers could understand. That little mouthless kitty sure could make grown up women do crazy things like buying razors online. *sigh*. It was only USD 3.90 lah, so... 1.45 each? Not so bad lah, if it's expensive i also wouldn't get it. 

Sadly i do not like this razor, so i do not recommend this if you want to actually use it. It's not sharp enough like my usual, fugly but useful Gilette shavers. It's also very flimsy and slippery, hard to grip and use. Plus the green strip's not cushiony, aloe invested foams like Gilette's, it was actually just a strip of sticker, i do not know what it's for. Aestethically pleasing, but that's just it. LOL. Love the color combos, reminded me of Anna Sui's signature color.
NOYL's False Eyelash Value Pack 5P (NYe-505 : Long Under Eyelash) 5 pairs, USD 5.50. This is another purchase i did without reading the description carefully (and it wasn't the last also FML). I was intrigued to try false lashes (lured by many beauty bloggers who always seems to wear them and look so cute in their pictures), and i saw this on sale.. i was like, OMG cheap! Apparently it was bottom lashes LOLOL, so stupid. I tried them already in my Anger and Gluttony looks, they are very dramatic and bold, i do not regret buying this, i'll practice putting both upper and lower lashes more!

Don't know where this was made, but all the description's in Japanese. A set of five pairs plus that box (on the second picture), i think it was an eyelash case right? For USD 5.50 i'd say this is pretty cheap. I bought another 5 pairs set (this time really for upper lashes haha) from G's cousin, it was unbranded (she said it was from Taiwan but G said it's written "made in China" haha) and costs the same as this one, so this should be considered very cheap i guess?
Suki-Make Up Eye Shadow Platter 04, USD 8.60. Yes, another one bought without reading the description zzzz. I just saw this picture on the website : 
And immediately clicked it to my cart. When it arrived i was like "HAH? WTF? Why is it GREEN???" and i hurried to check my history. Apparently the only shade that's on a huge sale is the shade 04 : Green. Zzzz. I didn't even know there were other shades than the blue one in the picture FML. LOLOLOL. So it wasn't Sasa's fault lah it was my own stupidity. Thankfully i do wear all kind of eye shadow colors so i will definitely use this palette lah, i was just a bit annoyed because i was expecting the blue one. If they're having another sale i'd definitely make sure to purchase other shades (preferably the blue one haha).

Finally we get to the last item :
My Beauty Diary Valentine Chocolate Set (12 Pieces) USD 13.50. You know i've been a fan of sheet masks lately, and i also love rose scented stuffs and chocolate ones too, so when i saw this masks set i was really interested to try it. So many people are loving My Beauty Diary too and i really want to see if they're as good as how people made them to be. And i wasn't dissapointed at all! I LOVE both the rose and chocolate masks! I've used half of them so far, i will do a full review on them soon. 

So that's all for this week's haul, i hope you guys enjoy seeing (and reading) my madness once again... More to come! LOL.

Happy weekend!
Last week's #FOTD. Trying on smokey eyes and nude lips, was hoping that my long bangs made me look more mature so i can try on "sexier" look hahahaha

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