Me-Nail Exclusive 09 : Crystal Nail F2 (SPONSORED)

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Hey ho..!

Are you up for another Crystal Nail review? I sure hope so! This time it's the shade F2 that's taking the spotlight!
Super sheer, eh? Yeah, actually Me-Nail's SA already told me that it's super sheer when i asked how the color would turn out, she told me that F2 is suitable for manicures that require softer, sheer colors like French manicures for instant. Although i don't really do French manicure (or anything that requires more effort than just painting my nails WTH), i insisted on picking F2 because i really like the cute, neon-jelly (did i tell you that jelly is like my FAVORITE word ever? Geelll..leeee.... LOVE IT!) looking bottled color!
Crystal Nail in Shade F2
I mean... Look at it! Doesn't it reminds you of syrup of something??? Too cute!
So, of course i already know from the start that it's going to be super sheer, but i guess i'm a hopeful person or something (well, not really. Actually i'm an extremely glass half-empty kind of person hahaha) because i kept on hoping that the actual color would at least be similar to the bottled color.

No such luck >.<.
1 coat of base coat + 1 coat of Crystal Nail F2
The first coat of F2 is almost invincible hahaha, just like the mbak told me >.<. It only very slightly make my nails pinker. But even for a French Manicure i find it a tad too pale (i mean, you'd want a pinker tone on your nails or else you could just use a clear polish instead, right?) and would need a second coat. It has a thicker consistency than say, a regular clear polish-so the texture is very syrupy, almost jelly like (it's that word again, imma start screaming hysterically wkwkwkwk).

It dries speedily like almost all of the other Crystal Nail polishes that i've tried (i found one that takes forever to dry-in the end!) but there's one thing that made this particular shade stood out from the 13 bottles of Crystal Nails that i have : it's scented! I didn't even realized it at first (because i really don't have the habit of sniffing my nail polish's bottles or my freshly painted nails-unless i knew from the start that i am using a scented nail polish!) but after a while i smelt something sweetly fruity and then i realized that it's the nail polish! Hahaha. So silly. Anyway, the scent's really nice and definitely a plus compared to strong, regular nail polishes scents!
1 coat base coat + 2 coats F2
With two coats, the color turned pinkier, i would say that it's the perfect shade for a French Manicure. It confuses me a bit that the color looks pinky instead of orange-ish like the bottled color, but turned out you need to use more than two coats to bring out the true color of the polish. The second layer takes a bit longer to dry but at still on an OK time.

If you just want a hint of color on your nails, like maybe your workplace won't let you wear loud colors on your nail-then two coats of F2 would do nicely. As for me, it was way too sheer and i felt like my nails looked too naked so i decided to use it as a base for flake polishes and used Etude X Disney XOXO Minnie in the Nails #6 Minnie Black Face (full review here).

Instead of just using it as a base though, i tried to do this technique that i've always been quite curious of : jelly sandwich manicure. So after the flakes, i applied another coat of F2 in place of the usual clear top coat.
And here's the result!
It's quite nice! And finally with the third coat, the color become more orangey! Anyway, most of Crystal Nail polishes has pretty great staying power, however Etude's Minnie in the Nails also have spectacular staying power! So i have no idea if this manicure would've stayed for as long as it did (it only starting to chip on the 8th day. It could've stayed even longer than 8 days while still looking decent but i peeled them off because i was supposed to attend the Water Marble Nail Art Workshop, which ended up being re-scheduled) if i used my normal top coat only.

In a more negative note, this is the first time ever after 7 positive reviews i wrote about Crystal Nails that i've been disappointed by their product. This has NEVER happened before (or after)s, my nails always stayed perfectly healthy (despite being slightly yellow from the constant use of nail polishes, btw i ALWAYS use base coats), that's why i was extremely shocked when i removed this particular color and it actually stained my nails badly *cry* :
It's not the normal yellow you might get from frequent use of nail polishes okay, this is deep stains!
Now, this is a sponsored post, but i've always (and have every intention of staying that way for as long as i blog) been nothing but honest when i review products-sponsored or not. I also immediately contacted Me-Nail's owner (yes, my cousin L, but i won't be biased don't worry) and she told me to go ahead and write the review anyway. She also told me she'd contact Crystal Nail's supplier and tell them about the problem.

I believe when a company/brand/store is confident with their products and services, they wouldn't mind a slightly negative review (coz nobody's perfect and all that) because they have nothing to hide and is very honest with their products, instead they use any criticism to better themselves. Thumbs up for Me-Nail!

This is a very unusual problem, most of the time if a nail polish going to stain your nails it'd be the dark, deep colors (like burgundy or black), not super sheer color like this! So i have no idea if i got a bad bottle, or it's combination of different elements (like my nail's health, etc)-i cannot judge this color base on my experience only. I do intend to try it again in the future and report back if it leaves the same stain.

I hope this doesn't prevent you from trying out Crystal Nail products since i did not encounter any problem whatsoever with the other 12 bottles of Crystal Nails that i have! Btw, other than the yellow stain, it did not cause any other damage to my nails. After they grow out, my nails turned back to completely normal.You can browse this blog with the keyword "Crystal Nail" to check out my experiences with the other Crystal Nail polishes.

Crystal Nail is available exclusively in Me-Nail for IDR 60.000 per bottle (after 20% discount) :

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