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Hi, everybody!

How are y'all doing? Great, i bet! Everybody must be enjoying their long weekends, huh? As for me, i'm quite jealous because all of my family and friends seems to be out of the country or at least out of town for the holiday and we're stuck here. But we've been having lots of fun too, lazing at home being a total couch potato, then go out in the evening (being the true blue night owls that we are, yes that includes Baby Boy), having good food, etc. I think i'm gonna blog about my long weekend when it ended :D.

Anyway, sweet Nancy nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Nancy is a gorgeous, exotic and sexy lady, she blogs a lot about her make ups (and they are amazing!) and DIY project, a very talented girl indeed, go check her blog please! I've seen this award on other blogs and always thought that's is a nice way for bloggers to interact with each other and get to now each other better, so i am very pleased and honored when she tagged me, thanks so much Nancy!
First, i need to explain the rules

1. Nominate some other bloggers
2. Let them know you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself 
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you and link back to them in your    
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post 

I am a bit confused on who to nominate this award to, since most of the blogs i followed are quite established and been around for awhile so most of them have already received this award at some point, should i nominate them anyway? Since i'm too confused i'm just gonna nominate a few awesome bloggers that i've been following (that i've checked and seemingly haven't received this award, although i might be mistaken!) :

2. Sabrina  
3. Sophie of Peach Milky Tea  
4. Melinda of Peachy Sweetness  
5. Lucie of Style Without Limits 
6. Falaqie Nila of In The Name of Colors  
7. Rica of Akirah's Touch 

I googled and it stated that you should nominate 15 bloggers, but i seriously had hard time finding 7 LOL, and since Nancy also nominated 7 bloggers, i thought i'd just copy her *shameless* hehe.

And of course, the 7 random facts about me :

1. I have a semi photographic memory
I said semi yah, not fully. I said that because my photographic memory is very selective LOLOL. I was really really good with subjects that requires memorizing stuffs back at school because i only needed to read it once and my brain would sort of "scan" the page, the number of pages, pictures, layout etc. But i'm horrible with numbers and cannot seem to remember them to save my life (so the memorizing part has a hole, i cannot "see" the numbers-if there are too much-in my "brain scan" LOL. That's why i never studied LOL, because i only needed to read the material once :p (as for subjects that requires calculations and formulas, i totally gave up and never touch the books, so i really never studied-either way :p)
2. I'm a human squirell
As in i HOARD lah, okay! I guess loyal readers must've known already, but i never disclosed the extend of my craziness. I've always been a hoarder, even when i was very little. The very first thing i hoarded was toys obviously, mostly Barbie dolls (authentic ones, i also had others-cheaper versions, but once i started buying Barbie i couldn't stop). I had hundreds of Barbie dolls, two Barbie mansions, two Barbie cars, hundreds of Barbie outfits, etc. LOL. Then i grew up and began hoarding books (comic books, novels-yes i read novels from a very very young age) and magazines. Then i hoarded music cassettes (yes, i'm from that era :p) and later, CDs. When i studied in Singapore, the madness over clothes began and i began hoarding clothes (up until now), i currently have thousands of outfits FML. Oh, i also hoard bags, cosmetics (decorative ones only) and accessories.
3. I've never been in love before i met my now husband
I'm serious. That doesn't mean i've never had a boyfriend before haha, on the contrary, i dated LOTS and LOTS of guys back then (to the extend of being called a whore by my peers, eff you!). But i consider myself only had two serious relationship all my life, my hunny is the second. It took me years to finally fell in love with him (he claimed his was love at the first sight LOL) even though i was already in a relationship with him, his perseverance paid off haha. He was also never been in love before so it was both first love for us (only mine came much later than his FHL hahahaha). Love and crush are two very different things okay, i had countless crushes and i bet he did too.
4. I can't drive
I can't, not won't! My dad claimed i was traumatized when i was little and turned on the car's machine while standing outside the car, i was dragged a few metres with my hands still inside the car holding the key. I don't think so, i do still remember it vividly, but i'm not sure i'm traumatized. I just SUCK at driving. Tried taking a lesson, the second day the driver from the first day was replaced because the first guy was sick. I'm worried if i might've caused him a heart attack or something FHL. I kept on almost hitting other car while learning, and once i almost send a rickshaw driver (inside his rickshaw) flying into the errr...was it a river? I cannot find the right word zzzz. He was jerked awake at once. There are countless other incidents not to mention hunny kept on yelling at me when i tried to drive (he said i'm the worst driver in the world) so i gave up.
5. I hated going out when i was little
Yes, once upon a time this was true. I love nothing more than staying in the safety of my own room. I hated going out and my parents used to bribe me with money to get me to go out. Still i refused. How stupid was i? Nowadays i tend to go out as much as i possibly can and sometimes i wonder, how come nobody's giving me money to try to make me go out anymore?
Me-when you try to make me go out when i was little? LOL
6. I can live in my dresses
I don't really wear jeans/pants anymore. I used to live in my jeans when i was a teenager, clearly because it was like the only trend back then *LOL*, i don't think pretty dresses were available back then yet (at least it was not as readily available like now) until one day the dress trend hits and i never looked back since. I love to wear nothing else but dresses (or skirts), and i feel much more comfortable and liberated in them than in pants or jeans. I do wear jegging, legging and hot pants (to layer with leggings/tights) but that's like 10% of the time, the other 90% i would be in dresses.
7. I HATE phone rings
I really do!! Whole-heartedly! Whenever the phone (or hand phone) rings i would feel the strong urge to fling them into the sea. It's just so annoying!!!! My Blackberry is always on a silent mode and i keep on having missed calls LOL. Told ya not to call me, people! Text, BBM, e-mail me! I don't do phones! Yea, i hate talking on the phone too, which is weird because when i was younger i used to have the phone plastered on my ears. During our junior high school day #Undecided and i talked on the phone for hours every day. This lasted til high school when handphones were started to trend, and i discovered the beauty of text-messaging. Nowadays even when i'm aware that you're calling i (most probably) wouldn't pick up. Don't call me, people!!!
Hope y'all enjoy this entry, i totally enjoyed rambling randomly about myself *narcissistic* LOL! Don't forget to leave me your link if you've done this! Since this blog is owned by two persons i might make #Undecided write her own version. Oh yeah, i'm so amazed (and ecstatic!) that we passed 10.000 views a few days ago, not even 4 months since we started! Thank you, dear readers! You rocks!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! There's still one more day, yay!
Me and Hunny when we first bought this camera (about 2 years ago?) i looked kinda different with blue lenses, eh? LOL

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  1. Thank you for the nomination!! *smooch*

  2. Thank you for nominating me! :D

  3. congrats!! the first fact is so cool xD i wish i had it

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    let me know ^^ visit my blog ^^

  4. thanks ^^ follow you on bloglovin and g+

  5. Thank you for the nomination <3
    Really fun reading the all 7 facts of you!

    1. You're welcome! :D, looking forward to read yours!

  6. so fun reading your blog dear..hehe..
    thanks so much for a kindly description about me, such an honored..hahha..

    good to know fellow


    1. Ohh, we're the same species? Homo sahoarder? LOLOL

  7. Much love,
    "Thank you for the post :)