Me-Nail Exclusive 11 : Crystal Nail NG4 (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys...

My heart's broken to pieces #dramatic, my beloved Esprique double shine powder that i now use everytime i wear any makeup to highlight my nose bridge's broken *to pieces. Like my heart!* huhuhuhu... I actually dropped it plenty of times in the past and at worse it cracked a bit in the edge-a few days ago it flew out of my bag and landed in a sink's table not too far away, and the powder crumbled away T.T. I think it's getting thin so it can no longer withold strong bumps :(... of course it's still usable but it's not pretty anymoreeeee #whine. Only hardcore beauty junkies with OCDs can understand my anguish...

Okay, dramatics out of the way. Time to get down to business! Eh, i need to apologize first. I have no idea how but lately i seem to forget snapping pictures of my manicures' final result holding the nail polish's bottle, which is unforgivable in my book! I contemplating re-using the nail polishes just to take that pic, but then i realized that i forgot to do that not to one color, but three... The line of untouched nail polishes are just too long to justify re-using three different nail polishes just to take one particular shot for every color while i already have very clear pics of the nail polishes used anyway.... so.... Imma post them anyway T.T.

And today i am going to review yet another one of my Crystal Nail collection, kindly sponsored by Me-Nail of course :
Crystal Nail in shade NG4
It's a gorgeous, heavily glittery purple-silver shade!
Isn't my Little Pony figurine cute #momentarilydistracted
I thought this was a purple nail polish with silver glitters, but it's actually almost equally silver than it is purple... Does that make any sense at all?
Here let me explain what i mean... I was expecting the polish to be mainly purple-so when the first coat looks super pale and silver-ish, i was quite surprised!
1 coat of base coat (Revlon Top Speed) + 1 coat of NG4
First coat is quite thin and quite uneven-which i totally expected. And since the silver is very strong as well, the color looks very pale with one coat. There was once a time where i liked using pale, soft colors on my nails and nothing else-those days are long gone. I like dark, neon or strongly glittery nails better now (the louder the better, i guess :p) so when i saw how pale and soft one coat of this shade was, i honestly felt a bit underwhelmed.

It dries very speedily like most of the Crystal Nail polishes that i have.
1 coat of base coat + 2 coats of NG4
With the second coat NG4's already opaque (so i didn't feel the need to add the third coat) and i was excited when i can see the pretty purple base better! The silver is still very strong making the shade appear very metallic from afar but up close and personal you can see that it's infused with very fine and beautiful glitters (loads of them)! It's very pretty and shimmery, so those feelings of disappointment of one coat disappear very fast into thin air hahaha.

Although it's clearly glittery, unlike the other shades of Crystal Nail glitter nail polishes that i've tried, NG4's glitters are tiny with no big chunks of large and rough ones so the textures of the surface after it dries also differs from the others. It is quite smooth with no bumps and rough edges that might snag into clothing or other things. The second coat also dries very fast so you do not need to spend a lot of time with minimal movements to prevent your nails from smudging, perfect for someone as impatient as me!

With one thin coat of Revlon Top Speed as the top coat, NG4 stays perfect for 10 days without chipping. I am so spoilt with Crystal Nail's staying power that i was actually shocked when i started using other brands again recently and it chipped on the second day! I don't think i can ever go back to nail polishes with very bad staying power now :(....

Crystal Nail is available exclusively in Me-Nail for IDR 60.000 per bottle after 20% off and you can get 10% off on top of that if you quote "Pink and Undecided" upon your purchase (both online and offline)! 
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That's me posing with NG4 and some flash tattoos, also from Me-Nail! 

Btw, my All About Pink Giveaway has ended and i will announce the winners soon ^^. I am planning another giveaway in collaboration with Bangkok Beauty, i hope you're excited!

Toodles for now!


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  1. WOW! Those glittery nails make you look more like a princess. The color turned out to be so adorable after two coats. It's opaque enough and it's great that it's quick to dry. Staying power is also incredible. Hope to also try out this brand! :)

    1. Thank you dear, i do love myself some glitters ^^!

  2. cantik , ada gliter2 nya <3

  3. Its so attractive, I like the sparkling nails.