Me-Nail Exclusive 10 : Crystal Nail H7 (SPONSORED)

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Hi everybody...

I'm in rotten mood lately, everything seems to be pissing me off-yes it's related to my never ending PMS combined with shitty things going around me lately. From my son's weird behaviors that needing correction-which i find hard to deal with because doing it the soft way doesn't work and doing it the hard way (as in telling him sternly and might involves some yelling, i don't believe in hitting your child even though i might've lost it once and smacked his butt when he was being really naughty :p) and disturbing news about... 

Sigh, i dunno how much i should reveal publicly, but let's say that it's a bit "supernatural", but not the ghostly kind *LOL*. I might elaborate in another post, if i can get over how silly the whole thing sounds. I always find penning down my thoughts to put me in a better mood, but perhaps for the very first time i would have to lock that blog post and only let certain people read it *sigh*. I hate secrets hahaha.

Anyway... Rotten mood or not, i still need to keep this blog alive if it kills me, can you believe we've come to double digits for Me-Nail exclusive already? Today imma review this beautiful bright glittery pink color from Crystal Nail :
Crystal Nail shade H7
Isn't it pweeetyyyyy???? I lurrvveeeee it :D! Definitely one of my favorite colors from them (i know i keep saying this, but it's true! It totally a close second from my ultimate fave!).
To be completely honest with you, the bottled color didn't excite me too much. It seems quite... common. You know, bright pink. Glitters. Yada. But it translates so beautifully on nails!
The color on the bottle is a lot darker than when applied, in this case i like it that way!
This is how the nail polish looks with one coat :
1 coat of base coat + 1 coat of H7
Sorry about the gross looking nails, maybe you forgot how another shade (a sheer one, of all shades!) of Crystal Nail actually stained my nails so bad that they were severely yellow after i removed it? Thank God no such problem recurred with any other Crystal Nail polishes that i own!

Anyway, one coat of H7, like most nail polishes-is streaky, uneven and a bit patchy. The glitters also aren't as jam-packed like how i like them to be. You can still see my yellow nails peeking out under the color. As usual, it dries very fast.

1 coat of base coat + 2 coats of H7
Much better already! H7 doesn't need a third coat since two coats already make the color opaque, even and completely concealed the yellow stain underneath. The glitter also a lot more packed and so bling looking! I love how the syrupy, fresh color pops against my pale fingers hahaha. I personally think the color on the bottle to be a little tacky, but i totally love it on my nails! Very sweet, vibrant, girly and not tacky whatsoever!

Like all of the other glittery type of Crystal Nails, H7 also last for a very long time! It was still perfect on the 7th day but sadly we had to remove it (is it just me but my heart hurts when i have to get manicures in perfect condition removed!) because i was attending Me-Nail's Water Marble Nail Art workshop! If we didn't remove it that day, i'm positive that it'd last for at least 10 days like the others!
The final result with 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of H7 and 1 coat of top coat (i used Revlon Top Speed for both base and top coat)
I absolutely love this shade and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves bright, cheerful but sweet glittery pink nail polishes with speedy drying speed and remarkable staying power. Not recommending it for anyone who hates glitter (i love glitter but i can understand why some people hate it, at least for the "a total pain to be removed" point!) and... Nobody else that i can think of. People who hates pink, i guess? LOL.

Crystal Nail's available exclusively in Me-Nail for IDR 60.000 (after discount) per bottle. Get another 10% off by quoting "Pink and Undecided" (can be used both for online and offline purchases!)
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And as i recently learnt from #Undecided, BFN!


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