Looxchallenge Outfit : Color Blocking (+7 Deadly Sins : Lust)

10:28:00 PM

Hey guys..

I’ve just been informed by an online seller whose PO I joined last month where I ordered plenty of Etude House’s latest line, Sweet Recipe (I ordered FOUR nail polishes, one candy stick and one chocolate eye shadow), that all of my Etude House (I also ordered Peripera’s jelly tint) order’s Out Of Stock. WTFFFFF!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu! This is Princess Etoinette all over again (I ordered the blush on, powder and lipstick, and only the lipstick was available! I ordered them twice!!! I finally got the powder from another seller who’s stocking them. I gave up on the blush on already FML) grrrrrr. It was ready stock in one of my fave seller after I placed the PO, but not they are all sold out now *sobs hysterically*.

Grrrr.. By now I already ordered the candy stick (ready) from my fave online shop, Inten’s Corner (update : it arrived today!). Still looking for the nail polishes, eye shadow and maybe the almond cookie powder. Any one knows any online shop that’s selling them (ready stock only please, I don’t want to join PO anymore zzz)??? Please let me know if you do, greatly appreciate it. 

Okay, I’m ready to start on the actual blog entry now. As you know, I always join Looxperiments’ challenges, both the make up and outfit/nail polish challenge (they alternate between the two kind every two weeks or so) and it’s time for another challenge plus the left over for from last challenge (7 Deadly Sins) because there aren’t that much pictures to show for the outfit challenge so I just write them together in one entry lah okay!

So, this time the Looxchallenge theme is : Color-blocking. I love love love bright colors (not as much as I love candy pastel colors, but it’s the close second LOL), I’ve been known to wear loud colors (once I was stopped by shop keepers in PTC because they were awed of my super bright blue dress. They said “I’ve never seen such a bright colored dress, miss”. I think they’re exaggerating lah, it’s not that bright *delusional*) and am not afraid of wearing a few bright colors together. Color-blocking trend’s been around forever and I’ve always been a big fan of it. So, when I read the theme of this time’s Looxchallenge I was pretty excited :D. Here’s what I came up with :
I wore a bright empire cut turquoise mini dress with a braided detail, it also has a very unique twisted racer back but I forgot to take pictures, sorry :p. The dress was bought years ago at an FO (that’s probably no longer exist) in TP, it was dirt cheap, IDR 33.000 or something LOL. I used to love shopping at FOs in TP like mad, they had the cutest, cheapest stuffs ever! Too bad gradually the price (and quality lowers, but mostly the price lah) increase steadily until their price’s no different than boutique or local branded (like Magnolia or Gaudi) stuffs, heyllo who’d shop there then? I can get items from high end brands by adding a few thousand rupiahs when they are on sale, come on… 

It’s super sexy and revealing, I’d never dream of wearing it on its own (maybe if it’s longer I would, in Bali *LOL*) so I paired it with off shoulders hot pink ribbed knitted top. I’ve had the top forever I don’t even remember where I got them already (most probably from the same kind of FOs, I’m sure it’s dirt cheap too OOL). One of my fave cut is definitely Sabrina, it shows enough skin but covered my huge arms. Perfect. 

I wanted to add more bright colors for this look (but the added items I didn’t wear when I went out) so I put on a red obi (I think my mum bought it for me in MangDu Jakarta, probably less than IDR 50.000) and sling on a local made bright yellow with black flap+strap, it’s very cheap also (bought it online), it was IDR 50.000 or IDR 65.000 LOL. Told ya I’m no snob when it comes to fashion. I bought this bag years ago (maybe two) but have never worn it out yet *too much bag* LOL. I know I know, I’m horrible.

I was actually going on another (what else?) movie date with hunny, I didn’t wear the obi and the bag though because it’s a week day and I prefer much more casual and comfy looks for weekdays (not like many people will see me anyway). And here’s my typical weekdays make up.

BB cream+loose powder+blush on+tinted lip balm. I lined my waterliner with black eye liner here, most of the time  skipped that part :p.
One more :p
We originally were going to watch Killing Them Softly because hunny mistaken it for another one of Brad Pitt’s movie (the one with zombies/aliens whatever), luckily I googled and read such BAD reviews on this movie! And then I watched the trailer and was like… WTF is this movie??? I informed hunny and he said ohhh I think it’s the wrong movie!!! Later he told me he watched the trailer and stopped after only a few seconds LOLOL. 

We’re bored and really wanted to watch a movie, and almost all of the movies showing we already watched zzz (of course, with that pace, what do you expect, #Pink???) so we finally settled for the Grand Masters.

Actually hunny wanted to watch this from weeks ago (he’s a big fan of kung fu movies, and since Ip Man-wing chun specifically. I also don’t mind since I enjoyed Ip Man and Bruce Lee movies-not real Bruce Lee but biopics/that sort ones haha), but there were always much better movies to watch *LOL* and I read in some blog (or was it twitter?) that it’s boring and full of non-sense *LOL*. Hunny also read reviews that it’s mostly long long dialogs (he’s not a fan of long dialogs LOL), but we were like “screw it lah, let’s watch it anyway LOL *desperation*.

Our reviews? Boring and confusing. LOLOL. I don’t always follow reviews because sometimes our tastes are pretty un-mainstream lah, but this time the reviews (not critics, we don’t care about critics, we prefer other viewers’ reviews) were spot on lah. LOL. Despite having stellar casts (the always handsome and charismatic Tony Leung and wushu-trained Zhang Ziyi), the movie fails to impress us in any way. I guess I should expect it, it’s Wong Kar Wai’s movie after all (he’s a very well known director for his artistic and stylized movies), I personally think he’s very good in making arty, romantic and dramatic movies. Maybe we had different expectations since this movie’s mainly centres around Ip man’s life and we’re so attuned with Donnie Yen’s Ip Man movies LOL.

I also dunno why he casted Song Hye Kyo (for those of you who doesn’t know, she’s a very famous South Korean actress, and the only one that I found to be pretty LOL, and more importantly-naturally as well. You know how South Korean celebs are very well known to undergo severe plastic surgeries that I personally think makes them all look the same), I was pretty excited when I read her name and had expectations, unfortunately she only deliver ONE short line and generally just posing, looking pretty and tragic in the movie *ROFL*.

The movie drags on and jump back and forth, from one person to another (one character with very little thread to the main characters, it was confusing), to be honest I found it to be a movie that’s full of pretty and artistic scenes, one after another, without any strong storyline. Seriously, 14 years to make this movie? Wong Kar Wai should seriously scrapped it altogether *LOL*. So, if you’re expecting a fast paced, wing chun fights filled scenes, just skip this movie altogether. I personally think Tony Leung (might be biased, I do love him too much *LOL*) and Zhang Ziyi delivered strong performances, but that’s the only good thing out of this movie.

By the way, how's your Monday? Mine's quite tiring. Woke up early (again, for my standard) to catch Pizza Hut's breakfast menu with hunny and parents, then we went around from bank to bank, to money changer, to the travel agent where we have booked our Europe trip with, then went to TP to get the free lunch boxes we got from some credit cards hehe. We also went to watch Astérix et Obélix: Au service de Sa Majeste.
It's obviously hunny's choice lah haha, but i honestly enjoyed it as well. It was pretty hilarious and entertaining, in a very stupid way lah.. I found most of French comedies are slapstick and silly, which is hunny's cup of tea (i believe that works for most men as well :p) and i didn't mind as well. It's not as stupid as other French comedies i've watched before, this one's okay lah. If you're looking for a mindless, silly entertainment, you can watch this. Don't you have any expectations though! I didn't, so i was not disappointed in any way. In fact it was better than i had thought it would be haha. I'd take any Asterix movies over The Grandmasters any day -___-.

Eh, don't go and watch this if you expect any clever jokes or whateva okay! You won't find it here. And it was SILLY that they make Julius Caesar and Queen Of England speaks French ahhahahaha... And they made all of the "Brits" spoke super annoyingly too LOL. It's stupid and fun lah, leave your brain outside the cinema's door okay.

Oh, I almost forgot that I wanted to write about my last 7 Deadly Sins look (got carried away as usual) : Lust. Here it is :

I think it’s the easiest look to do out of  all 7! And highly wearable too, I wore it to TP with my cousin L to window shop (didn’t manage to find anything worth buying that day, oh L wanted to buy this FUGLY Mango bag, it was on sale for IDR 499.000-I wouldn’t buy it if it’s IDR 49.000, but hesitated too long, when we returned only an hour later to get it, it’s already gone. Much to my surprise, I was really shocked! It’s fugly leh, like a piece of er.. fabric/skin. Someone out there’s got as bad taste as L? Geez)+catch up over Coffee Bean and later for a movie date (watched Silver Lining that day) with hunny. 

More pictures of me trying to look lustful *ROFL* *kill me kill me now*.

Like I said it’s super easy to do lah. After base face make up as usual, I used a dark blue pearly cream eye shadow on my lid as a base then top up with a dark blue (shimmery) powder eye shadow on top. My powder eye shadows was unbranded from Sogo so it was not extremely pigmented like high end brands would be, I had to pile on a lot to achieve this color (but then again I am very timid when it comes on using dark colored eye shadows! So my version of piling up is probably not so much for others haha). I didn’t dare to go even darker (for a sultrier, more smokey look like the one in Looxperiments’ girl) because I was going out at 12 AM okay! 

The rest also like usual lah, thick winged liquid eye liner on lid, black pencil eye liner half way in the waterline, silver pencil eye liner on the other half and the inner corners of my eyes for a brighter, bling-ed looking eyes *LOL*. I was actually wearing bronzer on my cheek bones (but i used them sparingly-you can't really see it on the pictures, still a bit afraid of bronzers, i like to wear them as blusher though) I always associate bronzer as a “sexy” look, then reddish blush on the apple of my cheeks. I often wear bronzer as blush on whenever I go to a more formal parties haha. Creamy light fuschia lipstick to compliment the look (not the kind of lippie I wear often because somehow I think it looks “old”), somehow my camera picked it up to be lighter pinky. Zzz.

Wah, this sin’s probably the most embarrassing to discuss hahaha. Am I guilty? Er… Is it sinful to lust on your own hubby??? And occasionally on your current celebrity crush (which always changing but for me usually it lasts pretty long per celeb hahahaha)? If yes, then I am, in a way hahahaha! 

Here’s my OOTD :

Black knitted tank top (that I bought in bulk in Matahari Department Store, it was IDR 11.000 or something!!! Insanity or what? Very good material too! Very stretchy, loose, comfortable and versatile! I have probably a dozen of them in many colors, striped and others. I actually wore the green striped one to our Malang trip) with a (brand new, told you I feel the need to wear new clothes to go out with friends, or cousin in this case. And I have enough new clothes for a life time) small-checked dark blue blazer (that I also bought in bulk in Magnolia, I have them in plenty of colors, checked, striped, dotted, you name it I have it. They are just of so convenient to wear on top of any sleeveless tops/dresses!).

Also wore a bright green floral bodycon (not so body con because it’s actually quite loose LOL) from Cotton On. Did I tell you I LOVE Cotton On? I went crazy whenever I’m in Singapore or Malaysia and they are having a sale! Cotton On sales are madness! I think I bought this skirt for SGD 5 (IDR 40.000?), I have a few obvi. I miss Cotton On!!! It’s supposedly going to open in Surabaya (in GC), but I’m worried the price might be unreasonable once it’s really opened here *sigh*. Anyway, planning to go to JB-Spore in June with family, pretty sure they’re gonna be having a sale then… :p.

Okay that’s all for today, toodle-doos!


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