5 Simple Rules To Watch Movies in Cinemas

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Hi guys!

This post was written sometime back, after watching a movie with so much distractions all around us, that sparked my interest to write this simple rules to be a respectful movie goers :p. So everything went down that time, not really today hehe:p.

We went to TP today because I wanted to take Baby Boy to this Kung Fu Panda meet & greet. it’s his latest obsession, going to every meet & greet with as much cartoon character as possible, on December alone he went to meet Angry Bird, Smurf, and even Disney Princesses! I must tell you something, I’m kinda worried (not) that he’s going to be quite a ladies man in the future. He didn’t even like Disney On Ice and almost fell asleep when we took him to the show, but he asked to see Disney Princesses himself, pointing and directly asking me “When is that, mummy? I want to see Disney Princesses”, and the reason why? “Because they are beautiful -___-. 

And last year when we went to Resort World Santosa and they were having this show called La Vie, some of the characters would come out and entertain the crowd to make them come to their show later and take pictures with them. Baby Boy straightaway made a beeline to take a picture with the pretty and sexy Fairy -___-, wasn’t interested in any other character, I tell you!). Hm hm hm… My Baby Boy sure knows pretty ladies well :p (Rosemary told me not to worry and it’d mean that I’m gonna have a beautiful daughter in law, I really hope she’s right hahaha).

Anyway, while he went to see the show and play at the arcade, me and hunny went to watch a movie (like I said before, two to three times a week *wink*, and we avoid weekends because I’m stingy-unless #Undecided wants to watch the movie with us) and this time it’s hunny’s pick (obvi, coz it’s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger zzz), The Last Stand. It was surprisingly pretty good and very entertaining (wasn’t expecting it to be, i love action movies but only started watching them when we started dating, I used to think I hated action movies LOL. But apparently I enjoy a lot of action movies, but usually I don’t like the ones starring Arnold Schwazenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme or the likes. Seriously… Rambo? Zzzz…)
Other than the movie was not 100% hard core action movie (there’s a story and funny moments other than full blown actions), there’s another plus for the ladies : Daniel Henney’s on it!

Drool. Strangely almost all of bloggers I followed mentioned Daniel Henney at some point, so I guess he is universally attractive? Seriously, I don’t even like Korean guys, I hardly found any of them attractive (well, maybe Siwon and Lee Min Ho) but Daniel Henney is… drop dead gorgeous, y’all!! Saw him first at X-Men Origins (Wolverine) and I was like “who the hell is that?? Why so handsome???” LOL. (UPDATE : I obviously wrote this before I start watching Running Man LOLOL, now I exclusively only like one Korean guy : Kim Jong Kook hahahaha)
Obviously Kim Jong Kook Oppa has no relations at all with this entry, i jus like to put his face in as much entry as i possibly can HAHAHAAHAHA
Well, he’s not one of the leads and he mostly just stand and pose *and brood*, but that’s okay, whenever he comes on the screen it’s enough to drown out any boringness if there was any LOLOL. Anyway, I won’t spoil the story for you, it essentially a bit like S.W.A.T but with a different angle. And it was pretty funny as well, there’s even Johnny Knoxville (Jackass, people!!!) on the cast so what do you expect? 

And I love how Arnold loves to make fun of himself in his movies lately (or maybe the writer’s the smart one, but he’s a good sport for allowing it), just like in The Expendables 2 where he (and Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis) kept on making fun of himself (by repeatedly saying “I’ll be back” Terminator style), he did the same in The Last Stand. My favourite scene was probably when some townspeople asked how he’s feeling after going through a glass door and was laying sprawled on the floor and he answered “OLD”. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! 

It’s very entertaining lah, stupid Johnny Knoxville made it funnier, and with Daniel Henney as the eye candy, what else are you waiting for? It’s worth to watch! 

Anyway, I essentially wrote this entry not to review this movie but as usual I got carried away. Actually I want to (complain) write an unwritten rule for movie goers that should be followed religiously by all. I encounter three of these major disturbances today *sigh*, I’m gonna limit the rules to five this time so not to make you die of boredom (but if in the future I encounter more I will make a part two, yes it’s threat, people!!!).  Here are 5 simple rules that everybody should ALWAYS remember.

One : Do not bring you babies to watch any movies. 

Seriously, parents *shakes head sadly*. Just don’t!!! I have a son too so don’t tell me I don’t understand, I do!! I don’t think I watched any movies before my son was one or so, and I hardly watch any before he was two as well. I’m not one of those holier-than-thou kind of mummy, don’t worry. I have no problem leaving my baby at home (with his nanny) with family supervision (mostly my parents, or hunny’s mum), or left him outside to play at a playground with his nanny when he’s big enough like Baby Boy. Don’t you feel bad for your baby? (I saw a two or three month old baby brought to watch this super loud action movie by his mum today and he kept on screaming and crying whenever there’s a sudden loud noises, which is like, every five minutes)
WTF is that noise????
Little babies are easily shocked and I don’t think they enjoy being inside dim theatres as well. I understand if you’re a movie buff like me you cannot stay away from cinemas, but please, consider the health *if your baby’s repeatedly shocked and scared off inside the cinema he would most probably have nightmares and it's gonna be hard for him/her to sleep and it’d affect his/her health not to mention yours* of your own baby, also please be considerate to your fellow movie goers. They all paid the same amount of money as you, and they deserve to watch the movie as much as you. In peace. I was pretty faraway from the baby so I wasn’t as disturbed as the ones around him, but I heard at some point someone hushed the baby forcefully and I cannot blame that person. 

The parents should know better than to bring their little baby (plus their older child, who was not all that much older than the baby, she was probably one. Why would you bring your little kid to such gory movie??? Haish. I haven’t even bring my Baby Boy to watch any movie in the cinema once, he’s five. I don’t think he’s ready yet-he hates darkness, hates loud noises-fireworks scares the hell out of him, and he cannot stop talking for one minute. I’m still training him and hopefully we’d be able to bring him to the cinema soon, for something AGE APPROPRIATE like Ice Age or something, not gory action movies).

Two : Do not kick the seat in front of you.

How would you feel if someone repeatedly kicks you seat for two hours when you’re trying to watch a movie? Just my luck, but this also happened today. Even if the seat directly in front of you is empty, doesn’t mean you can kick and shake it all you want. FYI, the strong vibration’s gone to all the seats in the row. Yes, me and hunny was five seats away from the seat you kept on kicking like a horny dog (sorry, I’m really pissed) but we were VERY VERY disturbed by it! And this is not the first time this happened to us, more like 10th. Usually it happens when a young kid’s sitting behind ME (yes, I encounter them much more than hunny), and usually I would turn around and gave the parents a dirty look. CONTROL YOUR KIDS, PARENTS!!!!
I know it's in a plane not a cinema, this is the closest pic i got haha, same rule applies lah!

Again, I have a son. I KNOW what I’m talking about. Whenever Baby Boy flies with me I would always keep an eye on his feet. I would not let him kick and push the seat in front of him. If he does I will scold him and make him stop. If the person in front turns, I’d apologize and make him apologize too. That’ s called MANNER. I especially hate it when the parents ignores you and let the kid keep on doing it anyway, or even got upset because “it’s a child. You’re an adult, you should be more understanding”. Why the hell should i??? It’s YOUR job as a parent to tell your kids how to behave and correct them if they are wrong, not demanding other people to put up with you annoying kid’s behavior. 

Okay, I got really carried away, but what’s worse’s the kicker today wasn’t even a little kid, it was a grown man. My God, WTF? Me and hunny in the end moved to the front row (thank God it was empty) because we couldn’t take it anymore and we couldn’t scold them because they were faraway from out seat. ZZZZ. 

Of course, if your seat got accidentally kicked two or three times during the movie (I think five is the limit, more than that’s definitely not accidental) you shouldn’t throw a major fit !!! This happened to me in Jakarta when we watched a Thai movie at Blitz Megaplex which has not so sturdy (unlike XXI) seats, which would shake violently if you accidentally kicked it. I bumped the seat in front of me TWICE accidentally and the nerdy couple gave me a bloody murder looks, I quickly apologized and they still glared at me. OMG. Now that’s another matter altogether. Those kind of people are as mannerless as the seat kickers. Eff them.

Three : Take a shower, wash your hair and put on deodorant (and don’t take your smelly shoes off).

Pleaseee *wails*. This also happened to me today (!!!) huhuhuhuhu. ZZZZZ. I kept on smelling someone’s feet *ewwwwww* during the movie, me and my poor, sensitive nose. And this is not the first time either. I’ve smelled people’s body odour (hoekkk), smelly scalp (seriously…) and smelly feet in movies all the time. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on the movie when your nose is constantly (brutally) assaulted by disgusting odors???  Please take personal grooming seriously people, it’s killing other people okay. HUEK.

Four : Do not talk and discuss the movie while you’re watching it.

You’re not watching  a sport match and you’re not a commentator. I do not need to hear your views on every scene, and I do not  need to know you prediction on what’s going to happen next. It’s not like I expect total silence while watching a movie. I speak sometimes to comment on something, but not loudly and certainly not non-stop! Good God. Once I sat beside an aunt on a movie and she cannot stop yapping throughout the movie. OMG. Go watch the movie at home, buy the pirated DVD, I don’t care. Just don’t disturb other people’s pleasure of watching a movie in the cinema. Please.

Five : a bit similar to number five, do not make unnecessary noises during the movie.

This happens mainly when there’s a group of teenagers who thinks they are super cool watching the same movie as you. Yes, this happened repeatedly to me to the point in which other people would kept on hushing and scolding them “SHUT UP!!!” in which they’d usually respond in laughter. WTF. I was once a teenager too, I was once in a popular group that watch movies together in a group of twenty. We were loud and obnoxious as well I’m sure, but we never shout and joke and make fun of each other LOUDLY during the movie. Never. Loud, obnoxious and shameless before and after the movie, yes. In other (public) places, yes. But not during a movie. Never. We were not that mannerless.

Okay, my wrists’s kinda tired by now (which is weird because I sometimes write six to eight pages long in one go and my wrist’s fine) so I guess I got too excited (not in a good way) while writing this that I force my wrist to work harder than usual zzz. I’m sure most of you (unless you’re one of the mannerless people who thinks those five stuffs I wrote’s “not a big deal” then you can go away shoo) can relate, what’s the worst thing that happened to you during a movie? I’d love to exchange war stories.

PS : Because we're talking about movies right now, i just want to add the newest movie we've watched, The Croods.
Animation's definitely one of my favorite kind of movies (after horror, obvi), and hunny loves them too. I've never heard of The Croods before, hunny was the one who told me about it and he asked me to watch it as soon as they began showing in the cinema. I wasn't all that excited to be honest with you, i mean.. Cave men? I don't even like Flintstones haha. But i was pleasantly surprised because the movie's actually really good! It was hilarious and warm-hearted (like most animations are). I totally loved Eep (voiced by one of my current fave Hollywood it girl, Emma Stone)! And Grug (Nicholas Cage) too. Oh, Ryan Reynold's also taking part as the voice cast.

It's about a family of ore-historic family (that struggles everyday just to survive) that went on a fantastical journey when their cave (where they spent most of their life at) was destroyed. Ryan Reynold's character (Guy) joined them as Eep's love interest, he's some kind of hippie, prehistoric inventor LOLOL. One of my fave scene (it's not a spoiler, you'd see this scene on the trailer) is when Eep tried on one of Guy's invention, shoes. She screeched and then said "i LOVE it!!!!" ahahhahaa, girls will be girls, modern or prehistoric.

Strongly recommending you to watch The Croods for a fun-filled, entertaining, wholesome family movie! It's totally relatable  for ev ery age!

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