Me-Nail Exclusive 08 : Crystal Nail M37 (SPONSORED)

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Hey hoooo :D!

I can't believe it's already more than a week into 2015 (i tots juts typed 2014 *sigh*) and i only have two posts up, none of which remotely beauty related! I totally thought after being absent from blogging for almost a month i'd want to write nonstop, but no... As much as i missed my blog, the writing part seems to come back slowly *LOL*.

I just have so much stuffs to do (unpacking's a total B!!! I hate unpacking huhuhu) and so much on my mind (personal like the endless tasks i have to do but have no will to do so, or not so personal like the whole Air Asia tragedy :(... Yes, i still can't stop thinking about them :(... At least the plane's found already, i hope we'd get some answers soon instead of blindly blaming each other for the accident) that i'm gonna need a little more time to get back into rhythm. I have plenty of blog posts prepped and lining up though, my OCD should kick in anytime and things should get to normal (hopefully) soon!

To kick start the beauty related posts in this blog for 2015, let's start with my beloved sponsor, Me-Nail's product (yes, i am good to my sponsors *hint* *hint* *LOL* *kidding*) : Crystal Nail polish in gorgeous sky blue color!
Well, at least to me it looks sky blue *LOL*...
The color's in shade 37
I really love the bottled color and as usual, Crystal Nail didn't disappoint! When i used it on my nails, it turned out to be my favorite color out of all 13 Crystal Nails that i own! That's no easy feat coz i really love their glitter polishes a lot! Let's see how it  applies :
1 coat of base coat + 1 coat of M37
The texture of M37 is not too runny nor too thick, i would say it's just right to work with easily. One coat is a bit sheer, streaky and patchy. As you can see from the picture above, my nail beds were still showing through the blues. It applies rather uneven (some parts are fully covered while others aren't), but not to worry! A second coat would take care of that. It dries fast, as other Crystal Nail polishes-this is a quality that i really love from this brand!
1 coat of base coat + 2 coats of M37
M37 is actually opaque enough with only two coats, however it's still a bit patchy (it could be down to human error, you know i'm not that good when it comes to painting my nails!) so i have to maneuver the polish around so all the patchiness are covered and evened up. It's not hard to do, but i should mention that i added more polish in some parts to make them all even.

The end result of two coats (and a half? LOL. Gotta count the ones i added to even out the colors, yes?) is totally opaque, very bright sky blue (exactly like the bottled color), quite glossy (i haven't added a top coat in the pic above) and it's safe to say that i', really satisfied! It's just such a fun, pretty color!
Final result with top coat on, can you see how the color on my nail matches the bottled color exactly? Some nail polishes have the tendencies to look a bit different on your nails (and may cause slight disappointment if the bottled color is the one you're really going for), but no such problem with M37!
Staying power, however, fall on the poorer spectrum for Crystal Nail. M37 starts to chip around the base as fast as the 3rd day, and totally unravels on the 7th day. It's not a big deal, and it's still a decent staying power compared to other nail polishes in their price range.

Personally i am in love with this shade, it's just such a bright, attention grabbing color but still kawaii! I would highly recommend M37 for anyone who are looking for an unusual bright blue nail polish with affordable price tag!

Get  Crystal Nail colors exclusively in Me-Nail for IDR 60.000 (originial price IDR 75.000 with 20% off).
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Oh yeah, i wore M37 for my birthday dinner and it worked super well with my pop art, kawaii Harajuku theme :
What you think about this shade? Would you rock it?


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  1. the sky blue color looks so trendy and your nails so stylish polished in it! It is totally in tune with my inspirational mood for the new year ahead! I like the dense cover that the Crystal Nail M37 creates and I would love to try it, too!