Typical Weekend for #Pink and #Undecided

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Hello everybody!! #Undecided here... A special shout out (from me) to Arman - thank you for always reading my entries *wink* go check out his blog, everybody. He is one talented writer AND (surprise surprise!!) musician!

Anyway, I know I have been MIA for a long time now, so it is okay for you guys to miss me *ahem*, but I have been so caught up with so many different things, 24 hours in a day is NOT enough (FML). Now I know how it feels to be a new mom. No, I didn't just give birth, but having 2 new puppies has definitely taken up all my spare times but I don't mind. I love spending time with them, but boy it has been tiring!! Props to new moms! Respect! *shoving my thumbs your ways*

I'm sure #Pink has been keeping you all entertained with her ramblings, right, but it's time for another joint-entry (and yes you guessed it right, this entry has #Pink annoying me with her "bb, when are you gonna blog huh? huh?!? when? how about our joint entry bb? when? go write bb!" all over the place). LOL. Here goes!!

I am officially obsessed with this new sushi place in Pakuwon City's Food Festival (FF). I walked by that place so many times walking Jerome and Kalista and one day I was like: I have to try that. And so I did.
#Pink's hunny ordering sushi LOL
Apparently it is also one of Baby Boy's fave sushi joint (he's cray about sushi, that little kid) and after one Saturday evening of electrostatic-therapy session, hubby said that we should all go to that place and grab a bite (yes, we do supper - why else do you think all 5 of us are so fat?!). Oh about the electrostatic-therapy, it was the 2nd time we went there (hubby and I) and the 3rd time for #Pink and her hunny. It is such a simple therapy. You just sit on a chair which is hooked to a machine (which looks a LOT like a microwave to me) and that's that. BUT the crazy thing is, when a bulb is pressed onto your skin, IT LIGHTS UP!! This therapy claims to help errrrrr... honestly, I have no idea because #Pink talked me into it LOL. But it says to help (I hope I'm right) improve your health and lowers your cholesterol level. Oh and it's also good for diabetic people. To be clear, I'll let #Pink explain. 
Quick photo snapped with #Pink's Blackberry because we were afraid we'd be kicked out of the place or something LOL

Yeah, there are are actually three different rows of electrostatic-therapy seats, one for improving overall health, one for people with diabetic problems, and the last one's for people with cholesterol problems. On their(#Undecided and her hubby) first try we tried the overall health ones, it was second try for me and hunny for that particular chair, both times left me light headed and it was difficult for me to breathe. #Undecided claimed no side effects was apparent for her (the keeper told us side effects are expected, some would experience sleepiness, some light headed-ness, some would feel the need to pee constantly, some would be very thirsty, etc) but towards the end she said she was nauseated.

On our second time going there together we tried the chairs for cholesterol problems, let's face it we're not exactly spring chickens and the time has come for us to pay more attention to our cholesterol level and stuffs *sigh, cue grand mas and grand pas*, plus we eat a lot as we are gluttons -__-. This time suprisingly #Undecided suffered more side effects than me, so we jokingly said that i a overall not healthy and #Undecided's cholesterol's off teh roof LOLOL FOL. 

Anyway, we also suspect this cholesterol chairs to have a temporary insanity side effects because all of us couldn't stop making stupid jokes and poked fun at each other and we kept on howling with laughter like a bunch of crazies. I swear the uncle in the seat opposite us was really annoyed at us, he kept on looking at us with a soured and somewhat bewildered looks, which led to more stupid jokes (on his expense, secretly of course). Haish. Next time we'll try it again and see if those cholesterol chairs really made us insane.

Apart from the electrostatic-theraphy, both #Undecided and i were actually on a mission. #Undecided's looking for new hot pants, and i was looking for a red dress for my cousin's upcoming wedding (why do you choose red for the dress code, dear cousin??? Why why whyyyy??? I don't really like red dress, you see..) but i guess the season's been off lately because we're both don't really feel like shopping much (i mean, i still shop obvi, but it's getting lesser and lesser on the fashion dept, not that i need any new clothes actually...not for another 10 years or so if i am forced to be honest), i guess because it's still kinda winter-ish on most countries so the fashion's not very exciting (for us who are living in tropical countries with no winter whatsoever).

Okay lah, so hunny and i actually shopped quite a lot before #Undecided and hubby arrived (because as usual, they were like more than one hour off schedule, you should know that by now), there were a lot of offers in Centro Department Store, hunny ended up with four shirts and i got a dress+cardigan for 70% off (no, the dress wasn't red, sadly), it was super duper cheap and i will show you in future haul posts haha.

Anyway, #Undecided and i checked some of our favorite clothing stores and came up empty handed, but then we stopped by our fave (i must say fave because we have no choice lah hahahaa, it's the drug store that dominates Surabaya) drug store, Guardian because #Undecided said she read my entry (step by step cleansing routine) and she did everything wrong, she only uses facial wash, period. The horror!!! I was helping her finding stuffs to add on her (sad) cleansing routine.. She claimed milk cleansers broke her out and there was no oil cleanser available there (really! So sad!!! So very sad!!! We need more drug stores here! And more varieties on products! Pfffffftttt) zzzz.

We were somehow attracted to the brand we've never been attracted to before, Wardah LOLOL. I read plenty of good reviews on other blogs and was always curious to try them. They were having a 10% discount and i was really surprised to learn their super low prices i just kept on adding stuffs on my basket FML. And i found their pure olive oil, i read on other blogs about how beauty bloggers uses olive oils as make up remover so i suggested #Undecided to give it a try.

And it's surprisingly good. Well, so far anyway. I don't wanna boast about it because I don't want to jinx it, okay. Let me finish one bottle and I will come back to you with what I REALLY think. 

So back to the sushi place. We ended up ordering several different items. My most fave I'll have to say is this one sushi they call "tsunami". I don't think I had it that night with #Pink though (so there's no photo of it), but it's worth a try if you ever decided to drop by. Just ask for it. It's one of their specials. 
Below are the photos of the dishes. #Pink gives me grieves about taking such lousy piccies of them LOL LOL. Trust me, they taste better than they look :D.
Baby Boy's latest obsession : Baby Octopus
These two sushi photos below was taken by #Undecided, both are extremely blurry! ZZZZZ!!!!! 'm never ever delegating her to take food pics ever again zzzz.
My only criticism would be the sad amount of tobikos, zzzz

We were also having "cold noodles". No lah, not Korean or Japanese cold noodles (yuck, i HATE them) but the dessert kind. It was made by jellies i guess. Very nice also, you can see their stall behind us.
With our red and blue noodles hehe
#Undecided kept on scolding me for looking pissed in our pictures, i just don't want to look too round (i am more than 2 weeks late-yes my period-and am very puffy :( huhuhu). So... one more try?
Less pissy?
Oh I forgot to mention this. When I arrived (fashionably late as always, yes LOL) and saw #Pink from afar I was surprised because she was wearing pants!! And what's crazier was that I was wearing a dress. Okay, the role was reversed. LOL. So obviously we had to snap photos our ourselves - OOTD style. I cannot believe how many photos we snapped because #Pink's hunny kept on making us look like some squashed bread. LOL.
Dunno try number what already - we're TALLER than that, okay
Dunno why he kept on making us looked dwarfie! ZzZZ
And Baby Boy kept on insisting to pose along.
And finally some photos of the boys (see how us girls take better photos - no squashed bread here!!)
That was how we spent out Saturday night two weeks ago! Moving on!

Since the idea of this entry is to show you how our typical weekends are - let's move on to what we did last weekend.

Oh but first I gotta tell you that we had a date with Ndaru - and this time it was at A's place (she had a little announcement - which we'll share with you real SOON! It's safe to say that we're super excited to share this JOYful news with you guys!). Ndaru went a little cray and cut our bangs super short. We look so juvenile now (FOL) and it's only 3 days away before my trip to Singapore!! Damn it, Ndaru! I am so going to punch your tattooed arm when I see you again!

Yes Ndaru! We want to kill you!!! Zzzz! I didn't feel it was that short when he first cut it, but the next morning after i wash my hair and blow-dry it, i was stunned in front of the mirror. WTF???? HAIIIIIIIH!!!! Even my mum who never pays much attention to my hair whatever burst out laughing when she saw me, and asked "Your hair!!! Why you look like a little girl???". Gyaaaa!!! I was going through a "sexy and mature" look phase with my long bangs (notice my darker, smokier eye make ups), but it was very short lived pfffftttt. Please do not laugh at our photos below okay!!! Thank God #Undecided's and my my hair grows exceptionally fast so it should be more normal within one week.

One week is NOT quick enough, Pink!!! *sobs hysterically* (sorry sorry, I HAD to vent LOL).

Anyway, do you know we love to celebrate anything? Absolutely anything and everything! Like, whenever #Undecided's getting a raise *which means every year haha* she'd treat us to dinner. Now, i already told you i have a kind-of-a-job, and i'd be getting a salary LOL, totally a reason to celebrate, noh??? So i invited #Undecided and hubby for dinner at Pancious restaurant in Ciputra World.

Hunny and i (and Baby Boy) had a meal there once already and we loved the food, that's why we asked them to have dinner there. Actually it specializes in pancakes (hence the name), but we were starving (and i particularly do not like pancakes nor waffles) so we ended up having pastas, dunno why all four of us felt like having pastas that night! Before the food arrived we cam-whored a bit :p.
Baby Boy's nanny took our pic, she's getting better and better! She does had get a lot of practice! LOL
The most acceptable pic, i simply look ridiculous on most of the photos *sobs*, oh the sushi in this pic was Baby Boy's, it is his latest IT food of choice, he's easily obsessed just like the rest of us LOLOL

Then the food starting to arrive, munchies time!!!
Yummy nachos, very good!
The only picture worthy drink, belongs to #Undecided's hubby :p, the rest of us had mineral water or iced teas

We all had different kind of pastas, i personally think all of them were yummeh, except for hunny's scary-green-colored salmon something pasta.
Undecided's red wine sauce pasta
#Undecided's hubby's
My Beef Carbonara spagetti, so good!
HUHUHUHUHU my hairrrr!!! I look so much rounder than i already am :(
Hunny's salmon something
Crispy chicken. I was so full by the time this arrived i totally refused to take a bite, they said it was good though
OMG his green colored pasta was so so so good!!! I loved it. I swear I have ever tasted something similar (it's probably one of the herb they used - #Pink's hunny said barley, but who knows what barley is, right?!), but for the love of me, I cannot recall the other dish which tasted similar. And I hate forgetting this kind of trivia. So... I'm pondering still. LOL.

My pasta was super delish (for me, anything with wine in it tastes superb so whenever I look at a menu, I browse for something with wine-induced sauce and guarantees that I will love it) and to say that the portion was generous would be the understatement of the month!! LOL. It was massive the amount of pasta they put on each plates. You know #Pink and I eat like we're piggies but she didn't manage to finish hers! As for me... well, I slurped the last strand of spaghetti (even though I was so full - glutton? *raise hand* Guilty! LOL) because it was THAT good.

Originally we wanted to go splitsies on a desert (#Pink was eyeing this one desert with (maybe) bread shaped like a box and ice cream on top of it) but we were way too full and couldn't move our lazy bums so we went on and play with this bubble-makers (?) LOL. 
Ahh, this colorful box brought so much childhood memories! Anyone else played with this?
Messy, LOL. We'd been playing with it since the night before, this is what's left on Saturday. Now they're totally finished already haha
Oi #Undecided, the dessert is called mille crepes cake! Zzz. -__-..

I honestly don't know how to call this bubble-makers in Indonesian (maybe we used to call it "plembungan" am I right, #Pink?) but they are really bubble makers. The idea is to stick this sticky material (hubby believes that it is made out of glue and plastic - due to its strong glue-ish smell - smells like "lem UHU" to me) on one of the stick's ends (this stick is like a small and narrow straw - but sturdier) and blow *ahem* with care! Andddddddd ta da!!! Bubbles!!!

Yes yes, hunny also said it's made of UHU glue mixed with other stuffs like soap, etc (you can clearly see the color of the bubbles it made, just like soap's bubble). It is our childhood play things and we were super delighted when A showed it to us on her store (A's hubby owns a convenient store and after we had our hair cuts we ended up shopping for oddities there LOLOL), i was super excited to introduced this ancient play thing to Baby Boy! Olden days toys were so much more exciting than today's Ipads and X-Boxes *sigh*.

Seriously, we were being our usual crazy selves lah, you know... Blowing up bubbles in the middle of totally packed restaurants is not something your regular folks would do LOLOL. We were howling with laughters *again* and attracted a lot of stares.. At some point two cute little kiddies were creeping up on us in interests LOLOL, kindhearted hunny gave the kiddies one each :). It was a priceless silly fun, i will buy more for Baby Boy (and honestly, us too LOL), super cheap and super fun!
#Undecided's hubby blowing...
#Undecided also blowing :p...
And of course the very enthusiastic Baby Boy
LOVE this pic!
Baby Boy kept on hiding behind the bubbles tower LOL
Tower of bubbles!

After dinner, we went our separate ways, the hubbies went to drop Baby Boy to the arcade while #Undecided helped me "work", yes my job requires me to walk around the malls and window shop, fun right??? We were finished quickly (of course, we're very efficient people) and went to browse for clothes and stuffs. Again, we were severely disappointed because we found nothing worth buying LOLOL. Hunny was very surprised when we emerged empty handed, let's be honest it is very rare to see me without any plastic or paper bags on a weekend out :p.

Finally after browsing around to no avail (I actually was very attracted to this one yellow cocktail dress - which would be perfect to wear to Hario's (my college friend) wedding (since it will be low key and in the afternoon anyways), but I'm sleeping it over (still wanting it, FYI)) we went straight to Starbucks because #Pink was thirsty and I was craving for their new coffee: Asian Dolce Latte - which ended up super good! Go try and don't forget to say yes when the barista asks, "do you want whip cream with it?" because the whip cream is actually a special one.
I tried The Iced Asian Dolce Latte and it was super yum! The BROWN-colored whip cream is the special one! (No, this is NOT a sponsored entry - paid for the drinks ourselves).

#Pink and #Undecided at Starbucks. I looked terrified, #Undecided said i was terrified because hunny was scolding me for moving when he snapped the first pic, only my face was blurry LOL
So that was it. A low key, fun-filled weekend of #Pink and #Undecided. Like I said, it doesn't take something fancy for us to have fun. Just throw in some (preferably good!!) food and we'll have a blast. Every single time. LOL.

Happy Monday, everybody! And happy birthday, A!! You're officially 30 today!! The big 30!! We wish you a marvelous year and we cannot wait to (ugh this is hard because this is supposed to be a secret for now *bite my tongue*) errrr errrrr to have a blast with you along your new journey (yes, that is ALL I can say, people!).

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. hehe thanks... gua enjoy kok reading your blog! :) terutama banyak foto makanan begini. huahaha

    1. Hahahaha okay noted. More food-blogging in the future. I'll need to learn how to take the photos nicely (in case #pink is not around) and to remember to take them FIRST before eating! LOL. Thanks again, dear!

  2. haha, old school tiup2 balon...dulu suka banget mainan ituuu...=D

    thanks for a comment on my blog, dear...so nice of you..
    to wear short and stocking, you can try wearing black or dark color short paired with black stocking..should try, it will give an illusion of skinnier shape...=D
    kalo aku pake short item, mah tambbah kecil jadinyaaa...jadinya shortnya kudu warna terang...u should try..hehe..

    thanks anw!!!xxx

  3. Sushi is yummy in my tummy :D xoxo KJ