Event Report : For Your Eyes Only with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Rever Academy

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Hellow hellow :D!

Back with another event report, told ya i've been busy *LOL*, it was a super fun event with Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Rever Academy, For Your Eyes Only :
Group photo taken from Miracle's FB Page
Of course, we were invited by Jennie of Miracle a few weeks before :
The event was moved to Mataram room though
The bloggers were asked to bring three friends so i invited my cousin L, Lina and my junior high school friend, Fanni (Fanni is also a blogger, not really a beauty blogger but she writes about beauty too occasionally. Check out her blog here) ^^. Since L was coming, she picked me up so we could go together. She said she wanted me introduce her to Jennie (you know, lobbying *LOLOLOL* who knows  Miracle and Me-Nail might collaborate some day) therefore i asked her to pick me up earlier. She said okay, we'll go at 8.30 AM-the event starts at 9.30, the road's supposed to be traffic free on a Saturday morning so we should be able to arrive way ahead of time.

Nice theory, but never happens that way with L *what do you expect*? LOL. She never showed up to my place until almost 9.30 -___-. So of course, we arrived at almost 10 instead *sigh*. We met up with Lina and Irma at the lobby before accidentally stumbling into Merli (who's invited by Cynthian) and we went to the wrong room first -___-. It was embarrassing, the other room was full of corporate people and they stared at us like we were aliens.

Anyway, found the right room soon after #phewww.
Merli filling in the guest book
The view that greeted us once we stepped into Mataram Room of Sheraton Hotel Surabaya
Since we're so late, all of the tables' been filled so we just head to the barest table (with only two ladies occupying it) thankfully it was a pretty good spot for photo taking (and the fact that i brought the right camera this time 'round hahaha).
There is going to be a beauty class in this event, so Miracle's bringing all of their makeup related products on display-total drool fest for beauty bloggers :D!
The drool worthy spot hahaha
CC Cream, Lip glosses... #drool (sorry not sorry)
Such a pretty display!
Falsies galore. I didn't know it then that those are Miracle's very own falsies line!
After a while the event's opened :
Welcoming the guests
MC of the day. After greeting and opening the event, she introduced the first speaker
dr. Adrian Aries H. As soon as Cynthian arrived, the first thing she asked me was "Ce, why the doctor's so handsome?" LOLOLOL. That crazy kid.
Like the theme, this event is all about eyes
There are a lot of problems that can arise around our eye area as we get older, like wrinkles (which i don't have a lot yet, but there are some fine lines under my eyes that i'd really love to get rid of!)
Well this, i definitely have haha
Hm... My eye bags appear whenever i'm super tired and don't get enough sleep, but they are not a big concern for me as they go away easily
The doctor's apparently quite humorist, we all laughed when this pic of our former President with his notorious eye bags appeared
Hm, i'd think someone as rich and famous as Paris Hilton would've taken care of this problem ASAP, i guess it doesn't bother her much?
Syringoma is a form of benign skin cancer that can be easily removed by dermatologists. I think i have one under my right eyes, i didn't know what it was but looking at this pic i think that might be this!!! #panic
Another benign skin cancer
There are a lot of treatments that can be done to treat those problems, such as botox injection to get rid of wrinkles and creases at the side of the eyes, muscle thickening on lower eye lid, also to lift the eyebrows. Chemical Peel (Eye Revitalizing Peel) to take care of dark circle, i've tried Miracle's Eye Revitalizing Peel once, you can read the review here.
Filler injection to fill lower eyelid's hollow, to fill temple area, forehead and cheek, as well as giving hydration to skin. Fat burning injection for fat pockets on lower eyelid-granted if the condition's still minor
PDO Thread to lift eyebrows, tighten lower eyelid's skin. There's also laser treatment or electrical surgery to take care of swollen sweat glands on lower eyelids
(my camera went a little nuts here and some of the picturesstarting from here look super weird :(... Sorry!) Special pigment and blood vessel laser can take care of pigment and blood vessel problems
For less drastic treatments, you can also use masks containing collagen to soften the skin around eye area which usually are quite dry
Lifting tools during eye treatments can help decrease fine lines around eye area
Everyday treatment's also very essential, you need to use the right products such as TDF Eye Radiance Serum-which i've also reviewed here
Told ya my camera went a bit nutz :(
I panicked but didn't have time to try to adjust it because the slide's still going fast
Miracle Aesthetic Clinic has their own eye treatment package called Miracle Eye Beauty Perfection that can help take care of dark circle, fine lines, eye bags, droopy eyelids and hollow under the eyes
It's an integrated treatment program with only one treatment session with no scarring or pain involved-plus you'd get to see the result straight away!
dr. Adrian's version of the perfect smile, he's clearly a Miranda Kerr fan *LOL*
After the presentation was done, it was time for Q&A session. Then the MC also talked a bit about Miracle's products :
Miracle Lashregro with special formulation to help eyelash growth, perfected with peptide complex. It can improve eyelashes to grow naturally longer, denser and thicker
Miracle CC Cream SPF 30/PA++. It's a multi-function cream with soft and silky texture enriched with biomimetic peptides that can help camouflage redness, spots and pores. It makes skin tones more even, brighter and glowy while protecting skin from UV ray's radiation. It can also be used after chemical peeling or laser treatment without causing skin irriatation
Miracle's having their Mid Year Festival soon!
And you can check out their special promotions too
Then it was tea break time (photo from Miracle's FB)
We were asked to bring our own makeup and tools for the beauty class and probably expected to come bare-faced *the horror LOL*, i checked with Jennie beforehand and she said the class' going to focus on eyes so i can wear my base makeup at home. Some really came bare faced :
Look how cute bare-faced Oline is :D!
Anyway, the makeup class was conducted by a representative from Rever Academy.
The instructor slash MUA (i didn't get her name, sorry >.<!!!) first talked about Miracle's new eyelash line (at least i think it's new? Never knew that Miracle has their own eyelash line before!) :
Model of the day was Ms. Shanty (well, her name i remember! What's wrong with me???). We all think the MUA had her work cut out for her because Shanty's obviously already very cute and pretty hahaha
Start with eyebrow. She didn't do Korean eyebrows (you know, the straight kind) because it's actually seasonal/a trend and isn't suitable for every face shapes. I wonder if it'll work for my face?
The instructor encouraged us to bring out our makeup stuffs and start doing our face alongside with her. I gotta admit that the beauty bloggers kinda stopped listening and got busy doing our own thing >.<. That's our bad habit, mainly because we already are very familiar with makeups and different techniques and  since we have our own signature styles already, we don't follow directions very easily >.<!
We ended up coaching Merli who isn't used to full makeup hahaha, she said it was her first time applying full makeup all by herself!
That's L and Fanni looking super happy hahaha and Lina's arms, she kept on hiding whenever i tried taking her pictures because she didn't wear any eye makeup yet. Btw, i dunno if Lina has a death wish or something because she kept on insulting me the whole day! First she said she's shocked that tiny and slender Fanni's actually my age because she looks so young. Excuse mehh, that's just because you already know my real age! I've never been accused of looking older than my age ever before so of course i am insulted! Zzz.
Picture taken from Miracle's FB. I was busy rummaging through my bag here LOLOLOL
We were also given the chance to try out their eyelashes! Sadly i found out later that the distribution was uneven. Oline's table only got a few eyelashes so she and Irma didn't get the chance to try them out, such a shame because i'm sure one of the main point of this event is to introduce their eyelash line?
They have a few different variants, most of the girls in my table opted for the most natural ones, but since i have a dinner celebration later that day, i decided to go to the type that's slightly more dramatic (but not the most dramatic!)
In the meantime, the instructor's done with the eyebrows
And after she applied eye scotch tape+eyeliner on the right eye. Instantly bigger and dollier eyes!
Busy busy
Merli's so cute she even managed to apply the falsies upside down! So sorry for laughing so hard Merli, i didn't mean to insult you! I just found you too adorable!
Let me insert a brief review of the falsies that i tried!
It's called M Lash Beauty Perfection and comes with the normal cardboard box with purple, white and gold color accents
My choice was "Pretty Woman"-which made me want to break out into song immediately *LOL*
I am usually not a fan of crisscrossing eyelashes like these, but they're so pretty that i don't mind!
Once i touched the falsies, i know right away that it's very high in quality. The bristles are soft but firm, dense but light with the perfect curve. It was wonderful to apply because of the curve, it just sits right! I had problems applying falsies with less than accurate curve that demands more adjusting-which always leads to me messing up my eye makeup! No such problem with M lashes! Love it! (PS : Excuse my messy nail polish, i stupidly chose that occasion to wear one of the hardest nail polish brand to tame and i simply had no time to clean up!!!)
Here's the falsies glue. I don't know if they come with the falsies or you have to purchase them separately #badblogger
The adhesive comes in a tiny glass bottle with airtight topper. It's so tight that it's super hard to open and close (i made a mess and glued my fingers while trying to close it >.<!), but if it's not so tight then the adhesive would dry out very fast! Such dilemma...
The topper has a little plastic wand with plastic bristles to apply the adhesive to the falsies, you just need to swipe it along the strip! Very convenient and non messy, i love that!
Of course, i used my eyelash clipper to prevent making a fool out of myself. You can see how the adhesive is iridescent but dries out clear. It was strong enough for the whole day, but i did notice the outer side starting to slide around 5 hours later, since the adhesive's so easy to apply, i had no problem re-applying! A total breeze. I definitely love the packaging except the fact that it's so hard to open and close!
The dramatic (but it's nothing compared to their most dramatic variant!) Pretty Woman immediately made my eye looked bigger and and dollier! I should've pushed my own lashes up and coat it with mascara but i was a bit lazy because it's not noticeable in real life hahaha
Dramatic eyelash to compliment my dark lips of the day. Love!
The falsies are light enough (even though the variant that i chose was quite drama) for me not to feel too bothered (of course, i prefer the feeling of no falsies, but we all gotta sacrifice for beauty sometime okay!) by them. The edges are soft and not poky, some falsies made my eyes hurts because of the poky-edges, but not this one! They're also still totally perfect when i took them off so i'm sure with proper care, they can be re-used many many times! Total value for money! I don't remember the price range (under IDR 150.000, if i remember correctly), you can contact them for further information.

Let's get back to the makeup demo!
The instructor didn't use any eyeshadow that day, just eyeliner (and M falsies, of course) because the aim was the "No Makeup Makeup" that is so famous among Koreans
Foundation comes next
Don't forget your neck so that your neck would be the exact match for your face!
Final touches
Ta-dahhh! Gorgeous! Although personally i don't think it's very no makeup makeup (coz honestly i don't wear so much makeup even to parties *LOL*, hey i'm just being honest okay!) but the end result is really flawless and gorgeous!
The hair styling's also highlighted, the reason why Shanty's hair's so puffed and bouncy was because they were using this thing called "Vibrating thong" (or was it vibrating hair straightener?). Errr, i know it sounds wrong :p, but seriously, it's for your hair! Everybody in my table went a bit panic because they're interested in the thing hahaha, who doesn't want perfectly pouffy, bouncy hair right? I sure hate how flat my hair is sometimes
Oline said that Shanty looked like a mannequin after the makeup and i agree! Flawless and doll like!
She also went around so we can see the makeup (and even let crazy L touched her hair hahaha, sorry Shanty my cousin's a bit mad!) upclose
Before and After, stunning! I don't sugarcoat things, if i don't find the result good or the model pretty, i wouldn't say so!
Remember i told you Lina seemed to have a death wish? Yep, she was on a roll that day *LOL*. For some reason then she kept on saying that the instructor should try the makeup on someone harder to do, like me. ME??? WHY WTF????? Do you think my face has so many flaws that needs correcting that it'd be hard for the instructor? EX-CUSEEE-MEEEE? LOLOLOL. I happen to love my face and i've never heard complains from MUA, nothing in this perfect face needs that much corrections okay LOLOLOL.

My eyes are not even that small and with just some scotch tape you can create a perfect wide, parallel eyelids, and i know my cheeks are chubby and my nose a bit big, nothing some contouring cannot fix-but it's certainly not a hard face to do. Especially because even Korean thinks i look Korean-even though i hate that coz i don't like to look like one (Japanese, thank you. Ayumi Hamasaki-preferably).

And no, i am not angry, i am just amused and a bit frustrated. Might have to give Lina a little kick in the butt tomorrow when i see her in another event *LOL*.

Anyway, here's the goodie bag Miracle kindly provided for us :).
Of course, an event wouldn't be complete without some #wefie with the girls!
With Cynthian and Merli
Cousins ^^
Thank you for having us for the fun event, Miracle! Special thank you for Jennie as always! See you next time!


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