Event Report : Miracle Mid Year Festival

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Hi guys!

How're ya all doing? Better than me, i hope >.<... I'm having a horrible sore throat and feeling the beginning of a bad cold *sigh*. Hope it'll go away soon. Anyway, a few weeks ago i got another invitation from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for their Mid Year Festival Event (read about their previous event here)
In all honesty, i didn't plan on attending this event, mostly due to the fact that i couldn't find anyone to accompany me *LOL, yes... the fear of attending anything solo is still there, strong!* but then Katherine (who's fast becoming my event sidekick haha) messaged me asking me about this event. Since she has some free time and was willing to attend this event, we decided to go.

I arrived at 1 little more than 1 PM and the place was already very crowded with their loyal customers and media.

There's Jennie manning the reception area :D
And as usual, a treatment bed for some treatment demo's provided at the "stage"
Tupperware booth :p

Batik clothing booth
I liked the one that the mannequin's wearing!
They set up some round tables for the attendee's seat this time round
Colorful traditional sweet corner :)
Katherine (who for once wasn't late-mostly due to my terror) gorging herself in some traditional cakes. Usually she'd arrive pretty late in an event that there's no snacks left for her LOL!
Rever Academy's table

The MC of the day
Introducing Dr. Lanny, one of the founders of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic
Closer look of Dr. Lanny, she's a tiny little thing and still looks very youthful and vibrant!
The event started with a demo of Miracle Slimming Facial which is a quick resulting facial for those who covet slimmer, tighter face *who doesn't?*

The model before treatment, with very visible laugh lines *sorry, mbak :D*, the lady behind her is the beauty therapist who's going to work on the model's face
The theraphist using a special tool to rub vigorously on the model's face and neck (it's important to work on both the face and neck so you won't be left with tight, slim face but saggy neck, right?)
The MC gave the audience a chance to ask some questions (which as always, prompted with a little gift :)) in which another fellow blogger that's also in attendance, Widya, raise her hand enthusiastically to hehe
Widya with her gift
Back to the model. They worked on only one side of her face to show you the treatment's result and this is after the vigorous rubbing with the tool and special gel (which is not painful at all, only causes warm sensation). The side that they performed the slimming facial is the left side (from your POV, it's her actual right face side)
Dr. Lanny marking the model's face (don't worry, she's using a special marker haha) to define which part had been worked on and which part hadn't
The result can be seen by the much fainter laugh lines at the left side as well as the reducing of fatty bump on the lower cheek
More defined jawline
The facial's continued with application of a special mask-which looks a bit scary and seems to have a hot, tingling sensation, bad enough that the therapist actually had to hold a little fan in front of the model's face to reduce the uncomfortable feelings she might be experiencing (she held a very calm and unchanged facial expression throughout the demo it was hard to gauge the level of discomfort *LOL*). Although usually it's peeling treatments that require them to fan your face, i remember my mum always get this kind of mask/serum on her facials where the therapists would fan her face vigorously because she said it caused a burning, itching feeling. I imagine it might feel a bit like the Eye Revitalizing Peel i experienced in Miracle as well

The end result
And suddenly my eyes got caught in this cute little boy sitting on the table across from ours :
Oh so cute! And well behaved!
Then i spaced out a bit (or focusing on other things, although the former is more likely :p) and got confused when the MC called out two names and a very young looking couple went to the front.

And started singing to accompany the next session : fashion show!
That day's fashion show was by a  renowned Indonesian designer (who actually dressed two actresses in this year's Golden Globe!) Peggy Hartanto (for Bateeq)
Whooping prices but with the designer's calibre, it's actually very reasonably priced
The fashion show started with a vibrant blue and white sun dress
This is the first time i'm attempting to snap pictures of a fashion show so i'm so sorry for the awkward angles. The cramped space (the models actually had to slide behind my seat *LOL*) also didn't help
I think #Undecided would love this dress
My favorite dress of this fashion show
That's why it deserves a second pic *LOL*
I didn't get a clear pic of the singers so while they're at the side i snapped one, and clearly the cute female singer's always camera ready *LOL*. Look at the cute little boy from earlier staring at her in amazement
Sorry one more *LOL*. I honestly don't like kids (except my own and my BBF's LOL) much, but this chubby little thing reminds me a lot of my own Baby Boy when he was younger, all chubby cheeks and spiky hair!
Next up is presentation and demo for Miracle Nose Beauty Perfection which essentially is a nose shaping treatment for a prettier, higher nose using Hiko (which i am not mistaken, means "lift" in Japanese) threads.
It's always great to see a non-invasive procedures so one can alter/perfect one's features without going under the knife!
It is faster (one can go out right away after the procedure) and with less pain. Actually i had a little mental argument after seeing the screen because "less pain" and "painless" are totally different and it's a bit contradictory to put them side by side like that *LOL*. Sorry, i'm a nerd like that
I snapped a few times and still got the same blurry results every time, i was also a bit annoyed because the guy who's operating the camera keeps on covering my line of vision *LOL*
Again, i was a bit distracted (and forgot to take the "before" pic, silly me!) but i think in this picture the doctor's injecting some botox to make the alars appear smaller. Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's doctors would always check the patient's problems (and the result they want to achieve) thoroughly before deciding the steps they need to take to reach the goal. They might suggest combination of botox, filler, hiko thread, etc for that desired nose you always dreamed of!
The reasons why you should go for Hiko threads treatment. It's made from the same PDO material that i've already explained (in detail) here
Dr. Lanny did the demo herself
Like i said, i forgot to take the before picture zzz, this was taken after filler injection (i hope i remember correctly)
And some botox on the the other side too
Seems ideal!
And now it's finally time for the star, Hiko thread to be inserted!
I thought i am desensitized  of seeing people being poked/jabbed in the nose/temples by now but... NOPE. Not even close *goosebumps all over*
Hello to the other doctor (whose name i sadly do not recall >.<) who actually did the eye revitalizing peel on me last time (i think. Oh no, i'm having another brain spasm!!! I'm suddenly not sure zzz), she actually still remembered me and mouthed "hello!" from there hehe
Out it goes! Not a drop of blood because according to Dr. Lanny their product actually prompt blood coagulation so it won't be a bloody mess!
Very nice result with enviable nose bridge!
Hi mbak!
I'm borrowing this before and after picture from Miracle's Blackberry profile to show you how dramatic the result is :D
After the event Jennie encouraged us the bloggers to try out fillers/botox, which is very generous of her but really... I'm super scared of needles (do you know that i even refuse to go to the doctor 90% of the time when i'm ill? I would only go when i'm really really in pain and can't take it anymore *LOL*. Mainly because i'm so afraid of being injected with meds!!!)... And i've said this many times, botox is definitely something i would want to get when i'm older (i know i'm not exactly young anymore, but i think it can wait!), when i really really need it! As for filler... I would love to have a slightly smaller nose, but the thought of having something inserted in my nose... i dunno, it's not for me-i don't think! Of course i have nothing against people who gets it done, in fact i admire them because they have something that i don't have-the courage! LOL.

If you're ever thinking of getting your nose done without going under the knife, i would strongly suggest you to consider this Miracle Nose Beauty Perfection, it only lasts for 1 year or so-this way you can see if you like your new result without having to go for a (much more) painful surgery and it's not even like, permanent. Remember, always go to a prestigious clinics like Miracle for a safe procedure and great result! Safety first, people...

Last section is another fashion show from Bateeq
You see the woman in tan top? Jennie brought her to our table and introduced her to us, but me being me-i didn't even hear her name (in my defense, the music was quite loud :p) and after awhile (of us sitting in silence and only talking to each other *LOL*) the lady excused herself. Only then we began to question her identity, according to Katherine her name's Petty (and she's right) so it couldn't be the designer, right (coz the designer's Peggy?)? I totally thought she's another blogger but i was confused why she didn't take any pictures or whatever.

Then we had to ask Jennie about her and she went "That's Petty, one of the designers. She's Peggy's twin sister!". OMG! Damn embarrassing or what? LOL. We totally ignored the designer! Apparently Peggy Hartanto is now a family business ran by her, her sister, and even her aunt. Sorry, Ms. Designer! We love your collection!

And with that the event had came to a close. I wanted to hunt for this full skirt that i saw in GM's Magnolia (but in a sad condition) in other branches, so i dragged Katherine (who has no say since she needed us to drive her home *LOL*. Get a new boyfriend, Kath... *LOLOLOL* One with a nice car :p) to GC and we shopped a bit there (by a bit i meant i went home with one sweater, one skirt-although sadly not the one i was looking for, close enough but at a much shorter length zzz, and three head pieces!)
Hunny snapped this but Katherine's protested because according to her-her arm looked big. No idea WTF she's talking about, she's already skinny like a stick. If i am her, even if i have plenty of things to worry about-the arms would never be one of them *LOL* (do i sound like i am insulting her now? LOLOLOLOL). Anyway, i looked cuter here (and this is my blog WTH) so i'm posting it!
Okay lah, compromise. This one she approved of but i don't look so nice. Whatevs. I'm a good friend, am i not?
Thank you Miracle (and Jennie, specifically) for inviting me, it really was an informative and fun event! Looking forward to your next event and good luck!


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