Journey To The Perfect Mascara (Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara Review)

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Hi peeps! #Pink here! Ready for my ramblings? Hihihihi… But today’s ramblings has a point, it’s actually a review hehehe. Bear with me please, I need to let off steam first (it’s gonna be a long rant though). 

Have any of you ever been accused of being… er… Fake? Not fake in attitude! I’m talking about appearance-wise. You know what I mean? When people do not believe that a feature of yours is au naturale hehehe. Guess what, I’ve been accused like that a LOT, FML. Why ah??? Do I look plastic to you? (If you say I do I suggest you to go check your eyesight to an eye doctor, okay?)

The very first time my feature was deemed being “unnatural” is when I first moved back to Indonesia from Singapore, so I was about seventeen. My aunt (my cousin L’s mum) who hasn’t seen me for a couple of years asked me “Why you look so different?? This is not the #Pink I used to know!! Why your nose is getting sharper? Did you get a nose job? You did, didn’t you? Admit it!!!”. I was like .. @#$%^&????

First of all, I was growing up at that age and I think when you are growing up your face tend to change overtime. Second of all, I lost a LOT of weight during those times (why can’t I repeat the experience? Whyyyy?? Oops sorry got carried away :D) so my face got a lot smaller (for the first time in my life I knew my real face shape which is heart shaped instead of round like I always believed LOL) and my nose which used to be pulled back a lot by my cheeks are now less pulled back so it looks sharper. Now seriously, if I really did a nose job wouldn’t I make it smaller and pointier?? Seriously, my nose’s so normal looking (kinda big really), it’s like the least interesting feature in my face, why would I get a nose job and ask the plastic surgeon to shape it to this??? So, the accusation is very baseless in my opinion!

Now, my hair. Yes, they are very long. Yes, they are insanely straight. And for the hundredth time, yes they are ALL mine. Yes they are all real. No hair extension, sorry to disappoint you. And no, I did not rebonded them, i never did a “smoothing” process, and  never use a hair straightener. It’s extremely annoying when people keep on asking you those questions, especially at hair salons. They would exclaim in shock while washing my hair “OMG, i they are all real! I thought you wear an extension!”. #Undecided suffers the same fate here (the extension part not the rebounded part, her hair is naturally slightly wavy-which I really envy). 

No really, wouldn’t my hair be a lot thicker if I wear an extension??? My hair’s really fine,  like baby’s hair, they are so fine that they look super thin (my mum’s always worried that I’m going BALD zzzz), when in reality I actually have a LOT of hair. It’s just that every single strand is super fine, I compared my hair once with my sister in law CL, a single strand of her hair is as fat as three or four strands of my hair together. How sad is that? Huhuhuhuhuhu….

And I actually love wavy hairs, I had mine perm-ed about three times, but the effect I was searching for (the natural, big curls) are not obtainable through perming methods and my hair ends will end up looking very dry and fried after sometime that I always cut my hair real short (I had a boyish hair cut twice, believe it or not, and it actually suited me. Not now, I’m too chubby to handle a super short hair now FML). Now there, myth debunked *drama* hahahaha. My hair is au naturel (except the color of course hahaha).

This is a very sore spot for me actually, I feel like Kim Kardashian and her butt. LOLOL. She always has to defend her butt, you know? I totally feel the same thing about my hair. I just found out recently from Bb that my own sister claimed that I rebonded my hair once. When, dear sister, when??? Never in a million years!!! And now Bb kept on pestering me about how she doesn’t believe that my hair’s not artificially straightened FML. WTF. 

My nails are also a victim of being suspected as being fake. I am blessed with a very healthy and strong nails, my nails and hair actually grows at the speed of lightning, I cut my nails really short usually (with my chubby fingers LL sometimes laugh and point at them “how come all of your fingers are thumbs!” FML) and within a week it’ll grow ridiculously long zzzz. I really hate cutting my nails, find it to be such a chore and yet I have to do it a lot or else I would start hurting myself and others by accidentally scratching with my nails zzzz. And my nails are super hard, it’s like a claw, it really is a weapon hahaha don’t mess with me I will claw your eyeballs out hahahaha.. so when my nails are really long (usually after manicures I won’t cut my nails until the manicures are all chipped and ruined, around ten days, too kiasu) people would ask if my nails are fake. Zzz. Story of my life. 

Even my teeth got accused of being fake! Well not fake, but not naturally straight. And by a dentist nonetheless huhuhuhuhu. More than one dentist actually. They’d ask “ohh you used to have braces right?” and I’d be “hah? NO!!!” and they’d be really perplexed “oh really?? So you teeth’s naturally straight like this??? How nice!!!”. Eh hello, is naturally straight teeth that big of rarity nowadays I wonder? They are real! Why would I lie about something like that pfffffttttt.

And now getting to the point, I promise hahaha. My eyelashes. Like most Oriental girls my lashes are..well.. almost non-existent (not Asian, because certain Asian race like Malay and India and Middle East all have very thick and luscious eyelashes). They are actually not THAT short, but they are pathetically thin and sparse hikhikhik. But ever since I found what I believe to be one of the best mascara in the world, Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara, I can have a pretty and flirty lashes too! Eyelashes are essential in Gyaru style, you know! (This is one thing that I wouldn’t be too upset if it’s accused of being fake. It is my goal to make it look fake *LOL*)

Presenting you, the best mascara i've ever tried so far :

My mascara-ed lashes must be super noticeable because people keep on asking me whether I am wearing fake lashes! Now, another part of me that looks fake hahaha. They are not totally natural obviously as I am wearing mascara, but at least they are still my real lashes-enhanced! Hahahaha. As usual when I tried explaining “I’m only wearing mascara” people tend to brush me off and say I’m a liar hahaha, so this mascara is really good (disclaimer : this is a review based on years of wearing this mascara, I am not paid to say this-I wish! LOL).

As I am a very nice person (and I also want to proof to people who didn’t believe me when I told them I only wear mascara “I hate it when girls says they are only wearing mascaras when they are clearly putting on falsies” those type of people hahaha) let me show you pictures of my eyelashes, before and after putting on this mascara.
Before. Looked almost bald -___-

Some people like natural looking lashes while me, being me, I want them to be super curly and animation-ish. So I curl them real tight before putting on mascara. This is after only ONE coat of mascara.

Crazy huh the difference? My eyes are very Oriental in shape that’s why I do anything to open my eyes up, and a sky high lashes is a must! LOL.

I usually put on two coats of mascara since my eyelashes are so thin, I need more volume!

This is my eyelashes after two coats of mascara.

Now, I’ve tried a few other mascaras, from the drug store brands to the more high end ones. From Revlon, Canmake, Fasio, to Anna Sui, nothing works like this mascara! I always ended up regretting buying other types of mascaras because nothing will deliver like this one! Even Maybelline’s other types of mascaras doesn’t work on me. I tried Maybelline Volum’ Express Lift Up and I found it very hard to build up. My lashes will become limp and floppy immediately and it’s really hard to get more volume. 

I’ve purchased other types : The Falsies and Magnum but I haven’t tried them (I use mascara one at a time, mascara have a very short expiry date since you open it so it’s not a very good idea to open more than one mascara at once especially if you wear full make ups only once or twice a week like me), will do more reviews once I’ve tried them hehe. 

Now, i wouldn’t call this mascara perfect, it definitely has a room for improvement. It will leave a smudge (even though it claims to be waterproof, but it’s not smudge proof I guess haha. It is waterproof, I’ve cried myself silly watching sad movies wearing it and it was not running at all) under my eyes after a few hours which is really annoying! But it is still definitely the best mascara for me at the moment (for years already), plus it’s not expensive, around IDR 60.000 only, and I buy them in bulk whenever there are on sale (buy 1 get 1, 30% off with minimum purchase, etc. deals are everywhere if you’re smart enough to look for them!), in fact I don’t think I’ve purchased it on its original price anymore MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Unnecessary cam-whoring picture i took that day (it was weekday and i don't even wear mascara when i went out on weekdays, that day was an exception because i wanted to write this review)
This entry is drafted for so long, i still had my old hair cut here
That's how i normally look when i went out on weekdays, minus the mascara!

Anyway, I named this entry Journey To The Perfect Mascara because it is still a journey for me, I’ve yet to find that PERFECT mascara. But for now, this is my one and only Holy Grail mascara is this one. I will continue searching for that perfect mascara on the side though :p. 

So, that’s a review of my favorite mascara! What’s yours?  

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  1. OMG I FEEL YOU!!! People always think my nails are fake and they end up pulling them and trying to take them off HAHAHAHA.. Well to be fair my nails ARE ridiculously long and fake looking but I spent long and hard months maintaining them (so that they look fake) hahahaha. And my hair too, they're totally virgin but people always thought that they're dyed. I envy you for your teeth, though :D
    Anyway, great review! I loved my falsies mascara but they're not volumizing enough. I wanted to try the magnum express, that was before I read this review.. Now I'm confused but I think I'll use up my falsies and then wait for your magnum express review HAHAHAHAHA.. Thank you!!

    1. High five, babe! Hahaha... Your nails are so pretty and your nail art's so awesome, no wonder people mistaken them for false nails!
      What color's your hair??? Must be light brown or something that people thinks it's dyed? LOL.
      Thank you babe, i'm glad you liked it :D. Magnum express? Okay i will use it as soon as i'm finished with this one so i can do a proper review on it okay? Hehehe

    2. Thank youuu :">
      it's dark brown actually, but in direct sunlight it got lighter and close to my friend's hair color, which was dyed..
      You're welcome! I really enjoy your blog, you are really a good writer! I wish I can write like youuu
      Thanksss!! Looking forward to it ;)

    3. Hihihihi, sometimes i'm really torn, should we be flattered or insulted by such comments??? I mean, that means our feature's so nice they seems fake, noh? Ahahaha *positive thinking*.
      OMGGG you're so sweett, really you made my day! That's the nicest compliment i got ever since we started this blog *sobs, i'm so touched*
      Keep in touch babe!!!

    4. Yess! It's like two sides of a coin right? I usually feel flattered though hahahaha.. But I think I would be mad if people mistaken features like nose or boobs are fake/plastic. (not so) thankfully, my nose and boobs are FAR from looking perfect/fake so nobody in the world would say so HAHAHAHAHA..

      It's really true loh... Definitely will :D