#Undecided's Baby Shower

1:53:00 PM

Hey guysss :D

By the time you're reading this i'd be at Tokyo Japan, having the time of my life (i hope, no, i know! LOL).

So as most of you'd already know by now, #Undecided's expecting her first baby (and according to her, she's also gonna be the last haha but who knows, right?). Her due date has come and passed *LOL* no sign of the baby yet *at least when i'm writing this! When the post going live she might already have given birth!*-it looks like Baby Zoe gonna arrive when Aunt Pink is oversea -___-.

Last November, we threw her a not-so-surprise baby shower :
Yes, i know baby showers are usually girls only-but i'm glad that we invited the hubbies as well because some of the vital members of the baby shower is a no-show -___-. It saddens me a bit (A got a horrible toothache and her cheek was actually super swollen and G's dad's in hospital while W lives in another city 4 hours away) that #Undecided's original girls that showed up was me T.T. Oh well, she knows no matter what, as long as i can stand, i will ALWAYS be there for her and i know she'd do the same for me. 

We're not good with surprises, and we couldn't even come with a good enough excuse-and #Undecided was at the stage where her pregnancy makes her super lazy and unsociable (LOL. She's totally normal now though, maybe because it's reaching the end of her pregnancy) so she actually didn't even wanted to come (i lied saying we're taking maternity pics -___- told ya it's a horrible excuse)-but of course i forced her (and it's safe to say that she really had a good time!) to. Of course, #Undecided totally knew what was really happening hahaha.

We wanted her to come last, but with her tardy reputation, i was adamant to give her extra 30 minutes only because she's gonna stretch it to an hour. She didn't disappoint *LOL*.

Hunny, Little O, Silv and i (we met up with Silv at a baby store to buy some little gifts for the baby shower) arrived first at the venue : Konig cafe. It was newly opened and we wanted to check it out hahaha.
The menu
Pretty normal prices for cafes in Surabaya, not too expensive but not dirt cheap either. Still quite affordable
These two forever glued to their tablets -___-
A while later Av arrived and finished the mini prep
I told her to make the sash a bit bigger to accomodate #Undecided's growing tummy but she took it to the next level and made the sash fit for TWO #Undecideds -___-
I asked hunny to snap a pic of us busy at work (eh, i actually just pretended to be busy la...) and he snapped this when we weren't ready. I looked so happy ya hahahha
Thank you Silv and Lid for coming and make the baby shower a success!
Gigantic sash ready!
Male bonding time hahaha
#Undecided took FOREVER to arrive so we snapped some pictures without her first :p...
No Silv because she was still looking for the right angle after hunny snapped a dozen of fugly photos. It was a crazy hot day and you know he doesn't function when it's hot!
No dresscode, we just wore pants to make sure that #Undecided was going to be the only one in a dress *LOL* but we unconsciously got color coordinated somehow! Btw i love this area and think it's ideal for OOTD photos, it was quite crowded though (and there's even a local TV crew shooting the place), hunny was in an off mode :( i ended up didn't get any outfit pic in this area zzzzz
The mom-to-be finally arrived :
Looking super pale so i pulled out a red lipstick and shove it to her to make her look alive *LOLOLOL*
Photo sesh followed!
The only one with a low angle, Lid probably thought Silv needed it because of her height *LOLOLOL*
Pregnant lady who still has her super skinny limbs
Then we're back to our table.
Lid and Av were using the menu as fans because it was so hot and the air conditioner in Konig didn't really work OMG. Konig, you need to add more air conditioner and actually turn them on (there's one close to our table that weren't on -___- i think the electricity got cut once they tried to turn it on hahahaha) and please tell your stuff to stop standing so close to the tables and stare at your guests, it made me feel uncomfortable!
#Undecided opening up her pressies
Some of the food :
The food were not bad at all, i enjoyed my Aglio Olio very much (asked for extra spicy!), the rice bowls were not bad either. I don't recommend the "Signature" menu though (weird as it may sound), the fish and chip was so so and later on i went back to Konig with MM and O for my belated dinner-MM ordered Chicken Bierkaze, not only it took an hour to made (and the waiters giving us attitude about it)-it also tastes pretty badly.

All and all, i actually enjoyed Konig (so much that we returned just a few days after)-but yeah... The heat made it less comfortable then it could be and the staffs... They were so-so on this first visit but less than pleasant on the second. I'm not sure i'd ever return for the third time unless they make some improvement with the service.
Being silly :P
Little O being abused by Aunt #Undecided as usual
The sash was even too big for the daddy to be and he's BIG alright LOLOL
I was taking outfit photos, i was wearing a low-back cropped top so i wore this pretty bra strap with diamente-encrusted butterfly on it-i wanted to snap a pic of my back and hunny was trying to adjust it but then it snapped off -____-. Became an accessory for Zoe immediately hahaha
Lid and i accidentally wore the exact same striped navy culotte from Magnolia so i wanted to take a pic with her-but the photo turned out to be so dark you can't even tell what the culottes look like zzzz
Anyway, it was a fun time! And i can't wait to meet Zoe!

PS : Baby Zoe's showed up last Tuesday! Sadly i wasn't there and i haven't met her yet (i'm still in Japan) but i'm totally in love...

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