Malaysia Trip 2015 (Part 4) : Time Tunnel 3D Museum

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Are you ready for another round of our Malaysian adventure? I sure hope you are, this is a rather fun one!

Penang Time Tunnel 3D Museum
 39, Jalan Green Hall, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
 +60 4-261 9181

To be totally honest with you, i thought this was going to be a regular, proper, serious type of museum-i didn't know a lot about this place other than the pictures featured in the brochures our driver showed us :P so we were quite surprised that the museum is located in a narrow shop house (which is totally too small for a proper serious museum)!
The receptionist. Entrance ticket's RM 27 for adults and RM 16 for children 5-12 years old
Is that Tom Cruise selling tickets? LOL
The museum is very narrow (with loads of turns), it was (thankfully) not very full at all-it'd be quite uncomfortable if it was full! I would say this place is more of a picture taking kind of museum, but you can of course still learn a thing or two about Penang's (and Malaysia's) history here. It's divided into two parts, the first part is the historical part.
Tourist gotta be tourist, right?
You can kinda tell how narrow the place is from the two walls in which hunny's standing between
Old school toys and games!
They also have small dioramas depicting various activities Penangese did back in the day, that's a good idea to safe space haha
While the real life size statues are rather fugly and quite creepy *LOL*. I have a thing for wax statues you know, not much for the celebrity type tho-i prefer the cultural ones. My fave wax museum would be Images of Singapore, which i've been to numerous of time and never got tired of. It's been a while, i want to go there again next time i'm in Singapore!
Me posing around the Peranakan stuffs
Please click on the photos if you're interested in learning about it more. And this is proof that most Chinese in South East Asia (including Indonesia) are not all rich merchants from the beginning, lots of us had a very humble beginnings. This is a lesson for those racist people who thinks we're all rich b*****ds  who never have to work a day in our lives and still bathing in gold. It doesn't work that way, we WORK HARD *annoyed*
Dunno why she's doing that face. I hope posting enough of her weird photos in my blog would make her stop -___-
Little O pulling a sad face to fit with the background hehe
While KC pulled a disgusted face for unknown reasons :p
Vintage money
Yes, you can have a tiny taste of a worker's life back then
60's when my parents were growing up and into their teenage years so this is actually how their world was back then (plus my mum went to school in Singapore so that would be even more similar). It was quite interesting seeing that since it's so different than what i know of.
I can't miss a nice spot to pose :p
Catching a bit of the documentary
That's the end of the first section! Yes, it's not much haha, that's because the rest of the place is used for the 3D part :
Having a tea at a coffee shop in Penang, 50 years ago *LOL*
LOL, i guess CL is pretty heavy >.<
Take us all on a ride, hun!
Mr. Bean sure is very strong
Tell me, which couple is better :
This one
Or this one ^^
Going back into our fairy tale book :D
Btw Penang is well known for their 3D murals on the street, but somehow we never got to the area >.<
This is so appropriate, seeing how Kung Fu Panda 3 is showing in the cinema right now hahaha
This would look almost believable save for the guys strolling casually behind Little O hahaha
Nom nom nom
If only is the street seller, he'd go bankrupt ASAP coz he'd keep on eating his products WTF
ACCCCKKK my dinner wants to eat me!!!
Told Little O to stare longingly like he's hungry hahaha
What is going on here -___-
Hunny gotta work on his frightened face
This one mural is etched on the mirror, so one of the attendant had to explain to us on how to take the pic haha
While this one use fluorescent paint so we had to use a certain mode on the camera, didn't quite nail it tho hahahaha
Wonder if Spider Man would be strong enough to lift me, since i'm not exactly waif-like *LOLOLOL*
Little O is certainly dramatic
There's this special exhibit where the setting is quite elaborate (it's called Anti Gravity, btw), but it was a bit hard to decipher how to pose correctly when you don't get clear direction and constantly feel rushed (by the attendant) because there are other people queuing *LOL*. So this mess is the result :
CL falling off the sofa because there's a Sada-rene climbing down the wall
Then she felt that Sada-rene didn't do a good job so she transformed into CL-ko and haunts her back
I have no idea what we're doing, i guess we were on a ship and it got turned over? But it looks pretty peaceful out side *LOL*
There's another part consisting a bed if i remember correctly, but i cannot find the pic -___-.
And that's the end of the visit! We walked around the neighborhood for a bit.
Can't skip street vendors... ever *LOL*
Sat around for a drink in a street side stall, they also have yummy nasi lemak (because the nicest ones are the cheap ones on the street hahaha)
Found this meaningless bridge (there's really no point for it *LOL* you can walk straight through between the two parts the bridge is connecting) that's a real nice spot for emo poses *LOLOLOL*
Selfie inside the free CAT bus that would take you to some tourist spots
We spent the rest of the day in a mall *so typical* where i shopped at H n M...
I should buy Little O one, he looks so adorbs
And eating sushi
Little O loves chuka idako! He's over his old obsession with sushi though..
Then we went back to our hotels to rest... And laze around. KC was getting sick at this time and we're continuing our journey to Cameron Hill the next day so-it's essential to get some rest. Hunny and i spent the evening doing nothing (while CL and mum got to the jetti area, we couldn't find the bus to go there so we decided to give up and had dinner nearby) so... That's the end of day 3!

Still have another destination in Penang to blog about and the journey to Cameron Hill, please look forward to that!


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    1. Heeh, seru nyari posisi yg tepat hahaha