Etienne'ss 2nd Birthday Party

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Hey hey...

I promised my cousin L (who's Etienne's mummy) that i will send her pictures taken from Etienne's 2nd birthday party from last January (!!!), but i always hate sending a bunch of pictures through e-mail especially if the size's rather large (taken from a digital camera, chance of that's pretty high!) because i would have to do it multiple times and it would very often fail upon uploading,  basically it's very bothersome (that's why i would really appreciate it if people would stop asking me to send them pictures if it's more than 5, especially other bloggers ^^. Be a doll and wait until i blog about it *if it's an event then usually it wouldn't be too long* then you can take whichever picture you want-as long as you link back, obviously ^^) so i told her to just get the pictures from my blog post. 

But then i postponed blogging about it for more than a month, FHL. I just have so many other things to blog about that were more pressing, but here it at last!
Errr. A birthday party pic without the birthday boy (who's being a lil' fussy that day). That's like... So typical. LOL
Actually it's going to be just... a photo post mainly. Coz it's a little kid's birthday. And i hardly know anyone in the party (well except L's family and a handful of her friends that i met before) so... Really nothing to write much about. I did love the decor, though haha.
Honestly i didn't even know what Peppa Pig is, but i got two Peppa Pig themed invitation within 2 weeks so they must be famous haha
Again with the invitation. I'm definitely feeling pressured to come up with something for Baby Boy's birthday in July *or August, his bday is in the 29th so the celebration's probably going to be latter. Do you know that Chinese believe it's bad luck to celebrate your birthday before the actual day? Latter is completely fine though*-it's going to be strictly family and close friends though so maybe i shouldn't be too stressed out *LOL*. Or i'll try to find a generator online like i do all of my buttons and banners *LOLOLOL*.

Anyway, the party (which was larger than i thought it would be. Initially thought it would just be, you know, early dinner) was supposed to be at 5, and i'm not sure what time it actually started but we arrived way later because Saturday is church day (admittedly i go very rarely... But hunny goes almost every week) and it was 5.30 already when hunny picked me up. So i'm not even sure if there's anything happening before i arrived-but probably not since the candle blowing and cake cutting were not until halfway through dinner.
The decor. I'm not so sure why L decided to hold the party in Piazza Italia... Since it's kinda small (and dark) and full of tables so there isn't any space for the kid entertainer to gather the kids (who mostly were too small to understand anyway) in one place to like, have a game or whatever.
So as you can see, he was standing quite forlorn all by himself, watching us eat. LOLOLOLOL. I feel horrible for him now. He did have some one-on-one time with every kid who just arrived and did a little game/magic trick with them, but since it's one on one the kids gets bored pretty fast and left him to join their parents so he was back at being forlorn. LOL.
As much as i like seeing how balloons cheer up rooms, i also have a gripping fear of them. I hate the sound of balloon bursting!!!
Oh, i just realized that i wrote a lot more than i thought i would already WTF. Anyway, the decor was pretty nice. You know i'm not a decor person, i just cannot be bothered with them-but i can still appreciate other people's :p.
When we arrived (very late, i must add), L seemed to be pretty flustered and confused on where to seat us, which was weird because where she finally led us-there's already a name card with hunny's name on it!
Baby Boy enjoying his pasta
Well, it's actually mine. The kid's menu's a cheese pizza, but my son's quite a picky eater and he didn't like pizza (although today he suddenly turned into a fan, we ordered Pizza Hut and he ate two large slices by himself. Why are kids so fickle *LOL*), let alone kinda plain one *LOL*. The adults got a choice between a bolognaise and a 4 cheese pizza, we ordered one each and Baby Boy ended up with the best dish : the spagetti! LOL.
Finally put the entertainer to work when he asked for everyone's attention *LOL*. Now you also got to see the birthday boy hahaha
Singing happy birthday for Etienne ^^
Blow dat candles!
And cut the cake!
Happy bday Etienne! Grow up big and strong, and 10x more handsome than your dad okay (WTF i actually feel offended whenever someone says that he looks like his dad LOLOLOL)
Birthday boy wasn't very cooperative so his mommy and aunties posed instead okay hahahaha
While Baby Boy was onto his dessert already. This boy really eats a lot now -___-
I also took lots of pics of the decor and sweet corner, coz they're too cute not to!
I am honestly not the biggest fan of birthday cakes (what are they normally, chiffon cakes???) *i'm very picky with my cakes and i'm not into sweets much* but whenever i see such pretty and cute cakes, i'd be tempted to have them!
I stupidly thought these Mallow Fantasy were fake for some reason (coz the top looks like ice cream and ice cream should melt already by then) so i kinda... Poked one with my finger :p. Turned out to be some sort of jelly *oops*
Cupcakessss!!! (Yes, i love cupcakes as an exception)
Uber cute cookies
Peppa Pig cookies
And more
They're all so colorful and cute i feel the need to show you every single one of them >.<
I'm almost done, i promise
If you have a sweet tooth and i am making you craving for desserts, i apologize
I really love all the garden-y details ^^. Do you see the stack of boxes at the back? Those are the party favor with various snacks and a cute Peppa Pig tee for every kid. I'm 100% sure i snapped a close up pic of it but can't seem to find it as usual :(...
Even the mineral water's didn't escape decorations haha
Baby Boy doesn't usually like sweets all that much (except gummy bears and.. weirdly, Fox hard candies), but he asked if he can have the long lollipop sticks and i am not really the kind of mother who says no to having the occasional sweets.. He didn't manage to eat half of it though
Nice decor must be fully utilized always, right?
Narcissistic mummies :p
Finally, a close up pic of the bday boy!
So cute (not a fan of the mullet though, it's driving me insane!!)
So that this blog post is not devoid of hunny's pic hahaha
And that's the end of the party hehehe. Since it was a Saturday night and the bday's already inside a mall, we decided to let Baby Boy play a bit in Timezone.
Yeah, he was too short to climb the seat and too heavy for the attendant to hoist him up hahahaha
There was a time when he would not even consider riding this kind of stuffs, now even rollercoasters don't faze him!
That ends the post for realz now haha, tts!


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  1. lucu banget dessert table nya ... peppa pig! :)

  2. I'm also a fan of cake decoration. I've seen how some pastry chefs create them and it's not easy at all. This requires much patience, so I appreciate the cakes furthermore when they taste as good as they look. :) The cupcakes and the cookies all look too cute to eat! Wow, yes I have a slightly sweet tooth and I'm now craving for desserts after reading this post. :)

    1. I'm sure it is very hard to make! As a non-artistic person i cannot even imagine how they start! LOL.Whoops, sorry for that, but i get hungry a lot reading your food reviews haha