October Celebrations

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Hey guys ^^.

2015's almost over and i just got used to the fact that it's 2015 *sigh*. It's insane. Anyhoo, better finish up all the celebratory posts before the new year! All three of the celebrations summed up in this post didn't have enough photos for individual posts hehe...
The top pics are from our bday celebrations (we had 4 different ones :D) and the bottom one from my mum's bday
Usually hunny and i don't celebrate out bdays with our families since our bdays' too close to my mum's (so we normally join all into one) but this year since my bro was in town (he lives in Banjarmasin, as most of you would already know by now) hunny decided to bring them all to dinner. We've been wanting to try out Mandailing Cafe for a while ever since they opened a much bigger branch in Jemursari :
De Mandailing Cafe and Eatery
 Jl. Raya Jemur Sari No.71 Surabaya

We've never been to De Mandailing before but we passed by their (much) smaller branch in Klampis very frequently, this branch is like 5x bigger or something hehe
I quite like the ambience of the place, but like other cafes in Surabaya-it's crazy hot (well, the weather IS hot), the air conditioner barely works to cool us off
LOL at CL's face (as usual)
Irritating Little O who is like... glued to his Ipad when we're in cafes
Errr. Yeah, i don't remember the name of course. But it's quite good. Very high in cholesterol, obviously haha
Little O's spagetti carbonara, he enjoyed it
Japanese curry katsu (if i remember the name correctly)-i order this the second time we're there (for Av's bday dinner) and it's really nice
Something similar but with teriyaki sauce (again, i think). DR ordered this and then complained at the lack of meat. KD said "What can you expect from something so cheap?" but honestly speaking, that's a rather wrong statement, look at the previous photo-the price's pretty much the same but the amount of katsu is definitely not lacking. And yes, i think the food prices in De Mandailing is crazy cheap, but the drinks aren't-most of them are more expensive than the food hahaha. So if you think this place is dirt cheap... I totally disagree, the total amount you're gonna have to pay is average compared to most cafes in Surabaya
My spagetti bolognaise, not bad but i do think it tasted... Like home cooking? Actually i think this way for most of their mains. The drinks are quite nice, but also have the "home made" quality in them (and to be frank, not always in the best way)
I highly recommending their desserts though! They're very niceeee (they have pancakes and waffles), huge portioned and affordable. I would suggest you share the pancakes/waffles among friends coz they're big!
It was actually hunny's actual birthday that day. I hate how a perfect lighting for him always means horrible one for me, my bangs always create weird shadows on my face *sigh*. Hunny looks good here so i have to post it anyway
On the contrary, i always look better with camera selfies and he looks weird hahahaha
Then KC started demonstrating the way to wear the weird, duck beak-looking mask they got in Spore
Then he wore it like this, looks exactly like Japanese Yurei so i forced him to pose like this *LOLOLOL*. They were like "What if we offend the ghost", and i told them "No worries, we don't have them in Indonesia. Only in Japan, too far to be offended"
De Mandailing has a special service for bday celebrations, free waffle! I dunno why i couldn't stop posing weirdly that night WTF
Highly recommended waffle. Next time i'm in De Mandailing, if i'm not famished, i'll just order waffle! (I cannot eat sweet things when i'm hungry)
LOLOLOL at my puffer fish face. And yes, there are worse photos. Not posting it. NOPE
Polaroid from their staff. The angle grrrr. Makes my face looks bigger than hunny's. NOT REAL ONE OKAY
Snap one. My mum, Little o and CLL totally concealed
Snap two. Well. Only half of MIL, CLL and KT faces appeared. I gave up
Mini review for De Mandailing Jemursari : pretty nice place to hangout, except for the hotness (PLEASE INSTALL MORE AC), affordable prices (if you have limited budget, just order water or tea coz the other drinks are quite pricey compared to the rest of the menu), homey cooking, yummy waffles! A good place to : 1. eat if you ran out of money but don't want to eat junk foods, 2. hang out and have coffee and desserts!

Next! Mum's bday at Jamoo restaurant, Shangri-La hotel-which gotten worse and worse every time we went *sigh*. Used to be one of the nicest buffet in town (we don't have a lot of nice buffet choices in Surabaya, most Surabaya people are not buffet going type of people, like me), last time it was already getting bad but now.... It's horrible. Don't sue me Jamoo, it's OUR honest opinion. You need to fire your chef and step it up! In the meantime it's safe to say that we won't be going there anymore (until i hear them getting better again, at least).
The super pretty cake CL ordered for mum. It's super expensive too (apparently the technique to make the flowers are very difficult and that's actually her goal next, to master the technique). Sadly it tastes quite bad *LOLOLOL*. Personally i prefer plainer looking ones that tastes good, like the one we ordered for Little O's bday. Now that's one of the best bday cake i've ever tasted!
Mum got two cakes, one from Jamoo and here we pretended to help her blow but actually are blowing at my dad's bald patch #horriblekids #LOLOLOL. Not many pics here because the lighting's quite horrible and i didn't bring my camera, so all just taken with our phone
Last but not least, #Undecided and Lyd couldn't come to our bday celebration, so i invited them for dinner. I saw this new cafe nearby GC called Calibre and decided to try it out.
Calibre Coffee Roasters
 Walikota Mustajab No. 67 - 69

So honestly, i just anyhow choose the place coz it was new and i wanted to try it out *LOLOLOL*. Lid was horrified when she realized that i didn't even book a table for us yet, and it was quite crowded. So crowded that we had to seat on different tables from our husbands ahahahahahaha. Another proof that i didn't do any research.... I didn't even know that they do not serve any heavy meal *LOLOLOL* so it's more like a place where you hang out for coffee and light meals. Sorry #Undecided's hubby who most probably was still hungry after the so-called dinner! I snapped a photo of the guys's table but it turned out super blurry zzz. Dunno what's wrong with Marshmallow that day coz almost all of the photos taken that night were super blurry and unpostable!
(EDIT : I went to Calibre again yesterday and they have pasta now! Pretty nice too, but totally overpriced!)
#Undecided's salad. Which i totally forgot to ask if it's any good hahaha
Baked egg? It's quite nice. I ordered this but it tastes like pasta (okay, the correct term probably that it tastes like bolognaise sauce *LOL*) so Little O (who's a true blue China man who dislike most Western food. Except for pasta and steak. Oh and mushroom soup, of course. He's much happier with very Chinese foods) can only eat this because he refused the panini i fed him wholeheartedly
The aforementioned panini. It's very nice actually!
We also decided to order two cakes (basically, the only two left. They were running out of food pretty fast!) and share them. They're very nice!
The other cake. Don't ask me their names alright
The only decent photos we got that night were taken from phones! OMG. Marshmallow was being a real B that night!
Our rather failed attempt for a selfie. The lighting kinda sucks too *sigh*
I could really smack Little O for refusing to pose properly zzzz
Calibre... Nice place, decent snacks (and overpriced pasta haha), decent drinks, nice cakes... Quite expensive compared to other cafes in Surabaya, especially De Mandailing or Carpentier haha. We had a good time, bitching and gossiping hahaha. 

That's all for now, gotta work on November celebration next!


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