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Haiiii, everybody :D!

How's your holiday (for Indonesian!)? I know lots of you been having a fun long weekend, haven't you? Me as well! I had a very fun but tiring day yesterday (since Saturday actually! plus all of the medications i'm still taking, stupid flu!)-which is my mum's birthday! I do have lots of stories to tell and celebration to blog about, but... I've been feeling exceptionally lazy lately T.T. I cannot even finish editing (which is still about cropping and resizing only, can you believe me zzz) a batch of haul post i was about to blog about on the weekend. Yeah, obviously weekend came and gone away already. Maybe tomorrow *lazy bum*.

The only thing i enjoy writing lately is this kind of outfit/make up entry, i really dunno why! #Undecided would testify how OCD i am about keeping this blog entries varies from one entry to another, but i am making an exception for this time! Because i really cannot wait to show you my (and hunny's) birthday celebration's look, and also because i really wanted to post something today but want it to be special enough to fit the festivities atmosphere we're drowning in lately *October is such a fun month always!*. 

Haih, such a long explanation for a simple OOTD/FOTD/NOTD entry, then again nothing is ever simple with #Pink, right? Hahaha... So without further ado, here's the look for #Pink and Hunny's birthday celebration look!

Trying to show off the make up and nail at one go, did i succeed?
I mentioned it before that we (my BFFs and i) like having dresscodes on our birthday celebrations (except this year-which is very lacking, but i'm not about to skip it!). The idea of my birthday's dress code already hovered in my mind somewhere around June *LOL* and then i informed the girls a lot earlier too since none of them are as girly as me, so i had to give them a headstart!

I've been captivated by those flower crowns i saw lots of UK bloggers (from other countries as well i guess, it's just that i especially love UK bloggers for their style and mostly follow them. I don't think i follow a lot of American ones somehow) and always wanted one for myself. I don't really know how to handle the real flower crown (that perch on top of your head) because i'd be worrying of it falling off any time, so i was really happy when i saw a flower headband in BerryBenka.com with flowers dense and large enough to resemble those flower crowns i adore so much! It wasn't very cheap, IDR 100.000 (before shipping), but it's very rare to find in Indonesia (if you know where i can get a similar one with different flowers and colors-preferably the pastel ones-with reasonable price, do let me know please!) so i didn't think twice. Oh wait, i think i DID think twice and regret it when it disappeared from the site so as soon as it was re-stocked i ordered it right away (or it could be some other piece of accessories, you know i tend to mix things up...)

So once i got the headband, i knew i wanted to incorporate it into the dress code. I told my girls the dress code was floral at first, but then i changed my mind and told them it's floral head piece *LOL*. In the end i called the dress code "Flower Fairy", i was thinking they could come in a floral outfit and i can wear the flower headband (because the birthday girl should at least stand out a bit, no? LOL), but then i thought "No, i don't want to be the only one with flowers on her head! People will stare!", so that's why i really made them wear floral pieces on their heads lah hahaha :p.

Also because i'm always a fairy fan lah, if other little girls dreamed of being a Princess, i myself would much prefer to be a fairy. Beautiful, with iridescent wings and glitters coming out of my wand? I'm SOLD!

Here are the (new) stuffs i used for this look!
The product list in order of application :

1. Mai Doll Dolly BB Cream (that i hauled here). The first Taiwan-made BB creme i've used which is very very nice! I love it! You can expect a review of this BB cream as well as the other stuffs in this entry in the future! (oh, i also used my usual concealers for under eyes and some redness under my chin)
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder that i got from August Lola Box. Of course i used the broken one first (i'm not gonna throw it away just because it's broken! It's still perfectly fine to use! I've been told i can fix it using the same method to fix broken blush on/eye shadow, but i'm just too lazy... I will replace the powder to a bigger container so it won't be too messy and prone to get everywhere!). It was in shade 03-neutral which sadly is at least a tone darker than my skin color. The formulation was great though, i really love this powder and the result so i will keep on using it!
3. I dunno if you can see it from the second picture up there but i was sporting a colorful eye make up using this! I always wanted a huge palette but never been able to justify buying them, i have so much eye shadow to begin with and in most days i only use one (!) color of my eyes, and what's worse is i wear eyeshadow probably only once or twice a week! But when i saw this Aphrology palette in Disdus.com for under IDR 300.000 (i forgot how much exactly!)  i couldn't resist! I only used about 5 colors from the palette for this look
Nude color for all over the lid, followed by mint on outer half of the lid, hot pink on the inner, purple on the crease and blue for waterline

Pigmentation was not the best, i used a lot of the eyeshadow and the color's still quite sheer, and after they set they became even sheerer so i top them off like three times more to achieve the final look below (i did use my usual e.l.f eyelid primer!)
Colored eye shadow under my eyes before eyeliner always makes me look super sleep deprived  hahahahaha
4. Koji falsies (08) that i got from July BTI
I had my doubts seeing it on the package, it looked less pretty than my fave D'Eyeko one and a bit plastic-y. But i was wrong, it was soft and made of hairs (instead of rubbers like i was afraid of-i bought one set of Taiwan-brand falsies that's made of rubber-like material instead of real/artificial hairs!), very comfortable (in par with the D'Eyeko ones) and lightweight, also very pretty when worn
The only catch was that it was pretty glossy so it can reflects lights on pictures, like this one! The eyeshadow color's more bold after i top them off for the third time haha, it was pretty long lasting though-so not bad for the price!
Oh, i almost forgot. Of course i put on blush on after this step, still using my Estee Lauder blush on that's expensive enough for me to want to save it for special occasion...

5. Guardian House Brand LipHop Peach Mix Lip Balm-very glossy and oily. A total joy to put on but a little too melty and oily that it's very messy (because it's melted inside the packaging) right after i took it out of its (super hard to open) packaging-so oily that the modest paper wrap on the tube was about to fall off!

6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 015 Cherish Devotion. I resisted the lip crayons for as long as i could (because i have more lip products than any living person should've already) but finally gave up and treated myself three (i know..) as a part of self-birthday present hahaha. I do love them (more on the way they looked than anything else) a lot and am tempted to get other brands' versions and maybe make my on 36-colored crayon pack-like the one Baby Boy have but for lips! LOL
The colorful Flower Fairy! (used my usual Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder too as a highlight, i finally get the grip on finishing powders and been loving it a lot lately!)
Not to forget the extra details!
Like nails!
O.P.I Liquid Sands in NL M50 Pussy Galore (apparently from the Bond Girls Collection) which is amazing! Will be dedicating a blog post for this nail polish soon!
And fragrance of course. This is Zara's White Jasmine that i've really been enjoying. I am very suggestible and since i read a lot of UK blogs-i feel like having autumn products too even though it's suffocatingly HOT in Surabaya lately (i think the thunderstorm season's about to come, it's always hottest just before the rainy season comes). This fragrance's more mature and sexier than my usual bubble-gum and fruity ones for a change!
And that's all! Get ready for my self-absorbed piccies!
Super love this pic, looked very fairy-ish, no???

Flower Crown : BerryBenka.com, Lace turtleneck top (worn as inner) : Forever 21 (originally came with a tank top that's lightly sewn on the shoulder, i snipped it off easily. It was on a sale from IDR 229.000 to IDR 120.000 only that i blame myself for not getting it in black as well! So comfortable and pretty!), Pink Lace Dress : Dorothy Perkins (on a 50% off sale, from IDR 589.000 to IDR 279.500!), Black Unicorn Clutch : Online, Shoes : EverBest
Shasha, do you recognize this? Hehe... I got this watch necklace as a part of a surprise birthday present from Shasha (who i invited to my dinner but sadly couldn't make it :(.. Maybe next year!) and i thought it was very suitable with my look (i do tend to mix up themes too, i probably mashed Fairy with Alice in the Wonderland this time...)
I love unique and quirky pieces (i have a red apple and old telephone shaped bags. Also a baby pink dog-those are some that i actually remember) so when i saw this clutch (also came in Hologram. I was so torn between the two but decided the black one's easier to match with my mostly pastel stuffs) i just gotta have it! I got it from the same online shop where i got my O.P.I for my NOTD! It's called Bubble Talk Shop, in case anyone's interested (i mentioned this shop because i'm a satisfied customer, they didn't sponsor me or anything okay!)
I got the top in L-which is stupid because i always wear M for Forever 21. It was super stretchy so it appeared very small on the hanger, so i decided to get the L one. It clearly was too big-if you see it IRL the arm stitching didn't sit anywhere near properly on my arm, it was like 5 cm off *LOL*
The accessories of the night... Keeping it girly and simple! The flower crown was enough of a statement (and the clutch too obvi). The rose dainty bracelet (that's mostly covered inside my long-sleeved top, sadly) and studs were a set from Accessorize (on sale, of course haha)
I was never interested to own this kind of watch-necklace, until i actually have one and now i'm in LOVE with it! Possibly my fave item out of the awesome box Shasha sent my way!
Swarovski ring i got from my Europe trip, finally have the heart to actually wear it hahaha
That's my whole look for my birthday celebration (i still have another-a lot simpler one-dinner on Thursday!), i absolutely love how it ended up being i hope you like it too! Will be blogging about the dinner itself with #Undecided soon! 
A sneak peek!

PS : Selamat Idul Adha for those who are celebrating!

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  1. Oh yes I noticed it ce!!! Ha5 supaaa love your ootd and also the fotd.. Pretty <3

    1. Hihihi, i love it :D! Awww, thank you so much, wish you were there!

  2. seru juga ya kalo pake dress code gitu, especially kalo emang pada mau ngikutin. :)

    gua jadi inget pernah pesta ultah pas umur 25. gua kasih dress code pada pake baju item. jadi beneran semua tamu pake baju item. sementara gua pake baju putih. hahaha.
    temen gua sampe bilang, katanya gua sengaja bikin mereka jadi kayak setan sementara gua kayak malaikat. huahahaha.

    1. Iyah, pny tmn2 yg game emg seru gitu hahaha :D

      Huahahahaha iya tuhh, emg sengaja gt ya?? hihihii!

  3. cakeeeppp :) keliatan cantik banget ^_~