Unboxing : October Beauty Treats

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Hello, dears!

I'm writing this on a Saturday night after a night out at GM with hunny and Baby Boy as usual. We (hunny and i, Baby Boy was busy playing at TimeZone) watched Escape Plan and for the first time in my life i got really really MAD and started yelling at people IN THE MIDDLE of the movie. LOL. 

I'm having my period, Surabaya has been unbelievably hot (so hot that whenever i leave my fully AC-ed room the crazy temperature feels like a hot slap on my entire self WTF) and PDAM (Indonesian national water company) around my area (reached quite a wide area alright!) had been down for two days i was forced to shower at our office this afternoon (because we seriously had no more water and had to actually buy a whole container (?) of it latter after being rejected by so many water-selling companies that were overwhelmed with orders already) so i was not in exactly a wonderful mood, i think i would've exploded at some point anyway, but even if i'm not in such a foul mood, i doubt i would've reacted differently!

One of my biggest pet peeve (errrr, it's got nothing to do with pet okay. Sometimes Indonesian tend to confuse this term as something to do with pet hahaha, serious! I read someone answered their favorite kind of pet when asked their biggest pet peeve!) is rude/mannerless people (everywhere lah but one of the most i've ever encountered were) at the cinema. So much that i actually wrote a whole blog entry dedicated to the most basic rules/courtesies people should follow when they are watching a movie in the cinema. Rude people talking loudly during the movie, kicking my seat endlessly, those were some of the common ones we've had to deal with. I usually move to another seat after giving them the dirtiest look and sometimes hauled a few sailor words towards them. But tonight must've topped every bad encounters ever.

Sometime during the first quarter of the movie, a kid started slapping my head (lightly, but tell me how do you like your head to be tapped continuously during a movie?) with a plastic bag. I swiveled and gave people behind us a dirty look. It ceased for a few minutes but then everything got WORSE afterward. The kid (not much younger than Baby Boy, mind you!) kept on poking my head with straw she flailed around, then kicked my seat every five seconds, making "MOOOO MOOOO MOOOOOO" sounds on my ear and then she started running up and down, up and down and shaking and kicking my seat all the while.

I swiveled back about 15x, sushing and giving people behind us (who are young teenagers, relatives of the little kid that kept on bothering me) the dirtiest look, i even started complaining loudly and told them to restrain the kid. To no avail. After more than 15 minutes enduring this sh**, i couldn't take it anymore. I turned around and yelled "WHOSE KID IS THIS????? RESTRAIN YOUR KID, STUPID EFFING PARENTS!!!!! DO IT ONE MORE TIME DON'T BLAME ME IF I SLAP YOUR STUPID KID!!!!!!". And guess what, the parents sat 2 row away behind our seat, apparently the wild kid kept on running around and the parents-wanting to enjoy the movie, let the kid do whatever she wanted. Without any consideration towards the other movie goers. My blood is boiling whenever i remember this whole thing! GRRRRRR.

Seriously, what's wrong with parents these days, huh???? First of all, it's an adult, brutal kind of action movie. It's not suitable for teenagers, let alone a kid under 6 years old. WTF. LEAVE YOUR KID SOMEWHERE ELSE if you want to watch such a brutal movie! No wonder that kid turned out the way she is, if you keep on exposing her to that kind of movies!!!! Nobody can look after her? THEN DO NOT WATCH MOVIES IN THE CINEMA! Buy the DVD, @$@^&#^R#@%&%%@$&&@%&!!!!!!!!!

Hosh hosh hosh!!!!!! Sorry ah, i got carried away hahahaha. Planned to complained a few lines turned a few paragraphs :p. I seriously cannot take it lah zzzzzz. Thankfully after i got really mad (and made a spectacle out of myself by yelling like a crazy B in the middle of the movie, but that's okay. I just want to be left alone, is that too much to ask???) the parents restrained the kid and i could finally enjoyed the latter half of the movie in peace. Sometimes i tensed and expect the kid to return and i would really drag her to her parents and yell at their faces *imagination runs wild*. Pfffftttt. Those people seriously choose the wrong day to mess with this B. Oh btw in case you're wondering, i couldn't move to any other seat even if i wanted to because the studio was full from top to bottom.

Okay, rants done! Now what are we doing again? Oh right, unboxing of October Beauty Treats :
Doesn't look much better than Lola Box, right? LOL. But this month BTI actually came with a "theme", well.. sort of. They claimed that the weather hasn't been too kind (and the biggest sufferer's our skin) so they were planning out the box in consideration to that. I dunno if i bought that, i guess that's a valid reason on why they gave us skin care stuffs with some little extras and no make up item at all. I guess that's better than some of their last boxes, which seems to be consisted of very random stuffs just chucked into a box without much thoughts put behind them, but i think this is a very dull box all the same. Okay, shouldn't go ahead of myself, let's start from the beginning.

At least the box was pleasing on the eyes, with a neatly tied bow and prettily designed leaflet accompanying it
I just realized that their black box' actually smaller than their old box (before they changed the concept into little black box)
It looked very color-coded though, which i like hahaha. Seems that most of the stuffs inside are in blue/purple (and white of course) shade, just like the ribbon, paper shreds and wrapping paper. Very harmonious, aestethically at least

First item : Teeny tiny vial of Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Eau de Toilette
I've actually received the exact same vial with different variant from last month's BTI!
I'm still not sure if i like this brand/item repetition trend! I mean... brand repetition is acceptable, but if they keep on giving us the same item just with different variants... That's exciting...NOT!!!! Crabtree & Evelyn's a great brand, and i love getting perfume samples but first, the vial's too small (like half of the normal vial samples) they should've given us at least two of them and second... Well, second's personal. I don't like lavender. PFFFTTTT.

Crabtree & Evelyn Himalayan Blue Body Lotion
Sachet samples. PFFFFFTTTTT PFFFFFTTTTTT PFFFFFFFTTTTT. That explains it yes? Giving us the exact same two items two months in a row. Very creative...NOT. LOL.

Utama Spice Lavender Body Butter (full size item, worth IDR 44.000)
Never heard of Utama Spice before, so at least it's nice to be able to try out new things. Plus it's a local brand and you know i always try to support local brands whenever i can. Face & Body Butter sounds interesting (but i wouldn't dare put it on my face anyway) because i've never heard of a body butter that can be used on your face as well.

There are several issues with this item but they are all personal so i cannot fault BTI for it. First of all, i don't do body butter since they are too greasy for my liking, i usually use them for my hunny-problem is this brand is Balinese made and the few Balinese products we used, their body butters usually (except Herborist squeeze tube one that is very nice. The ones that came with this kind of tub-we didn't exactly love) are not moisturizing enough for his skin, like... at all. Hope this one would perform better the others we've tried before. Second of all, i hate Lavender. LOL.

Masami Shuoko Small Blending Brush (worth IDR 28.900)
My favorite item out of this box. LOL. At least they finally gave us a useful brush (is it delusional if i hope they'd give us kabuki/foundation brushes in the future? And concealer brush too :p) and not more puffs that i already piled so high after months of subscribing to beauty boxes. This will definitely be used, i welcome any useful brushes to add to my sad collection of beauty brushes!

Lioele Vita Shake Pack
This is ones are quite nice (although a hell to photograph because of their awkward shape. They should've came in a plastic glass afterall), i have no complains for this one. And at least they gave us two of them, one would've been really really sad. LOL.

Laneige Be Waterful samples that freaked me out when i first saw it because i thought they contained the exact same stuffs with the one in Lola Box

Laneige Water Bank Essence, Moisture Cream and Snow BB Cream
Yeah, another sachet samples. This one contained of three sachets so it's slightly better than Lola's two sachets *LOL*. That's the little card that i already mentioned on Lola Box' entry, the one that can be exchanged with a trial set on the counter. Useless for me because it can only be exchanged in Jakarta PFFFFFTTTT. At least there's a face of one of the not too many Korean actress that i find to be pretty, Song Hye Kyo (sorry ah die hard K-Pop lovers, i'm just not keen with those girlbands... I think they all all look the same, sorry sorry. Not my cup of tea lah) so it didn't hurt my eyes too badly. LOL!

That's all! Not very happy at all with this month's box (but not like, bitterly disappointed either. Just very very meh for me)... Super uninspiring zzzz... And no make up item at all, always a minus on my book! And just like Lola Box this month, i find the items inside to not worth the price one should pay for the box (IDR 125.000. I know i paid IDR 95.000 because i subscribed to their Gold box from the beginning, but you know what i mean!). With only two full sized products with total prize less than IDR 80.000 plus sachets and vials? Yeah.. It's not exactly value for money either. Like i said, both boxes very underwhelming this month (Lola Box wins for featuring that Elianto eye shadow though). 

I hope BTI would perform better too next month. If anyone's interested in subscribing, don't forget to use my referral! 

Hope everybody had a great weekend! And sorry for the back-to-back Unboxing entries, i want to finish them up ASAP! Toodles!
My latest obsession : Vampy Lips! Will be blogging about this look next!

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  1. Oh dear... I hate getting sachet samples in beauty boxes... the quantity is very little, and why would we pay for tiny sachets? They should send travel-sized samples at least! The brush was the best product in your box x #gigbloggers #giglove
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Yes, i 100% agree dear! I am tempted to stop subscribing to all of those BBoxes because of the amounts of sachet samples they gave out! Yes, the brush's nice but its price's not worth the amount we paid for the box itself :(...

  2. This month beauty box is quite disappointing actually. :( Hope next month we get something far better. :)


    1. Agree dear, none of them were anywhere near exciting this month :(...

  3. Super agree with you about the lioele pack ceee... Fotonya susahhh ha5 *kemaren foto berkali2 tetep aja hasilnya ga memuaskan*

    1. Iyaaa Shaaa, bentuke itu loh jd ga bisa berdiri, ya itu hasil fotonya jd nya begitu dah hahahaha

  4. Hi, Mindy! Glad to see what's inside the BT box. This month was supposed to be my first time receiving the box, tapi ga kebagian.. I hope November's box will be surprise seperti dulu ya.. >_<


    1. Wah, ngga kebagian??? Koq ngga kebagian sih... Iyah semoga November isinya asik yahh hehehe :D