Body-Tale 01 : Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion (Bamboo-Milk)

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Hi everybody!

I just got back from my other birthday dinner *LOL* (yes, we keep on celebrating) so... more stuffs to blog about. Plus i received my Lola Box and BTI today, so i will be posting the unboxing of both boxes soon. Hunny's waiting for me impatiently as i type this to watch Running Man, so i'm just gonna post another drafted post since the list of drafted product reviews became so long already!

And today's review is another body lotion hehe (but there's something new LOL, i rename my body care stuffs reviews to Body-Tale now, i am coming up with different name for my reviews, let's see how creative i can (continue) be :p). Come on, don't be sick of my body lotion reviews please, i still got plenty to come :p. You know, i don't throw away my empty bottles of body lotions before i write a review on them nowadays (so i can have it with me when i write the reviews, sniff the smell and feel whatever product leftover that i can find inside the bottle hehehehe, that's just the way i do it), and since i've been slacking off in the  reviewing department the collection of empty body lotion bottles are growing in mountains zzzz. So yeah, i'm gonna write their reviews ASAP now so i can throw them away :p.

Today it's just another cheap ass but from a well known drugstore brand lotion that most people know and love, Nivea! Now, Nivea is a brand that is dear to most Indonesian since it's been around forever, easy to find and also easy on the pocket!

Whenever i heard the name Nivea, the first thing that pops in my mind is obviously the iconic blue and white tube/bottles. In the past, Nivea products that were available in Indonesia was very limited, you know, just the blue and white bottled variant (not sure if it's a global things or just in Asia). It's not a secret that i got bored really easily and am never been able to stay loyal to just one brand when it comes to bath and body products, so with the vast choices of readily available bath and body products, i am glad that now Nivea has so many different variants to try for!

Whenever is saw something new (both from new or old brands), i feel the strong need to grab it, that's why when i saw Nivea Visage Happy Time Body Lotion (Bamboo-Milk), a fairly new (for me, or maybe i just didn't go to supermarkets much before so i didn't know of their existence) variant and it most probably was on promotion (the biggest force behind my purchases), i didn't think twice.
Photo courtesy of Google :)
The shape's quite nice yes? Not your usual straight up and down shaped ones hehe. Good for Nivea for tweaking the designs and coming up with new stuffs! It's quite cute (the shape, but the color and everything made it looked regular hahaha)! Let's take a look of my (now empty, but still full when i took the pictures) own bottle of Happy Time :
Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion, see the "Free Nivea Soft" sticker? Yes, that must've why i bought it hahahaha, i already used and finished the Nivea Soft and i loved it equally
And let's see the consistency :
You can see from the picture that unlike your regular Nivea body lotions (that are quite opaque and thick, cream-like), this Happy Time variant is a lot more runny, gelly and quite see through (i blobbed quite a lot in that picture so it didn't look see through). It was already dripping in the picture even though i just blobbed it, another giveaway sign to the runny consistency.
How it looked like once i spread it
It's very light, easy to spread and absorbed but didn't disappear right away like how most light weigh lotions usually do. It keeps your skin very soft and moisturized with a trace of buttery feeling, but not overly greasy to the point that it gets annoying (you know i cannot stand greasiness...).  It performs really really well (didn't expect anything less from Nivea) on my normal skin and the moisturizing feeling really lasts too.

This lotion is suitable for normal to dry skin so i, of course, tested it on hunny's skin as well. His skin is, as you know, very peculiar. It cannot stand several brands even though those brands were famous for being soft and moisturizing (i.e :  Cusson's Imperial Lather body showers dries him like crazy, and we just found out that he cannot stand Etude House's shower gels/creams either), even the regular Nivea lotion didn't work all that amazing on him (the best performing drugstore lotion brand on his skin so far : Vaseline. But his skin couldn't tolerate Vaseline's facial wash!), however this one worked quite well on him. His skin became quite healthy, supple and moisturized (but not to a point of being super healthy like when we used Vaseline on him though)

Another thing that i really really love about this lotion was the smell! It is scented with Orange Flower, and even though i am not so sure how an orange flower should smell, i really am in love with the lotion's smell! It's very refreshing, soft and energizing. For me the tagline "feel good sensation" they put in the bottle didn't lie, i do feel lifted and instantly happy whenever i sniff this lotion! I don't necessarily like (but not hate either) the regular, old Nivea lotions signature smell, so i am very delighted that they came up with something that smells super lovely to my nose! It could possibly very well be my favorite smelling drugstore lotion (that's available in Indonesia, you know i LOVE my Johnson's Body Care as well! Sadly they are not yet available here) so far!

I obviously cannot remember the price, but it should be very cheap hehe. I am very highly recommending this lotion for all skin types (because it's not overtly greasy yet moisturizing enough, just right!), also for people who likes their lotions to smell refreshing (because the scent's pretty strong and lasting), performs really well and very easy on the pocket! Probably not for people who dislike orange flower smell (i cannot explain how an orange flower smell, for me it struck the perfect balance between citrusy and floral, coz i don't even like citrus smells!) but other than that i cannot find any other point that might put people off from trying this awesome lotion.

Will i re-purchase it? Hell, yeah! Most probably gonna wait until they have promotions though, i do still have countless lotions to go through in my stash.

Til next review, peeps!

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